Na Women Do Financials Differently – 21 september 2013

Hello ladies!

Again, it was great working with you last Saturday! I would love to hear about your days after, your successes and achievements.

Make sure you follow up on your action list! Nothing matters more about this seminar than the results in your business and life.

As a quick reminder, let me give you an overview of the topics we covered in the seminar:

  • Mistakes women make with money due to our mindset
  • Learning to negotiate in a way that you ALWAYS get what you want
  • Starting to look at your numbers and understanding them
  • Value your time by eliminating those tasks that are wasting your time and having more activities that are investing time and not just spending time.

For those of you that are interested in online courses about finance, click here for the Wharton online courses

Don’t forget to share your results concerning negotiations in the Women Do Business Differently Facebook group. Not only that, use this group to interact and inspire each other- share your knowledge, wisdom, connections and successes.

Our next seminar is all about your strategic planning for 2014. It is going to be very exciting to PLAN 2014… do it well, take action on your plans and it will be your best year ever! So don’t miss our next meeting for the world…

Until we meet again… have a magical day!


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Elsje Visser
8 years ago

I started training my negotiation muscle (I found it!) straight after the great day I had last Saturday. With great result and both parties happy.

Saturday I noticed “rationality” (why should I ask, why should they give, etc.) stands in my way for negotiation; yet another example of the uncommon sense needed in business.

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

What a great day and how simple is it to act! I will share it in the Facebook group also, but I’ve start asking and just by asking I get a lot!!!

Anita Trinks
8 years ago

Numbers: I know quite well. However: waste, spend and invest time was an eye-opener for me!
I have implemented immediately and I have put a goal for myself: to lower my waste-time by 50%. And guess what? It is a much better feeling if you don’t waste time! Right now I have changed 75% of my waste time into spend or invest time. However the 25% left is time I cannot change at this moment, due to not having the money available to have someone do these things for me. I know this will change next year, so I have put myself a goal for 2014: lower my waste-time to 10%.

Elfriede Krauth
8 years ago

I had a negotiation today and I made sure I focused on what his win would be. We have not come to an agreement yet, he brought an additional piece of information which I need to think about … but I have the idea that the he liked being asked what his win was and how he would like things to be like.

Jennifer Gomperts
8 years ago

I finally started taking my numbers seriously.
Even started negotiating. This is way out of my comfort zone. Even if it doesn’t bring the results I want at least I’m doing it. Practise and more practise.

Joyce Beckker
8 years ago

It always has been challenging for me to know my exact numbers and make my decisions accordingly. Like many others, I learned very opposite beliefs about money than I know now to be truthful.

Vered inspires me to integrate the real value of finances into my daily life. Like many other ingredients, the numbers are essential to live a balanced life.

In the past I used to negotiate for my own benefit. Now I’ve learned that balanced and pure negotiations always brings a win-win situation. And that’s much more satisfying and fun!

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

Today I’ve mail a concept mail for an appointment with my financial advisor. Collecting numbers from 2013, and the years before. Setting up questions, reading in books and websites, downloading digital householdingbooks for privat and business and setting numbers for 2014. I say, here I come!!