Exclusive 10X Mentoring Group – Application

For the first time EVER… I’m offering a select group of committed, ambitious entrepreneurs an opportunity to be mentored by me for a whole year!

In the Exclusive 10X Mentoring Group you’re going to learn how to multiply your life 10-fold. I’ve done it personally in the past (several times)… I’ve done it with private clients. And if you’re qualified, I can do that with you too.

To be able to translate and transfer the ideas, solutions, strategies and breakthroughs I’m going to share during this one-year program for each member is a dynamic that can only work when I mentor up to 12 entrepreneurs.

Let me make sure you understand the big difference between mentoring, coaching and training. They are all valuable but mentoring is the high point. It is the highest level of support for massive performance improvement.

Let me tell you why:

  • Training is when I translate, simplify and communicate powerful general ideas to a large group.
  • Coaching is when I take individuals and help them achieve their goals – which can be meaningful and significant but usually are dramatically below the level of ultimate performance that their ability, effort, time, opportunity and potential could deliver.
  • True mentoring is when a successful, real world practitioner who has been there and done that – in this case me – works with you continuously and holds you to a far higher standard of thinking, of action, of implementation, of performance, of financial and of business achievement, vision, goals and accomplishments than you would ever hold for yourself.

I’m committed in this very unique and first ever, long term, intimate, exclusive group process to do everything within my skills, power, knowledge and abilities to support you in getting the results and the accomplishments you deserve.

I want to make this very straightforward.

This one-year intensive program is going to be inappropriate for most of the people reading this, maybe also for you. I say that with respect and admiration for all the other commitments and investments you may have made in your business and in yourself.

But this is a very special program for 12 committed and ambitious entrepreneurs who have a flexible schedule, a commitment to implement, a willingness to hang out with me in a unique environment that will incorporate discussion, exploration, learning, teaching and some surprises in a very non-structured but very focused way.

Your investment in the Exclusive 10X Mentoring one-year program is €25,000 and if that’s a lot, I understand and I apologize with respect but it’s got to be enough that you’ll take it seriously.

And you have to realize, our business model is having 1000 – 1500 people in a Business Bootcamp, while our advanced (and well-paid) 3-day trainings hold 500-800 participants at a time.

So working exclusively with you and 11 other entrepreneurs for a year is my investment in you.

Also… your business should have a minimum turnover (omzet) of €250,000 to qualify, and even then you’ll have to go through an application process that will include filling up an admission questionnaire, being interviewed by Vered on the phone and lastly being interviewed in person by me… before you’re approved.

I apologize if you find the whole process offensive or unusual, but realize this: being able to pay the €25,000 is NOT enough for this exclusive mentoring group.

I need to know for sure that you are totally committed, totally capable, and totally in alignment with our vision AND… that you are a worthwhile investment for me and the other 11 members.

For more information, please watch the video below and let me know in the comments box below if you have any question:

If you’re ready to APPLY for the 10X Mentoring Group, please fill out this form:

Please let me know, in the comment box below, if you have any question.

To your success,

Nisandeh Neta

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Ellen van der Hall
Ellen van der Hall
7 years ago

I do not fit the criteria. As I understood you also might have already one group. So I hope that when this group has finished their year with you they will share their experience with us.

Also I hope they will donate a part of their netto profit after this year to worldwide projects to help lift others life.

Good luck to all of you!

And the ones that do not fit the profile (yet) we have the tools to grow too.

Jeffrey Leichel
7 years ago

A lot of motivated people, with high energy, perhaps brilliant ideas, but low budgets.

Isn’t it possible Nisandeh to select the ten most promising businessplans and start crowdfunding for 10 x € 25.000?
The revenues are interesting enough for investors. Find 2.500 people that invest € 100,00 each and you’re on your way. Investors get exclusive info on progress and results.
I’m in for € 200,00. Can’t wait to get my first newsletter 🙂 It’s a lot more fun than a boaring savings account or a useless lottery ticket, that’s for sure.

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
7 years ago

What a creative idea, Jeffrey.

I need to give it more thought, but in any case… The reason for the €250,000 threshold is to have certain type of businesses – that already have a proof of concept.

These are the ones I want to spend a year mentoring.

While, I think, you’re talking of businesses that have a good idea (and a good plan) – but not yet a proof of concept – which is an interesting group – but a very different mentoring process.

Thank you for thinking aloud… Nisandeh

Coen Spaan
Coen Spaan
7 years ago


Thank you for offering me this BIG opportunity! I would love to join the programme, I would love to, and I’n willing to dive, fully committed in this unknown, to change the view on/ of everything I ever believed in!
Yess I’m willing to pay 25K for an year like this, YES bigtime! To change an 25k investment in to an 2,500,000 profit!

At this moment getting 25K together is an BIG defiance, i’m just coming back from near (unofficial) bankruptcy. I’m now looking for a way to get it together, but at this moment, ai ai ai it looks like it will be a BIG challenge.

For every one who is able to get the 25k together, get of your ass and apply for this programme!!!!! I would do my biggest fears to be in this programme with one of my mentors!

Again, thank you for inviting me for, offering me, this big life/ business experience, opportunity AKA true change and implementing change opportunity!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Miranda Sidler
7 years ago

Beste Nisandeh,

Bedankt voor de uitnodiging en deze kans. Echter mijn omzet haalt de voorwaarden niet. Maar ik werk hieraan!
Mijn doel is om wereldwijd mijn kennis te kunnen delen, zodat veel meer mensen kunnen profiteren van het 10wekenplan die zorgt dat je leven voor altijd veranderd in een fitter en gezondere “jij”.

Succes en ga vooral zo door. Ik krijg altijd zoveel energie van de filmpjes en teksten die je schrijft.


Miranda Sidler

Rob Stalenhoef
7 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

First I need to raise my turnover before I meet the criteria. I still have tons of work to implement.

Succes to you and the students on your new project in Tenerife!

Martine Verweij
7 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Before the Breakthrough to Success I would have done anything to get in the group. But my focus and life has changed dramatically after the Breakthrough to Success.

I believe that being succesfull is not the main goal in live. There is something in the human mind that has to be changed first, before the world can be a better place.

More and more I realize I can help with my business in that matter.

Thanks again for the lessons in the Breakthrough to Success!

Warm regards,

Coen Tuerlings
7 years ago

Great opportunity Nisandeh and I’m committed and with the right mindset to bring my business 10x from what it is now. I resonate with that, just don’t fit the criteria yet….

This year will be a game changer for many of us, so stay tuned to the transformational channel of Open Circles…

Ps, I just found a bat in my holiday sleeping room. Flew some rounds and got out the window… So tranformation is in the air 😉

Hans Ham
Hans Ham
7 years ago
Reply to  Coen Tuerlings

Hi Coen,

I do not understand your statement. What is the relationship between a bat and transformation??? How can transformation be “in the air”. I think it should be in your plans, actions and intentions.

Coen Tuerlings
7 years ago
Reply to  Hans Ham

That’s true Hans, the bat alone doesn’t do the trick. It’s just a ‘tip’ from nature to be ready for opportunity.
A hint to connect things I would otherwise not connect.

Eleonora van Grinsven
7 years ago
Reply to  Hans Ham

Hallo Hans en Coen,

Voor mij hebben jullie beiden gelijk. Vanuit Coen die bezig is met geluid, wat zich in de lucht afspeelt, kan ik me helemaal voorstellen dat de vleermuis die zelfs met geluid navigeert een heel mooi voorteken is. Dit verstevigd Coen’s idee dat hij vooral door moet gaan en dus maakt hij meer plannen en implementeert meer.

En dat is volgens mij precies wat Hans bedoeld.

Beiden heel veel succes gewenst.

Margaret Rekers
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

After reading the title I am thinking and feeling:”Yes!!!” You with all your experience as coach is like a dream on the wright moment.
Unfortunately for this moment this will stay my dream.

I wish the lucky ones a great year with lots of success.
Thanks for sending my this post. I appreciate the opportunity you give me (and all others), even though I can not use it.

Best regards, Margaret

Sergio Carbonara
Sergio Carbonara
7 years ago

Maybe an unusual answer to an unusual offer!

Only twelve selected people will be taken in a one year mentoring program paying 25k for this but only if they have a turnover of minimum 250k per year, among the other requirements.

Why a ZZPer (your audience) that earns 20k per month should ever attend a program like this? He is experienced (and successful) enough to grow by himself. Don’t forget he is a single individual (so as from the definition of ZZPer that means entrepreneur without personnel).

Additionally, the program requires a full availability and commitment. So, in the best case scenario, the activity (of a single entrepreneur) will be strongly impacted by this participation.

I know my considerations can sound ‘niet zo aardig’ but that’s really not my intention.

I am for sure critical but not polemic or with an end in itself. I just would like to better understand the value of this.


Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
7 years ago

It’s true that someone who generates € 250K on their own is already successful. That’s the whole point of this mentoring program…

My aim is to take those that already proved that they are successful and take then to the next level – we call it 10X.

It’s very different to generate € 250K from generating a million, for example. It’s a different mindset, a different skill set, and of course – different strategies.

While giving the basic mindset, skill set and strategies in our big training programs – I miss the opportunity to share the mindset, skill set and strategies that allowed me to build a multimillion euro company – and now, I’m getting the chance to play with those that can benefit from them.

Hope that makes it clearer, Nisandeh

Leo Steijn
7 years ago


Geweldig als ik deze kans krijg. Ik ben bezig met mijn missie. Ik ben de factor dat de tweewielerbranche op hoger niveau komt. Ik heb het geld niet, wel de mogelijkheden. Ik heb een plan hiervoor en heb je hulp en die van andere dit neer te zetten. Omdat je vanuit hetzelfde komt € 0,00 ga ik er van uit dat ik nogmaals de kans krijg van het universum. Eerder hield mijn gezondheid me tegen. Nu ga ik er voor. Heb er zin in. Let’s go.

Hans Duiker
7 years ago

HI Nisandeh (and Open Circles team!),

enjoy your new home on the island of Tenerife!

I like your offer and i match your criteria, although do not feel ready to take on this offer yet.
Next year i will be following several courses that will also definately help to improve my business.
so i think 2016 will be my year (-:

I would love to help to create a better world and i am already making small, but irreversible steps toward this end.

Good luck and to our success


Eleonora van Grinsven
7 years ago

Thanks for the great opportunity. It tells me you believe that my mindset is the right one. I’ve been working very hard on getting it there, so good to see it get’s noticed.

Not meeting the criteria now feels like an excuus to me to say no. So I wonder, why don’t I say yes? I feel I’m currently in a transition from ‘uurtje-factuurtje’ to my new support program.
Yes, I’m walking but I’m also still very unsure about the revenue, my time-impact, my energy level.

So due to the breakthrough I might have grown ‘ME’ from a 3 to a 5.

It still feels like that’s not enough to take the next step. First step now is keep on going and more that 5 to a 6 coming month.

Best regards, Eleonora

Betty Sta van Uiter
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, It would be an honour to have you as a mentor. I believe though that someone who really need your help cannot affor this (;ike me) and the people that can afford this have supposedly done so well already that they do not really need you. It is a pity .

Warm regards and lots of succes
Betty Sta van Uiter

Bikkel Artist
7 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Good to see you working still in Holland!
I think many potencial clients of you do have skills in coaching, training.

I am an international contemporary committed artist (fine art, professional)
Maybe you can help me to find a good way to earn money with my art and my energy?

Below my small cv.

Warm regards,


International Contemporary Committed Artist (Fine Art, Professional)

Founder and Curator Gallery Kunst aan de Kade
c/o VERDEROP, Westvest 9, 2611 AX Delft

Promotor World Art Games NL. (WAG NL Promotor)
Founder WAG NL 2014 Group

Representative Curacao at Art Promotion International (API)


Janneke Ubels
Janneke Ubels
7 years ago
Reply to  Bikkel Artist

Hello Bikkel,

I’ve visited your website and see that you have a quite succesful gallery, with good exhibitions.

Have you ever thought of working together with an event organiser, to combine art and events (parties)?

I recently started my company as an event organiser and I am looking for artists and galleries who are interested in co-operation.

If you like it, please, let me know!


Klaas van Oosterhout
7 years ago

No questions, just gave me an extra objective for the future. Very proud the way things are going and we have started to make our first euros.

Now working on doubling that, again and again, etc… Looking forward to be part of that group in a couple of years!