Voorbereiding Q&A 8 april 2015

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van woensdag 8 april 2015.

In deze derde sessie help ik je verder resultaten te behalen met de 7 DVD/CD sets thuisstudie cursussen van de Implementation Series.

Om mij goed te kunnen voorbereiden deze sessie en jou maximaal te ondersteunen, wil ik jouw vragen graag VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen voor deze Q&A sessie in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina – graag IN HET ENGELS

Doe het uiterlijk 48 uur voor aanvang, omdat ik alleen de vragen kan beantwoorden die op tijd zijn gesteld.

Q&A Sessie 3: woensdag 8 april 2015, 20:30 uur

Klik hier voor de Q&A sessie van 8 april 2015
(beschermd met een wachtwoord)

Je ontvangt per een e-mail een herinnering met het wachtwoord dat jou toegang geeft tot de online Q&A sessie.

Ik verheug me enorm op jouw vragen en om jou te helpen in het groeien van jouw business.

Tot 8 april!

Op jouw succes,


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Bénédicte Boné
7 years ago

Good morning Nisandeh,

How would you handle the use of several languages in a newsletter? My customers speak french, dutch or english (native and as a second language). Would you send one newsletter per language or use somehow all 3 languages in each newsletter?


Erica Gasseling
7 years ago

Thanks for all the things to hear and read. I have the following question.

How to deal with impatience of myself when it is impatience. I feel unsecure about all the people around me who are in the same position as me. I really work hard on all kind of things: being expert (I know I am), how to use the right strategy to ask attention for the things I can, I am really good in!!
My passion, products, planning and performance is not the problem.

What is the big chance to make.

I reall y look for a way to make the difference because everybody is making, e-books, newsletters, you-tube video’s etc. Sometime I have the feeling eveybody is making a ‘kloon’ from somebodyelse.


Monique Muller
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh;
I am
At THE beginning of getting my business on THE market. I am enthousiastic and a am getting a lot of ideas. How to handle them?? I found it difficult to be focussed. I want to find out how to use my energy in THE right direction; to stay focussed! Thanks; Monique muller

Cora Hiebinger
Cora Hiebinger
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh, I have 2 questions:
1. Newsletter versus Blog: as I mentioned before, I sent out my first newsletter at the beginning of March. It had
* a short introduction where I explained the new developments (e.g. – there is a newsletter now),
* provided information on upcoming events at my centre, as well as
* freebies for former clients (which worked very well – the 3% rule showed up perfectly – increasing my trust yet again in the fact that you know your stuff 🙂 ) and
* the offer for clients to send friends/family/etc. for free sessions – that did not work, but when I try it again, I will make it much clearer what the benefit for me and my clients is.
So, tomorrow, my second newsletter should go out and – inspired by your DVDs on business blogging – I thought, why not start the blog now and maybe do a couple of mistakes instead of waiting till I feel it might turn out perfectly. (my mindset has successfully changed – and I am very happy about it – thank you!)
QUESTION: do I understand this correctly, that I use the newsletter for inviting people on my mailinglist to read my blog (i.e. providing a link to the blog in my newsletter), and I can continue to use the newsletter for inviting them to events (such as e.g. a lecture at my centre)? Should the goodies they get be in the newsletter, or only in the blog with the CTA? Or is a goodie for writing a comment different from a goodie I provide in the newsletter?

2. BLOG – content: It feels like even though I am not constantly sittign down to think about my target audience and vision, my mind seems to work on these topics in the background – and every now and then an idea pops up and things become a bit clearer. Now – for the blog I have an idea for topics all tying in with the bigger picture of my vision and my target audience. However, at this point I have no clarity about the best sequence, or how one topic could build on the next.
QUESTION: do I need to know all my topics for the next couple of months, so there is a red line that can be followed by my readers, or is it ok to start with this kind of vague notion of a direction and a bigger context, but no details?

Thanks a lot for everything, I am looking forward to Wednesday!

Walter Van Noten
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
My specialty is central heating and air conditioning.
I am working on the creation of my remarkable product which is targeted at organizations like schools, companies, local government…
One of its benefits is energy savings in buildings.
A couple of months ago I got a contract with a large school that, in many ways, is an ideal client. I have been working hard to produce results.
Now I have results that are visible through somewhat complicated spreadsheet analysis.
I have two questions:
1. Saving energy is not my client’s top priority. I think they have other priorities that I can help with, but I feel that I should do more to raise awareness (about the waste of energy and scarce financial recourses) and to create engagement in the organizations that I am working for. Do you have suggestions on how to do that?
2. Could you give already some tips on how to interview clients for a better understanding of their needs?