Are YOU my next online marketing superstar?

Hi, this is Nisandeh Neta from Open Circles Academy and I am looking for a SUPERSTAR online marketing intern.

I’m looking for a brilliant, hardworking, passionate, young(18-21 yrs) intern/stagiair with ambitions in the sky. I want to teach you how to make your online marketing ambitions come true, while working and learning from me and my top teachers and mentors.

The internship is for 6 months – with the intention to hire you for a position in my marketing team after that initial period.

Do you believe that going to (another) school will prepare you best for your online marketing career?

Or.. do you believe that you will get the best practical online marketing education only from the best mentors, while being part of a successfull WORKING marketing team?

All modesty aside, there are very few marketeers that achieved online marketing success as my team and I achieved here in the Netherlands. And people invest €25,000 to be mentored by me for a year (basically one day a month).

Don’t take only my word for it. For example, listen to Brian Tracy – the world’s top business achievement expert, Rich Schefren – the world’s top online marketing expert, Dustin Mathews – world’s top expert on conversion from stage and Tom Beal who is responsible for some of the most successful online marketing launches ever.

Working for Open Circles Academy is like working in an online marketing candystore…

To give you an idea, we have 17.000+ facebook fans, 17.000+ Twitter followers, 60.000+ in our mailing database, 300.000 unique website visitors a year, 100.000+ blog comments.

Thanks to our marketing efforts, our flagship 2-day training, the Business Bootcamp, is sold out many weeks in advance with more than 1500 participants – every single time.

And you can be part of our team.

If you are Internet savvy, know your way around the social media world, are interested in marketing and business and are willing to learn hard, work hard, play hard, and achieve success fast… you just might be the right person to become my intern for 6 months.

Why this is your chance of a lifetime…

  • You will learn how to become an online marketing superstar, mastering the 2 most important strategies in today’s and tomorrow’s (online) marketing world – traffic and conversion
  • You get access to real budget to play and experiment with.
  • You’re going to learn by doing real projects. I am NOT giving you assignments for the sake of assignments. You are going after results that count and have a direct impact in the marketplace.
  • You’re going to get to learn from me (Nisandeh Neta) directly and be able to pick my brain for a whole 6 months…

This could be the start of your online marketing career

If after 6 months you have become as good as I hope you will… I will offer you a position in my marketing team. You will get a well-paid job working on the most exciting and lucrative online marketing projects in the world today.

What I ask of you

I will ask you to dedicate 6 months of your working life, 5 days a week (long hours at times) in our offices in Amsterdam, for no financial compensation.

This is NOT for you if you still think your best option is to go to school to learn online marketing. You are really fortunate to be reading these words. I wish I had an opportunity like this, so early in my life.

So, this is only for you if you see the enormous opportunity here, believe in your own potential and are willing to invest your time learning and implementing as fast as you can, working together with my marketing team.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get your best practical marketing education ever?

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • Excellent written and spoken English and Dutch
  • Excellent computer, Internet and social media skills
  • Committed to dedicate 6 months to learn and implement fast
  • Willingness to work a couple of weeks at a time in Tenerife (if needed)

If you’re interested, please send Gauwrie ( an email with the subject line ‘TC intern position’ and include your motivation letter in English.

Tell me why YOU are the best person to become my intern, what’s your motivation and commitment, why I will never regret hiring you as my intern and what you want to get from this 6-month program.

If she likes what you write, she will schedule an interview with you and me.

Do you see your chance of a lifetime to become an absolute online marketing superstar?

Act quickly – when qualifications are equal – we hire on a first come, first serve basis.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

To your success,