BEC – stuck in traffic

So sorry we had to cancel the Business Elite Coaching yesterday (November 29).

I got so stuck in traffic it took me a couple of hours to drive 600 meters and with all the calls of students stuck on the roads, we had to cancel the evening.

I hope you got our message…

We will,of course, add one more meeting next year to your course (instead of the one we canceled yesterday), however…

I didn’t want to wait with the information I prepared for the evening, so when I finally arrived home last night, I sat and recorded the main points I wanted to share with you.

So, it’s not fancy… but it’s here – the 2 subjects I wanted to cover in the evening:

How to create a powerful biography (written or verbal) – Video 1

How to prepare your business for 2011 – Video 2

I hope you enjoy them, and I’ll see you soon.


To your success, Nisandeh

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Prakash Kapoerchan
11 years ago

Thanks for the video, Nisandeh. You rock!
Overdeliver all the way!

Just for the record I was the second person to arrive on time (18:50). After being in the traffic jam for 2 hours.

Good practice for my “Don’t Quit, What ever it takes” skill. Getting better everyday!



Tom Zoethout
11 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thank you for your time, sharing what you wanted to say that evening. I was on the road as well for a long time. I was lucky your team called me just in time turning to the A2 to Utrecht…
I used the time in the car for preparing an email campaign, so I used the time quit well…

Opp nocks ones… that one is passing by so often… it is difficult to see which of the ones are the real opp’s. I have had some experiences, you know…

Enjoy India!
Best regards,

Cecil Westerhof
11 years ago

It was worse for you as for me. I ‘only’ needed three times the normal amount of time to get there.

At first I was not amused, because I have a lot on my plate. But I got into a valuable conversation. So, it was not lost time.

Thanks for creating the video’s. You know that the client is king. I wish there were more companies like you.

Now I am going to watch the video’s.

Ton de Jongh
11 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thank you very much for these wonderful video’s.
After a very busy day and evening I looked through my todays mail and saw these goodies. I could not go to sleep until I saw it all….! Its now 2:30 but I will go to sleep a little wiser again.

During the Life Skills University I learned to trust my intuition more,
Yesterday a faint feeling in my stomach told me all day evening traffic is going to be heavy…I started to drive and saw within a few kilometers that driving to Amsterdam might turn out to be a nightmare….with pain in my heart I turned around…..Now I am happy I did.

I will treat myself to a few days of thinking on one of the islands and then have a visionmeeting with my team

Have a great holidays and see you next year.

Ishwari van Teylingen
Ishwari van Teylingen
11 years ago

Actually, even though I was on my way yesterday, I am grateful we did not have the meeting because I really like having the videos. They are very helpful for me, especially where I find myself right now. I wish we would have a video with the content of all the Business Elite Coaching meetings.

Marina de Haan
11 years ago

Thanks for this video, it saved me a lot of time!

I used the biography for LinkedIn and I get lots of compliments. I still have to work on testimonials on video.!

Thanks for everything in 2010. May 2011 be the best year ever!