Power Presentations – SOLD OUT!

Dave VanHoosePowerfully deliver your message
on webinars & from stage

Dave VanHoose is one of the most successful stage speakers in the world.

He has this magical ability to take any presentation to maximum sales conversions.

With over 3.000 presentations personally delivered,
Dave has tested and fine-tuned every element of his pitch down to the smallest detail for maximum returns.

Vered and I recently spent $16,000 and two full days with Dave and his partner in Florida – working on our business strategy and sales presentation.

I loved what he shared with us, so I invited him to share it with our advanced students.

He agreed and at the Power Presentations Workshop he’ll share his proven techniques of a master presenter.

You will learn (among other things):

  • How to increase your income with a one proven pitch for stage or webinars.
    You’ll get the detailed template of a Master Presentation and learn how to create one for yourself.
  • Creating instant rapport and credibility with your audience – because they will only buy when they know, like and trust you.
  • How to speak directly to their subconscious mind, so they will take action on your suggestion.
  • Subtle unconscious cues that increase sales.
    Body language, voice inflection, pitch, even where you stand – all make major differences in your success rate.
  • The small tweaks in your presentation that can make you a Rock-Star.
  • How to automate your presentation, record it once, and have it make money for you over and over again.
  • How the right introduction can make all the difference to your sales numbers.
  • How to use testimonials, when it’s best to use LIVE testimonials – and more importantly, when not to use them.
  • The psychological triggers of every audience.
    How to find hot spots and key motivators that lead to buying.

I’ve asked Dave to deliver this one-time-only workshop to our advanced students, and promised to bring him in contact with an audience of professionals who are serious about delivering fantastic sales presentations.

The workshop is already SOLD OUT and we are unable to take any more registrations.

Date: Monday, May 27 from 10:00 till 17:00.
Location: Carlton President Hotel, in Utrecht

Participants usually pay Dave $3,000 for this one-day workshop.
But promising him and his partner a fantastic Amsterdam experience, I managed to get him to offer our students a crazy offer of 975 euro, but we are all sold out and there are not more seats available!