Voorbereiding Q&A 3 juni 2015 (verplaatst naar 10 juni)

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van woensdag 3 juni 2015 (let op! verplaatst naar 10 juni).

In deze laatste sessie help ik je verder resultaten te behalen met de 7 DVD/CD sets thuisstudie cursussen van de Implementation Series.

En daarna zien we elkaar tijdens de Master Entrepreneur!

Stel jouw vraag of vragen voor deze Q&A sessie in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina – graag IN HET ENGELS.

Je hebt tot uiterlijk 6 juni 2015 de tijd om jouw vragen te stellen. Maak hier alsjeblieft gebruik van.

Q&A Sessie: woensdag 10 juni 2015, 20:30 uur

Klik hier voor de Q&A sessie van 3 juni 2015
(beschermd met een wachtwoord)

Je ontvangt per een e-mail een herinnering met het wachtwoord dat jou toegang geeft tot de online Q&A sessie.

Ik verheug me enorm op jouw vragen en om jou te helpen in het groeien van jouw business.

Tot 10 juni!

Op jouw succes,


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Anesti Bochem
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

The advice I got from you the last time, FOCUS only on the people who fear from driving. If there is market, my answere, yes about 800.000 to 1.000.000 people fear from that. (And have shame)
Not many books are written.
Or CD’s made.

Question: How to make my self more visible, I dont’t think it is wise to put a sticker on my car informing people I can help them with their problem (not nice for the person who is driving).

Last question: When you started with a small group, how did you get the energy level up high. Also with music and a team?

Thanks for your help.


Theo Mulder
Theo Mulder
7 years ago

Hallo Nisandeh,
At this moment I’m in an awkward position. I’m a plumber and am working in the area of Groningen since 1999 I am ZZPer . I find it hard to distinguish me from other plumbers because everyone has the same product . Throug the crises the majority of my network is gone bankrupt or they have stopped their business. There are also companies went bankrupt with staff who also started as ZZp er.

These people often work for € 25 or less.From the beginning of the year I’ve had not enough jobs to get by. Thats why I asked for a bbz uitkering. To qualify , there was a business advisor to see if my business is viable. Because there are no jobs in the portfolio it is not viable according to them. Before years I live below welvare. Now

I have the choice to stop or come up with a very good plan . It is as if I have to start completely anew. This also means investeren. again and I do not know where to get money and if I can ever make this thing profitable . What would you suggest stop or start alover

Mirta Dobson-Demare
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
For the last 12 years, I have been running an art gallery in Rotterdam. We have a full house during the openings of the exhibitions and visitors show great interest in the artworks.
I manage the works of 13 young, international artists.
However and due to the crisis, since the last four years, our selling of paintings and drawings has declined in 60 %.
I have art works of € 40.000,00, but mostly the prices of the pieces we commonly sell, range from € 500,00 to € 5.000,00.
In order to attract and rich out more customers, I would like to have some advises/ ideas/ techniques/ strategies about promotion and sells, specially via internet.

I will appreciate your comments. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Onne Kierkels
7 years ago

I have one business with two different streams . Graphic design and workshops for children. I have got the feeling that i have to choose before the comming Master, is it?
When i started my business i had a Fast start. Since the bootcamp i learned a lot and implement a lot but unfortunately my business is going downhill since. And i have got the feeling i am losing control. Not a nice feeling. What will the master entrepreneur offer in this situation?

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

Hey Nisandeh

Wat is the best way to prepare myself for the Master Entrepreneur?

Walter Van Noten
7 years ago

Thanks again for the implementation series.

I didn’t listen to any music in my car in the last 5 months 🙂

My personal favorite is the Business Blogging Master Class.
I think this recording was made in 2012 (correct me if I’m wrong).

My question is:
Has anything changed since? Are there any updates on that course?

Another question:
Can you share any insight on the use of LinkedIn-groups for marketing?

Cora K. Hiebinger
Cora K. Hiebinger
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
one question: I have raised my prices recently, also with the thought in mind that this will give me more freedom to give people who cannot afford my hourly rate sessions for less money. However, I don’t want to be too forthcoming with the cheaper rate – I notice that sometimes people are put off by that (if I sound to eager to get them as clients) and also, I actually rather have the full price of course – but at the same time, I need to let people who I would like to work with know that this option of paying less exists. Any ideas on that?

Also, I am with Doret Schulkes – anything we should bring to the Master Entrepeneur? Do we need a laptop, for example?

Thank you and see you soon!

Debora Lodewijk
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

As a professional organizer I plan to focus on upmarket clients and/or enterpreneurs who feel the need to get all their private and business emergency info and last wishes organised, written down, legally registered and securely stored. So in case something happens, their relatives or business partners will know exactly where the necessary info is and what to do. The product thus provides peace of mind for the client and at the same time comfort and stress reduction for relatives and/or business partners. Also, it reduces risks in case a company owner is not capable of running the business anymore.

What I offer, goes way beyond a regular ‘testament’ and also includes stuff that you do not discuss with a sollicitor and loads of silly day to day practicle things that come up in case of emergency. Those who’ve been there, know what I mean.

So far I have done some pilot projects. The participating clients are all very enthousiastic. That is, once they’ve overcome their initial reluctance to discuss things like illness, dying, etc. We all know it is important to arrange stuff like this, but to actually sit down and discuss things step by step is quite confronting.

So I am pondering over the question how to overcome this initial reluctance? What should I focus on in my proposition? I am really curious to know what your thoughts are.

Another question (not only to you, but maybe also to other participants who have a similar target audience) : quite a lot of my potential clients live in the more conservative areas of the Netherlands and are elderly. Therefore they are not always as internet savvy as younger generations. The Open Circles programme however focusses heavily on the use of social media, blogs etc. How would you (or others) tackle this?

Many thanks for any feedback and hope to see you at the Master Enterpreneur!