Na de ‘From Self-Employed to Business Owner’ – nov 2012

Hallo en dag!

Zoals beloofd, bij deze een webpagina met de laatste punten op de i voor wat betreft het From Self-Employed to Business Owner weekend en tevens de Business University.

Tegen diegenen die de vijf weekends van de Business University hebben gedaan en nu dus aan het einde van dit programma zijn gekomen zeg ik: dank je wel voor jouw bijdrage en energie aan de Business University weekends en veel succes met het in praktijk brengen van alles wat je hebt geleerd!

Ik hoop van je te horen en je weer te ontmoeten in onze seminars of trainingen.

Voor diegenen die nog Business University weekends voor de boeg hebben: tot de volgende keer!

Voor allemaal: dank voor weer een prachtig weekend From Self-Employed to Business Owner!

Zoals we hebben besproken in het weekend is deze pagina bedoeld voor ons allemaal om contact met elkaar te houden.

Plaats jouw inzichten die je in het weekend hebt opgedaan in het commentaarveld hieronder PLUS natuurlijk de acties die je gaat ondernemen!

Dit is niet alleen goed voor jou om je te focussen, maar je inspireert en motiveert je mede-studenten ermee!

Ik beloofde je de link naar het blog artikel over het inzetten van een virtuele assistent… het artikel vind je hier.

En natuurlijk zit je met nieuwsgierigheid te wachten op de ‘Brad Pitt video’!


En tenslotte: mis het Social Media Secrets seminar niet! Dit seminar, dat plaatsvindt op 9 december, is de opstap naar de Business Campus. In het seminar leer je alles wat je moet weten om een solide, doelgerichte social media marketing strategie te ontwikkelen voor je business EN kom je alles te weten over ons nieuwe programma, de Business Campus.

Deelname aan het Social Media Secrets seminar kost NIETS… je hoeft alleen maar jouw inzichten en acties uit de Business Bootcamp te plaatsen bij het artikel “Deze kans doet zich maar één keer voor!”

Doe dit snel en zorg dat je erbij bent, voordat het te laat is!

Tot zover!

Nogmaals: houd contact met elkaar door jouw comments achter te laten op deze pagina.
Plaats om te beginnen jouw inzichten en acties uit de From Self-Employed to Business Owner training in het commentaarveld hieronder.

Op jouw succes, Nisandeh

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Oscar Bulthuis
Oscar Bulthuis
9 years ago

“The world has gone mad… or is it just Brad?”
Excellent video, LOL!
Did you already hear from Brad? 🙂

Thanks for this,

Nisandeh Neta
9 years ago
Reply to  Oscar Bulthuis

Not yet Oscar, but I’m still waiting for Chanel to sue us for a few millions… 🙂

Elsa van der Drift
9 years ago

Just love it, thank you for bringing in the humor.
I am still smiling and that will help to create a beautiful day for my clients too.

Rob van Overbruggen
9 years ago

I also opened a Facebook group (OC Business University) please add people I forgot

Rob van Overbruggen
9 years ago

A few insights and implementations I did and some results.

I am working on my kindle version of my book and outsourced the cover design:
I asked people to vote on the best cover and got MANY votes and comments. The best thing is… people loved to help me:
See the outsourced covers and votes:

I also asked people to vote on a new title:
Again.. many people liked to help me out and I got so many comments.

Conclusion: Outsourcing is GREAT and asking friends to help me is even BETTER

I am talking to a person who will be in charge of my marketingstrategy. But I will pay nothing… only on a commission of the increase in income. BRILLIANT…

Developed an IPHONE app with Luc and we split the effort and split the profits. Thanks to Luc I am now on the IPHONE (EMO-CAUSE)

Decided to make a personal introduction video of myself (after the Master Influence) which is now at the editors place (my sister- she makes videoportraits) … looking forward to the result and I will post a link on Facebook.

and probably more that I forgot now…

Maria Simons
9 years ago

……..the twinkel in your eyes, when you make the hairswing 😉

I think it is not only Chanel 5 who’s going to react ………

The weekend was inspiering, motivating, gave new ideas and I saw new possibilities. My first teammember is in and this weekend I have an apointment for te second one.

Tekst for vision became more clear…….
their is no way back.
I had a training (to give) yesterday, was very nervous, and it went well. there was a difference…….
and it was not because of Chanel…..more because of N.

Thanks !!!!

Peron van Stralen
9 years ago

AWESOME. Great video! Where does it end? It’s just beginning. The consciousness of what’s happening is ongoing.

Keep on going with these kind of videos so once in a while to make fun with a message.

So that if I take a break I can lough and think about it.


Mark Ligthart
9 years ago

Great, so passionate!
A whole new concept. Give me a break, forget MGSPI and send me 7 million dollar! Thanks for sharing this new business and insight with me.
Joint venture??? I’m in!


Frans van Oekel
9 years ago

Chanel nr. 5, GIVE ME A BREAK!!
Great Cliffhanger
Will the Marketing Director get another Bonus, or will he get sacked?
To be continued …..
Can`t wait for the next episode.

Mark Ligthart
9 years ago

I forgot to tell because the video stimulated different muscles :
There are already 4 people in my team for free. I even told one that is sometimes hard to work with me and that I want absolute quality. And she said: Yes please! My vision is very visible now.
I want to systemize my business, at last…. It took 5 years to get there….
I am a business Owner and I am excited and full of action!

How are you going, Business Owners?

Tonnis van Dam
9 years ago

Great video, give me a break. I laughed loudly. It was great to see you like that.

Margreet van Vliet
Margreet van Vliet
9 years ago

Nice hair!!! you should wear it more often like that, the video is great.

I learned about systemize your business and that is what I am going to do

Ger Segers
Ger Segers
9 years ago

This goes beyond belief. Absolutely fantastic.
A blurr of conceptual text with no meaning.
The way you position your hair is very sensitive. The right touch for the Chanel 5 connection.

This is a breaking commercial. Touched my laughing muscles very intensively.

I love it. “Bread versus Brad”.
It is Nisandeh!! Everything else is a compromise!!

Lizzy de Wilde
Lizzy de Wilde
9 years ago

Nisandeh Pitt, Brad Neta, Lizzy Kidman, Nicole de Wilde… what’s in a name?
The big difference is though that you, Nisandeh, came up to this idea and made the video. You DID it!
And that’s – again – my intention: just DO it! I got many more intentions, I Will share later, now there’s work to DO…

Thanks again for another inspiring training with many insights and many tools to use right away. And: lots of laughter!!
Big hugs for all of you XX

Arjan Rooyens
9 years ago

I’m jealous of the long hair 😉

Laughed at lot. Well done spoof!