Q&A Business University – juni 2016

Welkom op de Q&A pagina van juni 2016 in de maandelijkse Vraag & Antwoord serie waarin ik je help met het implementeren van het materiaal van de trainingen van de Business University.

In deze vierde Q&A uit deze serie van 12, nodig ik je uit om de vragen te stellen die je hebt over de Master Presenter training.


Please ask your question(s) – in English – in the comment box below the page.

Stel jouw vragen alsjeblieft tot uiterlijk 16 juni 2016
Maak alsjeblieft gebruik van deze mogelijkheid!

Afhankelijk van de hoeveelheid en de aard van de vragen, zal ik mijn antwoorden geven in een video op deze pagina of via een directe reactie op jouw vraag in het commentaarveld hieronder.

Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het gaat met implementeren van het materiaal van de Business University trainingen en welke brandende vragen je hebt.

Op jouw succes,


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Elske van de Fliert
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have two questions.

Question 1: People say I provide a lot of useful information/exercises in my training, more than they expected. From the standpoint of over-delivering I think this is good. People also say that they need time to have it all sink in and work with this information before they are ready to take the next step (e.g. the trainings that I offer at the end of this training).

I do present the trainings that I offer at the end as a support to implement this information.

Now of course: I can offer less information, for instance: less tactics to save fuel. I now discuss 25, during a day, why not say 15?
What I struggle with is that I then have more time per tactic and I am afraid people will get bored if I stay on a certain tactic for to long. That is what I like about your trainings: it is high paced, information packed and delivered in the right way. Now, I do feel comfortable with suggestopedia so, I do have a lot of interaction with my audience, I do ask a lot of questions etc. And of course I give them exercises to work with the information. But in the end some tactics only need so much time for explanation and discussion.

Writing this down did give me an idea: I could make more time for how they can process the information in this presentation.
But I still would like some pointers: How to not overfeed them with information while at the same time not dragging on about a certain topic?

Question 2: How to avoid higher back pain after standing a whole day giving a training. Maybe its just a release of stress, because I do not feel it during the training, but maybe I can change my posture, or do some exercise in between?

Thank you in advance,

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
5 years ago

Hi Elske,

Concerning your first question…

I assume you’re talking about your front-end, right?
If so… the way to balance the information is to give as much value as you can concerning the WHAT they need to do, but leave the HOW to do it to the backend product.

Also… don’t forget to ‘seed’ that backend product throughout the day… They need to know its value, its ‘our price’, and they need to hear it a couple of times (in different ways) throughout the front-end presentation.

Concerning your back problems. I’m not the right authority on that… I would consult with an osteopath or another specialised expert.

I can tell you that moving around, stretching, and drinking lots of water helps me with my (lower) back pains…

Hope that helps, Nisandeh

Elske van de Fliert
5 years ago
Reply to  Nisandeh Neta

Hi Nisandeh,

Your assumption is correct. Thank you for the answer, it is very straightforward, I can work with that.

Kind regards,