Q&A sessie – 11 maart 2015

Welkom op de pagina van de online Q&A sessie van 11 maart 2015

In deze sessie beantwoord ik de vragen die vooraf zijn gesteld op de Q&A voorbereidingspagina

Alleen de vragen die minimaal 48 uur voor aanvang zijn gesteld, worden meegenomen.

Volg hieronder de Q&A sessie op woensdagavond 11 maart 2015 van 20:30 – 21:30 uur

Nadat je de Q&A hebt gevolgd en jouw vragen zijn beantwoord, deel alsjeblieft in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina:

Wat is jouw belangrijkste nieuwe inzicht en welke acties ga jij ondernemen als resultaat van deze Q&A?

Door jouw inzicht direct te delen, versterk je het leereffect, maak je jouw kans op slagen veel groter, inspireer je anderen EN je doet mij een heel groot plezier.

En kom na een tijdje weer terug om jouw resultaten te delen!

Op jouw succes,


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Arno Bendermacher
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh!

As the owner (ZZP) of ForwardInBusiness since April 2014
I have an offer/proposition as:

1. Improvement – or Change Manager, helping organizations improve their results; I told you before, since then I have one specific comtemplated offer towards local governement, named “UITBLINKEN KAN!” (excuse me for the Dutch text; you didn’t like the name “PRE STARE” during the webinar in february, so now I call it this way)

2. A unique method LEGO SERIOUS PLAY:
Within that method I designed several specific offers/scripts, like
– Strategy-session (max. 15 persons per session)
– Teambuilding-session (max. 15 persons per session)
– a LSP introductionsession for big groups (max. 50 persons)
and also I make customized scripts/designs for cliënts on demand.

My offer at no.1, I try to combine with offer no.2, when I amapproaching local governments.

After listening the DVD “30% more income in 30 days” , I am confused in when to appoint my offer as a Front End offer and when as a Back End offer!
Can you explain it in my situation.

I also am considering of organizing a Breakfast Meeting for the local government general secretaries (in portions of 30 cities) to introduce “UITBLINKEN KAN!” / “the LSP Method”. They can learn about this method als my offer, but also can connect with eachother.

How do you think about that idea?

Thank you for answering this question(s) coming wednesday!


Ivo van Tol
7 years ago

Thanks for answering all the questions Nisandeh.

Two insights for me this evening.

One is that being only one or two steps ahead of others is enough to help. I was always thinking that I needed to be an expert (or have grey hair) first before I could give advise to / help others.

Now I realize that once I have taken a succesful step, from that moment on I am able to help others with that step.

The other thing is to always keep in mind the VALUE that it gives people. For example asking for recommendations on linkedin. I was not to keen on that, as most of the time it looks like people are awarded devine qualities.

But I will ask recommendations as the ones you propose. What benefits / value did the customer get from having me around.

So thanks again, and I would appreciate that you continue the Q

Cora Hiebinger
Cora Hiebinger
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, thank you for your time. I find these sessions very valuable. Not only do I get answers to my specific questions, I also learn stuff from listening to the solutions you propose for other entrepeneurs. So yes, please continue. It is a big help to know that if a question arises, I can post it and I will get an answer.

Anesti Bochem
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Yes it is very valuable.
Even if you did ask a question your still getting content you can use.
This videa is even something to implement for myself.
Thanks for the idea !

Gr. Anesti