Q&A Business University – april 2016

Welkom op de Q&A pagina van april 2016 in de maandelijkse Vraag & Antwoord serie waarin ik je help met het implementeren van het materiaal van de trainingen van de Business University.

In deze tweede Q&A uit deze serie van 12, nodig ik je uit om de vragen te stellen die je hebt over de Master of Influence training.

Please ask your question(s) – in English – in the comment box below the page.

Stel jouw vragen alsjeblieft tot uiterlijk 28 april 2016
Maak alsjeblieft gebruik van deze mogelijkheid!

Afhankelijk van de aard van de vragen, zal ik mijn antwoorden geven in een video op deze pagina of via een directe reactie op jouw vraag in het commentaarveld hieronder.

Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het gaat met implementeren van het Master of Influence materiaal en welke brandende vragen je hebt.

Op jouw succes,


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Gabriela van Gemert
6 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

During Master of Influence you taught us that the more difficult your product is to describe (like a service) the harder marketing will be, especially in BIIB. the sales process will take one etcetera. Well, that was an eye opener for me.

Do you have concrete tips and suggestions for marketing in this area (and please don’t answer “describe your service better ;– because that is true and i will do that too)

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago

Hey Gabriela,

I didn’t say that in these cases marketing will be harder, all I said is that sales is more important in these cases… Because there needs to be more one-on-one contact, explanation, customized approach, handling objections, etc…

So… It’s not necessarily the marketing that needs to be changed, but in addition you’ll need to use more of the influence and sales techniques we discussed in Master of Influence.

To give you one tip, though…

Ask a lot of questions… Find out what your clients’ main challenges, problems, aspirations, wishes, hopes, fears, objections, and try to answer them as soon as possible (preferably before they appear…)

Hope this helps, Nisandeh

Elske van de Fliert - Zero-e

Hi Nisandeh,

As you said: one of the ways to become the only go-to option for my target audience is to have empathy with them. Now, I do have empathy with them. But unlike many others (including yourself) I was not my target audience in the past. Example: my TA is the one in the company responsible for achieving the CO2 reduction goals set by management.
I have never been responsible for that. I have however advised many of these on how to achieve the goal.
So, I am able to relate to them, but I can never claim to ‘have been’ them/in their position.
What could I communicate that will show them that I am able to empathise with them. That I am indeed able to feel their pain (even if I do not have a manager breathing down on me)? Or: how could I look at this way to become the go-to option?

Thank you!

BTW: I wrote a love letter to my target audience (since one of the other ways to become the only go-to option is to love your customer), it was a very fun exercise and I can recommend it to everyone. I also presented it during a presentation in a business-network (the aim of the network is to help each other find customers, so it fitted) – out of my comfort zone, but very useful to do 🙂

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago

Elske – simply explain them – why you’re so passionate about your topic and about helping THEM.

I can emphasise with my wife, and I can explain her how passionate I am about her, and how much I care about the issue she’s dealing with – without actually having to be a woman myself… 🙂

The people that do have a challenge – are those that don’t like their clients (or the product they’re selling)… I don’t think you have any challenge there.

Elske van de Fliert
6 years ago
Reply to  Nisandeh Neta

Yes, this I can communicate, no problem! Thank you very much!

Doret Schulkes
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
I don’t know if you will answer this question, but as you told us (and it worked for me several times already) it is better to say sorry afterwards than not try. Because the question is from the write your book course. I am practising the fast writing for about a month, but I do not see improvement in the number of words I can write in 5 minutes. It is too slow. I write about 160 words. I tried different papers and different pens. What to do now?

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago
Reply to  Doret Schulkes

What to do, Doret?
I would say… “Stop worry.” 🙂

I can’t run a marathon in 2:08 hours – like the world chamapions.

I can’t run a marathon in 3:35 hours like my friend.

But I can run a marathon. And I did. Several times.
It’s just takes me longer (closer to 4:30 hours)…

Same with your writing…

The important thing is to get it as fast as you can, then the quality of your writing is at its best…

Hope it helps, Nisandeh

Doret Schulkes
6 years ago
Reply to  Nisandeh Neta

Thank your for your answer. Then I will set the time at 6 minutes?? To get the right length of the text?
And I know the experience of (rowing) a marathon! Important to finish!!

Walter Van Noten
6 years ago

Everybody seems to be talking about NLP. What do you know about it?

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago

Nothing! Sorry!

Roy Sijgers
Roy Sijgers
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

My question has some parallel with Gabriela’s. I do not remember exactly what you said about when sales becomes more important ad my notes are not providing the solution as well.

Is is indeed ‘the harder to describe, the more you need sales’. I can relate to that very much and it would and is already putting my world upside down, since I’ve always been doing sales for high tech B2B products in very specific markets and could never relate that so much to marketing.

This provides however the missing link and will allow me to use the right strategy at the right time.

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago
Reply to  Roy Sijgers

I’m not sure what your question is, Roy.

I think you’re wondering what are the types of products and certainly services where marketing might not be enough.

Those are products or services that are:
• Hard to describe
• Intangible
• Have long sale cycles
• Expensive

Hope that answers your question, Nisandeh