Na Total Business Mastery / 2-Day MBA

Wat geweldig dat je erbij was tijdens de 2-Day MBA met Brian Tracy (Total Business Mastery) van 3 en 4 juli 2014.

Met je deelname aan deze 2 dagen en het dikke werkboek heb je werkelijk een goudmijn in handen. Het is een referentiewerk met alle kennis die je nodig hebt om te slagen op de 10 cruciale succesgebieden voor je business.

Ik vertrouw erop dat je zoiets waardevols niet op een boekenplank stof laat vergaren, maar er meteen mee aan het werk gaat!

Foto’s van het evenement

We hebben een aantal mooie momenten van dit bijzondere evenement voor je vastgelegd.
Klik hier voor de foto’s van de 2-Day MBA met Brian Tracy.

Brian heeft ervan genoten dat hij zijn beste materiaal met jou kon delen tijdens deze 2 dagen. En hij is héél benieuwd (net als ik) naar jouw grootste les of inzicht. En welke actie(s) je gaat nemen als gevolg daarvan.

Wil je ons laten weten in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina?

  1. Wat is je grootste inzicht?
  2. Welke actie ga je hierop nemen (of heb je al genomen)?

Schrijf je comment alsjeblieft in het Engels, zodat Brian het kan lezen.

En ik adviseer je om vaker terug te keren naar deze pagina om ook de resultaten van jouw acties te delen. Je vergroot daarmee niet alleen je commitment om in actie te blijven, je motiveert anderen om hetzelfde te doen.

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh Neta en team Open Circles Academy

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Caroline van Wijk
7 years ago

Dear Brian,

Thank you for a wonderful two days. You are a amiable person and you give us the strongest advices with a smile. I agree with Sylvia that it was nice we had a relatively small group and working in cirkels with our own gable was positive aswell. Most of all was the (simple!) insight that making an action point out of every phase pinpoints me in actually acting upon it.

This is wat sometimes lacks from the sessions I had with open circles and from now on I will do that with everything I do and at the end of the day I put it on my list where the most profitable actions are on top. Thanks again!


Jose van Gijn
7 years ago

Those two days gave me many insights, but most important for me was that every skill is learnable and it is really necessary to work on your weakest skill to be able to let your business grow.
My weakest skills are positioning and sales.
The next two month I will be working on this, full of energy and no excuses. Keep my goals in mind and focus.

Esther Molenaar
7 years ago
Reply to  Jose van Gijn

Great José!

Maybe we can help eachother. I need to improve my sales skills as well.

Let’s get together this summer.

Ivo Verlaek
7 years ago

My biggest insight was: Reaching my goals is a bit like using a GPS system!

Brian Tracy and Nissandeh are now my navigators for the goals I have set. From now on I follow the road they have showed me.

I will use their experiences to define my milestones leading towards my goal.

I will walk, run or drive towards this goal step by step. Any transport method I can use for that is allowed. There is not one way to my goal, there are plenty.

Once I was at a customer and they told me: the sky is the limit. Another customer (NASA) laughed and said: That’s not correct: we go beyond that limit.

So, that’s the impression I got from these two days.

It also does not really matter what the route is you will use. Stop looking around and don’t be disturbed by these ‘points of interests’ that are on the road all day and that may intervene reaching my goals.

It’s normal to deviate a little bit if there are some road blocks or traffic jams. The route probably is different as predicted before, but that’s why the have invented such a guiding systems at all.

At the end I will reach my destination.

Thanks for being my personal GPS system.

Karyn Larson
7 years ago

I think more than anything, Brian’s training convinced me that it is time for me to start writing down my goals….re-writing them everyday…and believing that they can come true.

Cindy Groeneveld
7 years ago

Hello Brian (and open circles, Nisandeh, fellow students),

Definately the one BIG thing that completely triggered me to finally make some very necessary changes was: MORE, LESS, START, STOP. The four essentials for succes. I use these every day in decisionmaking and it helps tremendously to get those things activated that otherwise would be in the thinking and decision process for unefficient long times.

The lists of questions after every session helped me to focus even more on specific goals where as they also confirmed me that I am on the right track.

So, lets keep going!

I’m with you and your daughter Esther!

Sabine Schalkwijk
7 years ago

What a big insight:
The quality of your thinking will change your life!

Thank you very much for above mentioned insight and all the clearities I have received these two days! Very valuable.

Judith Henstra
7 years ago

I had two fantastic days and learned so much!

My biggest insight is that I should dedicate my mornings to getting customers, in blocks of uninterrupted time. It works wonders!

Sylvia de Goede
7 years ago

Het waren twee waardevolle dagen, in eerste instantie fijn dat de groep niet zo groot was.

Ik vond het heel fijn dat er in de map de allerbelangrijkste vragen in het kort vermeld stonden, waardoor meer kon luisteren niets miste.
Het was super de vraag en antwoord met elkaar te delen, ik vind de oefeningen het meest waardevol.

Fijn om het de stof die al behandeld is nogmaals te horen, ander persoon maakt dat je ook andere dingen hoort.
Ik wil je bedanken Nisandeh voor deze kans met Brian Tracy.

Laura Bouwmeester
7 years ago

Brian Tracy raadde aan slechts een gewoonte tegelijk te veranderen. Ik ben dus bij het begin gestart en sta nu om 6.00 uur op.
Het is inderdaad waar dat je ‘s ochtends op je scherpst bent. Ik doe het nu een weken lang en ben daardoor veel productiever in de eerste uren van de dag.

Ingela Wolf Sjögren
7 years ago

Thank you Brian for your teaching.
My biggest insight was when to use slow en quick thinking. I realize that I have to do it just the oposite than how I usually doing it. And it helps me a lot. It saves a lot of time and feels that I walk on more sollid ground.

Esther Molenaar
7 years ago

I have three major insights.

Get Going Keep Going. You have to start in order for something to happen. You cannot develop your business and yourself by doing nothing.

Focus en Clarity. Have clear goals, so you can get going with a lot of focus.

Become fearless. Something from the Business Bootcamp session. Call 100 people and sell your product. In my case a ‘small’ training. AND I am going to do it.

I want to grow my business and in ten words it all comes to this:
If it is to be it is up to me.

I am implementing like crazy. Get Going and Keep Going.

Luckily I have a three year old daughter that watches Dora the Explorer. Dora says: Let’s go! And my daughter repeats this all day long. So…… Let’s go!

John van der Veer
7 years ago

Grootste inzicht:
Knowing What I Now Know
Elke 3 maanden even doen.

Leni Minderhoud
7 years ago

Very valuable insight which I have in top of mind is ‘The four ways to change your life’. Brian has a lot of sayings or statements which are so simple. But these are the essentials for business people and actually for everyone.

The four ways:
1. do more of some things
2. do less of other things
3. start doing something new
4. stop doing something altogether

I took actions on all four, and I will continue as it helps in focus, working efficiently and in the quality of life.
And moreover, it is fun! As everyday I find something to change, also in little habits.

Thank you and Open Circles for this valuable event!

Esther Molenaar
7 years ago

This was a great lesson as well. Thanks Leni for sharing your insight.

Amarens Schuurmans
Amarens Schuurmans
7 years ago

‘When you think it ink it’, was the remark that stayed with me immediately. I realized how often I have an idea running through my head and then later I can’t remember. Since your 2 day MBA I write them all down right away.

And what was really exciting is that because of something that you kept repeating I finally thought of the name for my new company. In the meantime I claimed the url’s and the site is being built. So psyched about that! Thank you.

It was a great honor meeting you and your wife.

Kind regards,
Amarens Schuurmans

Esther Molenaar
7 years ago

WOW! Amarens, congratulations.

When I first heard Brian say this on one of his audio courses I think, I started carrying a notebook and pen everywhere.

Jolanda Schoorl
Jolanda Schoorl
7 years ago

Het was verfrissend om eens met kleine groepjes aan een tafel te zitten. De hele opzet van de 2-daagse training was bijna relaxed, ondanks dat we enorm veel nuttige informatie hebben gekregen.

Voor mij persoonlijk heeft het een heleboel duidelijkheid gegeven waar ik de komende maanden mijn focus op leg en welke taken ik ga outsourcen.
Het actieplan is gelijk de week na de training gemaakt en tot nu toe loop ik nog helemaal volgens dat schema.

Ik vond de training heel inspirerend en bijzonder nuttig!
Geweldig ook hoe Brian de training heeft gegeven.

Anita van Jooijdonk
Anita van Jooijdonk
7 years ago

Mijn grootste inzicht is dat het steeds weer draait om delight your customers! En dat er zoveel verschillende manieren zijn om dat te doen, je kunt daar heel creatief in zijn!

Bernard Vuijk
Bernard Vuijk
7 years ago

ZERO based thinking, focus and express all activities in numbers (and especially costs) are great material.

These insight will help me further in my business.

Ine Ruijfrok
7 years ago

Thank you Brian for these two valuable days. My biggest insight is: take the first step. And also valuable is: focus on just one thing to change or improve. Since monday the 7th of july I have a 30 minutes walk every day.