Na Women Do Networking Differently – juni 2013

Hello ladies!

It was great having you with us last Saturday! It was wonderful to have this unique networking opportunity together, share with each other and inspire each other.

Make sure you follow up on what you wrote for yourself to do and to take action. This way you would be able to see real results in your business and life from this seminar.

Send that email to your database informing them who you can recommend – the way we discussed in the seminar.

And of course, interact with each other and inspire each other- share your knowledge, wisdom, connections and successes on the Facebook group – go to the Women Do Business Differently Facebook group.

Until we meet again… have a magical day!


PS: If you have not yet clicked the Like button on the Balanced Business Women Page, please take the time and do it! This way more women will get to know this special page and we can impact more women with the valuable work we do.

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Mick Laarman
9 years ago

What a great day, i had so much fun and met a lot of interesting women. Vered, you are a wonderful inspirator for me. And from a person that did not like to network (i my mind that was always for the “old boys”, Lyon ‘s Club etc and i always resisted that) i ‘m beginning to realize how much fun it is to meet new people and how much we can achieve together. So here ‘s to all of us!
See you all, next time.

Lieve Leysen
9 years ago

Hi Vered,
I was very happy I could participate in your training, to come back on my path :).

It made me happy and gave me new insights again and useful tips.
Thank you 🙂

This brings me to your e-mail where you write about a page with tips to help us remember, if we click on it.
I don’t see the tips when I click. Is that because of me? Do I overlook something?

Thanks for letting me know and have a great sunny weekend! 🙂

Lieve Leysen
9 years ago
Reply to  Lieve Leysen

Got it! It’s because of me 🙂 I was expecting bullet points and therefore didn’t realize I was reading the tips in your text.
Thank you Vered 🙂

Helena van Dijk
9 years ago

It was great! Even the exercises that seemed not so easy for me happened to bring up a lot of fun! And that is really an easy way to learn new behaviour! And that’s powerfull!
I loved it!


Rozelinde Warmoes
Rozelinde Warmoes
9 years ago

Hi Vered,
Thanks for the seminar.

It was a perfect day for me. I loved joining with the other women. I also learned a lot about networking in a fun way. Some of the questions, goals and focus points were very insightful for me.

Thanks also to all the people who help organising it and for the time and energy they put into it. They were great & lovely people.

See you all in september!

Mariska van Gennep
9 years ago

Hallo Vered and ladies,

At first: Vered thanks a lot for this reminder 😉 and it was an amazing day (for me) saturday, I learned a lot in a very pleasant way.