After the Women’s day – February 2013

Hi there!

It was wonderful having you with us last Sunday! I feel privileged to have spent this great Women’s celebration day with you. I also feel that we all learnt and grew from this day and I enjoyed having you with me.

Make sure that you follow up on what you wrote for yourself to do and to take action. This way you would be able to see the real results in your business and life from this seminar.

Remember the “Fairy Godmother” does not show up in an Insight box, she appears with actions that you take…

If you wish to continue interacting with this group, follow the different events and news that I will post in my Facebook group – go to the Balanced Business Women page.

On this page I will be posting the pictures from this special day as well as the notes that Fran was drawing.

If you have not yet clicked the Like button on the Balanced Business Women Page, please take the time and do it! This way more women will get to know this special page and we can impact more women with the valuable work we do.

And then, last but not least, take the opportunity to review the different stations and the instructions on how to do the process linked to each station, click here.

I hope to see you back with us soon.

Until then… have a magical day!


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EekeSjoukje Roodvoets
9 years ago

Dear Vered,

Thank you again for bringing so many women together last Sunday. I found it really wonderful to meet so much recognition and I feel empowered by it! I’m now working together with a buddy and really dig into our business-plan (again).
Thanx also for the added instructions on the different stations!

Marleen Deboeck
9 years ago

Hallo Vered. I was very happy to be there last Sunday. It is so fine to feel the energy of the group, to hear again and again what stops us, how we are so often used to think small, to make ourselves small. Thank you for the very valuable information on the different stations. I’m very inspired by Open Circles, and I get a lot of motivation out of it! First of all “to stay in line”.
One of my main values is integrity and authenticity. And I’m so happy to learn and see how it is possible to talk your walk and be succesful! Thank you for sharing so much with us and to inspire us over and over again.

Anja Kruska
Anja Kruska
9 years ago

I enjoyed the Sunday very much!!

The Women Do Business Differently Stations Process Doc is really marvelous. Thanks a lot. I’m very happy to got this gift.

Yeah, I liked the reminder about the stages of the women’s cycle, know it and energy will go.

Nicky Koopmans
9 years ago

Thank you Vered and Fran for this great tool you’ve just put in my inbox! I’m sure this document will be used by many as a kind of “Bible”. I know I will.

Maja van der Zijden
Maja van der Zijden
9 years ago

Vered, the e-team people and the many wonderful women I met but could also feel what an energy. We can change the world. This day is engraved in my memory. It made me feel shy but also powerful. I need both feelings to keep going. I need a little more time to feel solid ground under my feet but I am starting or helping to start something big, thanks everybody

Astrid Sneekes
9 years ago

Hi ladies,
Who wants to get together (in Amsterdam please 🙂 to brainstorm about the Stations, so we can all benefit from them ánd each others input and make it a fun and easy way to improve our businesses?!
As soon as we have four or five interested women we can see what date would fit all of us best! Looking forward to your reply!

Gordana Kierans
Gordana Kierans
9 years ago

Dear Vered and other wonderful women,

Thank you so much for the wonderful day! All the best to you.


Anneke Verdonschot
9 years ago

Thank you Vered, for sending me all the steps that are important for my business success. It feels good to be in a women’s circle.
I bet we all feel that way. I hope to create with my webcourse also this interaction and bounding. Thank you!

Maureen Mulder
9 years ago

I just wanted to thank you again for the seminar. I was just going through the PDF again with all stations and corresponding processes. So many things to implement…

Anna Sofia
9 years ago

Hi Vered, Thanks for the opportunity to join this event.
It was a very inspiring day and I liked it.
And now, getting this document and the link to Facebook it’s even more complete.
I’m looking forward to do the other days.
Warm regard

Jolanda Deken
9 years ago

What a day! Your course can mean a revolution in economy! Honoring our nature, while being open for improvement and awareness!

Ingrid Engelen
Ingrid Engelen
9 years ago

For me last Sunday was a very magical day also! Thank you Vered, for organizing this beautiful event! But at some point I was getting very annoyed because you kept repeating that we needed to take ACTION! So I was thinking ‘YYYEEESSS, please skip this and tell me something I don’t know!’ But to be honest, ‘taking action’ is the only important thing that we need to know and do. So, thank you for annoying me last Sunday, Vered! 🙂

Mariska van Gennep
9 years ago

Dear Vered,

Thank you for the wonderful Sunday. Although I was a little bit ill already then, to be there gave me a lot of energy! Thank you for sending this document and thank you for continuing this ‘Women do…’ days! I will be there.
Love, Mariska

Sembèna Jeroe
Sembèna Jeroe
9 years ago

Dear Vered, Fran, Rani and the E-team crew.

I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community of women who are starting to realize that there is so much more to us than we thought.

Little did I know about the cycles that women are susceptible to. I knew about the fact that we have cycles (duh) but WOW this is powerful stuff.
It has opened my eyes to how I do things.

Thank you for your support and beautiful processes.

Sembèna Jeroe

Jacqueline ter Haar
9 years ago


Thanks so much for last Sunday, the document and the opportunity to grow as a business WOMAN (which I took with both hands!)!

Dorien Ketel
9 years ago

Wow Vered, THANK YOU for all the processes!
Can’t wait to actually use them step by step.
I didn’t know you had a FB page so one more ‘like’ for sure!

With compliments,

Gonny de Wit
9 years ago

Vered, thanks for sharing the stations proces it is a wonderful tool to discuss with our Open Circles Master Mind Group who could not be present. Thanks for this day – an opportunity. The photos from Fran are magical and to the point. Thanks, Fran.

The comparison with our women’s cycle was an eye-opener.
Started to check my time dividing it in: invested, spended, waisted time.

Floor Wittink
9 years ago

Hi Vered
Thank you for creating this day. I am glad so many women came, very impressive. It will probably take some time to attract more and more women to the courses but I think as you said that the awareness is growing. The funny thing is, at least to my opinion, that the differences in male/female ways are not always so easy to pinpoint in words but still we all feel it. So I hope we can make it more clear everytime what is according to our gut feeling en what is ready to change.
I told you at the end of the seminar that I realized that differences that you spoke about are also cause of what is disturbing me, let’s put it this way, in the way classical music is performed and being taught. That is a valuable insight. In conservatories and in music competitions there is an emphasis on technical perfection and bravoure. It’s music; supposed to touch and not, only, to impress but vulnerability in playing is less valuated. And even in music schools for amateurs it’s also noticable in approach to music.
So thanks again and I wish more balance for everyone, men and women!

Heike Andersen
Heike Andersen
9 years ago

Thank you for the fantastic day, it was worth every kilometer of the travel. I thoroughly enjoyed it, got highly inspired and was so happy to be part of the incredible energy. Women are great, and I truly believe, the future will be ours if we keep up the courage to go our way, to change our habits, to get out of the comfort zone and JUST DO IT!

Marné van Veenendaal
9 years ago

Thank you Vered, it was amazing to see that I end up excactly where I need to be, target audience.;-). ,

Elfriede Krauth
9 years ago

Same here.

thank you very much for a wonderful event!

I also ended up exactly where I needed to be (tell my story). Very nice and comforting to see how it comes together if you just let it.

cheers, Elfriede

Jolanda van den Arend
9 years ago

Hallo Vered. I was very happy to be there!

Ingrid Burgman
9 years ago

THANK YOU Vered for this warm bath, we got from you! I enjoyed it and loved the joy and strength I could feel together!

I wrote a BLOG about that day on my website with the titel: VROUWELIJK LEIDERSCHAP niveau 4, n.a.v. het business model ‘Real Power, WOMAN AND POWER’ ….

I hope yoy ALL read it and give me a nice comment on my blogs about female leadership!


Fiorella Martijnse
9 years ago

Dear Vered,

After that wonderful last Sunday, this document is really a present. I will use it well.

Barbara Veldt
9 years ago

Dear Vered en the E-team crew,

What a wonderful day was Women do Business Differently. What a beautiful event! I had so many eye-openers and the 10 mistakes we make, are in poster-format at my office wall now. Thank you for this. Every step I take now, I just look at my wall and reminds me what I can do instead.

I’m looking forward to the 4 days of women Do Business Differently. Indeed we do!

Thank you so much!

Jolanda van der Horst
9 years ago

I had a very nice time, working with the 6 (negotiation) and was very inspired by the fact that I have a monthly circle of 4 parts. I am more conscious now of my emotions and the way I work with them. I am surely gonna have advantage of this knowledge.

Krista Steenbergen
9 years ago

Thank you Vered.

I definitely learned how women do business differently!

Thank you for connecting menstruation wisdom to balancing life!

So many things I already felt, but were now translated in practical business terms.

Definitely in a language women understand!

Thanks a lot!