Q&A video Passive Business Income 2015

Welkom op de pagina voor de Q&A na de Passive Business Income training.

Je hebt de link naar deze pagina ontvangen, omdat je de URL naar jouw video hebt geplaatst op de Q&A kwalificatiepagina

Stel NU jouw vraag over het maken van jouw Information Products in het commentaarveld hieronder – in het Engels graag.

Stel jouw vraag alsjeblieft voor 29 januari 2016

Op 2 februari beantwoord ik jouw vraag in een directe reactie op jouw comment.

Maak alsjeblieft gebruik van deze kans. Ik verheug me erop jouw vragen te lezen en te beantwoorden.

Op jouw succes,


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Linda Graanoogst
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh en team!

Dank voor deze mogelijkheid!

Hoeveel minuten is een video gemiddeld voor een Information Product? Wat is handig om aan te houden; 30 minuten, 45 of 20?

En kun je de opbouw van een promotievideo ter verkoop van een Info Product video nog een keer vertellen aan ons?

Dank je wel en graag tot horens/ziens!

Linda Graanoogst

Linda Graanoogst
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh & team,

(Sorry, I overlooked the fact you would have this in English.)
Thank you for this opportunity!

How many minutes do you recommend for a Information Product? Are 20, 30 or 45 minutes appropriate for a lesson?

And would you like to recap/tell us the structure again (what words and structure) we should use in our promotion video for our Info Product video.

Thnx a million!

See you soon,

Linda Graanoogst

Martine Verweij
6 years ago

Thanks for this great questions, Linda.

I too want to know the structure and the words for the promotion video for the information product.

Warm regards,

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago

Hi Linda and Martine,

When talking about a stand alone PAID product (meaning – only one video) – I would go for 40-60 minutes.

If it’s a series of videos (either as one product or a continuity program) than shorter videos are fine too (20-30 minutes).

A typical structure for a lesson I would recommend is:

• One BIG idea per lesson
• What’s the BIG idea
• Why it’s a BIG idea – excite them
• Why it’s different (make the implicit explicit) – a game changer… idea that can transform your life…
• How to do it – this is the BIGGEST part of the lesson
• How to stay motivated (keep them motivated all the time)
• For continuity program…
Why to stay subscribed (tease them about next month)

Hope that helps, Nisandeh

Martine Verweij
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for this opportunity, love it 🙂

I have difficulties and questions about uploading my information product video’s so that they are not public and therefor protected.

1. I uploaded my video on Vimeo, but there was no sound. What did I do wrong?

2. How can I upload my video on Youtube without the video being public, so only the clients who paid get access?

3. I like the possibility of full screen, that’s best for my video’s, so clients have a clearer look on the drawings. I noticed that Vimeo doesn’t have this feature and Youtube does. Is there another ‘provider’ that has the full screen feature and I can protect my video’s you recommend?

4. Why not uploading my video’s directly on my WordPress site?

5. Why do you recommend a platform like Kajabi and not having a membership plugin on my WordPress site?

6. Do you know Courseware? If yes, what do you think of it? I like the fact that I can put in tests between the video’s.

I’m looking forward to the video.

Warm regards,

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago

Hi Martine,

Here are my answers to your questions:

1. I have no clue. Never had that problem. Please contact Vimeo support.

2. You can upload it and set it to UNLISTED or PRIVATE.
UNLISTED – will make sure that others cannot find it, so only people you give them the link can see it. However – those people can share it easily or embed it on their sites or Facebook.
PRIVATE – means that they need a password to watch it.
Again – people can share the password with the video – but that’s not a big risk, and you can always change the password.

3. As much as I know – Vimeo has the same feature. It’s an icon on the right, lower corner of the video and when you click it – you can get the video full size.
However, you have to ‘allow’ it from the video setting menu.

4. What do you mean ‘directly’? You need to host your video somewhere, as I don’t think your website server could hold many videos, and probably it’s not their specialty, while video hosting sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) are doing it perfectly …

5. We had membership sites on all possible platforms, including WordPress with plugins. From our experience Kajabi is the best platform for delivery of these information products. You can use WordPress and membership plugin – many of our students do… But we moved almost all our products to Kajabi.

6. Sorry. Never heard of it.

Hope that helps, Nisandeh

Jan de Jong
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Hopefully you accept my after-deadline question:

My business is about realizing nature projects. That means that, for my credibility, it’s useful to film outside in the nature and not in a studio. To make content with a (professional) filmer is quite expensive. That means that i have to invest a lot, while i’m not sure if i can sell the product.

1. Do you have a suggestion to cut costs filming outside?
2. I may have found a solution: the filmer works for free but shares the benefits of the passive income (50/50 base). What is your opinion?

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
6 years ago
Reply to  Jan de Jong

Hi Jan,

Outside filming is tricky in any case. Strong contrast between light and shade, angle of the light (which can create strong shadows on your face), ambient noise, etc…

Meaning – you better get someone (and even better – a professional) to film you.

I think that if you plan carefully – you can easily shoot a few episodes/sessions one after another, and this way cut your costs per episode when you use a professional.

Another way is to get a film/videographer student to do it for free or for very cheap. There are a few websites you can post your project and students will apply to do them.

Of course, your solution of paying from the revenue you make is great – if you can find a videographer that believes in you.

And last, but not least, there are many videographers in Open Circles community – maybe you can find one and exchange services…

Hope that helps, Nisandeh

Doret Schulkes
6 years ago

Thanks for the question Linda and the answer Nisandeh.
Everytime I come to the conclusion I am to direct so there is to little context to embed the information I give. So this is a very good reminder.