Na het Meet The Experts Evenement met Rich Schefren op 7 juli 2013

En? Heb je veel opgestoken van Rich?

Ik zag de pennen over het papier razen en iedereen leek vastgelijmd aan de stoel.
“Wanneer begint de pauze?  Ik wil niets missen, maar nu moet ik toch echt naar de wc!”

Ik had je al verteld dat het programma vol zou zitten met  informatie van onschatbare waarde. Aan het einde van de pagina vertel ik je hoe je de PowerPointpresentatie van Rich in bezit kunt krijgen. En wat betreft het optreden van Tom Beal, deze staat vast nog vers op je netvlies!

Klik hier voor de foto’s van deze bijzondere zondag

En ben je benieuwd wie de winnaars zijn van de Facebook Insights Competitie?

Drie kanjers winnen een half uur exclusieve telefonische coaching van Rich!

Gefeliciteerd Jacoline, Erwin en Cora!
Dit is niet zomaar een prijs. Rich’ expertise is ongeëvenaard en persoonlijke coaching krijgen van hem is voor de meeste mensen onbetaalbaar. Bovendien, net als een live event met Rich, het is een zeldzame gebeurtenis. Bereid je dus goed voor om het maximale uit deze exclusieve coachingssessie te halen.

Online trainingsprogramma’s van Rich Schefren
Voor degenen die het Business Growth System 2.0 en/of het Maven Coaching Program gaan volgen: De inlogcodes krijg je in de loop van volgende week (week 29) toegestuurd. Of je deze programma’s nu apart hebt aangeschaft of die éénmalige kans op de combi-deal met de Business University hebt gegrepen, je gaat hier geen spijt van krijgen!

Dankjewel, het is gelukt!!
Een van de redenen dat ik Rich naar Nederland wilde halen, was om hem enthousiast te maken voor verdere samenwerking met Open Circles. Mede dankzij jou is dat gelukt!  Ik wil je daar hartelijk voor bedanken en Rich wil ook graag iets zeggen:

Rich + Nisandeh = ?
Er zijn vele mogelijkheden voor de toekomstige samenwerking met Rich. Jouw feedback is daarom belangrijk! Wat wil jij leren van Rich en mij? Welke toegevoegde waarde zie jij in onze samenwerking? Schrijf je antwoord in het commentaarveld hieronder… en je ontvangt van ons de PowerPoint presentatie.

Dank voor je feedback en succes met het implementeren van wat je hebt geleerd.

Op jouw succes!

Nisandeh en Open Circles team

PS: De volgende Business Bootcamp vindt plaats op 5 en 6 oktober 2013!

In de Business Bootcamp leer je hoe je gemakkelijker meer klanten werft, hoe je meer vrije tijd voor jezelf creëert en hoe je met jouw business meer kunt bijdragen aan de wereld.

We hopen je (weer) te zien in de Business Bootcamp!



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Ingrid Gorter
8 years ago

1 + 1 = 3, that is what will happen. It is good to experience the more thougher way (Rich) of doing business in the USA. In the Netherlands we have to ban “de 6jes cultuur” we can no longer accept this, it’s time to move on in order to not stay behind.

Ingrid van Gaalen
Ingrid van Gaalen
8 years ago

In my opinion, the added value of Rich and Nisandeh working together is Rich’s ability to make complex things easy and applicable, and Nisandeh’s approach of repeating the message in various ways, so it can finally kick in and put us to work.

Erica Hooft
8 years ago

First of all I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity to meet the experts! It was a very special day.
It felt a bit like the three of you are the three musketeers of business growth! Each one with his own specialty.

I had a lot of insights with the slide about think/feel, see, hear, say/do, pain and gain. About the language of the client and reverse engineering, the momentum, et cetera.

I had to write so fast that a lot of my notes end in “blue box on slides is….” Now I don’t have a clue what is in the blue boxes 🙂

The phrase: Revelation > Explanation (show don’t tell) is something I need to do more.

What I think that the three of you can achieve together? Well,…. I can’t think of anything you can not achieve…
There is a certain way that you fit in perfectly together. How about you and Rich do the business growth part in positioning and maven-status, and Tom and Vered take the personal development “tour” to us. That would really blow our minds!

Enjoy your holiday, be safe!

Linda de Jong
8 years ago

I want to learn from Rich and Nisandeh that “easy way of thinking” when it’s about marketing.
At the event it became perfectly clear to me that I learn better when I hear the same content in different ways. That is the power for me!

Felix Brabander
8 years ago

I’m very attracted to the short cut way of thinking and finding the right tone in marketing that you and Rich both have. The ‘what is it that I can solve for clients’ approach.

Sjoerd de Waal
8 years ago

Two genius business minds! That must rock!
Last Sunday was really great and helped me putting things ready. During the week things fell into place.

Book writing, Passive Business Income, presenting, marketing, the lot. I have subscribed to Rich’s trainingprograms and am on my way to become a concious millionaire.

Rob Verbeek
8 years ago

Rich + Nisandeh = walk the path of success to create my own path of success.

Peter Berg
8 years ago

Following last Sunday’s event, I now know why Nisandeh is so full of praise about Rich. Having so much detailed knowledge, no wonder he cannot do without his powerpoints. I saw a bunch of very interesting information passing by (too quickly).

Nisandeh could funnel Rich’s expertise to enrich each of his Master Classes in a controlled ‘making-it-simple’ Nisandah way.

Henry Knoop
8 years ago

I had great fun and good insights last Sunday.

I loved the slide from the internet manifesto what we all have to do and the organisation chart which only said You!

I think one you would be one of the best if you two combine your knowledge in that area and teach a good business organisation system 😉

On the other hand the two of you combined have such a knowledge that anything will be a mindblowing succes.

Best regards,

Mark Ligthart
8 years ago

It was a great day! That day I prommissed myself and some colleagues that I will grow next year from a good income to ten times as much.

I was already in transition. Untill now it was a possibility and now I dare to take that as a goal. I bought Rich’s package so the change to succeed will be even bigger.

Thanks Rich and Tom!
And thanks Nisandeh for getting them to Holland!

Didier Dohmen
8 years ago

Dear Rich and Nisandeh,

What I would like to learn from you both is how to be unique in my offer and have a 1000 plus customers!
Now I hope you can meet my expectations and amaze me?

Margo Ruiter
8 years ago

Now my holidays are over, I still remember a lot of the day with Rich. I really think it’s a powerfull combination, the expert insights of Rich in the field of marketing, which give a very clear view of the HOW TO and the insights of Nisandeh which give me so much for the WHAT TO DO in the field of running your business.

Thanks for the effort and making this possible!

Willem van Schouwenburg

Dat Nisandeh een expert is, was al duidelijk. Dat Rich een expert is, werd snel duidelijk. Dat twee experts elkaar zo kunnen aanvullen qua informatie, was zeer interessant om mee te maken.

Wat mij betreft is er niks mis met een persoonlijke presentatie, noch met een PowerPoint presentatie, beide hebben voordelen. maar een persoonlijke presentatie met (een onzichtbare) PowerPoint als basis vind ik wel wat minder…

Alexander Beukers
Alexander Beukers
8 years ago

Nisandeh and Rich,

Thanks for an inspirational sunday! In building a business, I think it is crucial to surround yourself with and hire the right people to get an effective system.

I would very much appreciate your insights on selecting employees that make your system effective, without hiring costly assesment agencies. Have a ‘rocking’ holiday!

Grtz, Alexander.

Alexandra de Vries
Alexandra de Vries
8 years ago

Thank you for sharing this information with us!

Stef Linsen
Stef Linsen
8 years ago

The presentation was good. The psychology of offering and buying is very well analysed, structured and implemented by Rich.

To me the beforehand thinking through to ‘not buying arguments of your target audience, so that you anticipate them and enrich the product was most helpfull. During the vacation I will do just that.

Max van Rooy
8 years ago

Thnx again gentelmen!! Mind blowing event with lots of value.

I got the big picture now, all the insights> epic.

Most off all: to find my sweet spot en the chart of the internet marketing business manifesto. Whit all the tasks a business should do its impossible.

Thnx again for all the great insights.

When I got home I went right away online and checked out Rich’ webinar. Its was great and so much value.

I can not wait to see you guys in action together again.

Looking forward to the next event and so greatfull my path lead to you guys!!

Love Max

Shadeska Nicolina
Shadeska Nicolina
8 years ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!

I would love to know which key factors is a must in my Internet business to grow my business much faster.

Geert Jan Rijpstra
Geert Jan Rijpstra
8 years ago

What I learned and what I will have extra support on, is that I am unique and can use that for my business.
What I see as an extra support to that form you both is how to create my clients to buy.

My clients are politiciaes and they are not easy when it comes to buying. They will see the bennifits from my offer, but how can I let them pay me enouph.

Kees Schoen
Kees Schoen
8 years ago

It was a wonderful experience. Rich gave a lot of detailed information while Nisandeh is more focussed on a portion of the information and getting that to the audience.

Together they can do miracles because they are so complementary, the picture becomes even more clear after hearing them both. Reading back from the notebook there are quite some things that trigger how to proceed in making my business better.

I hope to hear and see more from the two of you together.

Gerda Bultstra
Gerda Bultstra
8 years ago

After so many great advices I take the chance to suggest you to take a step back and ask yourself: what’s a man without a woman? Add some co-founders (f) to your partnership and you’ll all do even greater.

Madelene Schippers
8 years ago

Oh, and please please start an academy to train young entrepreneurs (16-21 year old). For school drop-outs, but eager to learn in a different way and/or youngster who really want to start a business.
I know of one such acadamy, I think it’s according to a Scandanavian concept, but I am sure Nisandeh (and Vered) will do so much better!
Or help me start one… ;).

Anthony Drapers
Anthony Drapers
8 years ago

It is all great stuff! My personal interests are B2B so I’ld like to see both Open Circles and Rich’s material to be applied to B2B.

Jessica Leijgraaff
8 years ago

Great energy, valuable information and a couple of ‘wow’ moments! My hero of the day though, was Tom Beal. The energy and message he shared with us, really got under my skin.
The one thing I’m a bit annoyed about is that in order to receive Rich’s presentation, I have to leave a comment… yet sometimes I like to be a little pampered as a client instead of the ‘voor wat hoort wat’ – system… But hey, maybe that’s just me.
What I would like to learn…good question! Let me think about that, and get back to you. Thanks and happy vibes!

Suzanne Wartenbergh
8 years ago

What a great day Sunday! So much information. I felt like each and every sentence coming out of Rich’es mouth was gold. Downloaded his maven matrix report which I plan to read this weekend. Thanks!!

The combination Nisandeh + Rich would be great for me when Nisandeh translates Rich’ knowledge to the Dutch culture and into practical action points. There will be a lot to learn!

Anne Buiskool
8 years ago

The two of you wil make personal business and business personal.
Need I say more?

With Love Anne

Marie Molemans
Marie Molemans
8 years ago
Reply to  Anne Buiskool

Hey Anne,

very beautiful slogan for them
nice style to tell something deep
thanks for your creativity

Rob Leenher
8 years ago

Nisandeh: philosophy and (business) overview with huge depth.
Rich: marketing marketing marketing psychology; in depth, deeper than I thought possible. The science behind the science. Splendid!
Both: practicality!
Good match!!!

Adriaan Noordhuis
8 years ago

All the sessions were very inspiring. From the Business Bootcamp until the meeting with Rich.

And that is what you must keep doing. Inspiring people.

Greetings! Adriaan Noordhuis

Ellen van Woerkom
8 years ago

Great day, lots of information,
looking forward to the powerpoint to go all over it again with my notes.

Ad van Breukelen
8 years ago

Rich heeft ons, als deelnemers, toegezegd de presentatie toe te zenden Ik ga er vanuit dat deze dan ook toegestuurd wordt, zonder relevantie te bekijken. Dat doe ik liever zelf.
Ik vind Rich een gedreven marketing persoonlijkheid. Ik hou van zijn snelheid. Ik wil vooral leren op een meer efficiente manier de taken binnen het marketingveld uit te voeren en daar doelgericht mee om te gaan.

Esther Benard
Esther Benard
8 years ago

Het is nu een week geleden en ik denk nog dagelijks aan datgene wat ik 7 juli heb gehoord en geleerd…het was voor mij een zeer waardevolle dag. Ik ben al een tijdje aan het verzinnen wat de toegevoegde waarde zal zijn van de toekomstige samenwerking tussen Rich & Nisandeh… Ik kan alleen maar tot de conclusie komen, dat ze elkaar heel mooi aanvullen. Persoonlijk hebben de woorden van Tom mij enorm geraakt……zoals Nisandeh al aangaf, Tom was echt de kers op de taart…die de dag voor mij compleet maakte. Ik hoop dat de samenwerking ook met Tom van kracht blijft.

Verder had ik een geheel andere insight, zowel zaterdag als zondag waren er kinderen aanwezig. Wat zou het geweldig zijn als er een Open Circles kids dag zou komen. Wat mooi is het om al heel jong de boodschap mee te krijgen fulfill your potential to create a better world. Onze kinderen zijn de toekomst!

Frederique Wolsky
8 years ago

De samenwerking van Nisandeh en Rich zal ons iedere keer weer verschillende inzichten en/of verschillende manier van benaderen van het (vermarkten van) het ondernemerschap brengen. Ik denk dat een verdere samenwerking in het voordeel van iedereen die hierbij betrokken is, zal zijn (inclusief de ondernemers die in de zaal zitten uiteraard).

Leni Minderhoud
8 years ago

I agree with the commENTS 😉 The combination Rich, Nisandeh and Tom made it a real indepth experience.

I learned a lot more about the empathy maps, it is who you are, and being aware of the processes your prospect clients are in.

Looking forward to the 2 programs. Amai, no time for holidays….

Success and looking forward to those who are in the program of Rich as well.

Nelleke van der Palen
8 years ago

Thank to the experts for such a valuable day with many insights ! I really loved the PowerPoint slides, for sometimes a pictures “says more than a 1000 words”. I’m looking forward to review them!

The insights that struck me most were:
– reverse engineer the buying process
– the 4 elements to find your sweet spot
– different is better than better
– the system to look for shortcuts in your goals

And from Nisandeh I already got so many insights during the Business Bootcamp and all the other events ! I’m sure both of you working together will change business strategy for ever in Holland and worldwide! Thank you both for working together and inspiring us, and thank you Tom, for your “9 words” and inspiring “PEP”talk !

Emile van den Hoorn
Emile van den Hoorn
8 years ago

Rich + Nisandeh = a whole lot of power and even more implementation!!!!! Thanks!

Marcel van Nieuweburg
Marcel van Nieuweburg
8 years ago

Was heel leerzaam. Mooie inzichten gekregen.

Esther Molenaar
8 years ago

He Marcel, wil je ze hier delen?

Marie-Astrid Zeinstra
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh and Rich,

Thank you for this most inspiring weekend, it has meant so much to me. Even though I could only stay the first half of Rich’s presentation, I am so glad I came!

Tuesday I attended your webinar, Rich, and feel reassured that I need to choose my niche and follow my heart’s calling that I have been putting aside for too many years. But that will change from now on! Next week I am going to talk with the widow of my piano-mentor, whose teachings have literally changed my life. It is time for another life change.

I think the strength in your working together lies in the ability you both have to point out how people can actually learn from their life’s experiences to become a maven in their own field. Truly inspired, I am eagerly looking forward to learning more from you both. Thank you and “We’ll meet again…”

Mervyn Fransen
Mervyn Fransen
8 years ago

In my humble opinion Rich dives deeper into the matter. But for me, a Dutchie, Nisandeh brings it more clearer and focused on the Dutch market and their state of mind.

Yvonne Casander
8 years ago

Heel veel informatie in één dag.

Bijzonder dat dezelfde info door drie verschillende mensen, namelijk Rich + Tom + Nisandeh, zo verschillend kan binnenkomen.
Op deze manier krijg ik een grotere verdieping van het aangebodene.

Voortdurend pak ik mijn aantekeningen erbij.
Helaas mis ik info, omdat ik diverse keren bij een enkel woord had opgeschreven “zie powerpoint slide”.
Gelukkig ontvang ik die nu!

Dank allen voor de insights!

Vered en Nisandeh: fijne vakantie!

Hans Duiker
8 years ago

A very interesting combination, Nisandeh and Rich.

They both have massive experience and both have chosen different ways to present this information to their clients.

Rich could improve by being less dependent on PowerPoint, but Nisandeh could use some slides sometimes to make something more clear.

Nisandeh can KICK YOUR BUTT into the right mindset for starting entrepreneurs, whilst Rich can encourage more experienced ones to expand.
So perhaps a 2 step program, from start up to 6 figure business?

If they could figure out a way to bring even more of there value to the market, the would become very powerful.

Erwin Siereveld
8 years ago

I really enjoyed the presentation from Rich as far as we can follow it as an e-team member.
Rich being more in-depth in his presentation gave me new insights and energy.

The most important insight would be to look back and find out what it is and especially why, you do in business what you do and bring that into your marketing strategy.

I have no doubt that combining efforts will give added value.

The most challenging and rewording one being Nisandeh’s approach to ask customers what they want and Rich’s marketing approach.

Guido Vrencken
8 years ago

Dank voor het opzetten van deze super training – erg inspirerend !

Michiel Prins
8 years ago

The most important stuff I learned as an e-team member (I could not follow the entire training), was the stuff about the chain of beliefs, and relating that to an autoresponder and blog posts…

I really liked the way Rich presented. Of course it’s not the Open Circles Academy way of presenting, but the content was sooo valuable, that the way it was presented, was totally unimportant to me.

There’s really a lot in my notebook and I really need to work on everything that was shared by Rich.

Maybe Nisandeh could learn from Rich to somehow give a more high density training with more content and still keep it the Open Circles Academy way.And I don’t mean cutting the coffee and lunch breaks! 🙂

Lia van Rijen
Lia van Rijen
8 years ago

Het gaat, zoals zo vaak, om focus.

Bram van schijndel
8 years ago

I really enjoy the insight Rich gave Nisandeh to more focus on giving value to the clients you already have. What’s next… Nisandeh and sir Richard Branson and then…. Nisandeh, Rich and Warren Buffet?

Marie Molemans
Marie Molemans
8 years ago

I love this too, focus on the Backend 🙂 very powerful and way of appreciation to our cliënts
have /make a great life

Puck van Groningen
8 years ago

Het is heel leuk om naast Nisandeh andere experts aan het woord te horen. Ik heb de hele zondag op het puntje van mijn stoel gezeten 🙂
Ik wil graag alle sheets, omdat ze erg overzichtelijk en inzichtelijk zijn. Dus ik deel hier onder al mijn inzichten.

Alles wat er gezegd is, is ook bruikbaar.
Ik wil gebruik gaan maken van de open loops: Je begint met het vertellen van een verhaal en komt er later op terug.
Ik ga zo meteen het rekenmodel van Rich invullen om je realistische vermogensgroei uit te rekenen voor volgend jaar.
Er zijn meerder stijlen hoe je je blog succesvol kan maken.
Het schema: Influence, reciprocity, commitment, authority, persuasion, scarcity en social proof vond ik erg goed.
De vier cirkels van vaardigheden waar je sweetspot zit. (Target audience?)

The specialist Effect: wordt je eigen categorie. Mensen gaan geloven dat jij de beste bent, dan krijg je ook het placebo-effect, mensen gaan beter presteren in jou trainingen/ coaching.
The proces map vond ik heel goed om mee te werken.

De empathy map/objections list/ chain of beliefs, deze wil ik graag invullen, daar heb ik de sheets voor nodig.

De one liners van Rich:
‘Je hoeft niet de beste te zijn in je vakgebied, wel de beste marketeer.’
‘Different is better.’
‘Opportunity seekers struggle and fail, while strategic entrepreneurs succeed massively.’
‘Make selling superfluous.’
‘Marketing is bringing the market to desire to buy your product.’

‘That which is most personal is most general’ en ‘Marketing is a game of perception’
‘Adverteer met oplossingen.’
‘Als het niet werkt, neem het niet persoonlijk, je hebt zojuist ontdekt wat nog niet werkt. Neem je verantwoordelijkheid en draai het positief.’
‘The only security you have, is your own ability.
‘Ben gepassioneerd, dan hoef je geen technieken te gebruiken.’

Dit was leuk om op te schrijven.

Johanna Glas
8 years ago

I’m loving it that Nisandeh and Vered have decided to branch out, and are now bringing in the people who have brought them the inspiration and all the insights and tools that helped build Open Circles Academy to where it is today. I’m about to launch my DuizendDoDo’s online platform for artists and creatives this September and had been reading quite some of Rich’s free stuff.

What I like Rich for is his ability to break things down to the bare essentials of what you need to do and how you can best go about designing and implementing them.
Nisandeh’s strongest trade is to inspire people on a more general level, as a great speaker and performer, making it tangible that ‘it’ can actually be done when you put your mind to it.
The combination of both Rich’s nitty gritty detail focus with Nisandeh’s overall, helicopter view approach will be magical, I’m sure!

Thank you Rich, for making it over to Amsterdam and making such a big effort to present to us on stage.

Thank you Nisandeh and Vered for including us in your international ambition. In this way, it is really working for me (for all of us students) too!

Sandra de Milliano
8 years ago

Looking forward to see more of Rich and boost my business 🙂 .

Gaston Walle
8 years ago

I believe that sharing each other’s insights is increasing the quality of the content. It’s all about experience and implementation that’s based on what works. Nisandeh is more acustomed by the Dutch culture but the USA view of business is more recent and based on a rich heritage of marketing technics.

Edgar Nijdam
8 years ago

It feels like Nisandeh sells his mission out of his heart and Rich sells his mission out of his ego! This is a remarkable product!!