Live-streaming Seminar Target Audience Secrets – 29 oktober 2013

Welkom op de pagina van het Live-streaming seminar Target Audience Secrets.

Jij WEET gewoon dat er meer te halen is uit de markt – JOUW markt… maar HOE?  Het is een goede keuze om deel te nemen aan dit seminar en de hulp te gebruiken die ik je kan bieden in het vinden en bereiken van jouw doelgroep.

Wil jij weten wie bereid is goed voor jouw product of dienst te betalen? Wil je stoppen met alles zijn voor iedereen en je echt focussen op wat jij het beste kunt? Of weet je precies wie je doelgroep is, maar heb je moeite deze te bereiken? Of heb je moeite met filteren en kwalificeren van de juiste klanten?

Ontdek hoe je klanten krijgt die steeds weer opnieuw bij je terugkomen!

Live-streaming seminar Target Audience Secrets met Nisandeh Neta

Datum: dinsdag 29 oktober 2013
Tijd: van 20:30 tot 21:30 uur

Je kunt het seminar volgen op je computer, telefoon of tablet, thuis, waar je maar wilt.

Als het goed is, heb je per e-mail de inloginformatie van ons ontvangen.

Jouw vragen

Ik heb al een hoop vragen en uitdagingen gelezen in de comments op de artikelen in de 4-delige artikelen reeks met als onderwerp: Jouw doelgroep

En voor als er nog tijd over is tijdens het webinar:

Laat me jouw vraag of uitdaging met betrekking tot jouw doelgroep weten in het commentaarveld hieronder VOOR 29 oktober 2013- IN HET ENGELS graag. 

Het webinar is inmiddels afgelopen en ik ben ontzettend blij met alle enthousiaste reacties.

En omdat ik niet alle vooraf gestelde vragen heb kunnen beantwoorden tijdens het webinar, heb ik ze direct beantwoord op deze pagina, als reactie op de comments.

Doe je voordeel met de inzichten en ik wens je heel veel succes met implementeren!

Op jouw succes,



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Sylvia de Goede
8 years ago

Beste Nisandeh,

Mijn bedrijg Energy Coaching helpt echtparen/levens partners die ook een eigen onderneeming hebben om een goede balans te vinden tussen business en prive. Waardoor je zeker 100% succesvol voelt.

Hoe communiceer ik dit op een manier waarop ik onderneemers enthosiast in schrijven op mijn gratis workshop’s.
Mijn ervaring is als mensen mij eenmaal mee maken, ik wel mensen kan raken en blij maak.

Monique Donnars-Toonen

My target audience are managers in the IT and Engineering industry working in organizations to 500 employees.

What I notice is that my target not recognizes the benefit, when managers perform and connect better with their employees, what kind off effect it has on the atmosphere, cooperation and innovation power of the company is.

I find it difficult to start a business blog and how I can describe this benefit in a blog.

Karoline Wagenaar
8 years ago

Good question Monique…it is also one of mine…so if yours is answerd I will be happy too.

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

Monique – they don’t recognize the benefit – because you’re probably not communicating it in a way that is clear to them.

My suggestion… sit for 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks – whatever it takes – and define the biggest 1-3 benefits to THEM (remember – the results they’ll see in their life using your service)…

When you ask them “do you want these benefits?” – they should scream “yes!”…

Marian Osse
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I like to promote salutogenese.
health in all their steps,

Like good thinking
Good moving
Good feeling
good food
And solving conflicts

I teach only the walking / moving.
And I give away for free good thinking, good feeling, good food.
And I do not organise til now solving the conflicts, and the wealth (richesness).

I have to focus on my steps, focus on my system, but also: The big question who are my clients? And how can I reach my target audience?

Hope to learn more,

Rozemarijn van der Vinne

I recognize the question of Marjan.
When I tell what I do people react very enthousiastic, but how to make them paying people?

Further on I don’t not really how to reach my target audience and who they are specific:
People who want to learn and grow by their ideals in an bodybased way of inner grow. (in dutch sounds better 😉
But how to filter this people?
Because it is a kind of new product I often first have to explain what I do before people are enthousiastic. Otherwise it sounds abstract.

And who are the people ‘who want to learn’ do I have to descripe them like ‘people in the age of … ‘ ; ‘people who are creative’ I can’t really catch ‘them’.

Thanks already!

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

To answer both Rozemarijn and Marjan…

What happens with both of you is that you didn’t get THEM to the point when THEY realize that your solution is more valuable to them than the money you charge them for it…

Either they don’t think the problem is big enough or they don’t think your price justifies solving this problem… or worse… they’re not convinced that you can help them…

Michaëla Wierdsma
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

This will be a nice opportunity to learn from you in a different way.

My question is about finding my audience.

With Verander Gedrag Nu (change behaviour now) I want to find my audience in companies or entrepreneurs who are already social responsable entrepreneurs ( ‘maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen’) but have trouble to get their staff and employees in the same way of thinking about their own life.
I want to help them (entrepreneur, staff and employees) to change their behaviour in their personal life, in their health and in their teamwork.

Where do you think I can find those companies?

Thanks for reading and thinking about this area.
See you soon.

Ella de Jong
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I’ve just found out thet my target audience will be much greater because I’ve found my “why”. And because I think I have a great product.

How do I reach businesses that want better understanding between each other (especially when mothers are involved)?

On every level there are “issues” to work out. Communication and understanding each other with a smile.
How can I reach to right businesses / groups??

Lovely to get such a special “boost” tonight from you!

Judith Henstra
8 years ago

My clients come to me at a later stage than I would like. How can I get them to ask for help earlier?

I edit books (novels and non-fiction) and people often come to me to have their manuscript checked for grammar and spelling issues.

But often, when I look at their document, they could use some input on the development of the story, logic of the story lines, etc. I carefully try to point this out, but they often are not willing at this stage to re-write parts of their story, because they’re fed up with it.

It’s only when the book is “finished” that they come to me. I’d like them to come earlier so I can help them improve their work on all levels, not just the grammar. What can I do?

Cecilia Wout
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thanks for offering this online seminar free of charge.

The target audience of are men and women between 30 and 40 who are struggling with work-life balance.

My workshops, coaching and training enable them to improve their wellbeing both physically and mentally by working on their lifestyle and live life healthier and easier.

I experienced that it is not easy to create clients. My first step will be to start giving by offering my workshops for free. Subsequently I wonder where to look for and find people that are willing to pay for my products and services. So I am curious what insights this seminar will offer.

Kind regards,

Colijn Buis
8 years ago

With a target audience well defined, as you with Open Circles, I am always still amazed how many, and how diverse people all fit in one target audience.
All very focused however because they are all looking for the same thing.
Is that, paradoxically, also a purpose : making sure to have many people in your target audience, so that you have a lot of different input because of the diversity there, AND a lot of leverage?

Patries Post
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, I made a terrible, terrible mistake… how could I but I did… I wrote a book (I say wrote) because it’s almost finished but not published yet.

But I did not define my target audience… so what is your advice.. rewrite the book again or just publish it, without thinking about the target audience… ???

Patries Post
8 years ago
Reply to  Patries Post

Dear Nisandeh!!!

I like to thank you so much for the great valuable information yesterday!! Today I made a very strong decision.!!
Well, I have to define first my target audience, if it takes me 1 month I don’t care… it’s so important… and than I rewrite my book… it’s very very big breakthrough for me because I was so focused for about 3 months only to write my book!!!

Soooo it’s going to big best seller!! in 2014!! I’m sure !!!

I don’t give up and stay in line..

When my book is finished and is selling good I LIKE TOO SHARE MY STORY on your stage.. !!

This is such a big mistake…. poehhhe how could I after the Master Entrepreneur, Breakthrough to Success and Financial Freedom…

But thank you!!!! soooo much!!


Tanja Markies
Tanja Markies
8 years ago

I am finding it a challenge applying the principles I have heard to my target audience, as they are parents and children. I sell craft materials and toys used in Steiner/Waldorf schools.

I am very interested in learning how to reach these people as well as reach clients at other schools and let them know the great quality of the materials.

Michaëla Wierdsma
8 years ago
Reply to  Tanja Markies

Hoi Tanja,

Ik ken iemand met een goed lopende webshop in scrapbook dingen. Iets van Zij blogt over alle nieuwe producten, doet een soort test en laat zien wat je ermee kan. Daarnaast heeft zij allerlei acties bij beurzen en ook met facebook. Inmiddels werken er 2 personen full time.

Naast Vrije Scholen zijn Montessorischolen wellicht ook een doelgroep, dat zijn ook ouders die heel bewust voor een bepaald schooltype kiezen. Ook het basis materiaal van Montessori is gelijk aan die van Vrije Scholen.
In Castricum hebben ze elk voorjaar een unicefloop met een soort beurs. Ook zijn er Montessori peuterscholen.

Blog, facebook en twitter zijn bij dergelijk publiek misschien iets meer gebruikelijk dan bij de doorgewinterde antroposoof.

Je producten zijn mooi, het is echt de moeite waard om ze aan te schaffen en je kind mee groot te brengen.

Succes en tot ziens, Michaëla

Karoline Wagenaar
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks again for this opportunity to develop myself and my business!!!

I know EVERYONE even animals can benefit from my expertise on sound relaxation. The connection I have to make for these soundrelaxations are all worth it. How do I choose…It feels like denying the others.

till tonight, warm greetings Karoline

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

Hi Karoline,

When I have a pain in my lower back (a sports injury) – I don’t go to my huisarts… I don’t go to an orthopedic doctor. I go to a an osteopath who specializes in lower back injuries of athletes.

As I mentioned in the webinar… when you try to be everything to everyone – you end up being nothing to no-one…

Erik van Gulik
8 years ago

Can’t wait for tonights webinar!

My question for this event is how do I get more in touch with my target audience? And what is their biggest need?

So far this is my target audience: Males, age 25-45, who lost (a part of) their identity because they are out of a job or their relationship has just ended.

I help them to uncover their true self so they get more ‘grip/control’ over their lives again.


Marijke van der Pluijm

Dear Nisandeh,

Thank you very much for all the information you gave in the live stream tonight. Unfortunately the technics after 1 hour were not so good. But still it was very valuable.

Too bad I do not have all the 10 questions. Is it possible that you give it to us here?

Another question is that I find it very hard to get my target audience. I am a virtual assistant and my clients are entrepreneurs. I find it very hard to specify this. Can you give me a direction?

Thanks again for all the information!

Sonja van Beveren
8 years ago

My target audience are people starting in a management position in the company where they already work in a non-management position. I help them to position themselves and get the results they want by motivating their team and making the team take responsibility for the results.
I write blogs for them and my question is: are there more ways to connect with them?

Foeke van der Zee
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Maybe I made a mistake, but a person in my target clients says he doesn’t like my statements because they are to commercial (in his opinion). How to react?

Michaëla Wierdsma
8 years ago

Hoi Foeke,

Heb ik ook een keer gehad, ik ben toen gaan doorvragen wat die persoon bedoelde en bedankt voor zijn bijdrage aan mijn product. Ik kon me zijn idee wel voorstellen. De volgende keer heb ik het iets ander verwoord met dezelfde inhoud.

Succes, Michaëla

Edgar Hütte
8 years ago

I organize events and trips for expats in Brussels. My target group is getting increasingly learer, certainly after viewing your specific videos and reading your blog posts on the topic. I would like sell my services to people with more spending power. Therefore I have already started to raise my prices signficantly.

What other ways are there to target a “richer” audience? I think myself that I have to focus more on a slightly older population (e.g. not 30-50, but 35-55) as their spending power is higher. But how to make that shift?

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago
Reply to  Edgar Hütte

As I mentioned in the webinar, Edgar…

To be attractive to wealthy clients – focus on what is important to THEM: time saving, convenience, privacy, etc…

So… offer them private events, private trips, take them in a limo, take them to exclusive place that most people cannot go, give them 5-star service, etc…

Marjolein Kalter
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
Thanks for this opportunity. One of my businesses is kanotochten in en om Utrecht (Utrecht kayaktrips).
I working on am growing this business towards Nederland langs de Waterkant (the Netherlands along the waterside)

I have 2 topics I´d like to address.

1. My biggest problem is how do I get in contact with the specific need of my audience.
More in general: how can a business that doesn´t provide an actual need, or solve a serious problem´ tap into a need?

2. The kayaktrips are for fun, being together with your group (family, friends, collegues) so I also am trying to find out how to build a relation with a front-end and multiple back-ends.
Maybe building relationships is more for the benefit of the ambassador-function than for the sake of offering subsequent products.

My own habit in leasure-activities is: let´s see what are the possibilities overhere? Next year I would like to do something else.

Is it possible for you to reflect on this issue?
Thanks Marjolein

Robin van Hattum
8 years ago

How to define a common target audience?

My wife and I have 2 different disciplines and passions: health (acupuncture) and personal development (Tony stuff, preferably working in groups).

The practice is mostly fully booked. Most of our patients have emotional issues in career, relationship or family that mainly causes their health issues. But we don’t seem to get these patients ready to start working on the cause of the health issues.

We defined the TA as female, 50 years, education level above average, local. They are good promoters and can pay our above average prices. We are working on a high quality front-end product. Our future back-end is a therapist-coach education course that works online and offline for a national market.

Is this a Traget Audience issue or do we have to fix something else?

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

Hi Robin,

To make it more powerful, you can add to your target audience description – their symptoms (e.g. boredom, depression, anger management issues, etc…)

Else Boot
8 years ago

How do I get more connecties on LinkedIn?

Michaëla Wierdsma
8 years ago
Reply to  Else Boot

Hoi Else,

Ga naar netwerkbijeenkomsten, vraag wat jij voor je toehoorder kunt doen, geef je kaartje en laat hen evt. de vraag mailen zodat jij in jouw netwerk kunt zoeken naar vraag op hun antwoord.

Vraag hun kaartje, zet daar de datum en netwerkevent op. Reageer op hun vraag en zoek ze op op LinkedIn. Refereer bij LinkIn verzoek naar het (netwer)event of andere ontmoeting en vraag of je ze mag verwelkomen in je LinkedIn netwerk. Doe niet zo maar de standaard zin. Stel dat dat wel gebeurt, gooi er gelijk een mailtje uit via direct bericht of reageer als men je accepteert.
Op die manier groeit je netwerk langzaam maar gestaag met mensen die je gesproken hebt.

Succes, Michaëla

Caro Ritsma
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

First, thank you for the invitation to the live streaming, I really look forward to it!

Then, I have a (REALLY) last minute question.

Here’s what I do
I help professionals to negotiate better salaries, so that their earnings level their value.
Currently I offer an all-in package for personal advice and will start an online learning program in the near future.

My target audience
So far the definition of my target audience is (based on the type of clients I helped and encouraged by your blogs to narrow down):
– Highly educated professionals between 25-40 years old, with at least 3 years of working experience
– That are working for companies that do not have a collective labour agreement
– That have professions in innovative areas: IT, technics, media and marketing(or combinations)
– That work in new professions
– People that are interested in improving themselves and willing to reflect and learn (I call them ‘eager bevers’)

How I try to reach them
– LinkedIn (obviously). Difficulty: group rules generally only allow to talk about professional content
– Workshops for alumni’s, career events en open workshops
– Started a mailinglist

My 2 questions:

1) Is my niche still too big?

2) Specialised help with salary negotiations is a new concept. That’s not bad! But: besides marketing my personal expertise and qualities, I also need to market the thought behind.
Which is: salary negotiations are difficult and something you not really get experienced in (you don’t do it that often). But you need to do it well, to get a decent return on all your investments (in the broadest sense). Since the company has hired a professional to negotiate (HR), it is very wise you get professional support as well. How do I get the group interested in this message?

Martine van Eijk
Martine van Eijk
8 years ago

I just watched, almost 2 weeks later. Found it inspiring and informative, thanks.

Robert Rosier
8 years ago

I had hurried home but encountered pc troubles and no internet connection last night 🙁

Caroline van Wijk
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh, my audience doesn’t know yet how much they need me; it’s the person that feels it doesn’t have to be heard but has a lot of knowledge, either in a company or as a small entrepreneur. Also bigger and more experienced entrepreneurs who think they don’t need the internet or don’t feel comfortable there.

People who hate writing because they think they can’t and people who think social media is a waste of time. I can help them finding their way on the internet that fits them and expressing themselves in attractive stories. But how can I catch their attention if they avoid anything that can help them right now?

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

Hi Caroline – you’re not going to like what I’m going to suggest, but really… don’t bother!

It’s a hell of a job to educate someone about a need they don’t see or a pain they don’t feel.

Go to those that are not only aware of the need, but preferably suffering from it, tried everything else, and now are in a place where they say “enough is enough!”

Caroline van Wijk
8 years ago
Reply to  Nisandeh Neta

Hi Nisandeh,

Actually I really like your answer! You give me a totally new angle of looking at my audience. Thanks!

By the way, this way of personal answering really helps a lot. Since I am more a writer than a speaker, I prefer this above the calling in the audience at your seminars. Great!

Marjan Lam
Marjan Lam
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

When I tell people that I work with childeren and how I do that they are very enthousiastic and recocnize the problems with their own childeren.

But they do not make an appointment to help their childeren.
I wonder what is in me that they do not want to come.

Karoline Wagenaar
8 years ago
Reply to  Marjan Lam

Good question Marjan! I recognize the same.

Margaret Lampers
Margaret Lampers
8 years ago

I’m a generalist with a lot of expertise on different levels and I help a lot of people with my free mental, health and life coaching, but when it comes to business … they are not coming to me.

How can I change that?

Now I want to set up an organization to facilitate coaches with their own specialities. So I can do what I do best … linking people to each other. But how can I earn make a living out of it and not give everything for free?

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago

Hi Margaret,

There is no such thing as GENERALIST with lots of EXPERTISE.
Those are mutually exclusive terms… 🙂

It takes 10,000 hours (on average) to become a real expert.
Even if you’re very dedicated and focused… you’ll probably won’t be able to become an expert in more than one or two areas throughout your life…

My suggestion – pick up one area of expertise, focus on it and go deep…

Robert Rosier
8 years ago

In november I will give my first acting workshop. First part: acting class. Second part: camera acting. Third part: shooting a scene.

Meanwhile a photographer will take pictures of the trainees for casting purposes. Each participant will then also be member of my crispy new casting agency.

As a result they have a chance of being selected over time to play in one of the upcoming productions from my media company.

Who is my target audience? I have no idea yet. Every wannabe actor m/f? Amateurs who have the wish to go pro? Single moms who look for a day of fun and maybe a chance to make some money on the side acting every now and then? Not a clue…

That’s the private market.

With the company training, which has a similar set up, I best aim for… No clue either at this point, I just know the interest is there.

Colijn Buis
8 years ago

As a musician, I am doing 2 things: creating new music, and teaching / coaching others to create music.
For the teaching part, to me my target audience is more clear, because they have a real problem that I solve.
For the new music that I write it is less clear for me, because there is not a real ‘problem’, I am ‘just’ providing fun / beauty.
( at the moment, my formulation for this would be:
For music lovers worldwide, looking to experience original unique new music, and who are willing to pay for that, I compose new music in combinations of styles and sounds unheard before, with piano as the main part )

Are there differences in defining the Target Audience for a fun product like music?

And, in doing marketing and sales for ‘entertainment / fun’ products like this, as opposed to the problem / solution products ?

Nisandeh Neta
8 years ago
Reply to  Colijn Buis

Hi Colijn,

You’re writing “for music lovers worldwide, looking to experience original unique new music, and who are willing to pay for that…” – you want to ask yourself – why would they want that?

This whole definition you wrote for your target audience (for the ‘fun’ music) is totally focused on you (new music, combination of styles, piano, etc…) – I can’t think of people looking for something like that in Google, for example…

You’re asking about target audience for fun product like music – I’m not an expert in this field – but I don’t think music is a ‘fun’ product. People that are willing to pay for a new music composition are those people that need it – for movies, video productions, computer games, shows, etc…

I don’t know anyone who is willing to pay for experimental music, just to listen to it at home…

My suggestion… if it’s just for fun – then give it away for free… that’s what the internet is for – make it viral and build a fan base – then sell shows…