After Women Do Marketing Differently – 2013

Hello ladies!

It was wonderful having you with us last Saturday! I loved hearing your stories and seeing your energy. I’m sure that if you keep it up, you will be able to reach all the goals that you have set for yourself.

I also feel that, just like in the Women Do Business Differently seminar of a few weeks ago, we all learnt and grew from this day and I enjoyed having you with me.

Make sure that you follow up on what you wrote for yourself to do and to take action. This way you would be able to see the real results in your business and life from this seminar.

Keep on developing and clarifying your target audience, until you get it right. Make sure you keep on telling your own stories and don’t be afraid to show your authentic YOU.

If you have not yet clicked the Like button on the Balanced Business Women Page, please take the time and do it! This way more women will get to know this special page and we can impact more women with the valuable work we do.

And of course, interact with each other and follow the different events and news that I will post on the Facebook group – go to the Women Do Business Differently Facebook group.

Last but not least, here you will find my gift to you

Click here to download a PDF with the Visual Notes that Fran took in the first Women Do Business Differently seminar.

Until we meet again… have a magical day!


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Leonne Meijs
Leonne Meijs
9 years ago

Hi Vered, Í have printed the visual notes and see them every day now from behind my desk, behind the mirror in the bathroom and in my scrapbook….. Thank you, they’re very helpful to keep me reminded of what I want! <3

Finica van Esch
Finica van Esch
9 years ago

Thank you for the Notes!
Helpful, feminine and …a call to action!

Anna Sofia van Hooijdonk

Thanks for this incredible gift. I will post it on my door in my room, next to the first series.
And I’ll look at it every day, and learn and learn and learn a lot more!

Mariska van Gennep
9 years ago

Hallo Vered! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift! I’m writing and rewriting my story and I changed the message. What an inspiring day!

Rozelinde Warmoes
9 years ago

Hi Vered,
Thank you for the wonderful visuals! They are so artistic and original. I love them! Very feminine – And thanks to the artist who made them!

Jolanda van den Arend
9 years ago

Thank you, verry much.

Marjolein Hartkamp
9 years ago

Thank you Vered for these nice visual notes. I took a lot of notes myself because in this way take-up more information than just listening, but these notes bring back even more memories, they really work like mind-maps and moreover they are fun to watch!

Hester de Jong
Hester de Jong
9 years ago

Hi Vered, thank you for these wonderful Visual Notes! Very helpful and BIG reminders!

Agnes Meijs
9 years ago

Wonderfull notes! Thanks for sharing and for asking the artist to show her talent on a business day!
It proofs for me that business and creativity can be connected.
I find that I can express part of my creativity is my website and Facebook pages. In that way it becomes a pleasure to work on social media and stimulates me to improve the texts I write, the lay-out and the pictures

Jacqueline ter Haar
9 years ago

Thank you so much for the continuous support Vered and all the other women in this group. Blogs like these, the beautiful drawings and the posts make sure I stay focused…even if it comes with challenges!

My challende this week is to continue thinking about my message, thinking about my story…and to implement that in networking the way Nisandeh shared that information with us yesterday in the Network Master Class.

What are your challenges? Is there anything I can do to help?

Ingrid Langen
9 years ago

Hi Vered, many thanks for your gift! What an original way to make notes in a seminar. I’ll hang them on my office door to remind me every day.

Wendy Kuit
9 years ago

Dear Vered, Thanks, so happy with it…. and yes I will keep on moving, doing, reflecting myself in my weak moments…learning a lot and i feel I come everyday a bit closer to my goals…good luck woman, keep on going and flowing ..:))

Thea van Dijk
9 years ago

Thanks for the notes. Now at home, in my own time, they speak even more then when I saw them in the seminar.

Franka Voortwist-van Hal

Thanks for this beautifull mindmaps. It gives such a lot of information, more than I had remembered 😉

Helena van Dijk
9 years ago

I love this way of learning, thank you! These visuals will be excellent reminders!