Na Women Do Strategy Differently – november 2013

Hello ladies!

What a great completion and celebration day it was for the Women Do Business Differently series. And with the completion of your success in 2013, new exciting opportunities appear on your horizon.

Opportunities that you know how to seize, because you set your priorities and strategic goals for 2014.

Can you feel the excitement that goes with that outlook?

I would love to hear about your days after this special Saturday, your experience and how your plans further crystallize .

As a reminder, make sure that your plans:

  • Leverage your business´internal and external strenghts
  • Benefit from the lessons that you learned in 2013 (so you avoid making the same mistakes)
  • Tackle the potential threats to your business
  • Seize the new opportunities for your business
  • And most of all: Make sure that your plan contains goals that excite you!

This last one is very important. Your heart MUST beat faster and louder when you think about your goals.

Please share your insights from Saturday and your plans for 2014Please let us know in the comment field below. Remember, when you share your goals, they become more real and your commitment to them grows.

And don´t forget to go to the Women Do Business Differently Facebook group often.Use this group to interact and inspire each other- share your knowledge, wisdom, connections and successes.

Now, take action on your plans – you don’t have to wait until January 1st – and make 2014 your best year ever!

Until we meet again…

To your success,


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Esther Groenewegen-Jonker

When I signed up for Women Do Business Differently I was a little scared. So many women in one room? For me it took a little time to get comfortable in the group. But at the end of this year it feels like a warm safe group women where you can feel save.

With my talk to Vered on saturday it became clear that I have to complete things before going to the next project. I had start al kinds of projects but did’t finish anything. This gives my a lot of comfortable feelings. And those feelings result in procrastination and passiveness.
* So my biggest goal is to finish the website of the company of my husband although I experience a lot of negative energy from it.
* My other goal is to finish my book. Although I don’t know I can use the book for my business it will finish this first.
* I will keep blogging and I want to improve my blogging.

Dear Vered,
Thank you so much for this wonderful journey with wonderful women. I will really miss them. I hope I will see some of them in other trainings or at the webinars…

To the women in the training:

Thank you so much for being there for me. You gave me a warm and save place to share parts of my life and hopefully I did the same for you! I will carry these experiences in my hart! I wish all of you the best that you deserve in business and in life!

Anita Trinks
8 years ago

When you, Vered, started talking about Martin Luther King: “I have a dream….”, I was being touched and it opened my eyes.

I have a dream also: go to Portugal with a small group of women to give them the opportunity to work on their business. No family to take care of, no distractions, only a quiet, peaceful place with women who empower each other. This can be by finishing their book, starting a new business or implement what they’ve learned.

We started working on our strategy and it was so easy, because I knew what to do, when to do it and when to finish it.

Completion, last saturday, for me was not only the finish of a year WDBD, but also the finish of my struggle for my focus in my business.

My heart is beating and vibrating when I think of my dream is ready to come true…..

Thank you, Vered, for giving me this big insight!

Boukje Barbara Rolsma
Boukje Barbara Rolsma
8 years ago

Hi all,

Although my support group last Saturday thought that my campaign was too ambitious to have my email system, website ready by 2nd week of Januari, I now already have the email system finished, and facebook business is nearly there and an excel and a powerpoint programm. Today I made my first film. Now on to create a website. As you see it’s going well!

Thanks a million for all the support, feedback and enthousiasm; I keep on rolling:)

Thea van Dijk-vonk
8 years ago

I’ve started with my strategy, this is clear.

The planning I’m working on. Doing this, makes also clear what there is missing, like a good view off my products.

Mirjam Stoffels
8 years ago

My biggest insight from last Saturday was that women who have the ambition to fulfill their potential can accomplish wonderful things. Especially when they do thing together and help each other!

My second biggest insight was how easy it in fact is to make a SWOT-analysis and how easy it is to make a strategic planning for the upcoming year. All because you gave us such a practical approach on this subject, Vered. Practical, that is what we women like!

Thank you very much for this series of seminars and see you [all] soon!

Martine Teunissen
8 years ago

Telling people about the projects I have done with historical characters in role makes me much more enthusiastic and excited than telling about my succeses in implementing what I’ve learned. I love my passion. And yes, I’ll continue to turn it into profit by continuing my strategic planning for 2014, but I’m going to put that behind the scenes, working for itself (strategically 🙂 and put my historical experiences and programming back into the foreground to really enjoy!