Elite 10X Mentoring Group – Application

Because of serious demand and requests, I’m offering a new group of committed, ambitious entrepreneurs an opportunity to be personally mentored by me for a whole year.

In the Elite 10X Mentoring Group you’re going to learn how to multiply your life 10-fold. I’ve done it personally in the past (several times)… I’ve done it with private clients. And if you’re qualified, I can do that with you too.

The ideas, solutions, strategies and breakthroughs I’m going to share during this one-year program will work for you when the group consists of a maximum of 25 entrepreneurs.

But before you rush to the application form below, let me make sure you understand the big difference between mentoring, coaching and training. They are all valuable but mentoring is the high point. It is the highest level of support for massive performance improvement.

  • Training is when I translate, simplify and communicate powerful general ideas to a large group.
  • Coaching is when I take individuals and help them achieve their goals – which can be meaningful and significant but usually are dramatically below the level of ultimate performance that their ability, effort, time, opportunity and potential could deliver.
  • True mentoring is when a successful, real world practitioner who has been there and done that – in this case me – works with you continuously and holds you to a far higher standard of thinking, of action, of implementation, of performance, of financial and of business achievement, vision, goals and accomplishments than you would ever hold for yourself.

In this very intensive, long term, intimate, Elite 10X Mentoring Group, I’m committed to apply my skills, power, knowledge and abilities to support you in getting the results and the accomplishments you deserve.

This is a very special program for (max 25) committed and ambitious entrepreneurs who have a flexible schedule, a commitment to implement, a willingness to hang out with me in a unique environment that will incorporate discussion, exploration, learning, teaching and some surprises in a very non-structured but very focused way.

Your investment in the Elite 10X Mentoring one-year program is €12,000

But, being able to pay the €12,000 is NOT enough to qualify for the ELITE 10X Mentoring Group.

Also… your business should have a minimum turnover (omzet) of €100,000 to qualify and you’ll have to go through an application process that will include filling up an admission questionnaire, being interviewed by Vered on the phone and lastly being interviewed in person by me… before you’re approved.

I need to know for sure that you are totally committed, totally capable, and totally in alignment with our vision AND… that you are a worthwhile investment for me and the other members of the group.

If you’re ready to APPLY for the 10X ELITE Mentoring Group, please fill out this form:

Please let me know, in the comment box below, if you have any question.

To your success,

Nisandeh Neta

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