Q&A sessie – 11 februari 2015

Welkom op de pagina van de online Q&A sessie van 11 februari 2015

In deze sessie beantwoord ik de vragen die vooraf zijn gesteld op de Implementation Series Q&A Kick Off pagina

Niet alle vragen die zijjn gesteld op de voorbereidingspagina komen aan bod. De reden daarvoor is het te laat indienen van de vraag. De vragen die minimaal 48 uur voor aanvang van het webinar worden meegenomen. De vragen die later worden ingediend zullen worden meegenomen in de eerstvolgende sessie.

Volg hieronder de Q&A sessie op woensdagavond 11 februari 2015 van 20:30 – 21:30 uur

Nadat je de Q&A hebt gevolgd en jouw vragen zijn beantwoord, deel alsjeblieft in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina:

Wat is jouw belangrijkste nieuwe inzicht en welke acties ga jij ondernemen als resultaat van deze Q&A?

Heb jij al een vraag voor de volgende Q&A sessie? Plaats deze dan ook alvast als comment onderaan deze pagina

Door jouw inzicht direct te delen, versterk je het leereffect, maak je jouw kans op slagen veel groter, inspireer je anderen EN je doet mij een heel groot plezier.

En kom na een tijdje weer terug om jouw resultaten te delen!

Op jouw succes,


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Monique Muller
Monique Muller
7 years ago

I really experienced the power of networking and asking. Asking gets me to the Why; what do my clients want; what makes them happy in what i can offer?

Eye opening…….think about what they want.

Cora Hiebinger
Cora Hiebinger
7 years ago

Nisandeh, charged I am indeed!

Thank you so much! Knowing that it took you a long time to come up with your clear vision is very relaxing. So I guess I can throw my perfectionism over board (some more) and go on with what I have and simply make it clearer and clearer step by step.

Regarding flyers – all of my colleagues have and use them so when I come into my own centre with my partner’s flyers all over the place I feel a bit out of sink when there is only my business card there. But I can see your point. I also know form experience already that very few people come because of a flyer.

So I will think about it and let you know. Maybe I spend the money one more time – until my website is ready and I have a blog up and running. LinkedIn profile is looking better already (of course I did all the mistakes you pointed out at the Business Bootcamp that people do) and I still need to finish that.

I also found your answers to the other questions helpful – most of all, my sense of – ok I want a business and there are certain things to keep in mind when you conduct a business – and this is how it is, period. Thus, for example, I need to figure out first why something did not work before I set yet another action (that simply makes me very busy but does not do anything for my business). Looking forward to implementing again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow 🙂

Thank you!

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh,

Nice to hear the options for incentives. Some of them I was starting to make already. And the Q and A session will be in my blog that is planned for next week. There I ask my readers what their problems are (as you told us to do) to have good topics for the next blogs. As an incentive I promisse to give them a personal answer to their own question ( with skype or FaceTime).

Furthermore I am organising an event on may 30th. This is de World Interiors Day. I am pretty much the only one in our country that uses this day for publicity . This day I will give a course (which I will tape) so I am very anxious to hear from you a powerfull way to convert the visitors into clients!!

I understand you talk about it in June during the Master Entrepreneur but that is too late for this event!! So here is a question for next month already 🙂

Anesti Bochem
7 years ago

Hi Nissandeh,

Thank you for your clear vision on my problems, and no I was not insulted I was greatfull and watched the whole session.

You kept me a little bit hanging on the 3 questions I should ask in what they realy want.

I am not a waiting kind of person so if you would be so kind?

Gr. Anesti

Eveliina Vogelzangs - Seume

Thanks for your time Nisandeh,

I like your straightforward way of commenting and answering the posts and questions.

My biggest eye-opener during this session was to break down the goals into monthly and then weekly-goals.

Before I continue some extra info: I am a physiotherapist (including Dryneedling) / Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner (acupuncture/ herbs/ massage).

My biggest question after hearing you repeat that people have a big ego when thinking of their product is:
What if your ego is too small/ I am too introvert to ‘push’ my ideas/ views/ my knowledge into someone’s face/ inbox?

Clients around me tell me ‘You have so much knowledge to share.” They come to me because of it and they send me their friends and family.
But it does not feel that way to me. I am of the type: “The more I learn the more I realise how little I know”, and “There are a million roads to reach Rome, mine might be good but I can not see the roads I do not know and they might be much better.
It makes me freeze up when I try to write a newsletter or blog.

I am fine 1 on 1 when a client asks help or info. I enjoy telling them more about their problem, what they can do to avoid re-occurance or how I diagnose their health-issues and how their body works.

Well maybe more people have this problem… 🙂

Good luck implementing everyone!

Dennis Barriffe
Dennis Barriffe
7 years ago


It’s now clear to me how to work on the goals you explained in the webinar. After I have worked on my financial goals, via your example, I will copy these actions and model them to my new goal gettings.

First I get the experience on working on goals and then I can use it in other parts of my business.

Thanks for taking it apart.