This is NOT goodbye…

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January – February 1996 was one of the coldest Dutch winters ever recorded. Just a year earlier I lost my business, my income, my direction and… my pride. And my first months in Amsterdam – my chance for a new beginning – were cold, grey and isolated.

Spring of 1996 was not a real improvement.
The weather outside slowly warmed up – but inside – I felt lost, sad and broke.

By the end of May I had enough!
It was time to end the self-pity party, wake up, shake up and shape up.

The result… A beginning of an adventure that led to my first evening workshop in June 19, 1996, and what became later Open Circles Academy. 

Today – 20 years after I decided to climb out my bed, and give the world all that I’ve got – we’re counting down the final days of 2016…

An end of an era…

Out of curiosity I checked how many days passed between the actual beginning of Open Circles Academy (my first workshop in Amsterdam Sloterdijk – June 19, 1996) and the day we officially close the company (December 31, 2016)…

I couldn’t believe it… It’s exactly, but EXACTLY… 7,500 days.

7,500 days that have transformed my life, the lives of my loved ones, and the lives of over 150,000 students who shared our path during the last 20 years.

I’m immensely GRATEFUL for these last 7,500 days of my life and:

  • For Vered – my partner, lover, wife, co-founder and co-trainer. Vered was my first trainer/teacher/coach for exactly 3days, until we moved in together and she quit that role and took instead the much more challenging, difficult, often frustrating and thankless role of being my soul 05-say-i-love-youmate. For encouraging me to keep walking the path of wisdom and reminding me constantly that I should ‘get a life’. For the amazing person that you are, Vered, and the privilege of having you in my life – I bow in gratitude…
  • For more than 100,000 hugs I’ve received and gave over the last 20 years at the completion of each training, and during the breaks in my ‘office’ on the stage stairs…
    But even more – for all the hugs I’ve got in the moments before a training starts, when I stood nervous and excited at the back of the room…
  • For every time a Write Your Book graduate handed me their newly published book. Each time my breath stopped for a moment, as I realized how little they know – how this accomplishment will change their life – professionally and financially, but also as an example and a source of pride and inspiration to their children, spouse, family and community…
  • For every time I held the board for someone in the Breakthrough to Success, and I saw in their eyes the moment of commitment, and felt their transformation as they fell into my arms. 092Each of these moments reminded me, “when you save one life it is as if you saved the entire world”
  • For each time that I set an ambitious goal for myself, and my students were the firsts to hear about it.
    And for the way they always were an unending, generous source of encouragement, support, education and care… which not only made it possible for me to achieve these goals, but also to develop a deep sense of gratitude for being supported, and for never being really alone…
  • For all the wonderful, passionate, extraordinary people that joined our events as e-team members You brought so much heart, love, care, wisdom, safety and beauty into my life and the lives of thousands of people you haven’t met beforehele-e-team-en-nisandeh-bbc-april-2015
    . For creating life changing experiences for so many – thus deserving the official title of real-life heroes…
  • And last, but not least, for our amazing Open Circles Amsterdam team:
    Walleh – for saving our ass and keeping me focused on what’s really important
    Miro – for all the fun and for putting me on the spot when I missed it
    Raymond – for your friendship, your generosity, and for keeping us safe
    Silvia – for your care, love, commitment and for always putting our clients first
    Anja – for building world-class teams and creating world-class, life-changing events
    Janieck – for your enthusiasm, focus and commitment to get the word out there…
    And for all of you for becoming our friends and family.

WOW… What a list.

I’m reading back the words I typed, and they feel inadequate to describe what I see when I just look out of my window or in the mirror.

I’m not the same person who arrived in Amsterdam 20 years ago – immature, ego-driven, cynical and beaten.

In the last 7,500 days I became softer, gentler, more patient (with myself and others), more accepting, more loving, more giving and most of all… simply happier.

It’s been a long journey, and I’m glad we could have walked that path together, even for awhile…

But… this is NOT ‘goodbye’!

It’s actually a beginning of the next step… an exciting, empowering new era…
Or, as Miro, our copywriter calls it… an era where ‘the BEST is yet to come’:

  • Open Circles Academy in Tenerife is ready to take you to a whole new level…
    You should expect a new, fresh, engaging content every Tuesday in your inbox.
    It will be in ENGLISH and sent from Open Circles Tenerife – so make sure to whitelist – so you won’t miss an email.
    We’re going digital, we’re going international (and pretty soon… intergalactic too…)
  • With the new one-year Zero to Million – watch over my shoulder program – you will see how I’m creating a new business from scratch and make it into a million dollar business in one year.This is a major transformation in education – teaching by modeling – and what I’m going to do has NEVER been done before!  If you didn’t schermafbeelding-2016-12-14-om-11-21-53reserve your place yet, you can still get the first 30 days of the program for free, so you can taste the new model before making a commitment for the whole year.
  • My new business – name to be defined – will bring me back to the Netherlands to a few powerful, totally new workshops – focusing on small groups of very committed, AMBITIOUS professionals…
    When you’re ready to transform everything that really matters in your life (happiness, health, wealth and wisdom) – pay close attention to my private LinkedIn messages to you, as I’m not going to use the Open Circles mailing list.
  • Around March or April 2017 we will launch what I believe will shake the business education industry in the world.
    We will do something that was never done before, and if you’ll pay attention – you’ll be able to be in the front line, and jump-start your business big time, before the rest of the world…
    So… make sure you actually open our emails, even if it’s just for a moment – looking for that special announcement.
  • On a more personal note, Vered an I begin the creation of a global new society/tribe of like-minded people, which we want to share our lives with for the next 80 years or more…
    When we’re clearer about the concept, we will share it with our inner circle and see who is as excited and as committed as us to create a new type of society/modern tribe and would want to start building the first global village…
  • For the rest, you are welcome to visit us in Tenerife – our paradise island.
    A few times in 2017, we’ll organize an open day, where you are most welcome to visit us13729135_10207453637961608_2109838154707700961_n at home, learn about our way of life, ask us any question and maybe even join us working the Casa Algeria Farm…
  • If you’re not connected to me on LinkedIn – please connect, as I’m going to share some important stuff (see points above) exclusively in private messages on LinkedIn.
    And… If you are connected to me already on LinkedIn… make sure to read my private messages to you…
    There is no way to automate LinkedIn messages – so if you’re not interested in hearing from me – simply disconnect from me, and you will save my time and your aggravation…

So you see… this is NOT ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later’.

And until we meet again… I have a small favor to ask…

If your life was impacted for the better in ANY way, big or small, as a result of our work – please take a moment, and share it with us – in the comment box below.

Make 2017 your BEST YEAR EVER,


PS. Please share this article on social media, by clicking the Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ buttons, so that the ambitious people in your network get a chance to start transforming everything that really matters in their life…

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen.

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  1. 0 stars
    Hanny van Lankeren
    5 reacties

    Meeting other entrepeneurs at the business boot camps has been an energizing event on every occasion. Thank you for sharing so many valuable insights, Nisandeh. All the best to you and your family.

  2. 0 stars
    Stephanie van Schie
    22 reacties

    I learned how to get my business started … one year on the road now, still really much to learn but Open Circles is absolutely an anchor to me 🙂 .

  3. 2 stars
    Naomi Dongelmans
    141 reacties

    Well, there was an impact in different ways…
    I started to realise there is not just “uurtje factuurtje”. We already teach to groups, but still, you can change a lot.

    For me, the main shift was my mindset. I’m still not there, but I know I will! I know I have a lot of knowledge I want to share with the world. So many people can benefit from that. I just have to bring it out! I am working on it – stay in line!
    It took me a bit more than just a year, but I will IMPLEMENT everything I learned in the Biz Uni and even more 🙂

  4. 1 stars
    Eric Plantema
    48 reacties

    Open Circles made my business much more steady, by shifting from invoicing an hourly rate to invoicing subscription. By creating passive income, so I have to work less. By instructing 1 to 1, to teaching a group. By saving time to learn me what NOT to do anymore.

    Thanks for saving my business and family life

  5. 0 stars
    Linda Futa
    13 reacties

    Thanks Nisandeh for all those years and your wisdom. It is great knowing you and Vered. lots of love…

  6. 0 stars
    Mirjam Michel
    7 reacties

    I always had the feeling that I had to do more, that I had to get out of my comfortzone, but I didnt see the path… You showed me my direction! Thank you so much!

  7. 0 stars
    Anita van Hooijdonk
    18 reacties

    Thank you Vered and Nisandeh for your example, practical tips and great training days and weekends. Doing business is fun, learning is fun and working together with other people is fun! Only 1 example: I learned to give but also ask from other people and that has made a huge difference in my life! let’s go for the best year ever 2017!

  8. 0 stars
    Shon Price
    5 reacties

    Thank you so much for making me and my business so much more. Thanks to all your trainings I know where to focus on and how to handle the business side in so many ways. 2016 is my best year so far and I haven’t even implemented more then 30% I would say. Just my new mindset and basic changes got me this far already. I will continue to implement more and more stuff ( I know my speed of implementation should be faster) and look forward to the new ideas and trainings you will share with us.

    Thank for everything!


  9. 0 stars

    Dear Vered and Nisandeh, thanks to you, who helped me making my dream come true! in 2013 and 2014 I was with Open Circles where I learned how to live a life from my heart and to do the things I love in my business: prevention of burnout and helping people with stress. All my clients and managers/directorsI work with and for are also happy 🙂 I wish you all the best!

  10. 0 stars
    Arvid Kuipers
    13 reacties

    The first Business Bootcamp I ever attended (and I ever heard of) was the Business Bootcamp of 2016. It was a life-changing experience.
    Since then I have been reading books, studying and planning. Since a few weeks I’m taking serious action working my way out from an employee to an entrepreneur.
    Thank you and all the best wishes with the 0-1.000.000 project

  11. 0 stars
    Willem Koopman
    19 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,
    I am very grateful to you for the lessons learned. Maybe one of the most important ones for me is one, maybe you cannot believe this one.

    My important breakthrough is to strive for getting a million and even more on the “Bank of Love” and maybe, but less important, also on my bank account. y giving all the love I have to share, I experience even more love back and find all the opportunities on my path. It seems easy and still it is quite a challenge.
    Dear Nisandeh, hope we meet again !

  12. 0 stars
    Else Roza
    1 reacties

    Thank you for the practical marketinglessons I have learned.

  13. 0 stars
    Fokko van der Veen
    2 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered, and everyone in your team,
    Thank you for your lessons and the ENERGY you gave me.
    Ik wish you all the best!

  14. 0 stars
    Philip Seligmann
    1 reacties

    Ik heb een uitgebreid bericht geschreven maar dit is door een’fout’ verloren gegaan.
    Ik beperk me daarom nu tot een ‘dank jou en jullie’.

    (Moderator: bericht wordt nog doorgestuurd)

  15. 0 stars
    Lambert Frentz
    3 reacties

    Thanks for all the things I’ve learned for my business. It helped me very much!

  16. 0 stars
    Siemen Cox
    2 reacties

    I knew about passive income, but OC helped to het that more focussed. I had vague plannes to write a book, now I almost have a blueprint ready. OC helped me launch my business to the next level. Thanks.

  17. 1 stars
    Annemiek Steur
    35 reacties

    Wow, where to begin. First I’d like to say this blog has reminded me of wonderful things I almost forgot. It reminded me how much I have done with and after Open Circles. I went to my first Business Bootcamp at the age of 15 and did some pretty intense trainings for that age (Financial Freedom, Breakthrough to success). I remember being the example for the boards during the Breakthrough to success, with the pleasure of having Nisandeh standing in front of me. I loved it and it was an honour.

    I had written “shyness” and oh how that helped me with the rest of my life. Being very shy can be cripling, now I dare to do what it takes. It was never the case I didn’t want it enough, there just was this enormous barricade in my mind that stopped me from doing it that’s called being shy. Now it’s not gone, but reduced so that it doesn’t keep me from doing things anymore and that’s a huge freedom.

    Later, I joined the e-team. It was amazing how someone from my age could also help, inspire and contribute to other peoples’ lifechanging moments. I have met wonderful people, created a sense of purpose and learnt to be daring and just do it. As an author, I probably can go on and on about my experiences with and after Open Circles, but all I can really say is thank you. Thank you for everyone I’ve met and supported me and was willing to learn from me too. Ho.

  18. 0 stars
    Vincent Aalbers
    6 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh
    Your teachings helped me to come awake as an entrepreneur. I have learned that being content driven is not enough. And for the first time of my life (56) I am setting goals for the new year in business and life. Your education mingeld more and more with personal development. Ik like it. Thanks very much!

  19. 1 stars
    Nanette Popken
    66 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,
    Quite an accomplishment: 75.000 days of Open Circles. Ofcourse it is time for you guys, to move on, because you’re internationally orientated people afterall.

    You asked about the impact the trainings had on my life. Well, the breaking of a wooden board in the training Success, had the most impact. Nissandeh, I loved your concern for the young people who had difficulty with it. I saw love. The realization that you are stronger than you think, during the same training, by doing a small experiment was also an eyeopener. The impact of debts in Financial Freedom you made very clear. You inspired me to write a book. Thanks for all. Hope this is not the end. Love Nanette

  20. 0 stars
    Saskia Tiemens
    7 reacties

    What you write moves me💛Thank you so much Nisandeh for your inspiring words, support and your enthousiasm and passion! I have followed you since a couple of months this year and learned a lot! i am working on to implement it, to give it form, to stay focused and believe in me.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a radiant, exciting and marvelous 2017!🌻🌞

  21. 1 stars
    Franklin Tuinebreijer
    26 reacties

    Dear Vered and Nisandeh, you empowered me in the fact that everything’s possible as long as I you believe in it, have a plan and stay focussed to it! You made me more aware of wondering ” Hów can I realise” instead of “what is possible and what is not”. I (a)M Possible !!! Thank you !

  22. 1 stars
    Foeke van der Zee
    47 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,
    Thank you for changing my life. I am grateful to have met you, and the chance you gave me to improve my life and by me also of a whole lot other people.

  23. 0 stars
    Janet de Vries
    1 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered, I am so happy and grateful that I may call you my teachers and role models. You taught me a lot. I’m still implementing and taking steps each day towards my goals. How can I make it possible! A sentence I will never forget.. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Whishing you all the best until we meet again.
    with love

  24. 0 stars
    Tineke de Bunje
    4 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh. I only followed you the last months of the just passed year. You made me aware of being more focussed and committed to my own goals. I am wondering now if I wouldn’t be completely happy when I do work that is appreciated by me and others, just because I can. I do not need to have a little company, unless this is asked for by some ‘customers’. Thank you for giving me insight in what matters most for me: help children of refugees find their way in the Netherlands.

  25. 0 stars
    Joan de Windt
    19 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,
    I have enjoyed knowing you, so much, you really brought a special energy to this country and made it bigger, more global and open.
    Since knowing you I have written a book to help my fellow travelers cast off mental slavery (Yes, what Bob Marley sang about) and I give workshops on this topic and a workshop on how to deal with micro aggressions (those are the small slights and prejucdices we (many times unknowingly) subject people to who are different in any way, be it gender, sexual preference, race, religion, etc etc). This workshop is necesary because people can actually become sick if they’re subjected to enough micro aggressions without knowing how to react to them properly.

    In my workshops I teach people how to become aware of these slights and respond to them in such a way that you not only remain healthy yourself but create more harmonious, conscious people and relationships. Lately I have even been approached to give these workshops at universities, amd they are received very well and given high marks by students. So even though I have not yet become the money-attracting entrepreneur I hoped, I am doing what makes sense to me and what I love very much. And it was your Breakthrough to Success training that made me realise that that was indeed possible. Vered, I thoroughly enjoyed your book and training sessions for women.

    I still often look at the ten points you gave us. Thank you for sharing so generously of yourselves. I appreciated that very much. Have a wonderful 2017! Till we meet again!

  26. 0 stars
    Arina Angerman
    17 reacties

    Thank YOU very, very much for the inspiring words about the journey of 7,500 days … my life was impacted for the better:
    – I went to a Business Bootcamp medio 2014 in order to learn how to change from an ambitious professional to an ambitious entrepreneur.
    – In 2015 I received a big cadeau … Breakthrough to Success and big insight ‘income is not yet enough’.
    – In 2016 I have implemented your Facebook Give Away cadeau Your Best Year Yet after answering the 10 questions!
    – In 2017 I’m implementing in My 2nd Best Year Yet the ideal PMO from 6 9 12 at the beginning to 9 9 9 at the end in order to Double my netto business income …

    Enjoy your lifestyle in 2017 and ‘see you later’ in …

  27. 0 stars
    Cora Hiebinger
    2 reacties

    Yes, impacted it was and is. I did the BBC in January 2015 and then started to come to Holland on such a regular basis that I started to have a relationship with some of the airport security personnel. Some of the things that have changed because of your workshops:
    * I realized that I actually am a business owner.
    * I stopped my negative beliefs about money and about having some.
    * I have been sending out my newsletter (plus a link to my blog) every month since March 2015 getting positive (and some lucrative) responses.
    * I am in the process of organizing my finances and my lackadaisical approach to my money.
    * I signed up for paying sales tax from 2017 on – officially leaving “SMALL” business for something bigger and more productive.
    * I stopped scheduling my clients (which has always annoyed me) and instead use a system (I love acuity-scheduling :-)).

    The list is definitely not finished. I also realize that I have only implemented very little so far – but even with the little I managed up to now, things have changed for the better. Also, with each course I took with you, another wall in my thinking broke down and what I thought impossible or not fitting to my type of business turned into some great ideas and an increase in self-confidence. I tremendously enjoyed the high energy at the workshops and I am also thankful for meeting some really, really good people who have become my friends.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely send you a copy of my first book (starting next week on that project). All the best for the new things to come and happy to hear from you again next year – in English at that :-)!

  28. 0 stars
    Dick van Hees
    4 reacties

    Hello Nisandeh
    I have not yet implemented any of the things you have teached. However your workschops, bootcamps have brought me an enourmous sense of optimisme that “I can”
    Now finishing unfinnised things and ready to get started next year


  29. 0 stars
    JOYce Melendez
    5 reacties

    Glad to know you!😍
    Wishing you, Vered, daughter and other loved ones and of course all your proyects a marvelous 2017! JOYce😊👍🍀🍸☀️

  30. 2 stars
    Jaap Nauta
    107 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,

    You changed the way I look at mankind. For over 50 years I was convinced that people have to compete and fight to be the best. After the Breakthrough to Success training I realise that people are kind and all about love.

    Thank you so much for this insight and this experience Dude!

    Untill we meet again!

  31. 0 stars
    Frank van Dien
    11 reacties

    Yep, Nisandeh & Vered, definitely worth a thank you!
    I learned a lot! I enjoyed every event, too.

  32. 0 stars
    Michal van Dantzig
    5 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh and Vered! For being an inspiring factor in my businesslife and personal life since the first Business Bootcamp in 2010. I am really gratefull for your lessons in the past and the future to come. All the best in anyway. Love Michal

  33. 3 stars
    Andrea Cusinello
    222 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,
    I’m thankful for every single lesson by Open Circles Academy, I start to think like an entrepreneur and I reach lot of goals that before I never thought about it.

    Some of them:
    – 1 year living in Thailand
    – 1 Joint Venture that will bring me to Financial Freedom
    – I know how to work on a business instead of working in my business.
    So I can simply thank you all to impact my life, my family and all people I meet

  34. 1 stars
    Gerdy Heek
    29 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh & Vered,

    Spending 4 weekends with you (and 500 other people) gave me:
    * courage to stand straight for what I believe in
    * insights in what my obstacles are in reaching my goals
    * better relationships
    * the courage to stop my lucrative but not fulfilling “uurtje factuurtje” business and start my training business
    * more clients (my amount of clients grew from 8 people in 1 year to 84 people in 3 months, and counting)
    * focus – and with this, much more fun
    * a network of friends and colleagues that share your (and now mine) ideas of how to run a business and contribute
    * peace. I am satisfied with who I am. I can make mistakes now. This is the biggest gift ever.

    You changed my life. Thank you so much.

  35. 1 stars
    Peter Clausman
    37 reacties

    My life has been completely transformed since I first visited the Business Bootcamp. I starteed without a business, a plan, without clients, a product. After two years I have a good running business, I have enough time to be a father at home, because in two years time we were blessed with two children. We moved to a new house.

    The lessons allowed me to become a different person. positive, in charge, pro-active, and realizing more and more of my potential. You have unleashed something in me!

    thanks you so much for teaching, for showing and supporting, for your energy, for your well designed events, thank you e-team, thank you other participants. a big thank you!

    I know how to do marketing with little effort, how to be a inspirational speaker and trainer, how to build remarkable products and have irresistible offers… and for the giving… the wonderful crowdfunding campaigns.

    I can never thank you enough

  36. 1 stars
    Karin Bloem
    42 reacties

    Hi Nisandeh and Vered, congratulations on your success for both yourselves and many others. I look forward seeing and probably experiencing what’s next! Having done many of your courses I incorporated many of lessons that are just part of our company. The passive income goals have been reached, having nothing to do with my safari business but it’s done and a very relaxing thought.

  37. 1 stars
    Sigrid van Marel
    27 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    I said it to you before, recently, that you both definitely changed my life! It was the best desicion ever to go to the Business Bootcamp may 2013. In that year I did go back with some ‘friends’ in october 2013. And what I could not believe: I get some insights! I thought I did nothing in that 6 months but I did a lot! I changed my mindset, my website, my target audience etc. And only that made a very great difference. I bought the Master Enterpreneur.

    A year later I became back to Business Bootcamp and I bought financial freedom en BTS. And the BTS was in november 2015! I will never forget it, you helped me break my board. I am always be thankful for that! I cried and realised it was my biggest breakthrough ever and I realised again IT IS ALL IN THE MIND! So thank you! And of course I will follow you in the path zero to million. LOVE!

  38. 0 stars
    Joey Brown
    5 reacties

    In absolute gratitude, a big hug to you both! I shared some amazing times with you!

  39. 0 stars
    Josien Zegers
    14 reacties

    Dear Vered & Nisandeh and the Open Circles team,

    Thanks for all I have learned. It’s all about doing, daring and giving.
    This and many more I have implement in my daily life activities.
    It really changed my way of thinking and acting.

    A new era is dawning…you both are there to take the lead once more. Now is het time!
    I look forward to hear more about all your intentions for this World.

    Warm Big hug

  40. 0 stars
    stef linsen
    24 reacties

    Nisandeh and Vered you had a positive impact in/ on my life.
    In numbers: I started july 2012 with OCA.
    My gross income grew 24 % (2016- 2012, BUT
    2012 50 -50% employee – 50% freelance /zzp., 0% passive income. 2016: 100% zzp income, 9% is passive income.
    Income growth 20112 -2016 was steady.
    2016- 2012; 40% DECREASE of work time outside home.
    2016: 2 books, 2 e-books, 2nd website, now 56 blogs, 2012: 0.
    And yes I have more control, work feels less as work. So more fun.

    Thank you, I look forward to your 0 – 1.000.000 project. Have fun.

  41. 2 stars
    Merijn Kegel
    84 reacties

    OCA changed my life in many positive ways, shapes & forms.
    Feeling blessed & grateful!

  42. 0 stars
    hans duiker
    10 reacties

    Hello Vered and Nisandeh,

    I was blue as can be when i entered teh first buisiness bootcamp
    and now how i have changed!

    i have a ‘real’ company now and the business leads are coming in like crazy.
    and all because i applied some very basic and simple strategies from your tranings.

    good luck in your next endevours, i am sure you will both will make it something great!

  43. 1 stars
    Paul van Dooren
    27 reacties

    Thanks a lot for all your inspiring teachings. I hope to follow your next inspiring steps to improve business and life as a whole. Your no nonsense approache help me to reflect upon myself.
    Thanks Nisandeh, Vered and the OCA team!!!

  44. 1 stars
    Marian Bosma
    30 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh for the Open Circles Academy. I was one of the last Bootcamp graduates, still new to everything but so inspired.
    Focus, stay in line, help the customer to like me and lots more I learned only half a year ago.

    Bootcamp graduates come into my life and share their wisdom. Helping me another step. I still get inspired bij the three graduates that were on stage, telling their succes story.
    Going to the last BB ever, was a very good decision. Profit marketing and Elements of Succes made it complete. I see my profit climbing and will continu implementing.

    Thank you.

  45. 0 stars
    Ingrid Höppener
    17 reacties

    Lieve Nisandeh en Vered,

    Dank je voor alle wijze lessen; ik had ze nodig! Door alle trainingen ben ik veel zelfverzekerder geworden. Vooral de training Breakthrough to Succes was heel bijzonder en heeft de manier waarop ik in het leven sta veranderd. Ik ben jullie zeer dankbaar voor deze fantastische ervaring!

    Ik wens jullie een fantastisch 2017!!!

  46. 0 stars
    Cailin Kuit
    6 reacties

    Hi Nisandeh and Vered,
    Im so absolutely grateful to have found you. When I started the business bootcamp i was still seeking for a concept and seeking for inner peace, inner motivation, inner worthyness and a good structure to actually achieve my goals. I got all of that, in the few workshops I followed with you guys.

    In 2017 i start a new study to be able to combine Coaching and nutrition in One program. My Mind Body and Soul concept. I’m developing the concept as we speak. Attracting a team of people around me, to make this work. I definately love to stay connected to Opencircles

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    (The redish lady in the green wheelchair:-)
    Hands ON Coaching

  47. 0 stars
    Marius van Vlijmen
    21 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,
    Meeting you both about two years ago was for me a life changing experience. Your energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and warmth were very special to me. I believe that you gave me the power and trust that 2017 will be my year to make a fresh start and to contribute to a better world.
    Thanks for everything, Marius

  48. 0 stars
    Rati van Sijll
    3 reacties

    Dear Vered and Nisandeh,

    Certainly Open Circles has beautified and uplifted my life.
    By following your various courses since 2002, I have felt welcomed and encouraged by you to develop and express myself, and discover more of who I am and whom I can be.
    Thank you for The Art of Intimacy, The Discovery, The Elements of Success, Financial Freedom, How to Write Your Own Book, and especially Train The Trainer, the year in which I learned how to develop enticing workshops in a very professional manner.

    I can imaging that after all that you have accomplished here, you are ready for your next chapter, in the sunshine of Tenerife. Congratulations!
    I will always be grateful to you.
    I pray for you to gain all the blessings of the Lord, and I wish you all success in everything you do here on Earth!

    Big hug and love,
    Hare Krishna

    Rati Manjari

  49. 1 stars
    Boukje Canaan
    55 reacties

    The best year ever is always yet to come! Every year there are wonderful steps to take, to learn even more, to take risks and start new tings. Every year I also have made mistakes. But I have learned that it is GREAT to make mistakes. That way I learn a lot faster! It was never a mistake to invest time and money in OCA. It has brought a lot of good things.
    New relationshops, friends, businesses, jobs, etc.
    Thank you for all you did and do. You two have been wonderful inspirators. Keep going at making impact on people’s lives. So do I.

  50. 0 stars
    Ivana Caprioli
    4 reacties

    Mijn leven is veranderd sinds de eerste trainingen. Ik zag het niet meer zo zitten, maar er kwam een mooier perspectief.

  51. 1 stars
    Arjen Kiers
    48 reacties

    It was life changing and it still is. Thanks for everything!

  52. 0 stars
    Annemieke Steemers
    9 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Open Circles Team members,

    Thank you for the great workshops you organised. As a start-up I regret that we met at the time you decided to move into a new direction. Yet, I am grateful that I have been able to attend the Business Bootcamp and two other of your workshops.

    You have been a great inspiration for me during the past few months and I happily apply the advise you shared. It allows me to approach my adventure as a real business and take decisions accordingly. You gave me the self-confidence to continue the path no matter the circumstances and apply the tools that help me to stay on track.

    I thank you for your inspiration and wish you all the luck with the new direction you are about to take. I look forward to meeting you again.


  53. 0 stars
    Bastiaan de Beer
    11 reacties

    I learned a lot from you guys in the workshops I attended. That definitely changed my business life. One thing I remember myself of daily is that I need to work ON my business and not IN it. Thanks for everything and I’m looking forward to hear about your new projects and challenges.

  54. 0 stars
    Tilly van der Knaap
    17 reacties

    Thanks Nisandeh, thanks Vered and thanks EVERYONE within OCA / E-team, you have changed my life for the better!

    I became a better entrepeneur but most important, I became a better person! It was GREAT, I felt honored to be able to be part of the E-team for the last part of OCA. I’ve grown and learned THANK YOU! I’ve made friends for life…

    Last years were ok being an entrepeneur, but 2017 will become my best year EVER!

    See you all, for me this is not goodbye…

  55. 0 stars
    Trudy van Oostrum
    4 reacties

    Ik werd een keertje uitgenodigd door een vriendin om met haar naar een workshop te gaan. Altijd weer inspirerend en heel fijn om hele oude gezichten van 20 jaar geleden weer terug te zien.
    Er zat muziek in het was feest en daar hou ik van. Overvloed en je handen laten wapperen. Kadootjes zijn ook helemaal leuk, net als alle verhalen.
    Ik kijk ernaar uit om met mensen die allemaal op hetzelfde uit zijn een fantastisch jaar tegemoet te gaan met een paar vrienden en collega’s, dat praat makkelijker toch ?

  56. 1 stars
    Aafke Dijkstra
    26 reacties

    I am thankful for everything I have learned the past 2 years. Before that I didn’t even understand the meaning of the words marketing, entrepreneur, potential etc. Thanks for all the new insights. We will meet again. Kind regards. Aafke Dijkstra

  57. 0 stars
    Helle Rosted
    1 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, Vered and E-team,

    Thank you for what I have learned from you. Thank you for the people whom I have met at your training’s from whom I still learn.
    Open Circles was a great discovery for me.

    I wish you all Happiness and Harmony

  58. 0 stars
    Ron Wessels
    1 reacties

    Dank voor de business bootcamps. Het heeft mij veel gebracht. En is nog steeds bezig mij veel te brengen.

  59. 1 stars
    Veronika Rutten
    54 reacties

    I’ve seen you once, I think in 2004 or 2005 at a training by Roy Martina in Germany, then you got together with Roy 2 seminars, in Amsterdam Live in abundance and Elements of success. In January 2013 I was a member of the Business Bootcamp after I started my online shop. I’ve done several day workshops, and online course. Now I am a member of the Zero to Million … I have learned a lot, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years, interrupted by a period of illness. But what fascinated me, new marketing, online business, new opportunities … thinking differently, online products …. Thanks for all the beautiful ones insights!

  60. 0 stars

    I am grateful for the attention, the care and the ‘schop onder mijn kont’. I am grateful for the wonderful insights, for the new energy, for the breakthrough, for your self-confidence , for the humor, for the laughs, for some people I met and will never forget, for me, for you, for Vered… Make 2017 a wonderful year…

  61. 0 stars
    Eva Miravete
    6 reacties

    I am grateful for the energy, the people I met and the knowledge I received on how to run a succesful buisness model, especially online and through media. It was practical, hands-on and I still use that knowledge every day for personal improvement. I was born on the beautiful Island of Tenerife and spent half a year in 2015/2016. I wish you all the best on the Island and ou there and till next time.

  62. 0 stars
    Annemieke Evers
    1 reacties

    Thanks you for your enthusiasm, the energy, love and wisdom you shared!
    This is indeed not a “good bye”
    we”ll meet again some day….

    all the best for 2017

  63. 0 stars
    Femke Klein
    14 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh, Vered, and the team and e-team of Open Circles Academy! I have changed my mindset because of what you have learned me, and I have learned a lot about building a business, and about marketing, finances and personal development. Thank you and all the best and yes, it is not a ‘goodbye’, but a ‘see you later’!

  64. 0 stars
    Ilse de Graaf
    4 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh & Vered, my life has totally changed because of OCA! That’s also why I wrote down your names in my Acknowledgements chapter of my soon-to-be book. Within a few months (spring 2017) I will publish my (bestselling!) book ‘Afvallen met POWER’ thanks to the Write your book course (and all the others course of year 1!).

    I really love the part above ‘For every time a Write Your Book graduate handed me their newly published book. Each time my breath stopped for a moment, as I realized how little they know – how this accomplishment will change their life – professionally and financially’.

    It’s gives me positive vibes all over the place and I can’t wait to see what will happen for me in 2017.

    I would love to give my book about my POWER method to you. I’m super grateful and hope we will meet again in 2017.

    – Ilse
    Founder Weight Loss Ninja & Creator of the POWER method

  65. 0 stars
    Nataschja Hijkoop
    9 reacties

    Thank you for sharing your being grateful. I am grateful the same way now, just by reading it. The mind is a marvellous wonder. I am so happy to hear that you will have open days in your so wished beautifullllll paradise home. I wish to visit soon, I heard you need some help with your gardening.

    I am a startup person to help with self balance of your garden. I dont know why or how, but I got good gutfeelings how to organize gardens. Sort of Feng Shui so the energy flows perfect for the plants and you. My card says, however you wish your garden to BE! It will now be my hobby as I wil implement the things you educated me with to start my own big B. Mother earth has been my therapist for years to heal any human action I encountered that could be more positive and future affirmative. Since I met Nisandeh and you Vered, people come to me ,to tell about Tenerife, about rudolf steiner and the 5 ecosystems.

    I would love to know how mother earth feels in your place , what she gives what I can give. I love to be and share me with youtwo! Thanks for lighting a light so I can enter! Lets capslock it. THANKS FOR ALL THE LIGHT YOU SHARED WITH ME THEY ARE SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE YOU ATTRACTED TO ALL YOUR MEETINGS,AND THANKS FOR PUTTING UP THIS TINY LIGHT SO I CAN ENTER THE PATH OF INVITATION TO LOVE AND WHAT YOUR LOVE DID BUILD UP , how wonderfulllllll THAT is TRUELY ALLL! With love and light liefs Nataschja I am open …..thanks. The mind is like a parachute it wont work unless its open, so is the hart.

  66. 3 stars
    Maaike Frankena
    160 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,

    My life has changed big time since the first time I was in a training with you. It was a try out thing about networking if I remeber correctly.Then my first Business Bootcamp, wow!
    The biggest wauws and impact are the things that I ve learned in the BTS, master presenter and Train The Trainer. My trainings have improved big time, reactions from teachers are great.Right now I’m planning my own event in April 2017, who would have thought that, hmm? It ’s also a book presentation, hey.. How to write your book!

    The most impact that you and Vered had was via your book Elements of Success and me joining the Leadership Team of Open Circles. In the leadershipteam training I learned so much about myself, my possibilities, my lesser points and my great points! I grew so tremendously as a person that thank you doesn’t start to cover it, I’m so grateful for the change given and taken!
    And your book, the SPICE method, I specificly used your book to first clean out my kitchen concerning relationships. You know the result 🙂 for those who don’t; I’ve met the love of my life and we are sooo on are way to a happy, contributing and fulfilling our potential life. The journey is the fun, I can assure you!

    You and Vered have had such an positive impact on my life, I feel as an concious millionaire already. This year will prove the first step in growing the numbers, super excited.
    The E-team is such an unique concept, which such as you beautifully put it; real life heroes. I miss it tremendously, but I have gained a lot of true friends for the rest of my journey.
    I’m not good at saying goodbye in some cases, and this is one of them. Inez and I will fly, and we will surely meet you and Vered again.

    “Till we meet again!

    1. 1 stars
      ria Knol
      42 reacties

      Tx for your ongecompliceerde (where is my English?) energy Maaike you were amazing on the stage!

  67. 0 stars
    Hanke Pijlman
    6 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I was able to follow your trainings. Of course, I told both of you every training that I followed, but nothing in this world can describe my thankfulness.

    I’d like to share my story with you, so that you hopefully can get an idea of how much you impacted my life.

    I’m Hanke, 16 years old and still in school. I first heard about you when my mom came back from the business bootcamp, about a year ago. We sat at the table, and she told us that “some things were going to change in our lives”… I was genuinely afraid that she had joined a cult. She was way too enthusiastic, she said that we would get wealthier, and all of that was thanks to this one wonderful man named Nisandeh Neta. Maybe you can imagine how I felt when she said that. She had decided that she wanted to do the whole program with you, and she convinced my dad to go with her.

    Now, my dad is one of the most rational persons I know, so I thought: “he’ll join her in the training, confirm that it’s all bullshit and than we can go back to normal.” When they came home, my dad was lyrical about you. So he signed up for the program as well.

    After every training, they discussed what they had learned with me, and I got curious. After a while, I decided that I was just curious enough to follow the business bootcamp. But, I was (and am) still in school, so I said to myself: I’ll do it when I’ve finished my school. But it didn’t took that long (fortunately), because six months ago, I found a note with “last business bootcamp ever” on it. I kinda stressed out, and after that told my parents that I still wanted to go there.

    So, somewhere in July, I went to the last business bootcamp ever, on my own. In the first session, I was still kinda sceptical, but during that weekend, you convinced me. You convinced me that I had something to offer this world. And above all, you convinced me that I REALLY REALLY REALLY should beg my parents (through the phone) to buy me the package with the ME, the FF and the BTS. I didn’t have business at that time, I was still in school, and I never had time for anything because of my hobbies.

    You can imagine that they didn’t want to buy me the package at first. I spend a full lunch break + coffee break on convincing them through the phone that this is the biggest gift they could ever give me (and other manipulating “everything for your kids, right” stuff), and at least, they agreed. But, I would have to pay everything back, and I would have to set up a business.

    At this moment, I followed all three of the trainings. And does my life look different. Because I’m only sixteen, all the things I’ve learned are extremely valuable FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. With still (relatively) so much time left, I can do absolutely ANYTHING I want. I didn’t build up that much non supportive beliefs, I haven’t got any huge debts (except for the one with my parents for the trainings, but that will be gone next year) and impossible has never been in my vocabulary.

    You thaught me how to manage my money, how to create a successful business, how to set goals, how to achieve ANYTHING I want…

    Thanks to you, Nisandeh and Vered, I realized that whatever they may tell me, there really isn’t anybody who can stop me. After the business bootcamp, I set myself the first goal, which was reaching the Dutch Championship in High Jumping (athletics). This afternoon, I got qualified. I will not EVER let anything stop me in reaching my other goals. Thanks to you.

    I know this isn’t a goodbye, but this is certainly a good moment to thank you for all the good things that already came into my life after I followed your trainings.

    Thank you, Nisandeh and Vered, for being the heroes of my life.

  68. 0 stars
    Janine Jacobs
    23 reacties

    The biggest change is yet to come. In summer 2017 I will have my Master in Special Educational Needs. I want to bring my work as a Personal Life Coach together with a behavior expert. My intention is to work, enjoy life more, have more freedom and be happy. Until than I continue my study in combination with my job as a teacher, coach, counselor and mentor.
    All the best for 2017!!!!

  69. 1 stars
    Henk van der Wijk
    54 reacties

    I met Vered and Nisandeh for the first time in April 2009 during a free introduction session with some 20 attendees at the Novotel in Amsterdam. Vered did the talking, in an impressive way. Nisandeh sat in the back, silently, so I actually thought he was Vered’s tech guy. I was sold within an hour and on the spot I signed up for a package of courses, that turned out to be nothing less than amazing. Apart from the learning, development and fun that enriched my life so much I thank you both for being part of your incredible journey. From that small room at the Novotel to the Planetarium, to Nieuwegein, to Tenerife. Brian Tracy, Richard Brenson. All in just a few years. In the core of your success is the indestructible love of two soul mates. You always express it and it’s so beautiful to see
    Big hug and all the best in your new endeavors.

  70. 0 stars
    Ellen Karis
    2 reacties

    I feel a lot of energy from the Open Circles. I feel inspired.

  71. 1 stars
    68 reacties

    It was quite a journey! From the trance dances in the Magic Weekends to the OneX and the BBC and FFI. It all had great effect: all trainings and journeys combined, improved my life, my friendships, my relationship with my husband and I dared to take the step to become an entrepeneur. Ofcourse still struggling here and there, but happier (and older 🙂 Thank you for coming in and out of my life, to both of you, Vered and Nisandeh.
    Maybe we’ll meet again, as we always did over these past years. Have a wonderful 2017!

  72. 0 stars
    Robert van der Wolk
    1 reacties

    I’ve met you over 10 years ago during a 5-day intense training seminar by your friend Roy Martina, and I was so impressed by that 90-minute process you put me, and the 150 other participants – through, that my mom and I looked you up on the Internet.

    That single Sunday in Amsterdam in the hotel where you held your Leef Lekker day completely blew my mind away. So much even, that I immediately enrolled for your 3,5 day intense training.

    Back then, I was still struggling with the lack of eyesight that dramatically forced me to alter the course of my life. Ten per cent it was then, and I felt that I wasn’t able to do anything without my mom. She even drove me to and from those 3,5 day.

    The real change happened when I broke through the board, that you held in front of me. Looking me straight in the eye, and radiating such confidence in me. It was something I’ve never felt before.

    We’re now 10+ years further, and my eyesight hasn’t become any better. In fact, I’ve gone from ten per cent to a mere one per cent.

    But I’ve never felt such empowerment to awaken my own possibilities, as well as encouraging others professionally to never let them stop by anything physical, mental or emotional.

    Life has been, at least on a medical level, a continuous struggle: over 60 operations and treatments, kidney failure, dialysis, a double-organ transplant, coma even.

    But no matter the odds, I’ve kept always that that confidence that your eyes radiated from your heart into mine. And that encouraged me to push the boundaries for myself. Personally, and professionally.

    You were there the day after I returned from my 600 mile pilgrimage in 2009. You allowed me to share my story on stage for 2000 people when I wrote my first book, when I finished the New York Marathon – all of those you did yourself as well.

    You’ve been my mentor, my inspiration and my guidance. In dark times, and in the successful ones.

    There are no words than can truly describe how much of a role you played in my life, and there are no words strong enough that can underline how much I am grateful and thankful for what you’ve been willing to do to help me become the person I am today.

    Today I am not just a positive person with a positive attitude and outlook on life. I am the best version I could have been in any given moment. And I know, that this is just the beginning.

    Whether you were there as my mentor, an encouragement through your writings, or as a digital version on my laptop screen – you’ve been one of the most important people in my life over these last 10 year.

    “Where you go from here is up to you” Keanu Reeves once said in the movie the Matrix. And I believe that, like you said it once so truthfully, the sky is NOT the limit.

    I know that you will feel these words in your heart, when I say…

    Thank you
    I love you
    I believe in you

    I will keep following you, like the bright star in the sky that points out the direction I want to go to.

    Until we meet again.


  73. 0 stars
    Marieke Gels
    1 reacties

    A different way of looking at a business, a different way of- bigger- thinking about business/life, a lot of energy and fun, a first published book, yes you maded impact (both). Thanks and see you in 2017.

  74. 0 stars
    Jelly Bijlsma
    2 reacties

    Thank you very much for everyting you taught me. Ik took the lessons and translated them into my vision. I wrote my book KlassenKracht! With RESPECT for the class. I sold 1000 books already.
    My Mission: all the childeren in the Netherlands must veel safe at school and feel social powerful. Every day I meet people who share this mission. I’m going to the next level: train the trainers and this holiday I will reflect on my goals again and look forward for the next step. My notes (from your classen) are still teaching me. Thank you very much.

  75. 0 stars
    Eric van de Straat
    2 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    For over a decade I have attended many of your trainings which not only made me a better entrepreneur but, …….. much more important, a better human being. The law of attraction gave a boost to my business every time I had attended a training or business bootcamp. I will always remain grateful for the best quality time ever me and my daughter experienced while attending the Breaktrough to Success.

    Thanks for all and wish you all the best!

    Warm regards,

  76. 0 stars
    Catalina Silva
    6 reacties

    Wil in 2017 miljonair worden …dus alles wat ik heb geleerd van jou nu daadwerkelijk omzetten tot realiteit! De eerste stappen al gemaakt nu waar maken 😉
    Dank voor alles wat je mij hebt geleerd tot nu toe, en wie weet zien we elkaar in Tenerife….
    Adios guapo hasta la vista xxx

  77. 0 stars
    Marysia Wilczewska
    4 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh (and Vered),
    Thanks you for all the energy, love, enthusiasm and wisdom you shared with us!
    This is indeed not a “good bye”.
    We’ll meet again
    Don’t know where
    Don’t know when
    But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day….

    With Love and Light,

  78. 2 stars
    Rob Stalenhoef
    89 reacties

    Dear Vered, Nisandeh and the Open Circles team,
    Thanx for your energy and passion!

    You shared your wisdom, knowledge, energy, passion and insights with me which still has great impact on my life and in my business.

    Till we meet again in good health!
    Big hug to you all

  79. 0 stars
    Alain Vandenbroeck
    1 reacties

    My biggest insight is that we only can have the most impact to contribute to help people by social entrepreneurship ! Thank you to be invited to this experiences by following the first year of the OCA. Also the people I met when we had our intense 3-days weekends , are very inspirating and stimulate to persist 🙂 . So Vered and Nisandeh, perhaps we ‘ll see us later ! Have a great period at Tenerife !
    Big hug

  80. 1 stars
    Saskia van Velzen
    28 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    The trainings of OCA helped to turn my hobby into a business. 5 years ago I wouldn’t, no couldn’t imagine that I would look into a 120.000 euro business. I started from scratch. Yes Nisandeh, it’s still the laughter business. I know it was not your favorite way and I struggled to find my target audience. But I finaliteit got it. In 2017 starts the first ever education in the Netherlands about laughter therapy and I will train therapists to bring back laughter on their clients faces as well as their own.

    You have my first book which I wrote thanks to the htwyb. The next one is recently published, the next two will be published in 2017.

    I learned to create video’s, blogs, give value and create a system. I’m now working on a passive income stream. Something I heard of for the first time at OCA.

    I am so happy with the powerful network and my even more powerful mastermind of all OCA trained people. We speak the same language, we are brutally honest and we grow like crazy.

    I learned a great deal about team work in the e-team and the team provides an even more powerful network.

    Thank you for making this possible. I know, my attendance (80% of success is showing up) and implementation makes my business grow, but it is thanks to your lessons that it grows in the right direction.

    Wish you all the best on your paradise island.

    Change the world. Smile 😉


  81. 0 stars
    Carola Claus-Tibbe
    10 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,

    You have given me so much inspiration, food for thoughts and tangible goals… Our whole business model is built around it, simply because it’s better than what I learned at MBA’s 😉

    Not kidding!

    I can’t sum them up.. But please know it’s huge..

    Thanks a mill and of course till next time!

    Big hug


  82. 2 stars
    Lucia Sandaal
    105 reacties

    Thank you SO much, Vered & Nisandeh for all the love, dedication and extremely helpful lessons that have had a tremendous effect on both my life and business.

    I honestly would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Open Circles Academy. And even though I’m not even close to where I want to be with my business yet, I know for a fact that it’s just a matter of time and I’m enjoying the journey every step of the way.

    So thank you so much for that, and I’m anxiously awaiting to see, hear & experience what you have in store for us in 2017. Talk soon!

  83. 1 stars
    Didier Dohmen
    65 reacties

    Beste Nisandeh,

    Hartelijk dank voor deze mooie en persoonlijke post.
    Mijn leven is veranderd door de trainingen van Open Circles die ik heb mogen bijwonen in 2012 en 2013.

    Ik heb helder gekregen waar ik iedere dag mijn bed voor uitkom.
    Ik help heel graag financiële mensen in het onderwijs en de gezondheidszorg om hun financiën op orde te krijgen of hun organisatie te verbeteren.

    Zo ben ik in 2013 gestart bij stichting BOOR, een primair en voortgezet openbaar onderwijsstichting met 30.000 leerlingen.
    Stichting BOOR heeft zo een verlies van € 15 miljoen in 2011 en € 12,5 miljoen in 2012 met ingang van 2013 omgebogen naar een winst van € 6,5 miljoen in 2015 zonder gedwongen ontslagen!

    Het kan overal en altijd.
    Gezonde financiën en een duurzame organisatie is de basis van een bedrijfscultuur waarin iedereen zich veilig thuis voelt.

    Geluk en succes worden op deze manier een haalbare realiteit.
    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar het initiatief ZERO to Million dat je in januari 2017 gaat starten.

    Daar hoop ik veel van te gaan leren.
    Een goed uiteinde toegewenst.


    Hartelijke groet,

    Didier Dohmen

  84. 0 stars
    Agnes Bolte
    9 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, many insights popped up in Nieuwegein. Mastering the art of taking one step at a time, is the one I currently focus on. Enjoy the many happy moments with Vered and living on Tenerife.
    Thank you for the inspiration in many ways and looking forward to the steps from a new perspective.

  85. 0 stars
    Kim Elsen
    14 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh and Vered for all the insights and improving my life and that of others I meet. Good luck in Tenerife and may it be what you wish for and more.

  86. 1 stars
    Pascale Martina
    50 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered, you were the ones, who gave me hope and show me the light in my most difficult and darkest moments. You showed me how to discover my own power and how to become from inimini-me to maxi-me and to evolve from victim to victor.

    I am still on my way, it will take a lot of courage, confidence and power to get where I want to be and to become who I really am, but I enjoy my path. I’am learning and growing every day. Grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned. Thank you so much, dear family, for being in my (and my children’s) life. See you later…..

  87. 0 stars
    Peter Wilms
    11 reacties

    Dear Vered and Nisandeh,

    Thank you so much for your commitment to help so many people. You have also touched my life. I was woken up and shaken up by the BBC en the following trainings have shapen me up to take up a huge challenge for me: growing my business. Well it is growing, in 2017 I am going digital launching my first online products. And…. in 2017 I am publishing my first book! This would never have happened without you. So here’s my deep gratitude to you for kicking my ass. It has truly changed my life.

  88. 0 stars
    Rik Konings
    13 reacties

    Thank you Vered and Nisandeh, for being part of my life in the last decade. Your lessons resonate in and around me in a way that makes me happy. I inhaled a lot of lessons and got addicted on information, meeting passionate people who are willing to make a change in the world. Finding my balance in life I belief the best moments in life are yet to come. Gratefull I make a bow for you two.

  89. 0 stars
    Lucienne Kroes
    5 reacties

    The lessons we have got where very precious to us. We’ve learned so much of live and business and about ourself! We will miss you in the Netherlands but we wish you all the luck at Tenerife.

  90. 0 stars
    Karin Wezepoel
    3 reacties

    Vered en Nisandeh, Thank you very much for giving so much of yourself, your passion, your drive to go and changing my mindset from victim to winner. I send you my love because you made a big change in my life and the lifes of so many others!
    Thank you so much!

  91. 0 stars
    Peter Plaizier
    6 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    Thx for helping me to get a clear view to come back on track, personnal and my business.
    Looking forward to have a succesfull 2017.

  92. 0 stars

    Thank you so much for everything I learned from you. You have helped me change my life. It helped me to step up and have some amazing experiences and grow as a person and in business. Stepping out of my comfort zone was scary, but I noticed that scary can be a good thing too. I have hardly time for procrastination hahaha, and since I broke the wooden board with fear for succes, I am successful on the path I chose. Step by step I am manifesting my dream and dare to dream bigger as I go along. I’ll keep in touch thanks to your Linkedin messages and who knows what I’ll learn from you next.

  93. 1 stars
    Doret Schulkes
    46 reacties

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your lessons.
    It certainly changed my life. And it is not finished.
    Furthermore I see I am teaching my children the things you told me! Also the people that work for me and our clients!
    Together we can have a huge impact!
    Thanks again and see you at Zero to Million! To your succes….

  94. 0 stars
    Tani Groeneveld
    5 reacties

    Verde and Nisandeh, I am so honored to have met you both AND I am looking forward for the New challenges that you are planning for in the future! With lots of Gratitude and excitement!

  95. 3 stars
    George Begemann
    160 reacties

    Just to let you know that I completed my first book: “leiderschap vanuit ’t hart”. Official launch 28 march, but available for friends already. In this way 180 books already have found eager readers.

    It was a journey of 2.5 years. But very rewarding.

    Thanks Nisandeh for planting this seed. The flower has be one prettier than expected. Like you say in your note: my kids, spouse, family and friends are proud.

    May Tenerife bring you what you wish for.

    Kind regards, George

  96. 0 stars
    Caroline Fanck
    1 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh and Vered for all the the things you shared.
    It made me stronger, I’m already looking forward of all the things
    that is going to happen.

    I like to follow what you are doing in the future and when I have the opportunity to meet you and Vered again in Tenerife, that would be super.
    Big hugs
    Caroline Fanck

  97. 2 stars
    Marcel Dassen
    106 reacties

    Bedankt, toda raba, gracias, Nisandeh en Vered,

    Het was zeker een keerpunt in mijn leven de BBC in april 2011. Het voelde ook gelijk vertrouwd omdat ik de Israëlische cultuur van geven en samen van dichtbij ken. Ik ben niet voor niets met een Israëlische vrouw getrouwd 😉

    Het was indrukwekkend om elke keer weer mee te maken hoe jullie zoveel mensen wisten te verbinden met elkaar en met hun doelen. “You need a system”, zal ik nooit meer vergeten.

    Heel veel ‘mazzel ve ahava’ voor jullie toekomst en ik blijf jullie graag volgen.

  98. 0 stars
    Astrid Verburg
    3 reacties

    Vered and Nisandeh, the both of you changed my life, the way I look at others but especially the way I look at my self.
    Since the breakthrough I know for certain that I can achieve everything I my life. Be the better person and succesfull entrepreneur I want to be.

    Thank you so very much. Love you from the bottom of my heart.
    Have a great 2017 with lots of love and joy.

    Meet you again at the zero to a million.

  99. 0 stars
    Joop der Weduwen
    23 reacties

    Vered and Nisandeh,
    Thanks for the insights in the various trainings. It was a privilege.

  100. 0 stars
    Chhaya Haslach
    3 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,
    Good vibes and all the best on your further journey making this world a better place. Thank you for all you have already created.

    Much love.

  101. 0 stars
    Reina Oversteegen
    1 reacties

    You are simply inspiring and energizing… looking forward to the new global community! All the best for you and your loved ones.

  102. 1 stars
    Eva Maria
    73 reacties

    I enjoyed all the courses I followed. From the first to the last one. Some exercises were not exactly my thing, but I still got a lot out of it. I always had a lot of insights, ideas and good energy.

    Only coming back in Spain, facing my daily challenges to maintain this place and get some income out of it, I felt alone and not knowing how to put these ideas in something working for me.

    I hope that, going week by week, I can get over this. And I really would have liked to be in the ‘serious’ group, but the days of going to Holland all the time, are over for me for the moment.

  103. 1 stars
    Saskia de Rooy
    39 reacties

    Open Circles heeft me heel erg goed geholpen. Geld is een issue geworden, iets waarover je moet nadenken, dat was waarschijnlijk stap 1. Door de zaken die ik geïmplementeerd heb en nog aan het implementeren ben is mijn inkomen serieus omhoog gegaan. Dat was zeker nodig en het is heel fijn dat de tips en tricks die Open Circles heeft aangereikt te doen zijn en werken. Natuurlijk ga ik verder met het strategisch benaderen van mijn marketing!

  104. 0 stars
    Gerald de Woot
    1 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,

    Thank you for this fantastic message. It touches me and my heart very much. Thank you for what Vered and you have brought me through the trainings I have attended.
    I am looking forward reading your future messages and to getting the opportunity meeting you again in Teneriffe.

    Wish you a wonderful year 2017 !

    Bighug tou Vered and you.



  105. 5 stars
    472 reacties

    I can not express the enormous graditude I feel for my great journey with Open Circles Academy in words. They all seem to lack that twinkle I feel inside.

    It all started in March 2014 when I had my first BBC. In the break I went to Nisandeh in his office and told him I want to have the training Passive Business Income course. But Nisandeh told me firmly that I first have to have working income.

    I was a bit dissapointed but extra motivated to make it happen for me. So after the Master Entrepreneur I got the assignment to come up with a remarkable product. For weeks I was thinking of something, but I didn’t have any great ideas.

    Then suddenly in the middle of the night it came to me and I knew exactly what I had to do.

    And that was the beginning of the development of the amazing system Herbs by Heart.

    Because of this system and the great lessons and advise from Nisandeh I will be financial free in 2017.

    Nisandeh, Vered and everybody I met during this great Open Circles adventure, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Warm hugs,

  106. 0 stars
    Ingrid vd linden
    5 reacties

    Thank you for the nice OC days!
    And we go and look out to the one-year Zero to Million!
    Go go go!

  107. 0 stars
    Ard Heijboer
    11 reacties

    Thank you for your input and motivation. I am looking forward to 2017 with confidence. Bringing to life all the ideas that were given to me during your workshops and messages.
    I hope to be able to meet in 2017.
    With Regards

  108. 1 stars
    Bonnie Allart
    55 reacties

    Open circles changes my (business) live. You gave me hope. Being autistic I knew working for a boss is not going to be succesfull. So I really needed to be succesfull in my own business.

    Last month Bonstaete (courses for real estate marketeers) existed 10 years. In this field most professionals know my company. The skills I teach my clients make their companies big(ger), so when they grow I see a lot of them sending their new employees to me again. A win-win-win situation.

    The skills I learned make me feel comfortable that I can make other kinds of companies also succesfull.

    Thanks for the friends I met here and thanks for the teaching!

  109. 0 stars
    Sabine van Loon
    4 reacties

    Nisandeh en Vered, Thank you for all you shared! It has helped me making the fist steps in a transformation that has changed my life!

  110. 0 stars
    Ronald Endstra
    1 reacties

    Vanuit een herkenbaar startpunt
    . ontmoedigd
    . gebroken
    . onzeker
    . zelfmedelijden

    Jezelf bij de kladden pakken en gaan voor het perspectief. Juist het perspectief dat jijzelf creeert.
    Vele tools, feedback, tips, truuks, skills, eyopeners zijn er met mij gedeeld.
    Echter onbedoeld was het mijn nieuwe trots en het herwinnen van zelfvertrouwen dat een extra duwtje kreeg met het uit mijn comfortzone dansen op een stoel!

    Dank hiervoor !
    Denk er aan terug op de moment dat het allemaal even wat minder gemakkelijk gaat.


  111. 2 stars
    Shirley-Jane Jasper
    77 reacties

    Oh and Nisandeh,

    I received a Dutch digital version of dr. Alberto Villoldo, “Healing volgens de sjamanen”. I haven’t finished it yet, however it might be interesting for you, since he claims several times that you can influence the length of your life buy healing the patterns in your energyfield. This small 223 paged book is not for sale anymore in Holland, but still so wanted that the second handed version must be 4 or 5 times over the original price. Maybe this says something about the quality of the book.
    If you’re interested just tell me where to mail it to and I give it to you.

    1. 1 stars
      Henk van der Wijk
      54 reacties

      Hoi Shirley Jane,
      Ik lees je verhaal en gezien de 75 eerdere reacties ben ik niet enige. Ik bemerk dat energieën/energiebanen/energievelden een grote invloed op ons en dus ook op mijn functioneren hebben en zou mij daarom graag nader in het onderwerp verdiepen. Het boek dat je in digitale versie ter beschikking wilt stellen lijkt daartoe een goede mogelijkheid te bieden en ik wil er danook dankbaar gebruik van maken.
      Dank je wel en hartelijke groet,

      1. 2 stars
        Shirley-Jane Jasper
        77 reacties

        HI Henk,

        mail me even op Ik wil het boek ook best naar anderen sturen, het is zeer waardevol. Echter, als ‘tegenprestatie’ vraag ik je dan te doneren naar waarde (of iets te doen) voor een goed doel . Ik ga dat niet controleren, maar hoor wel graag van je wat je hiervoor bedenkt.
        warme groet,
        PS Het aantal reacties is het aantal geposte berichten in de loop der tijd van jezelf… Dus je bent de enige nog die reageerde… 😉

  112. 0 stars
    Robert Witlox
    8 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    CONGRATULATIONS and good luck… for your next journey!
    I will follow you and in the mean time create my own ‘heaven on Earth’. Thank the both of you for your inspiration, creativity, empowerment and lessons that I received.


  113. 0 stars
    Martin Ase
    1 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,

    Change is good. Lot of success, man!



  114. 2 stars
    Shirley-Jane Jasper
    77 reacties

    I have been on a roller coaster for the last 12 months.
    Last year I had my turning point. In January I had a real goal for the first time in my life. Taking everything IN what’s positive and stimulating and throwing OUT just about everything that was not. Then I went to the Bootcamp… I couldn’t find a better place to learn, to develop and to be supported in this new goal!! So, I followed your courses, your great business boost and blogs. And I grew stronger and stronger. I am gratefull that I allowed myselve to get you and Vered on board of my ship, called ‘Connection.’

    I see now the great (and terrible) impact my attitude about money had on my husband and kids for the past 15 years. I cannot ask them to change it, but I can SHOW it. They’re saving now for a holiday beyond imagination, I myselve was able to follow courses with prices beyond my imagination. And STILL I was able to buy the best computer and mobile Phone for X-mas. Anythng is possible!

    Next year I will implement all kinds of stuff from Open Circles and I see it has my job to proof that the courses really do what you promised: get mote income, more freedom, more fulfilment. Then I’ll get back for more!!

    Best wishes for you and Vered, you’re really one of a kind!

  115. 0 stars
    Engelien Mulder
    11 reacties

    ik las vrijwel altijd je mails en die heb ik met plezier gelezen. Ben nooit naar een bijeenkomst geweest, en dat was oké voor mij maar wie weet wat de toekomst brengt !

    Heel veel succes met al jullie toekomstige activiteiten en onder-nemingen.

  116. 1 stars
    Rita Sterkenburg
    37 reacties

    The best education i ever received and that changed my life totaly in the right direction ! Thank you verry much Vered and Nisandeh i whish you the best year ever in 2017 😀

  117. 0 stars
    Nicole Clerens
    9 reacties

    Hello, marketing was voor mij abracadabra … en was helemaal niets voor mij. Dankzij Open Circles en het hele team en de hele inzet van iedereen en uiteraard dankzij de bereidwilligheid van Nisandeh om dit alles op een heel bevattelijke manier te delen, kan ik de wetmatigheden zien en bovenal ook de simpele tools hebben om deze te gebruiken.
    Van harte DANK U.
    Toch een nieuw hoofdstuk in mijn leven.

  118. 0 stars
    Mireille Vandevorst
    9 reacties

    Dear Nesandeh, I’ve only started my company as off March 2016 and was in June in the first Bus Bootcamp.
    I confirm that it has changed my life in every way, professional & private.
    I’ve changed my business plan and I will hire next year 2 employees, start building on my passive income, double my income and keep similar high profit & margins.
    Yes, even now in the winter holidays standing on my skies, I’m much more confident than the 10 years before. If I can go through the wooden plate, I can overcome any obstacle.
    I will follow you on LinkedIn very closely, because they ain’t seen nothing yet from me.
    I now know and believe that I can do it. I will change the world (or let’s say Belgium) by empowering & engaging people to make them equal motivated as their employer.

    THE compelling “Why”: Everybody has the right to feel Lucky and to have the same feeling as I have “Born to be Lucky”

  119. 0 stars
    José Hoeflaken
    20 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, thank you for putting me on the path of awareness, change and personal growth. The first time I met you was in 2015 during a Business Bootcamp, it was new, inspiring, exciting and truly life-changing. But what I remember most of all is your speech on the day of the attack in Paris, I was in the audience and felt the true passion and everything you believe in behind every word you spoke. I will never forget that message for the rest of my life. I wish you and Vered all the best for your next journey. You guys truly make a difference.

    With love,
    José Hoeflaken

  120. 0 stars
    Dennis van Zwet
    8 reacties

    I have been to the business bootcamp in 2014. My biggest insight is to give. Thanx.

  121. 0 stars
    Morry Krispijn
    23 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, Vered and everyone at the Open Circles Team for the last 20 years;THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU
    You did an Amazing job!
    There are those who lead and those who follow. Even in businesses among each other. When you took the lead here in The Netherlands, others where just in awe and watched how you just impacted the entire landscape with your trainings on business, finance and personale development. There was simple no answer to the way you guys sky rocketed.
    Even now, after so many years, you are still taking steps that are totally different than mainstream.
    And I do believe that THAT is the biggest lesson of all for each and everyone of us.
    * Follow your heart
    * Lead others to lead themselve
    * Create with strategy
    * Implementation is Key

    I will never forget how I earned a € 3.000,- training back x 2 in one action that same morning and x 100 if I look back at it now calculating it over the last 3-4 years. And it was not even something you where teaching! It was simply applying one of your strategies that YOU used on the stage in my own business.
    Implementation is Key.

    Great to read all the plans for 2017 and beyond.
    Great to open your house for those interested. It was a true inspiration to see how you live on that beautiful mountain above the clouds in Tenerife. Thank you so much for your hospitality. The Latin Dance Business bootcamp was born in 2016 thanks to your advise.
    Thank you so much for everything you did until now and I am looking forward for even better and greater 😉
    Mordechay (Morry) Krispijn

  122. 1 stars
    Ashirda Oosterlee
    51 reacties

    Dear all,
    I am learning how to give to the world my “stone ” , in stead of putting a stone on the road for myself.
    That’ s important for continuing the story of my life, creating earth paradise.
    This needs more grounded area.
    But together we are going to prepare it well.
    So at the end we can say welldone……

    For now, mother earth heartbeat helps us to find ritm of love to carry on, giving what the world need most.
    And we are part of it…..
    That s so much to feel greatfull of

  123. 0 stars
    Jacqueline Koel
    2 reacties

    Wat een mazzel dat ik bij mijn start als ZZP’er attent gemaakt werd op de bijeenkomsten van Open Circles. Uitdagingen werden geformuleerd, ‘nooit gedacht’ stappen genomen. Van ZZP naar B.V.

    Gestart met een exclusief uitzend en bemiddelingsbureau voor jeugdhulpspecialisten. In 4 maanden van 1 uitzendkracht naar 9. Met de inzet van LinkedIn als basis met gemiddeld 2000 lezers van mijn berichten of oproepen tot werk.
    Voor 2017 nog 2 te ontwikkelen stippen op de horizon die verder uitgewerkt worden in de jaren erna. Heeeeerlijk ik geniet. Dit had ik zonder de inspiratie vanuit de bijeenkomsten bij Open Circles niet gedaan. Ik wil graag blijven volgen hoe Nisande zijn volgende uitdaging oppakt. Ik zal hier zeker parallel aan mijn bedrijf van kunnen groeien.

  124. 1 stars
    62 reacties

    Dear Nisndeh and Vered,
    I don’t know how many BB’s I followed, many, and I kept coming back to witness the development of the BB and to witness your personal growth, it was always astounding.
    I also. came back to interest the people I work with in marketing and entrepreuneurship, tough going in the world of volunteering and spirituality.
    My biggest lesson? I was working on my hobby, may I at my age of 81?
    I wish you good health, happiness and harmony in your new venture.

  125. 0 stars
    Jet Sebus
    18 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, Vered, Rani, E-team members and members of the Open Circles Officeteam,

    Thank you all so much. I’m very grateful for all the inspiration, insights and friendships. Open Circles was life changing for me in many ways. More self confidence, life purpose, focus, fun, breakthroughs and better relationships with people who matter to me, to name a few changes.
    Also my thanks to the many wonderful people I met through Open Circles during trainings for your friendship and honesty.

    Big hug for each and all of you from Jet

  126. 2 stars
    Jacoline Steegstra
    89 reacties

    It was in 2010 that I first followed the Business Bootcamp. A year after I moved to Holland after having lived on the Caribbean island Curaçao for 20 years. I started my own company right after I came to Holland, but did nog realize that I had no network left in my home country and had totally lost a true connection to this place. I was a stranger in my birth place.

    It is through Open Circles that I slowly build a new network of friends and like-minded entrepreneurs. I have been a mental sponge since then absorbing all the information you provided. I’ve been through the second first steps of all 3 pillars (financial, business and personal) and also my husband, daughter and boyfriend and one of my sons have participated in some of the courses.

    Thank you so much Nisandeh, Vered and all the people of Open Circles for contributing to my life and to the world! We love you and hopefully we will meet again.

  127. 0 stars
    Ellen van der 6
    1 reacties

    Op het moment dat ik me realiseerde dat als therapeut ik ook ondernemer ben kwam Open Circles op mijn pad. Het heeft een verschil gemaakt in mijn presentatie naar buiten. Mijn dank daarvoor.

  128. 5 stars
    Anne Buiskool
    450 reacties

    Both of you, the team(s) and we alltogether impacted me deeply.
    My personal and spiritual growth was seperated from my professional life in 2012. I was new as an entrepreneur….sooooo new, I did not even know I was so blue and naive 🙂 And now I am so greatful for everything you gave, that I received, implemented and stil are busy implementing.

    My company is blooming!

    So many parents allready benefitted from a way of mediation that is based on personal developtment.
    Respectful divorce, where children have full attention.
    As I say in Dutch: Zie scheiden als een fase en niet als falen.

    In March my book about: “How do we tell the children” wil come out…on my birthday…o help I said it!!! in front of so many people.

    Vered, Nisandeh and team(s) I LOVE YOU for who you are and what you did and do! Thank you.

    to be continued

  129. 0 stars
    Homeira Langhede Kroone
    3 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh, I am touched by your communication. straight from the heart. see you later as I will be following you. A big hug to your soulmate, lover, wife and coach Verde . love, Homeira

  130. 0 stars
    Ron Scheerder
    1 reacties

    Open Circles was for sure Life Changing in all aspects. Since the Business Bootcamp and the Master Entrepreneur a month later, I realized I had a hobby. Since then everything changed big time. I now consider myself an entrepreneur. I now work together with Merijn Kegel, Marielle van der Vlies and Kamiel van Ingen, all great people all from the Open Circles Community.

    From mini-Me I grew to a lot bigger person. I’m not there yet, but I see a glimpses of Maxi-me, quite regularly. I can really say that I live my life on purpose

    The last four years I assisted in the e-team. It was great to be a part in all those life-changing events. I met so much incredible persons and some if the I consider friends for lift.
    After ca. 100 events as participant or e-team member, and consider myself a conscious millionaire. For sure in mind and my bank account will follow for sure!!

    Last but not least, thanks to Open Circles I met the love of my life Anja. Together we planned to spend the rest of our lives.
    Vered and Nisandeh, thanks for everything you did for me, Anja and the thousands of others.

  131. 0 stars

    Ik sta met mijn bedrijf JXR SEM komende maand op een beurs. Ondanks dat ik hem daarvoor nog steeds knijp, sta ik daar nu heel positief in.
    – Mijn propositie is veel scherper neergezet (dankzij Master Entrepreneur),
    – Ik bied daar een cursus Social media aan, die ik nu bijna af heb (dankzij Financial Freedom,
    – Ik ben er van overtuigd dat het een succes wordt (dankzij breakthrough)

    Dit jaar heb ik mijn omzet al zien verveelvoudigen (dankzij mijzelf
    ; >) ), maar de volgende verveelvoudiging komt mede door de cursussen.


    Jeroen Rijkeboer

    1. 0 stars
      Sabine van Loon
      4 reacties

      Thanks for sharing it this way!

  132. 0 stars
    Monique Dogterom
    1 reacties

    Thank you for believing in myself. I have learned to have the courage to express that I am proud of what I have achieved.
    To say that I am good although this is not Dutch! I have obtained more selfconfidence. It helps me to be strong.

  133. 1 stars
    Nick Schaart
    32 reacties

    Thank you, Nisandeh. Yes, you and Vered changed my life in so many ways. I could write a ling blog on that. I’m grateful and glad that you go on touching lifes.
    Good luck en I wish you succes, knowing that you’ll give you 100% 😀

  134. 0 stars

    Thank you Nisandeh, Vared and your team for all your energy, enthusiasm and practical Sales & Marketing advice! It is great to experience that you practice what you preach! It has inspired me to rebuild my business in a more serious way and to bring back my focus to what I really want to offer to my clients. I wish you good luck, warmth, inspiration and courage in your next step!

  135. 1 stars
    Jur Houtman
    35 reacties

    Thank you for all the insights i got this year.
    Not yet everything is implemented, çause things take time to understand what the results are. And sometimes start all over again, walk a differnt path to reach the goals.
    I walked this year! It got me more motivated than ever. Thank you!

  136. 0 stars
    Esther Molenaar
    5 reacties

    Pfffff…… I have no idea where to start.

    The first time I saw stuff about the Business Bootcamp I thougth it was a scam. But I was also very very curious…

    2010 it all started with my first Business Bootcamp and the journey still has not ended.

    Nisandeh and Vered, you changed my life tremedously. No words to describe it.

    Since my book was published in 2014 everything started to shift around. Not untill this last few months I found my path.

    Could I have found it sooner? Maybe…
    Could I have found it without you? Maybe…
    Could I have found it on my own? Not a change.

    Starting with the Business Bootcamp I met a lot of great people. Some became friends, some I work with, some came and went.
    But what a thrill, what a ride, what an experience.

    It was MY journey.
    It was MY path to walk.
    Because without it, it wouldn’t have brought me here, in December 2016, on the brink of the biggest leap I am going to take in my life.

    Thanks to you and everyone I met during the Open Circles Years for the first time it is going to be a leap of complete faith…

    Thank you!

  137. 1 stars
    Niek Sjaardema
    28 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh,
    You have made a big change in my life althoughi still have a long way to go.
    2017 will be my best year ever by participating in a project that will change the lifes of a lot of young people to enable them to develop their creative potential by using professional building equipment, 100% save for children.
    You have learned me (so far):
    1. Keep focus,
    2. Believe in myself and be confident
    3. Giving first is so important,also for my mind
    4. Work to become a consious millionair.
    5. Create PASSIVE INCOME. For now i don’t do project anymore if the gain is not based on passive income, which will last as long as the project is active.

    Thanks a lot and waiting for 2017.
    You with a million $ business and me to start a project to enable one million children to develop their creative potentials.
    (In Europe , USA and finally China)

  138. 0 stars
    Cob Rijsdam
    21 reacties

    Nisandeh, most important thing learned; get in line and stay in line. No matter what that line looks like; straight, curved or as a stair.

  139. 0 stars
    Peter jonges
    7 reacties

    Dear Nissandeh and Vered, alrough i am quite stubborn in making the same mistakes in business you and your team made me change a lot. The business models you showed us in your breakthrough to succes and the energy you give us all is a gift to the world.

  140. 0 stars
    Gabrielle Min
    3 reacties

    Yhank you for being there

  141. 0 stars
    Ina van de Hoef
    9 reacties

    Thank you Nissandeh, Vered & team first of all for making me believe in myself and my contribution to the world. And all I learned to make it happen!

  142. 1 stars
    Linda Graanoogst
    30 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    Your trainings gave me the right tools & insights to change my life.
    Master Presenter was the best for me, because in many ways it changed the way I looked at my business. I became more self confident and more focussed.
    Thank you for being you! And I am curious what march/april will bring us…
    All the best, see you soon!

    Linda Graanoogst
    Met Gemak In Het Nieuws

  143. 0 stars
    Greet Hoedeman
    1 reacties

    Thanks for opening my eyes in many ways .
    Wishing you many, many years of good health and pleasure in your paradise island

  144. 5 stars
    Leni Minderhoud
    891 reacties

    Absolutely did you and Vered change my life. The trainings AND the community made me more secure, self-confidend, focussed, happier. And above all, It made me conscious of having a purpose in life. The last is the biggest insight I have. Before I followed a path, with the same direction but I was not aware of what that was leading to, so I was wandering easily some ‘side paths’ ;-).

    So life changing!! And I am very thankful to you Nisandeh, Vered, the team, all the people I met in those more then 20 training events and four years.
    Big, Big hug!!

    Looking forward to the next phase and the 0-milion program.

    Love to you all, Leni

  145. 0 stars
    Nathie Perez
    1 reacties

    Goodmorning, my life is impacted for the better since I have done the Business bootcamp, but it was the Financial Freedom that it change it fast. My mindset is different and I am managing my finance in a better way. 2017 is the year to grow with my Business, finance and to become my greatest version. Thank you.

  146. 0 stars
    Merel Slotboom
    18 reacties

    Open Circles
    Has put me on my path. It has opened my horisons as an entrepreneur and has given me beautiful friends and love. I’m forever thankfull for this gift and for myself listening to my soul to participate.
    The best is yet to come. See you soon. X

  147. 0 stars
    Catherine Leterme
    8 reacties

    I had life changing experiences with Open Circles. Your dreams are also my dreams. This year I start realising them in Belgium. We will keep in touch!
    Big hug

  148. 0 stars
    Nat Hennequin
    1 reacties

    I experienced the last 4 month of Open Circles Academy. I only wish I had know of you some 7500 days ago! It’s opened my eyes, my mind and my drive. Thank you for the shift you created.

    PS I still go to sleep every night with Vered Inspiring me. See u in 0-1mill!

  149. 0 stars
    Paul van Dijck
    7 reacties

    Absolutely, the trainings and presentations of Nisandeh have changed a lot. 1) I got rid of fears and got much more confident. 2) I set goals that are better and feel better. 3) Ideas and plans which seemed not achievable look achievable now. 4) I pay much more attention to money and have fun with it. It has reduced my loans and debts. Thank you Nisandeh.

  150. 0 stars
    Mok Heijnmeeink
    4 reacties

    Thank you Nisandeh, you opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for my business. And the responsibility I have to live my full potential so I can give my very best to the world. You inspire to fill every moment with presence and purpose. Thank you, thank you.

  151. 0 stars
    Alexandra Wilkinson
    22 reacties

    It was the steady stream of Facebook ads that convinced me to go to the BB. And that decision changed my life.
    More courses followed and I have learned so much.
    I learned setting goals and hoe to ‘get in line and stay in line’
    In a couple of months my turnover grew with 40%.
    I lost 14 kg and training for my first marathon.
    I have dealt with some old childhood pains through some really powerfull healing processes.
    I sleep better, have more energy and more focus and most important, less fear.
    It is safe to say that you, Nisandeh and Vered, have transformed my life.
    Thank you for that! <3

  152. 1 stars
    Marjon Sarneel
    38 reacties

    The years with Open Circles Academy have been lifechanging on all levels.
    Thank you Nisandeh, Vered and all the wonderful people around you for the inspiration <3

  153. 0 stars
    Wendy Rundberg
    1 reacties

    You have given me a lot of inspiration in the start of my Company. I thank you for That! All the best with your new chalange. I will follow you online, we’ll keep I touch! Thanx for everything

  154. 4 stars

    Yes, Open Circles has impacted me for the better: I am now fully confident that I will reach my goals, I know exactly what I need to do to get there, I have no doubt about next year and the turn over and profit, I am sure I will make the next year my best year ever and I know what my goals are 🙂
    I am better for it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  155. 1 stars
    andre gruisen
    55 reacties

    oww yeah, my life changed, my perspective, myvocabulary, my senses sharpened and my eyes are set on the horizon !
    i regained my confindence, my self awareness. I gained the tools, techniques, prcoedures and all those ways to organize and simplify my life.

    Tools to work with, to stop procastinate, to take MY life in MY hands and (trans)form it. It’s up to me, more than before, much more then 1,5 years ago, when i thought that succes is what happens to me when i work hard-if i’m lucky. Now, i know that success WILL be for me if i do the right things in the right way ! And that takes me out of my victim-role. That brings me in front of my path. For that , and a lot more insights and internal processes whithin myself, i thank All the members of OCA. Not just you, but especially Vered.

    You , Nisandeh made it possible, but Vered really shook my world, my life, my consciousness ! She made all your “technical stuff” stick ! You are truely a team ! I give you my gratitude, And ‘you’ means the whole OCA-team ! And of course a warm hug to everyone of you !

  156. 0 stars
    Dirk-Jan Maas
    8 reacties

    OCA heeft me een boost gegeven, focus en heldere (levensdoelen). Geen dag meer hetzelfde….

  157. 0 stars
    Edgar Hutte
    20 reacties

    Thanks for all the wonderful trainings in Nieuwegein and Amsterdam. I’m still implementing, but more important I’m still holding on to a few key lessons from the very beginning (business bootcamp) that are making sure my business keeps on growing. Also for me… the best is yet to come. See you in Tenerife 🙂

  158. 1 stars
    Frank Maessen
    27 reacties

    See you later nisandeh!
    Thanks for all the lessons so far. You have changed my life putting me on the right track and make me a better, happier person

  159. 2 stars
    Tonnis van Dam
    141 reacties

    Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

    Yes, you both have really impacted my life. A friend of mine invited me to come to the Bootcamp. And I made the commitment to do things differently. No more waiting but acting. And be creative. And listen to my target audience. Or first choose a Target Audience.

    That created different results for me. I’m a different person now. I hunt more, take more action, take more risks, celebrate. I’m a better friend for my friends. I know better what I want and act to accomplish that.
    And so much more.

    I got some very good friends, created new markets and businesses, and I am seen as an expert in my business. My competitors (which are still much bigger) would like to buy my company :-). But I will wait a little longer to expand my business to an international success.

    Learning from others, e.g. from you, is the best thing I ever did. And I keep learning. And also I am teaching to help others.

  160. 1 stars
    Bianca Meeuwissem
    44 reacties

    Wow, beautiful words Nisandeh.
    Words that really transmit the feelings behind. Both you and Vered are inspiring people. For now i just assisted one of your Business Bootcamps in the Netherlands. But I want more. For now enjoying your articles and linkedin messages and very curious about your Zero to Million Program. Please keep me informed and inspired!

  161. 0 stars
    Gert Voordeckers
    9 reacties

    When we first met, you made me realise I had a hobby! 😖😂
    From that moment everything changed! Thank you so much!

  162. 0 stars

    Hi Nisandeh, as a trainer helping professionals to move from insecurity to confidence and from stress to inner peace, and so reach their goals with much more ease and fun, have a better life with confidence, I like to send you a big thank you, too!
    Thanks to your trainings (master entrepreneur, financial freedom, breaktrough, master speaker,…) I doubled my income and my trainings became much more fun! I started making products, like cd’s and I dared to start again with an open offer of trainings. Wauw!

    Wish you good luck and fun with your next steps.