Your BEST investment EVER

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This article was supposed to be in Dutch – but Miro, our copywriter (who was supposed to translate this article) and his wife – Merijn, had a baby son born 10 days earlier than expected… so daddy Miro had his hands full…
Congratulations Miro and Merijn
for bringing another miracle into the world

Also our daughter was born 10 days earlier than planned, which caught us by surprise on the 1st of May, 1997.

A few weeks ago she celebrated her 18-year birthday, and last week she finished her high school exams.

In a couple of months she begins a new phase in life, on her own, in a U.S. University.

It’s still amazes me how fast time flies…

Which brings me to today’s topic…

Education – your BEST investment EVER!

I grew up in a lower middle-class family, with small income and limited resources.

My sisters and I often heard the words “we can’t afford it”.

But there was one area where we never heard those words – EDUCATION.

When it came to study and self-improvement – all we had to do was ask.

Whatever extracurricular course I wanted to follow or non-fiction book I wanted to buy – there was somehow, magically, a budget for.

When I went to university, both my parents took a second job (each working 15 hours a day, 6 days a week) to finance the first year of my studies, until I could pay for the rest on my own…

My parents showed me – in every action they took – how important education and self-improvement are.

And I’m entirely grateful to them for this lesson.

Till today, our budget is heavily geared to invest in our education and personal-development.

And this is also the reason why Vered and I started Open Circles Academy so many years ago… to make business education and personal development available to anyone.


…not everyone has access to even basic education, and many of those that do –only have access to a mediocre (or worse) education system.

To change this, Vered and I started a few years ago the Open Circles Foundation – a non-for-profit organization that took on itself to transform the education system in the world.

See this short video about our work.

Open Circles Foundation:

Every year we take on ourselves a new project, where we put our heart, soul, money and connections…

In the past we adopted a school for girls in Uganda, partnered with Richard Branson to support his school for entrepreneurs in South Africa, lighted rural villages in Madagascar, and more…

This year we’ve partnered with Pencils of Promise to build as many schools as we can in Laos (a small country bordering with Thailand, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia).

And we invite you to join us…

Building a new school (for 100 children) cost about $25,500 and we’re going to launch a 30-day crowdfunding campaign to finances as many of these schools as we can.

When you help us build new schools for these kids, we’ll give you thousands of euros worth of our best home-study programs as thank you for your contribution.

This way – you’re not only get to give these kids a chance for a better life, in a very real and sustainable way, you also get the best tools and strategies to grow your business, which puts you on the quick path to become a Conscious Millionaire.

Will you join us?

If yes, let me know in the comment box below and I’ll let you know as soon as the campaign starts.

AND… if you contribute in the first 24 hours of the campaign, I will give you one extra MEGA BONUS – two (2) tickets to our newest seminar – The Conscious Millionaire Path.
This course cost €975 and if you contribute to the crowdfunding campaign in its first day, you will get 2 tickets for FREE as my thank you GIFT. 

Your only opportunity to get these 2 tickets for free – is when you let me know you’ll support the campaign in the comment box below before May 31, 2015.

Let’s make this world a better place together.

Let’s get you on the path to become a Conscious Millionaire.

To your success,


PS – These kids in Laos never had a chance… until now! Until You!

You can make a difference by contributing AND by sharing this article with your Facebook friends and fans, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers and Google+ circles… Simply use the SHARE links below to let your network join and make a difference in these kids’ lives.

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Mark C Hoogenboom
Mark C Hoogenboom
7 years ago

Count me in on your first day.
Warmest regards, Mark C

Saskia Steur
7 years ago

Yes, of course, count me in! What a wonderful idea!

George van Rest
George van Rest
7 years ago
Reply to  Saskia Steur

Nisandeh, Count me in on the first day. I want support Pencils for promises. Kind regards

Jan van Kilsdonk
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
Education indeed is the best thing you ever can get.
I tell myself allways “A day nothing learned, is a wasted day”.
Best regard

Jet Sebus
7 years ago

Great project, count me in!. Education is so important, for everyone. Success!

Maaike Frankena
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
Ofcourse I will join, education is indeed one of the most precious gifts one can give.
Until this weekend, make it a great week!

Linda Graanoogst
7 years ago

This morning I woke up thinking about how much my parents contributed to the world and still do. Lately I have supported many projects too. I think that of it is possible to help other people, because my business grows, I am glad to support them. We are all one, we are connected. Why not help and support your connections?

Thomas Kaslander
Thomas Kaslander
7 years ago

I Would like to contribute to this project so let me know when the campain starts.

Grada Huis
7 years ago

A great idea and I hope it will be a hugh succes. I will donate 100,- euro’s.

Coen Tuerlings
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Great initiative… let me know as soon as the campaign starts.
I like the idea of building schools. Not only the students benefit from it, but also the native builders have a good job. Supporting the whole community. Let’s go for it…

Coen Tuerlings
7 years ago
Reply to  Coen Tuerlings


It’s a remarkable and inspiring story of the founder of Pencils of Promise.

An essential lesson to us all. A good example to have an impact on the world by creating meaningful products and services.

Thanks for sharing Nisandeh

Klaartje Loose
7 years ago

Yes, I will contribute to Pencils of Promise!
I have been to Laos (my friend worked there as a volunteer) and the situation for kids is difficult.
Great, that you (or should I say we) are contributing to improve their situation!

Walter Van Noten
7 years ago

Ik zal jullie graag helpen.

Veronika Rutten
7 years ago

Wat een prachtig doel! I wil contribute!

Martina Schneider
7 years ago

Count me in! Have a Great day!

Marjan Crabtree
7 years ago

Yes, let me know when the campaign starts.

Martin Kugel
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, Vered and team,

Of course I will contribute to this project. For the 100 children I will donate 100 euro. If I can help in any other way, just let me know.


Nicole Öhlmann
7 years ago

I would like to support your project about building schools for kids in Laos. Please keep me updated.

AnnaSofia van Hooijdonk

What a great initiative.
Count me in!
I will join the campagne!

Onne Kierkels
7 years ago

Wat een fijn bericht! Goed bezig Nisandeh en Vered.

Als grafische ontwerper probeer ik zelf ook een actieve bijdrage te leveren door kinderen kennis te laten maken met hun eigen mogelijkheden.

Ik ben dan ook van mening dat creatieve cursussen/workshops (en in deze tijd met name fotografie voor kinderen) bittere noodzaak zijn om de wereld te begrijpen, te ervaren, te plaatsen en vorm te geven.

Ik ga zeker ook financieel bijdrage aan dit initiatief!

May Schellekens
7 years ago

Ik wil heel graag mijn steentje bijdragen!

Sergio van der Pluijm
7 years ago

Leven = geven!
Ik doe mee met dit mooie idee.

Of course I will join!

Tamara Beekmans
7 years ago

Graag doe ik mee, ook ik doneer vanuit mijn bedrijf aan onderwijs: 10% van mijn jaarinkomen. Graag ondersteun ik dit project. Ook al had je geen gratis tickets weggeven. Ik vind het mooi dat jullie zoveel bewustwording de wereld in brengen en jullie kracht is om dat samen met anderen te doen. Geweldig en inspirerend voor mij!
Hartegroet Tamara Beekmans

Aïscha Ajoeb
Aïscha Ajoeb
7 years ago

What a wonderful idea! Count me in!

Beata Marton
Beata Marton
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh en Vered, This a very nice initiative. I admire your work with the foundation. I wish you good luck with the crouwdfounding campaigne, I definitely would like to join you.

Max van de Berge
Max van de Berge
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, geven is een groot goed! Ik doneer graag aan kleine organisaties met een duidelijk doel voor ogen.

Ik ben door verschillende landen gereisd in z.o. Azië, zo ook in Laos. Mensen kunnen daar echt een steuntje in de rug gebruiken.

Graag doneer ik 20 euro. Ik hoop dat we het doel samen met jullie bereiken

Bram Eijgenraam
Bram Eijgenraam
7 years ago

Mooie berichten, een nieuw mensenkind op deze prachtige Aarde en kansen voor jonge mensen elders.
Ik doe graag mee om hun start in het leven een betere kans te geven!

Eleonora van Grinsven
Eleonora van Grinsven
7 years ago

Thank you for this great opportunity to contribute to creating a better world for all of us by sharing the abundance of knowledge.
I’ll contribute!

Rob Vreede
Rob Vreede
7 years ago

Great initiative, I really love to support, so I’m in!

Suzanna van der Laan
7 years ago

Yes, I’m in!
Love to contribute to such a wonderful project.

Cindy Groeneveld
7 years ago

Yes, count me in. This contribution goal is so close to my husband and my goal to build and support several children’s homes worldwide with connected educationsystems/schools where orphans and non-orphans build their future community with the same chances and opportunities for every child, orphan or not.

Reinier Bloem
7 years ago

Count me in.
Wonderful initiative, Nisandeh.

Margreet Schouren
7 years ago

Being a part of an education revolution… oh Yes I will def. do what i can.

Joop der Weduwen
7 years ago

I will support your campaign wholeheartedly.

Mary van de Panne
7 years ago

Yes Nisandeh, I join the campaign. Thank you so much for your commitment to education for all!

Erika Lunsche
7 years ago

Those kids in Laos didn’t ask to be born in a country without proper education. I feel privileged to live in a country with lots of possibilities to learn. So I would like to join you and help to build as many schools as possible.

Mirjam Bruggink
7 years ago

I would like to donate your project. Please keep me updated.

Manuella Slof
7 years ago

Keep up the good work!
Let me know how I can contribute…

Lidy van Oord
7 years ago

Ofcourse , I will enjoin this project and contribute. Self I am busy starting a foundation to educate young people here in the Netherlands who did not have possibilities to learn much on living on their own etc.

The name of my foundation is ROOVIM, this means: Recht Op Onderdak Voor Ieder Mens.

It is not only a place to live but also how can I make more of my independant live

Esther van Dijk
7 years ago
Reply to  Lidy van Oord

Hallo Lidy,

Wat een prachtig initiatief!

Heel veel succes met het supporten van zoveel mensen die op je pad komen en die jou hulp goed kunnen gebruiken!


Francine van Rosmalen
7 years ago
Reply to  Lidy van Oord

Hallo Lidy
Wat fijn dat er ook aandacht is voor de mensen dicht bij huis. Heb je ook zo’n actie gestart voor crowdfunding?

Rupal Chauhan
7 years ago

I support your campaign and I am sure that you will get enough support for this humanitarian project…

Saskia van Lamoen
7 years ago

Count me in! It’s great to contribute to a better world.

Annemarijke van Etten
Annemarijke van Etten
7 years ago

Fantastisch mooi initiatief. The future is for the children, so let’s help with education and self-improvement -> the biggest gift in life! I’m in.

Bonnie Allart
7 years ago

Beautiful project. Keep me updated.

Ron Scheerder
7 years ago

Count me in. Together we will make this work big time!

Esther van Dijk
7 years ago

I would love to conntribute to your great project in Laos to give a lot of children the education and stability they need to improve their life qaulity!

Wendy Weel
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh and Vered,

The first I want to congratulation Miro and his wife with their lovely new born child. I wish them a lot of luck, happiness and love!!!

Then….. wow, wow, wow! Thats a great project, wich i love it!
a Few years ago I have support a project like this. I have deep respect for you guys!

Please let me know when you’re campaign started. I’m looking forward to it.

Lovely Regards,

Anouk Bleekemolen
7 years ago

Wat een mooi project weer! Ik heb gedoneerd aan het lichtproject en doe nu graag weer mee. Laat maar weten wanneer je start!

Elske van de Fliert
7 years ago

Hearing about Pencils of Promise in march of this year I can only be VERY happy that you choose this party to work with. I very much like their hands-on/entrepreneurial way they work.

No doubt I will support this 🙂

Esther de Vreugt
7 years ago

Schitterend initiatief. Voorbeeld als menselijke bijdrage?

Sigrid van der Laan
Sigrid van der Laan
7 years ago

Mooi initiatief. Zelf ben ik mijn ouders ook dankbaar voor alle kansen die ik heb gekregen om te studeren en mij te ontwikkelen. Ik steun al jaren mijn twee pleegkinderen uit Nicaragua – waar ik 7 jaar voor gezorgd heb toen ik daar woonde – met een klein bedrag voor hun scholing; nu hun tante die verantwoordelijk voor hen was dat niet meer kan, ben ik 100% verantwoordelijk voor hun levensonderhoud en studie. Ik zie hoeveel geld er al nodig is voor twee, dus kun je nagaan wat er nodig is om alle kinderen en jonge mensen toegang te laten krijgen tot wat hun recht is: opleiding en persoonlijke ontwikkeling.
Ik hoop dat heel veel mensen zich geïnspireerd voelen om financieel bij te dragen aan dit mooie project. Veel succes!

Martine van de Merwe
7 years ago

Of course I’d like to participate!

Anje Haveman
7 years ago

My company’s name is Future To Build because that is what I do. Helping people (children and adults) to build their future.
So count me in on your first day!

Warmest regards Anje