Financial Freedom follow-up

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Well… how are you enjoying your first steps on the path to Financial Freedom?

Did you start visualizing regularly how it looks and feels to be financially free? Did you already post your vision board above your bed? 

And now, very important… get your notes from the weekend and…

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Remember 10-24-7 and your vault of insights? It’s time to turn those insights into actions.
Realize that every ACTION brings you closer to financial freedom.
Not dreams, not fantasies, but the implementation of your plan.

One of the things you want to do, is raise your Financial IQ by reading the right books. Here is my list of recommended reading:

Click here for the blog article on Books about Success (in Dutch)

And keep an eye on our weekly blog,be smart and leverage the knowledge we share in our articles.

Keep this material top of your mind, keep working on your Financial IQ and… SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Often, the best resources for knowledge and information are the people you meet in the Open Circles events. Learn from each other about what works and what doesn’t work.

Your Financial Wheel

Click here to download a clean PDF of the Financial Wheel, so that you can record your progress after a while.

Financial Freedom on Facebook

Support, stimulate and motivate each other in the special Financial Freedom Facebook Group.

Click here and sign up for the Financial Freedom Facebook Group

Finally, we encourage you to share your experiences in the comment box on the Financial Freedom follow-up page.

What actions have you taken sinds Sunday night and what actions are you going to take in the coming weeks?

Please share your actions HERE in the comment box below the (Dutch) Financial Freedom follow-up page

Be inspired by the answers of others and support each other on your path to financial freedom.

To your succes,

Nisandeh, Vered en team Open Circles Academy

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Sally Edwards
Sally Edwards
6 years ago

I just attended the Financial Freedom Seminar, after 3 very intense days I am still full of energy and focus.
I have changed my bank account to reflect the money management model, have set up the standing orders so that money gets transferred into the accounts and just donated my first money to charity,
have shown my kids how to have different accounts (they have jam jars at the moment!).

I am re – reading my notes – and am amazed at how much I wrote down.
I am finishing reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad book – and have planned in other books for November and December – with the aim to up my tempo to 2 books a month and eventually 4 a month!
All is well, I look forward to reaching my financial freedom goals and to implementing more and more ideas into plans and goals.