Take Action Now! – follow-up 12 november 2013


Welkom op de follow-up pagina van de Take Action Now! dag van 12 november 2013.

Het zal je niet verbazen dat we je eraan herinneren om actie te ondernemen, daarvoor is het programma in het leven geroepen!

Jou staat nu het volgende te doen:

  • Begin met het overwinnen van de makkelijkste obstakel, van makkelijk naar moeilijk
  • Ga aan de slag met het eerstvolgende actie/item met betrekking tot de uitdaging die specifiek geldt voor jouw business
  • Vraag iemand uit je netwerk om hulp
  • Vraag iemand uit de TAN groep om hulp

Laat ons weten in het commentaarveld welke concrete acties je sinds 12 november hebt ondernomen en welke acties je gaat uitvoeren!

Kortom, take action… now!

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh en Vered

P.S. De volgende online Q&A sessie is op 26 november, 20:30 uur. Je hebt per e-mail de inlog details ontvangen (in de P.S. van de e-mail)

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Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

My biggest struggle is to organize my work!

I (still) have to do operational work and there are a lot of strategic en organizational things to deal with. I feel overwhelmed!! There is so much information and work to do.
And.. I have a lot of meetings with customers, suppliers, employees etc. that it feels like … I do nothing

That is not true. I work hard; but it doesn’t generate orders al the time 🙂

And to help myself a little I write down what I have achieved :
1. I invited 2 companies to investigate and make a plan for our Social Media strategy. They made an offer and we are deciding with which party we are going to work.
2. I spent time on a new innovation (and hired someone for it).
3. I have transferred a number of operational tasks to colleagues.
4. I am working on a strategic plan for our Marketing communication
5. We spent 2 days in the Jaarbeurs ( Festivak ) (an exhibition for suppliers for Public Events). And it was wonderful! Usually I do all the work, now I only registered for the Exhibition and decided how the stand has to look. And the rest was done by my colleagues. And they did a great job!

So, yes I am learning a lot of good things ! It’s getting better.

I am not able to attend the session tomorrow evening because of a network event. I hope I see a lot of you the weekend of 6-8 December. I keep you informed.

Gr. Mario

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

I haven’t done as much as I wanted to due to private family matters that needed my attention. We’re still in the middle of this, and my energy level has quite low and my head is overloaded.

Past Friday I attended the Business Acceleration Master Class and re-gained valuable insights. I need to stop multitasking in every possible way. Sounds easier than to do, but up to now I’m managing quite well 🙂

Also, I made several promises for this week which I shouldn’t have done, since my cup isn’t full yet.

Despite that, this is what I did do since Nov 12:

1. I have been much more *PRESENT* for my family
2. We cleaned our house big time together with my brother and re-organized our living room. My brother took all the stuff we planned to sell on marktplaats or give to the thrift store. That gives us more peace in our mind and he can keep all the profits. WIN-WIN
3. I finished my promo video for my company For A Conscious Earth and put it on YouTube and shared it on social media
4. I visited the national sustainability congres (NSC), which helped me to map prospects (i.e. which companies are out there that fit my target audience)
5. I wrote an article about the NSC (summary of the day) to be published at “Voor de wereld van morgen”.
6. I wrote a proposal for my social media services (to be sent out)
7. I wrote a blog for faceonline.nl (to be published)
8. Stuck a post-it to my computer screen stating “my cup is not full yet”.
9. This morning I teached children of age 11/12 (group 8) about the “conscious” use of Facebook / social media. It’s quite unique if you know that you cannot create a Facebook account if you’re under age 13. Great to hear that they were very interested in the topic and everybody -shown by raise of hands- learnt something new (even the teachers, haha!)
10. Had a great Skype-chat with my TAN-buddies Audrey and Francois. Thanx guys!

What I will do next is:

1. Buy me a new and beautiful notebook to write down all my accomplishments before I go to sleep.
2. Stop overcomplicating my proposal for social media services. Finalize it and send it out.
3. Stop overcomplicating my blog post. Find 1 pic and publish it.
4. Sit down to write a specific list / range of services
5. Put prices of these service on the website
6. Set goals for December 2013
7. Set goals for 2014
8. Put EUR 10 in the “Maureen may not multitask”-jar each time I break this rule. (jar is still empty! Let’s keep it that way)
9. Stop overthinking and overcomplicating. Just DO it and fall forward
10. Say no to stuff that doesn’t support my goals

@ Nisandeh, I have a question for tonight’s Q&A.
I have been cutting down my (voluntary) projects, but it is quite hard for me to stop working on my project “Duurzaam December”. I’m one of the founding members. We recently had a meeting and I told my team members that as of 2014 I will stop working on DD for free. I.e., we will need to develop a business case and/or look for funds. (BIG step out of my comfort zone for me).
Not everybody feels we should start asking money or look for funds.

My problem: I am focussing on getting paid clients. When I talk about my company (even in a non-salesy way), I basically get the following reactions. They hear “social media services” and they are not interested, or ‘interested, but no budget”.
But people are willing to listen when I talk about DD. When I go in the direction of a case study, the attention span usually drops….but people are more open.

My company For A Conscious Earth as wel as Duurzaam December come from my heart and both fit my personal mission and vision. So, if we- as a team- should decide to go on in a similar way as 2013, I know it will really really be hard for me to leave the team. Do you see any other options? This is currently one of the main issues I’m dealing with next to my family issues.

Thank you,


Jan Miltenburg
8 years ago

Actions done:

– made TA more specific (= sales management)
– hired specialist Marcel Bettonvile for making banner and frame video (40 video learning modules)
– defined a group of ambassadors; planned meeting on 18-12 in restaurant de Nonnerie Maarssen
– booked Marc Lammers (former manager Hockey team lady’s the Netherlands) for 3 sessions in 2014 (Subject: “winner have a plan, losers an excuse”; combined with introduction of the program RealSales.NU)
– appointment with president of Sales Management Association for membership and SMA accreditation
– check for HBO accreditation via HBO school
– made brochure
– house style for 70% ready
– website next week live (webalist website)
– social media strategy 2014 build
– started with content blog items 2014
– hired Zabeth van Veen imago specialist (imagomatch)

Next actions will be:
– build scripts for video learning (40)
– plan studio (week 3 2014)
– build detail planning 2014 (and action plan)
– prepare workshop for SMA meeting 6-3-2014 (1700 members in one room!!! = target audience)
– rewrite business plan for investor
– one look and feel pdf documents (= downloads for members)

Questions for online Q & A session:

1. the program RealSales.NU helps sales management to keep focus on strategic activities by supporting their sales team (for 12 months) in growing to real indent sales succes. They’ll create their own succes model for sales succes.

The SMA meeting on 6-3-2014 is a important meeting. At that time the account manager and salesmanager of the year 2013 will be elected.

How can I have their attention before 6-3-2014? Wat’s the best successful strategy?

2. With implementing the program RealSales.NU I want’s to serve 300 account managers in 2014. At least 10% of my income I will use to support Dr. Ghani in Malaysia. He is developing a place where disabled people can be self supporting (living, work and financial).

In what way do I have to focus on this? Do you have sugestions for me.

In general I have also the next questions:

1. Unfortunately I had to miss the meeting on the 12th of november. I’d like to have a schedule for meetings and Q&A session for Q1 and Q2 2014. Is that possible?

2. Who will be my coach in 2014? Can we already plan a introduction?

For the group:

I’d like to invite you all for a meet & greet on thursday 19 december 17.00 hours at de Nonnerie, Langegracht 51 in Maarssen. Please send me a mail to let me now if you’ll be there or not (jan@realsales.nu).

Arnoud Kas
8 years ago
Reply to  Jan Miltenburg

Beste Jan,

Heb indrukwekkende actie lijst gelezen. Gaat goed als ik dit zo kan beoordelen. Volgens mij was je niet bij de TAN meeting, afgelopen keer. Zou je iets kunnen vertellen over wat je doet en wat je doelen zijn?
Alvast bedankt

Jan Miltenburg
8 years ago
Reply to  Arnoud Kas


Inderdaad een lijst. Heb alweer wat zaken afgevoerd en toegevoegd.
Ik houd mij, als specialist, bezig (vanuit Escalar; eenmansbedrijf) met het ondersteunen van mensen en bedrijven in veranderingstrajecten. Daarbinnen leg ik de focus op het intrinsieke gedrag van mensen. Tevens ben ik in staat om vanuit ketengedachte in de huid van de klant te kruipen en snap ik de 3-trap (strategie, tactiek, operatie).

Via de TAN groep wil ik heel bewust het ontwikkelde concept RealSales.NU afronden en vanaf 1 april 2014 succesvol in de markt zetten. Ik heb ervoor gekozen om “druk” op mijzelf te zetten door me aan te sluiten.
RealSales. NU is een programma waarbij salesmanagers en verkoopdirecteuren geholpen worden bij het realiseren van hun doelen door hun accountmanagement te ondersteunen. De ondersteuning duurt 12 maanden en is gebouwd op de 70-20-10 regel. 70% zelf met online support, 20% interactie (coach/coachee/buddy) en 10% plenaire sessies. In 12 maanden tijd wordt de accountmanager geholpen bij het bouwen van zijn/haar persoonlijke, nieuwe en succesvolle model van verkoopsucces.

Een 2e project wil ik halverwege 2014 lanceren. Dit is ZetZetP.NU. Een programma waarin ZZP’ers die werkelijk een unieke dienst of product hebben binnen 3 maanden succesvol op de markt opereren en aansluitend nog 9 maanden support krijgen. Frame staat klaar.

Maar….first things first….. eerst mijn huidige werk continueren en combineren met een succesvolle implementatie van RealSales.NU 😉



N.B. ….waar ik het allemaal voor doe… Om een significante bijdrage te kunnen leveren aan het project van Dr. Ghani in Maleisië.

Kristien Langenakens
8 years ago

Dear TAN team

My major obstacle is defining my target audience – “to get it right” – After the TAN session I realised that the definition of your target audience can be something that changes over time when you get to learn more about your clients (by asking them) and also when you can define more with which clients you’d like to work more in the future.

So here are some actions I took:
– I took the “in my view unfinished target audience” I had defined as a starting point and raised them the three questions (what is your biggest frustration, what product or service would have to exist to overcome this frustration and which project would you like to realise within the coming year) In total I asked 53 persons and let them write down the answers.

– I discussed on my target audience, their answer to the questions and my current products with a friend knowing that I can adapt it any time when I come up with a better one – I have now a list of new ideas on products that I can offer

I Hope these insights/actions can inspire others 🙂

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hi Kristien,

Will you join the Open Circles Cademy TAN group on Facebook?
There we can easily exchange our insights and support questions.


Until next meeting

Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago

I haven’t done as much as I would have like to due to the funeral I had to help organize as well as the sweet 16th birthday party of my daughter up until the 17th.

What I have done:
* meeting with expat business ladies and established a JV intention and use of each others blogs and mailing lists to promote our businesses
* Setting goals for the week, which I do every week with another (not TAN member) and have an accountability Skype conversation
* Worked on another activity for a JV relationship
* Fine tuned the BIG why and created a vision board
* Wrote a blog and posted it to all my LinkedIn and Facebook groups
* Delivered valuable contact in comments I placed in Expat groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
* Added the email addresses of the women who attended my free activity for my JV partner – thanks to Vered who told not to ever let anybody go who you have helped without taking their mail address 😉
* Contacted new prospects and possible JV partners
* Attended 3 Open Circles training days and digitalised the notes
* Had 2 more appointments with my JV partner and re-established the cooperation in an expat platform from the Ondernemersverening Amstelveen
* Discussed the personal introduction to the customers (B2B) with my JV partner

My struggles… the enormous amount of information I have received over the past 11 months gets overwhelming sometimes. I find that every time I think I have done something good I get new information and start doubting myself again.

I guess I need to focus more on one thing at the time. I tend to swing in all sorts of directions…networking, strategically planning the year ahead, creating new products (including my opt-in), establishing my BIG why, vision board and personal growth, The problem is…on which do I focus first?

Baudy Wiechers
8 years ago

Vandaag (de 25e) is mijn maandelijkse blog online. Hierin meld ik dat mijn nieuwe website (www.gezinsoverleg.nl) in de lucht is.

Mijn acties de afgelopen weken zijn vooral gericht geweest om dat helemaal in orde te maken. Er waren nog een aantal details aan de filmpjes, teksten etc. die gewijzigd moesten worden.

Erg veel heb ik gehad aan een paar mensen die ik om feedback had gevraagd, voor ik echt de publiciteit in zou gaan en heb, op basis daarvan, een aantal veranderingen aangebracht.

Verder ben ik strategisch plannen maken voor volgend jaar.
Dus niet ad hoc, maar planmatig (met dank aan Vered voor afgelopen zaterdag).

Woensdag organiseerde ik weer een Inspiratiedag, die bezocht werd door 6 deelnemers. Deze Inspiratiedag is mijn front end.
Ik heb een onweerstaanbaar aanbod gedaan en daarop 2 inschrijvingen gekregen (back-end).

Ik kan kijken naar ‘maar 2 inschrijvingen’ of ik kan zeggen dat ik een doorstroom van 33,3 %, heb gehaald.
Kijk ik naar dat laatste, dan is dat een prachtig percentage.
En dat heeft me zelf weer geïnspireerd om aan eerdere deelnemers ook een onweerstaanbaar aanbod te doen. Dat gaat deze week gebeuren!

Ook heb ik met mijn ‘maatje’ uit de TAN groep al een meeting gehad, waarbij ik kon merken dat zij verstand van iets heeft, waar bij mij nog wel wat weerstand op zit.
Een goede combi wordt dat dus!

Er is nog veel meer, het bruist hier namelijk aan alle kanten, maar ik laat het hier maar even bij, anders wordt het een te lange tekst;-)

Hartelijke groet,

Arnoud Kas
8 years ago

Begin met het overwinnen van de makkelijkste obstakel, van makkelijk naar moeilijk:
1. Prijsverhoging: Vind ik moeilijk. Ik ben al de duurste in mijn marktgebied. Ben bang dat ik mijzelf uit de markt prijs. Zie wel de uitdaging om expert status uit te bouwen. Nog geen goede modus gevonden. Als je een goede tip hebt laat het me dan weten.
2. Deze week afspraak om de website voor Passive Income te checken. Loopt op schema.
3. Continuity program. Nog niets verder aan gedaan.

Francois van Iersel
8 years ago

Ik heb mij weekplanning gemaakt volgens een vast schema. ik wijk nog teveel af van wat ik geplant heb zeker als ik in de buurt van de pc zit.

Vanaf morgen ga ik volgens de weekplanning aan de gang en ik maak elke dag een to do lijst voor de volgende dag.

Vandaag schoon schip gemaakt op kantoor zodat ik morgen opgeruimd kan beginnen.

Heb ook een kook wekker gekocht zodat ik de taken ook echt in de geplande tijd ga afwerken. Lukt dat niet dan morgen id de geplande tijd afwerken.

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

• My first action I took was creating the Open Cirles Taking Action Now Mastermind Facebook group, invited all members and started engaging participation. The next 2 years we will be in this super opportunity together and I want to become an expert in engaging participation. So every week I will be pro active in this group.

• Second step was redefining my business vision to get clarity about my business goals and what to do to achieve them. I needed to focus on only what’s essential. The priority list was a good start. I took some day’s to be alone without any disturbance (wasn’t easy with 6 kids 😉

Now I’m back and evaluate my defining with some partners to get feedback. This process is in progress. Got some great new idea’s

• Next step is creating my vision board. Who’s got some good idea’s to create one?

Tomorrow Open Circles training Business Acceleration… exited to get some accelerating insights…

Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago
Reply to  Coen Tuerlings

Hi Coen,

I can wholeheartedly recommend Aramik who happens to be our coach as of January! Maybe, if you ask him kindly ;), he is willing to start helping you with that a little sooner?

Good luck buddy:)!

Francois van Iersel
8 years ago

De eerste acties die ik heb ondernomen zijn :
1 Doelgroep internet verkoop
2 Enquête voor klanten
3 Bepaling welke waarde mijn producten leveren voor de klant.

De TAN Facebookpagina is reeds actief en ik heb met Maureen en Audrey een soort werkgroepje.

Leuk om er op deze manier elke dag mee bezig te zijn.

Succes allemaal