Q & A sessie – 3 september 2014

Welkom op de pagina van de online Q&A sessie van woensdag 3 september 2014

In deze sessie beantwoord ik de vragen die vooraf zijn gesteld op de Q&A voorbereidingspagina

Volg hieronder de Q&A sessie op 3 september 2014 van 20:30 -21:30 uur

Nadat je de Q&A hebt gevolgd en je vragen zijn beantwoord, deel alsjeblieft in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina:

Wat is je belangrijkste nieuwe inzicht en welke acties ga jij ondernemen als resultaat van deze Q&A?

Door je inzicht direct te delen, versterk je het leereffect, maak je jouw kans op slagen veel groter, inspireer je anderen EN je doet mij een heel groot plezier.

En kom na een tijdje weer terug om je resultaten te delen!

Op jouw succes,


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Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Very good Value, love this Q and A Nisandeh.

The 10 questions on bringing your business to the next level are Super. And just in time for my new approach.

Thanks to mention Jeff again. Just got his book Launch, Secret Formula so I definitely gonna read it…

And you got me thinking on how to creating participation and networking experience during a online training.
A kind of gamification solution…

Great example to create different levels with the same content and giving extra services to higher levels. I really resonate with that. And you got my second question right, I like the naming of the levels to get them to choose the right one. Also the leveling up idea is great. I’m going to implement this right away.

Very valuable Q

Erika Lunsche
8 years ago

Thanks for the detailed answer to my question. The key insight for me is that I have to do the things outside my comfort. When I combine it with the things that make me happy, then I do not postpone. .

Eric Spooren
8 years ago

Thanks for the valuable 50 minutes.
I learned that the appreciatied value is not caused by different content but merely by adding personal attention.
Another new insight is the human nature that we don’t want to loose what we are using, so allow a long trial period.

Jennifer Eudoxie Rieskin

Hi Nisandeh,
You wondered whether you could help me with the answer to my question. You have definitely helped me. Most cosmetics specialty stores are store chains, so there is no owner present, but I’m going to talk to the managers. I had already planned to do so, but now I will, according to your suggestion, invite them for lunch and have special gift packages made for these meetings. It will create a different atmosphere.
The answers to the other questions were also very beneficial to Many thanks.

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Very good Value, love this Q