Kick-off Q&A Implementation Series

Gefeliciteerd met jouw beslissing om jouw business op de kaart te zetten met de Master Enterpreneur, Financial Freedom en Breakthrough to Success trainingen dit jaar.

De Master Entrepreneur vindt plaats op 19, 20 en 21 juni 2015, maar…

… je gaat natuurlijk niet wachten met het implementeren van wat je hebt geleerd tijdens de Business Bootcamp.

En jij hebt een heel groot voordeel om snel resultaten te behalen, want jij bent in het bezit maar liefst 7 DVD/CD sets thuisstudie cursussen van de Implementation Series.

Je zult versteld staan van de resultaten wanneer je dit materiaal implementeert vanaf day one!

In onderstaande video vertel ik je hoe je maximaal profiteert van de Implementation Series en hoe ik jou daarin ga ondersteunen…

Zelfstandige ondernemers die het succes behalen waar ze van dromen implementeren snel wat ze hebben geleerd en gebruiken de hulp die voorhanden is.

Zorg dat je bij die groep hoort!

Implementation Series Q&A met Nisandeh Neta:

  • 11 februari 2015
  • 11 maart 2015
  • 8 april 2015
  • 6 mei 2015
  • 3 juni 2015

Sessie 1: woensdag 11 februari 2015, 20:30 uur

Klik hier voor de Q&A sessie van 11 februari 2015
(beschermd met een wachtwoord)

Je ontvangt per een e-mail een herinnering met het wachtwoord dat jou toegang geeft tot de online Q&A sessie.

Om mij goed te kunnen voorbereiden op sessie 1 en jou maximaal te ondersteunen, wil ik jouw vragen graag VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen voor de eerste Q&A sessie in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina – graag IN HET ENGELS

Doe het uiterlijk 48 uur voor aanvang, omdat ik alleen de vragen kan beantwoorden die op tijd zijn gesteld.

Ik verheug me enorm op jouw vragen en om jou te helpen in het groeien van jouw business.

Tot 11 februari!

Op jouw succes,


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Arno Bendermacher
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

I have worked out a concept for local governements as clients, that is called PRE STARE (out of the Latin langauge).
It means: to excel or to exceed: they have to change into exceeding organizations woth real partnership between the citizens and the SYSTEM that is called local government.

I now planned to:
– give two seminars about it in April and May
– perhaps tape the seminars
– write ten of twelve blogarticles about that subject
– then put the blogarticles together in a book
I think I can make the participants in the seminar order already the book, that wille follow after the summer.

What is your opinion about that?

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

I have a newsletter for almost 2 years. It comes out every three months and has always the same topics:
– things you can do yourself to make your home feel better
– a project
– suggestion for a trip to an architectonic place.
– actualities.
All with one picture in the newsletter and more pictures in the blogs that are linked.
How can I make the change to a more simple newsletter (like Open Circles) every month without disappointing the readers and be sure of continuity?

Paul van Dijck
Paul van Dijck
7 years ago

I am very new in the world of setting up a company of my own. My first products / services will be 1) giving additional lessons in arithmetic/calculating, 2) writing much better books to explain physics and technics and 3) giving additional lessons in physics and technics. Both for scholars and students from 7 to 30 years of age. I want tot start with a small practice and office and want tot end up big. At this moment I have a job. Do you have practical tips / advice for me? Maybe about combining my job and the initiative, an realistic time table and financing (e.g. for a location and equipment).

Ivo van Tol
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

As it takes a little while until the Master Entrepreneur. Do you mind to reveal some tips on using the ultimate time management system. In this way we would all benefit and have more time to work on our business in the next few months.


Anesti Bochem
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Focus: I focused for a year on moped (bromfiets) lessons
Have what I think a remarkable produkt. (giving a free video of their lessons) Discount on the next driving lessons (car).
Still the numbers stay low( people). Wrong “what they need”?

Is it wiseley to change focus to another group? A company wants to work with me and says they have a lot of clients who suffer from fear of driving
Very nice working with them but dont want to be an employee!

Gr. Anesti

Hende Bauer
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh

What is the best way to integrate or combine a blog and a newsletter?

Subscribers to my twice-a-month newsletter receive a present, “À free Mindfulnes Starterskit”.
I do have a separate blog (part of my website). Up till now I sent the newsletter every two weeks, and the articles I then ‘recycle’ on to my blog, with a link on my Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on the best combination of both?

Cora Hiebinger
Cora Hiebinger
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

1. I have a vision (which is pretty big) but I find it difficult to put it into one succinct sentence. Any hints on how to do that?
2. Before coming to the Business Bootcamp I started working on flyers (4)- each with the same design but different colors and different texts – and keeping my target audience and vision in mind while writing the texts. Any thoughts on flyers in general and this idea?

Thanks a million for the Business Bootcamp and all the info you share so generously. You really changed my mindset and I am now enjoying becoming a business woman! I am implementing and things are already looking up. The referral system series was particularly helpful – I have always felt a bit funny about asking about referrals – not anymore – and it works! THANK YOU! I am sending more Austrians 🙂

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

I have an incentive (an e-book about lighting) for subscribing my newsletter, but I need more little gifts (you talk a lot about that). What kind of things to think of?

Ralph Nelissen
Ralph Nelissen
7 years ago


I’ve started my own company this January whilst still being employed. I’m giving myself a year to get my business up and running before leaving my current job. Preferrably by creating a passive income.

My question is: what should be my biggest focus if I want to create a solid foundation?

My company is about coaching male leaders/ managers and personal leadership.

Greetings Ralph Nelissen

Dennis Barriffe
Dennis Barriffe
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

I have been implementing your advice as good as possible. I am A starter. And I have formulated my top 3 Business goals for this year.

Only when I have to break It down and set my monthly goals for now, I do not get past March (so at this moment only looking two months ahead). Cause I do not know which steps to take further.

My question is: How do you break down your business goals into steps?

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

Hey Nissandeh,
The magic of writing things down and thinking about it:
I think I have the answer to the question below:
Every month one topic of the three mensioned below.
No picture in the newsletter itself? Only in the blog?
Or in order to avoid a big difference to the former newsletter one picture in the newsletter?

Juliana Nino
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Many things that you said during the Business Bootcamp put me to think. One of them was: “you must overperform”. I struggle with that one. By nature, I tend to overperform because I like to do things not good but great. On the other hand, I try to find a balance between providing a great service and limiting the amount of time and work I put into my projects and services, because otherwise I feel I do much more work than the work I am paid for.

In addition to that, by overperforming like that, the time with by family (and my own rest) suffer. The customer is happy with the result, yes. But where lies the limit between overperforming and in that way reaching results that make your customers super happy, and damaging your honorarium by doing much more than you are paid for?


Hannah den Houter
Hannah den Houter
7 years ago

Here are my questions:
1 What should I do to raise my business income?

2 What should I do (or have done) so that the products ( fine machine knitted hearbands of natural material and flattering colours, own design and production) on my website will be found on internet?

3 How do I find my targetgroup in the Netherlands?

4 There is a new domain extension for Friesland. My season shop is in Woudsend, in Friesland. I have Should I register for too or instead of nl? Most of my cliënts are not from Friesland.

5 How do I find suitable “fairs” to sell my products? (machine knitted clothes and accessoires, own design and purchase)?

6 How to find enough buyers of fine knitted clothes, basic models of natural material ? I cannot make it or find it to purchase. I like these clothes to be knitted in the Chinese fine knitting industry. The Chinese are very good in this, but works only for 300-1000 pieces per pattern.

Thanks for co-thinking.

Erica Gasseling
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh

It takes time and persistence to look at my notes eveyday from the Business Bootcamp. The good thind is that when I do this, I feel energy to go on and to believe in it.

My question is the following. I have written a book about 5 patterns of action which can make a real turn over in somebody’s life. At least that is what I have found out. My boek is called “Mijn Dikke-Ik”.

Can you help me to find a strategy to bring it to the people. Perhaps I didn’t define my target audience, until now, can be. But I realy did a lot of thinking before I wrote the book, who would be my target audience. In the mean while I am starting a second book, because I like writing.

Can you help me with this question.

Heleen Hulscher
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
After the bootcamp I decided to at do least 1 implementation action per day. It is making me very happy tot take it step by step. I’m now finishing my website and linked in profile. But everytime I see my contactlist en people who wants to contact me, my energy and joy is sinking. There are so many coaches, the thougts I have is how am I going to do this?? I know I have to specialise en describe my target audience. But still I find it hard to go on with these toughts.

I am reading “Leef lekker” at the moment and I can see that er are some very tough beliefs in my system that I gave so much power. One is that women are not supposed to be succesfull in business. I was very happy to discover this believe. So thank you for this chapter and excercise in the book. Is there some clue I can focus on when these negative thoughts are popping up so that they wil not block me in taking action?

Walter Van Noten
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Can you give us the titles of two or three books we should read between the “Business Bootcamp” and the “Master Entrepreneur”?

Thank you.

btw: I love the recordings that were in the package. So thanks again for that.