This is NOT goodbye…

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January – February 1996 was one of the coldest Dutch winters ever recorded. Just a year earlier I lost my business, my income, my direction and… my pride. And my first months in Amsterdam – my chance for a new beginning – were cold, grey and isolated.

Spring of 1996 was not a real improvement.
The weather outside slowly warmed up – but inside – I felt lost, sad and broke.

By the end of May I had enough!
It was time to end the self-pity party, wake up, shake up and shape up.

The result… A beginning of an adventure that led to my first evening workshop in June 19, 1996, and what became later Open Circles Academy. 

Today – 20 years after I decided to climb out my bed, and give the world all that I’ve got – we’re counting down the final days of 2016…

An end of an era…

Out of curiosity I checked how many days passed between the actual beginning of Open Circles Academy (my first workshop in Amsterdam Sloterdijk – June 19, 1996) and the day we officially close the company (December 31, 2016)…

I couldn’t believe it… It’s exactly, but EXACTLY… 7,500 days.

7,500 days that have transformed my life, the lives of my loved ones, and the lives of over 150,000 students who shared our path during the last 20 years.

I’m immensely GRATEFUL for these last 7,500 days of my life and:

  • For Vered – my partner, lover, wife, co-founder and co-trainer. Vered was my first trainer/teacher/coach for exactly 3days, until we moved in together and she quit that role and took instead the much more challenging, difficult, often frustrating and thankless role of being my soul 05-say-i-love-youmate. For encouraging me to keep walking the path of wisdom and reminding me constantly that I should ‘get a life’. For the amazing person that you are, Vered, and the privilege of having you in my life – I bow in gratitude…
  • For more than 100,000 hugs I’ve received and gave over the last 20 years at the completion of each training, and during the breaks in my ‘office’ on the stage stairs…
    But even more – for all the hugs I’ve got in the moments before a training starts, when I stood nervous and excited at the back of the room…
  • For every time a Write Your Book graduate handed me their newly published book. Each time my breath stopped for a moment, as I realized how little they know – how this accomplishment will change their life – professionally and financially, but also as an example and a source of pride and inspiration to their children, spouse, family and community…
  • For every time I held the board for someone in the Breakthrough to Success, and I saw in their eyes the moment of commitment, and felt their transformation as they fell into my arms. 092Each of these moments reminded me, “when you save one life it is as if you saved the entire world”
  • For each time that I set an ambitious goal for myself, and my students were the firsts to hear about it.
    And for the way they always were an unending, generous source of encouragement, support, education and care… which not only made it possible for me to achieve these goals, but also to develop a deep sense of gratitude for being supported, and for never being really alone…
  • For all the wonderful, passionate, extraordinary people that joined our events as e-team members You brought so much heart, love, care, wisdom, safety and beauty into my life and the lives of thousands of people you haven’t met beforehele-e-team-en-nisandeh-bbc-april-2015
    . For creating life changing experiences for so many – thus deserving the official title of real-life heroes…
  • And last, but not least, for our amazing Open Circles Amsterdam team:
    Walleh – for saving our ass and keeping me focused on what’s really important
    Miro – for all the fun and for putting me on the spot when I missed it
    Raymond – for your friendship, your generosity, and for keeping us safe
    Silvia – for your care, love, commitment and for always putting our clients first
    Anja – for building world-class teams and creating world-class, life-changing events
    Janieck – for your enthusiasm, focus and commitment to get the word out there…
    And for all of you for becoming our friends and family.

WOW… What a list.

I’m reading back the words I typed, and they feel inadequate to describe what I see when I just look out of my window or in the mirror.

I’m not the same person who arrived in Amsterdam 20 years ago – immature, ego-driven, cynical and beaten.

In the last 7,500 days I became softer, gentler, more patient (with myself and others), more accepting, more loving, more giving and most of all… simply happier.

It’s been a long journey, and I’m glad we could have walked that path together, even for awhile…

But… this is NOT ‘goodbye’!

It’s actually a beginning of the next step… an exciting, empowering new era…
Or, as Miro, our copywriter calls it… an era where ‘the BEST is yet to come’:

  • Open Circles Academy in Tenerife is ready to take you to a whole new level…
    You should expect a new, fresh, engaging content every Tuesday in your inbox.
    It will be in ENGLISH and sent from Open Circles Tenerife – so make sure to whitelist – so you won’t miss an email.
    We’re going digital, we’re going international (and pretty soon… intergalactic too…)
  • With the new one-year Zero to Million – watch over my shoulder program – you will see how I’m creating a new business from scratch and make it into a million dollar business in one year.This is a major transformation in education – teaching by modeling – and what I’m going to do has NEVER been done before!  If you didn’t schermafbeelding-2016-12-14-om-11-21-53reserve your place yet, you can still get the first 30 days of the program for free, so you can taste the new model before making a commitment for the whole year.
  • My new business – name to be defined – will bring me back to the Netherlands to a few powerful, totally new workshops – focusing on small groups of very committed, AMBITIOUS professionals…
    When you’re ready to transform everything that really matters in your life (happiness, health, wealth and wisdom) – pay close attention to my private LinkedIn messages to you, as I’m not going to use the Open Circles mailing list.
  • Around March or April 2017 we will launch what I believe will shake the business education industry in the world.
    We will do something that was never done before, and if you’ll pay attention – you’ll be able to be in the front line, and jump-start your business big time, before the rest of the world…
    So… make sure you actually open our emails, even if it’s just for a moment – looking for that special announcement.
  • On a more personal note, Vered an I begin the creation of a global new society/tribe of like-minded people, which we want to share our lives with for the next 80 years or more…
    When we’re clearer about the concept, we will share it with our inner circle and see who is as excited and as committed as us to create a new type of society/modern tribe and would want to start building the first global village…
  • For the rest, you are welcome to visit us in Tenerife – our paradise island.
    A few times in 2017, we’ll organize an open day, where you are most welcome to visit us13729135_10207453637961608_2109838154707700961_n at home, learn about our way of life, ask us any question and maybe even join us working the Casa Algeria Farm…
  • If you’re not connected to me on LinkedIn – please connect, as I’m going to share some important stuff (see points above) exclusively in private messages on LinkedIn.
    And… If you are connected to me already on LinkedIn… make sure to read my private messages to you…
    There is no way to automate LinkedIn messages – so if you’re not interested in hearing from me – simply disconnect from me, and you will save my time and your aggravation…

So you see… this is NOT ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later’.

And until we meet again… I have a small favor to ask…

If your life was impacted for the better in ANY way, big or small, as a result of our work – please take a moment, and share it with us – in the comment box below.

Make 2017 your BEST YEAR EVER,


PS. Please share this article on social media, by clicking the Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ buttons, so that the ambitious people in your network get a chance to start transforming everything that really matters in their life…

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Inge Ketels, Bureau Stroom

Hi Nisandeh, as a trainer helping professionals to move from insecurity to confidence and from stress to inner peace, and so reach their goals with much more ease and fun, have a better life with confidence, I like to send you a big thank you, too!
Thanks to your trainings (master entrepreneur, financial freedom, breaktrough, master speaker,…) I doubled my income and my trainings became much more fun! I started making products, like cd’s and I dared to start again with an open offer of trainings. Wauw!

Wish you good luck and fun with your next steps.

Gert Voordeckers
Gert Voordeckers
5 years ago

When we first met, you made me realise I had a hobby! ??
From that moment everything changed! Thank you so much!

Bianca Meeuwissem
5 years ago

Wow, beautiful words Nisandeh.
Words that really transmit the feelings behind. Both you and Vered are inspiring people. For now i just assisted one of your Business Bootcamps in the Netherlands. But I want more. For now enjoying your articles and linkedin messages and very curious about your Zero to Million Program. Please keep me informed and inspired!

Tonnis van Dam
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

Yes, you both have really impacted my life. A friend of mine invited me to come to the Bootcamp. And I made the commitment to do things differently. No more waiting but acting. And be creative. And listen to my target audience. Or first choose a Target Audience.

That created different results for me. I’m a different person now. I hunt more, take more action, take more risks, celebrate. I’m a better friend for my friends. I know better what I want and act to accomplish that.
And so much more.

I got some very good friends, created new markets and businesses, and I am seen as an expert in my business. My competitors (which are still much bigger) would like to buy my company :-). But I will wait a little longer to expand my business to an international success.

Learning from others, e.g. from you, is the best thing I ever did. And I keep learning. And also I am teaching to help others.

Frank Maessen
Frank Maessen
5 years ago

See you later nisandeh!
Thanks for all the lessons so far. You have changed my life putting me on the right track and make me a better, happier person

Edgar Hutte
5 years ago

Thanks for all the wonderful trainings in Nieuwegein and Amsterdam. I’m still implementing, but more important I’m still holding on to a few key lessons from the very beginning (business bootcamp) that are making sure my business keeps on growing. Also for me… the best is yet to come. See you in Tenerife 🙂

Dirk-Jan Maas
5 years ago

OCA heeft me een boost gegeven, focus en heldere (levensdoelen). Geen dag meer hetzelfde….

andre gruisen
5 years ago

oww yeah, my life changed, my perspective, myvocabulary, my senses sharpened and my eyes are set on the horizon !
i regained my confindence, my self awareness. I gained the tools, techniques, prcoedures and all those ways to organize and simplify my life.

Tools to work with, to stop procastinate, to take MY life in MY hands and (trans)form it. It’s up to me, more than before, much more then 1,5 years ago, when i thought that succes is what happens to me when i work hard-if i’m lucky. Now, i know that success WILL be for me if i do the right things in the right way ! And that takes me out of my victim-role. That brings me in front of my path. For that , and a lot more insights and internal processes whithin myself, i thank All the members of OCA. Not just you, but especially Vered.

You , Nisandeh made it possible, but Vered really shook my world, my life, my consciousness ! She made all your “technical stuff” stick ! You are truely a team ! I give you my gratitude, And ‘you’ means the whole OCA-team ! And of course a warm hug to everyone of you !

Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

Yes, Open Circles has impacted me for the better: I am now fully confident that I will reach my goals, I know exactly what I need to do to get there, I have no doubt about next year and the turn over and profit, I am sure I will make the next year my best year ever and I know what my goals are 🙂
I am better for it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Wendy Rundberg
5 years ago

You have given me a lot of inspiration in the start of my Company. I thank you for That! All the best with your new chalange. I will follow you online, we’ll keep I touch! Thanx for everything

Marjon Sarneel
5 years ago

The years with Open Circles Academy have been lifechanging on all levels.
Thank you Nisandeh, Vered and all the wonderful people around you for the inspiration <3

Alexandra Wilkinson
5 years ago

It was the steady stream of Facebook ads that convinced me to go to the BB. And that decision changed my life.
More courses followed and I have learned so much.
I learned setting goals and hoe to ‘get in line and stay in line’
In a couple of months my turnover grew with 40%.
I lost 14 kg and training for my first marathon.
I have dealt with some old childhood pains through some really powerfull healing processes.
I sleep better, have more energy and more focus and most important, less fear.
It is safe to say that you, Nisandeh and Vered, have transformed my life.
Thank you for that! <3

Mok Heijnmeeink
Mok Heijnmeeink
5 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh, you opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for my business. And the responsibility I have to live my full potential so I can give my very best to the world. You inspire to fill every moment with presence and purpose. Thank you, thank you.

Paul van Dijck
Paul van Dijck
5 years ago

Absolutely, the trainings and presentations of Nisandeh have changed a lot. 1) I got rid of fears and got much more confident. 2) I set goals that are better and feel better. 3) Ideas and plans which seemed not achievable look achievable now. 4) I pay much more attention to money and have fun with it. It has reduced my loans and debts. Thank you Nisandeh.

Nat Hennequin
Nat Hennequin
5 years ago

I experienced the last 4 month of Open Circles Academy. I only wish I had know of you some 7500 days ago! It’s opened my eyes, my mind and my drive. Thank you for the shift you created.

PS I still go to sleep every night with Vered Inspiring me. See u in 0-1mill!

Catherine Leterme
Catherine Leterme
5 years ago

I had life changing experiences with Open Circles. Your dreams are also my dreams. This year I start realising them in Belgium. We will keep in touch!
Big hug

Merel Slotboom
5 years ago

Open Circles
Has put me on my path. It has opened my horisons as an entrepreneur and has given me beautiful friends and love. I’m forever thankfull for this gift and for myself listening to my soul to participate.
The best is yet to come. See you soon. X

Nathie Perez
5 years ago

Goodmorning, my life is impacted for the better since I have done the Business bootcamp, but it was the Financial Freedom that it change it fast. My mindset is different and I am managing my finance in a better way. 2017 is the year to grow with my Business, finance and to become my greatest version. Thank you.

Leni Minderhoud
Leni Minderhoud
5 years ago

Absolutely did you and Vered change my life. The trainings AND the community made me more secure, self-confidend, focussed, happier. And above all, It made me conscious of having a purpose in life. The last is the biggest insight I have. Before I followed a path, with the same direction but I was not aware of what that was leading to, so I was wandering easily some ‘side paths’ ;-).

So life changing!! And I am very thankful to you Nisandeh, Vered, the team, all the people I met in those more then 20 training events and four years.
Big, Big hug!!

Looking forward to the next phase and the 0-milion program.

Love to you all, Leni

Greet Hoedeman
5 years ago

Thanks for opening my eyes in many ways .
Wishing you many, many years of good health and pleasure in your paradise island

Linda Graanoogst
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

Your trainings gave me the right tools & insights to change my life.
Master Presenter was the best for me, because in many ways it changed the way I looked at my business. I became more self confident and more focussed.
Thank you for being you! And I am curious what march/april will bring us…
All the best, see you soon!

Linda Graanoogst
Met Gemak In Het Nieuws

Ina van de Hoef
5 years ago

Thank you Nissandeh, Vered & team first of all for making me believe in myself and my contribution to the world. And all I learned to make it happen!

Gabrielle Min
Gabrielle Min
5 years ago

Yhank you for being there

Esther van Krieken
5 years ago

Positive energy, staying tuned on my inner wisdom?

Peter jonges
5 years ago

Dear Nissandeh and Vered, alrough i am quite stubborn in making the same mistakes in business you and your team made me change a lot. The business models you showed us in your breakthrough to succes and the energy you give us all is a gift to the world.

Cob Rijsdam
5 years ago

Nisandeh, most important thing learned; get in line and stay in line. No matter what that line looks like; straight, curved or as a stair.

Niek Sjaardema
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
You have made a big change in my life althoughi still have a long way to go.
2017 will be my best year ever by participating in a project that will change the lifes of a lot of young people to enable them to develop their creative potential by using professional building equipment, 100% save for children.
You have learned me (so far):
1. Keep focus,
2. Believe in myself and be confident
3. Giving first is so important,also for my mind
4. Work to become a consious millionair.
5. Create PASSIVE INCOME. For now i don’t do project anymore if the gain is not based on passive income, which will last as long as the project is active.

Thanks a lot and waiting for 2017.
You with a million $ business and me to start a project to enable one million children to develop their creative potentials.
(In Europe , USA and finally China)

Esther Molenaar
5 years ago

Pfffff…… I have no idea where to start.

The first time I saw stuff about the Business Bootcamp I thougth it was a scam. But I was also very very curious…

2010 it all started with my first Business Bootcamp and the journey still has not ended.

Nisandeh and Vered, you changed my life tremedously. No words to describe it.

Since my book was published in 2014 everything started to shift around. Not untill this last few months I found my path.

Could I have found it sooner? Maybe…
Could I have found it without you? Maybe…
Could I have found it on my own? Not a change.

Starting with the Business Bootcamp I met a lot of great people. Some became friends, some I work with, some came and went.
But what a thrill, what a ride, what an experience.

It was MY journey.
It was MY path to walk.
Because without it, it wouldn’t have brought me here, in December 2016, on the brink of the biggest leap I am going to take in my life.

Thanks to you and everyone I met during the Open Circles Years for the first time it is going to be a leap of complete faith…

Thank you!

Jur Houtman
Jur Houtman
5 years ago

Thank you for all the insights i got this year.
Not yet everything is implemented, çause things take time to understand what the results are. And sometimes start all over again, walk a differnt path to reach the goals.
I walked this year! It got me more motivated than ever. Thank you!

Marie-Louise Dechesne
5 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh, Vared and your team for all your energy, enthusiasm and practical Sales & Marketing advice! It is great to experience that you practice what you preach! It has inspired me to rebuild my business in a more serious way and to bring back my focus to what I really want to offer to my clients. I wish you good luck, warmth, inspiration and courage in your next step!

Nick Schaart
5 years ago

Thank you, Nisandeh. Yes, you and Vered changed my life in so many ways. I could write a ling blog on that. I’m grateful and glad that you go on touching lifes.
Good luck en I wish you succes, knowing that you’ll give you 100% ?

Monique Dogterom
5 years ago

Thank you for believing in myself. I have learned to have the courage to express that I am proud of what I have achieved.
To say that I am good although this is not Dutch! I have obtained more selfconfidence. It helps me to be strong.

Jeroen Rijkeboer (JXR SEM)

Ik sta met mijn bedrijf JXR SEM komende maand op een beurs. Ondanks dat ik hem daarvoor nog steeds knijp, sta ik daar nu heel positief in.
– Mijn propositie is veel scherper neergezet (dankzij Master Entrepreneur),
– Ik bied daar een cursus Social media aan, die ik nu bijna af heb (dankzij Financial Freedom,
– Ik ben er van overtuigd dat het een succes wordt (dankzij breakthrough)

Dit jaar heb ik mijn omzet al zien verveelvoudigen (dankzij mijzelf
; >) ), maar de volgende verveelvoudiging komt mede door de cursussen.


Jeroen Rijkeboer

Sabine van Loon
Sabine van Loon
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing it this way!

Ron Scheerder
5 years ago

Open Circles was for sure Life Changing in all aspects. Since the Business Bootcamp and the Master Entrepreneur a month later, I realized I had a hobby. Since then everything changed big time. I now consider myself an entrepreneur. I now work together with Merijn Kegel, Marielle van der Vlies and Kamiel van Ingen, all great people all from the Open Circles Community.

From mini-Me I grew to a lot bigger person. I’m not there yet, but I see a glimpses of Maxi-me, quite regularly. I can really say that I live my life on purpose

The last four years I assisted in the e-team. It was great to be a part in all those life-changing events. I met so much incredible persons and some if the I consider friends for lift.
After ca. 100 events as participant or e-team member, and consider myself a conscious millionaire. For sure in mind and my bank account will follow for sure!!

Last but not least, thanks to Open Circles I met the love of my life Anja. Together we planned to spend the rest of our lives.
Vered and Nisandeh, thanks for everything you did for me, Anja and the thousands of others.

Homeira Langhede Kroone
Homeira Langhede Kroone
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, I am touched by your communication. straight from the heart. see you later as I will be following you. A big hug to your soulmate, lover, wife and coach Verde . love, Homeira

Anne Buiskool
5 years ago

Both of you, the team(s) and we alltogether impacted me deeply.
My personal and spiritual growth was seperated from my professional life in 2012. I was new as an entrepreneur….sooooo new, I did not even know I was so blue and naive 🙂 And now I am so greatful for everything you gave, that I received, implemented and stil are busy implementing.

My company is blooming!

So many parents allready benefitted from a way of mediation that is based on personal developtment.
Respectful divorce, where children have full attention.
As I say in Dutch: Zie scheiden als een fase en niet als falen.

In March my book about: “How do we tell the children” wil come out…on my birthday…o help I said it!!! in front of so many people.

Vered, Nisandeh and team(s) I LOVE YOU for who you are and what you did and do! Thank you.

to be continued

Ellen van der 6
Ellen van der 6
5 years ago

Op het moment dat ik me realiseerde dat als therapeut ik ook ondernemer ben kwam Open Circles op mijn pad. Het heeft een verschil gemaakt in mijn presentatie naar buiten. Mijn dank daarvoor.

Jacoline Steegstra
5 years ago

It was in 2010 that I first followed the Business Bootcamp. A year after I moved to Holland after having lived on the Caribbean island Curaçao for 20 years. I started my own company right after I came to Holland, but did nog realize that I had no network left in my home country and had totally lost a true connection to this place. I was a stranger in my birth place.

It is through Open Circles that I slowly build a new network of friends and like-minded entrepreneurs. I have been a mental sponge since then absorbing all the information you provided. I’ve been through the second first steps of all 3 pillars (financial, business and personal) and also my husband, daughter and boyfriend and one of my sons have participated in some of the courses.

Thank you so much Nisandeh, Vered and all the people of Open Circles for contributing to my life and to the world! We love you and hopefully we will meet again.

Jet Sebus
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, Vered, Rani, E-team members and members of the Open Circles Officeteam,

Thank you all so much. I’m very grateful for all the inspiration, insights and friendships. Open Circles was life changing for me in many ways. More self confidence, life purpose, focus, fun, breakthroughs and better relationships with people who matter to me, to name a few changes.
Also my thanks to the many wonderful people I met through Open Circles during trainings for your friendship and honesty.

Big hug for each and all of you from Jet

5 years ago

Dear Nisndeh and Vered,
I don’t know how many BB’s I followed, many, and I kept coming back to witness the development of the BB and to witness your personal growth, it was always astounding.
I also. came back to interest the people I work with in marketing and entrepreuneurship, tough going in the world of volunteering and spirituality.
My biggest lesson? I was working on my hobby, may I at my age of 81?
I wish you good health, happiness and harmony in your new venture.

Jacqueline Koel
5 years ago

Wat een mazzel dat ik bij mijn start als ZZP’er attent gemaakt werd op de bijeenkomsten van Open Circles. Uitdagingen werden geformuleerd, ‘nooit gedacht’ stappen genomen. Van ZZP naar B.V.

Gestart met een exclusief uitzend en bemiddelingsbureau voor jeugdhulpspecialisten. In 4 maanden van 1 uitzendkracht naar 9. Met de inzet van LinkedIn als basis met gemiddeld 2000 lezers van mijn berichten of oproepen tot werk.
Voor 2017 nog 2 te ontwikkelen stippen op de horizon die verder uitgewerkt worden in de jaren erna. Heeeeerlijk ik geniet. Dit had ik zonder de inspiratie vanuit de bijeenkomsten bij Open Circles niet gedaan. Ik wil graag blijven volgen hoe Nisande zijn volgende uitdaging oppakt. Ik zal hier zeker parallel aan mijn bedrijf van kunnen groeien.

Ashirda Oosterlee
Ashirda Oosterlee
5 years ago

Dear all,
I am learning how to give to the world my “stone ” , in stead of putting a stone on the road for myself.
That’ s important for continuing the story of my life, creating earth paradise.
This needs more grounded area.
But together we are going to prepare it well.
So at the end we can say welldone……

For now, mother earth heartbeat helps us to find ritm of love to carry on, giving what the world need most.
And we are part of it…..
That s so much to feel greatfull of

Morry Krispijn
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, Vered and everyone at the Open Circles Team for the last 20 years;THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU
You did an Amazing job!
There are those who lead and those who follow. Even in businesses among each other. When you took the lead here in The Netherlands, others where just in awe and watched how you just impacted the entire landscape with your trainings on business, finance and personale development. There was simple no answer to the way you guys sky rocketed.
Even now, after so many years, you are still taking steps that are totally different than mainstream.
And I do believe that THAT is the biggest lesson of all for each and everyone of us.
* Follow your heart
* Lead others to lead themselve
* Create with strategy
* Implementation is Key

I will never forget how I earned a € 3.000,- training back x 2 in one action that same morning and x 100 if I look back at it now calculating it over the last 3-4 years. And it was not even something you where teaching! It was simply applying one of your strategies that YOU used on the stage in my own business.
Implementation is Key.

Great to read all the plans for 2017 and beyond.
Great to open your house for those interested. It was a true inspiration to see how you live on that beautiful mountain above the clouds in Tenerife. Thank you so much for your hospitality. The Latin Dance Business bootcamp was born in 2016 thanks to your advise.
Thank you so much for everything you did until now and I am looking forward for even better and greater 😉
Mordechay (Morry) Krispijn

Dennis van Zwet
Dennis van Zwet
5 years ago

I have been to the business bootcamp in 2014. My biggest insight is to give. Thanx.

José Hoeflaken
5 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, thank you for putting me on the path of awareness, change and personal growth. The first time I met you was in 2015 during a Business Bootcamp, it was new, inspiring, exciting and truly life-changing. But what I remember most of all is your speech on the day of the attack in Paris, I was in the audience and felt the true passion and everything you believe in behind every word you spoke. I will never forget that message for the rest of my life. I wish you and Vered all the best for your next journey. You guys truly make a difference.

With love,
José Hoeflaken

Mireille Vandevorst
5 years ago

Dear Nesandeh, I’ve only started my company as off March 2016 and was in June in the first Bus Bootcamp.
I confirm that it has changed my life in every way, professional & private.
I’ve changed my business plan and I will hire next year 2 employees, start building on my passive income, double my income and keep similar high profit & margins.
Yes, even now in the winter holidays standing on my skies, I’m much more confident than the 10 years before. If I can go through the wooden plate, I can overcome any obstacle.
I will follow you on LinkedIn very closely, because they ain’t seen nothing yet from me.
I now know and believe that I can do it. I will change the world (or let’s say Belgium) by empowering & engaging people to make them equal motivated as their employer.

THE compelling “Why”: Everybody has the right to feel Lucky and to have the same feeling as I have “Born to be Lucky”

Nicole Clerens
Nicole Clerens
5 years ago

Hello, marketing was voor mij abracadabra … en was helemaal niets voor mij. Dankzij Open Circles en het hele team en de hele inzet van iedereen en uiteraard dankzij de bereidwilligheid van Nisandeh om dit alles op een heel bevattelijke manier te delen, kan ik de wetmatigheden zien en bovenal ook de simpele tools hebben om deze te gebruiken.
Van harte DANK U.
Toch een nieuw hoofdstuk in mijn leven.

Rita Sterkenburg
5 years ago

The best education i ever received and that changed my life totaly in the right direction ! Thank you verry much Vered and Nisandeh i whish you the best year ever in 2017 😀

Engelien Mulder
Engelien Mulder
5 years ago

ik las vrijwel altijd je mails en die heb ik met plezier gelezen. Ben nooit naar een bijeenkomst geweest, en dat was oké voor mij maar wie weet wat de toekomst brengt !

Heel veel succes met al jullie toekomstige activiteiten en onder-nemingen.

Shirley-Jane Jasper
5 years ago

I have been on a roller coaster for the last 12 months.
Last year I had my turning point. In January I had a real goal for the first time in my life. Taking everything IN what’s positive and stimulating and throwing OUT just about everything that was not. Then I went to the Bootcamp… I couldn’t find a better place to learn, to develop and to be supported in this new goal!! So, I followed your courses, your great business boost and blogs. And I grew stronger and stronger. I am gratefull that I allowed myselve to get you and Vered on board of my ship, called ‘Connection.’

I see now the great (and terrible) impact my attitude about money had on my husband and kids for the past 15 years. I cannot ask them to change it, but I can SHOW it. They’re saving now for a holiday beyond imagination, I myselve was able to follow courses with prices beyond my imagination. And STILL I was able to buy the best computer and mobile Phone for X-mas. Anythng is possible!

Next year I will implement all kinds of stuff from Open Circles and I see it has my job to proof that the courses really do what you promised: get mote income, more freedom, more fulfilment. Then I’ll get back for more!!

Best wishes for you and Vered, you’re really one of a kind!