Voorbereiding Q&A 6 mei 2015

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van woensdag 6 mei 2015.

In deze vierde sessie help ik je verder resultaten te behalen met de 7 DVD/CD sets thuisstudie cursussen van de Implementation Series.

Om mij goed te kunnen voorbereiden deze sessie en jou maximaal te ondersteunen, wil ik jouw vragen graag VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen voor deze Q&A sessie in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina – graag IN HET ENGELS

Q&A Sessie 4: woensdag 6 mei 2015, 20:30 uur

Klik hier voor de Q&A sessie van 6 mei 2015
(beschermd met een wachtwoord)

Je ontvangt per een e-mail een herinnering met het wachtwoord dat jou toegang geeft tot de online Q&A sessie.

Ik verheug me enorm op jouw vragen en om jou te helpen in het groeien van jouw business.

Tot 6 mei!

Op jouw succes,


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Ivo van Tol
7 years ago

Hello Nissandeh,

A question about focus. Curently I am running a webshop that is growing but not generating enough income to live from. Therefore I also am a ZZP-er in IT which is my main income.

Now I have plenty of ideas to grow my business (webshop) but become stuck in operational things and there is no time to work ON my business.

Do you have tips on how to work together or outsource certain things so I will be able to do more strategic work that will add value to my business.

Thanks and see you wednesday.


Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh
I am working hard to communicate to my (potential) clients.
I have one person that is working for me in my business. I think I have to grow and find another person. How do I know what kind of person I need?

Doret Schulkes
7 years ago

Belonging to the former question: what I mean is: I am an interior architect that helps people to get a “heerlijk huis”.
There is working another interiorarchitect for me who is doing all the drawings (in archicad). Know I feel it has to be another discipline helping me…but what?

Anja Rijkens
7 years ago

I’ve got 2 questions:
1 My site is koekoek.org, because .nl was already taken.
Should I change it in gobkoekoek.nl ? I want everybody to find the site, with a short name.

2/ I’m developing boxes for the children to explore and to develop themselves and to stimulatie them to to that during the day while they are with the babysitter, gastouder.

I don’t know the english word of that. What is the right way to introduce them. For free the first year, so I know exactly their needs? And use an evaluation form. Or ask a symbolic fee? I hope that this is my remarkable product, because the parents want me to develop them. They asked for it and want to pay extra for it.

Anja Rijkens
Anja Rijkens
7 years ago
Reply to  Anja Rijkens

I can see 2 reactions, but where can I read them?
I can’t click here

Leni Minderhoud
7 years ago
Reply to  Anja Rijkens

Hi Anja, dit is het aantal reacties die je zelf plaatste.

Cora K. Hiebinger
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have a question about goal setting. I have been reading your book Elements of Success where you suggest to pick 7 goals, 1 huge, 2 big,….etc. Now I am doing the visualization and in that chapter you again suggest to pick 7 goals but phrase them after looking at my values. Now these 7 goals are actually all big goals that probably need some time to manifest. Also, some of my goals are changing – so much so that I am not sure anymore if some are actually really what I want.

Any suggestions on how to deal with that process? Should I break the big goals down into smaller more manageable ones or is it the plan to use big goals (e.g. 3 more rooms and about 50 more square metres than now – not jus get rid of superfluous stuff so I can have a clean, orderly apartment) for visualization? Thanks!

Walter van Noten
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

In one of your latest blogs you suggest we could give free advice on Facebook. I like the idea. Could you elaborate al little more on how to organise that. I have little experience with Facebook.
For example:
Should I do it on my personal page or on a company page. Should I start a group… ?
What are the alternatives for a video blog?

Monique Muller
Monique Muller
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh ; how to plan? All ideas, to do’s etc. Are hunting me; how to pick out THE most important main points ? Is there a system?

Bryan van Maalsen
7 years ago

Good day Nisandeh. I had asked these 2 questions in the BizPeptalk series but maybe I missed your answer so here they are again.

The 2 most important questions for me at this moment
1. PRODUCTIVITY: I just started my graphic design business for designing flyers, posters, brochures etc so no webdesign or other online design. If I have no assignments yet or have completed some assignments, I have difficulty using the rest of my time. What can I do not to waste time and grow my business?

2. MARKETING: What effective paid and free sources of marketing can you recommend to find clients online/offline (specifically for graphic design assignments). Thank you for answering.