Online Q&A sessie 30 april 2014

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie met Nisandeh Neta

De Q&A vindt plaats op woensdag 30 april 2014 van 20:30 tot 21:30 uur

Het doel is jou te helpen voortgang te maken met implementeren van het Open Circles materiaal.

In deze online Q&A sessie wil ik de vragen beantwoorden die voor jou actueel zijn. En zoals ik in de vorige Q&A al aangaf… stel mij de vragen die IK het beste kan beantwoorden met mijn expertise. Denk aan vragen die kunnen leiden tot:

  • strategische inzichten voor de juiste richting van jouw business
  • strategische, duurzame oplossingen voor obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren
  • strategische ondernemer-thema’s die spelen voor jouw business (dus geen vakinhoudelijke)

Wat je vraag ook is – één ding is heel belangrijk:

Laat mij je vragen VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen – IN HET ENGELS – in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina

Doe het uiterlijk dinsdag 29 april 2014, 13:00 uur zodat ik me goed op de Q&A sessie kan voorbereiden.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord.

Klik hier voor de online Q&A sessie van 30 april 20:30 uur  (pagina is beschermd met wachtwoord)

Controleer de e-mail die je hebt ontvangen voor de login details.

Tot woensdag 30 april!

Nisandeh Neta en team Open Circles

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Elly Oosting
8 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Another question. I create interiors for companies, mostly small offices, practices and shops. It is still a hobby because I can’t make enough money out of it.

I notice now that I’m more visible on the social media. People call me for appointments and want to contact on LinkedIn. But they are no clients, but people who want to work together with me.
I’m struggling to get more clients. How can I build my list?

I already offered my accountant to make an design for his office. I do it for free, because his clients are my target audience (Joint Venture). The design is ready, but not applied yet. Must I do another action like that? I think it works this way but I also need money. And maybe I’m just not patient enough……..

I implement all the things you teach me, I’ve a mastermindgroup of people who also follow your lessons, so I think I’m on the right way. Have you some tips for me?

Thanks Nisandeh!

Linda Goodings
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
I have been waiting for this change! So thank you in advanced :-).
I’m participate at the ‘master entrepeneur’ in June, but I don’t want to waist my time. I feel al little stuck now…

I’ve been inplementing some things already: I have my blog, I’ve made my vision board, set my goals, have my community on my facebook-page, upgraded my website en linked In profile. I’m doing something extra ordanairy for myself, had the appointment with Joop, building on my expert position and so on 🙂 I’m looking at ‘what the clients’ also but i get a little stuck there aswell.

I’m ready and eager to get to work, right now!
My life purpose is in some way the same as yours…. I’m a spiritual healer/reader and a angel expert!
One of my overall goals is to touch /change / inspire as many lifes as possible (changes for the better). At the bootcamp I had the insight that I had to grow and make real money to make a real difference in this world.

Within 5 years I want own a “feel good centre” a cooperation with other (spiritual) entrepeneurs. Something WOW, something special. Where everthing that takes place there is to touch, heal and inspire the lives of the clients.

My passion is to take people beyond the standard and take them to their potential. Where they take (hopefully) more responsibillity of their own lives and take better care of our planet.

I also work with unborn children/ woman who want to get pregnant/ had a miscarriage and so in my practice. I help them heal from grief, get insight in their conceiving ability’s, give messages from their unborn child, from there angels and such. I realize that this could be my niche…

So where I am today is a the start of this adventure… the zzp-er 🙂
I have to build up my expert position further, devellop my remarkeble product(s), get more clients and grow…

So I wanted to ask you if you would help me? Could you look at me and my buisiness and give me some insights how to grow? Some ideas for my remarkle products? And the most important thing how can I get there…. this ‘feel good centre’- within 5 years?

Thank you again for your trouble, Nisandeh! And I see you in June.

Kind regards, Linda

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Great to have this opportunity again.

I’m re-evaluating my business and I wonder if you could help me to get the best strategic insights how I should look to my business from a business owner point of view.

What are the major aspect to look for in my business to make it a desirable business to own?

Have a great day

Erika Lunsche
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have a question about the way your keep contact with the customers.

On the one hand, give you a lot of information, through blogs on the website, during the business boot camp, at the follow-up courses and master classes and online through membership’s. You do everything to satisfy the customers’ needs.

On the other hand, there is little space/time for discussion/ interaction. During the trainings the number of questions is limited and during the breaks you are available for questions, but the time is limited so not all questions can be answered. The membership has a separate Q & A. There I can submit written questions and you answer them, but there is no interaction / discussion.

My question: which strategy is the basis for this? Has it to do with creating scarcity or that you will be seen as an authority? Is this applicable for all businesses or is this specifically applicable if you want to market your knowledge.

Thank’s already for the reply,

Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’m investigating whether there are possibilities for us to set up a franchise formula.

Do you have experiences with this phenomena and / or can you give me tools or practicalities that can help, e.g.
What to do and also what Not to do 🙂

Thanks in advance !

Mario Bunthof

Carine van Hee
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I am the creator of energetic en colorful abstract paintings and I am lending my art for free to business owners who have something to celebrate like a customer day, 15th anniversary of the company, opening of the business etc… The benefit for them is that their office space looks colorful and energetic during the event. My benefit is that I have a free gallery. Win-win. So far, I have 4 companies who found it a great idea. And I continue looking for other business that are interested.

… I have got so much out of the Business Boohcamp that I wanted to start immediately with a blog and a newsletter. However, I have not written one letter so far since the beginning of February this year.

I have no idea what to write or what to give away for free’. I suppose asking; how can I help you will not be sufficient…. I keep on turning into circles…

Question 1: how do I grow experience in a business segment which is new to me?
Question 2: what is the best way to turn an idea into a project and into reality?
Question 3: how do I grow awareness for business ideas and opportunies at the moment they present themselves
Question 4: what is a correct price setting for art? Some paintings take a year to finish, others are created in a forthnight….

Thanks a lot!

Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for your presence :). Finding it a tatch difficult because of the one way traffic and therefore not been active to use the prvious opportunities. For which I apologise…but here I am.

I am struggling and/or re-evaluating my business as well. With everything I am learning at the moment I become more and more insecure about my own product so I would really like to pick your brain and hope you are able to help me come up with some creative ideas.

I know the why…I really feel deeply about foreigners in the Netherlands…I want them to be happy and healthy. But that it goes further than “just” the expat. I have chosen expats because that’s where I think the money is so I am able to help others with the money I earn. But I fear that I have not found a niche yet. I am constantly adjusting services, tweaking them but it is still in the hobby fase…I don’t earn money with it!

My book and presentation content are both underway but have very liittle to do with my actual services. If it was totally up to me I would love to finish them both and start lobbying with them in politics :). But that will not make me any money either.

At the same time I am developing a product that has the potential of becoming really remarkable but has absolutely nothing to do with expats. Together with my partner I am developing one loyaltycard to replace all other loyaltycards. We have all systems in place and with the power of the masses (who will get the card almost for free) we think we can make a difference in terms of number of cards in your wallet, the use of Big Data, the environment (less plastic) etc.

The last project will render me passive income so I am putting in quite a lot of work now but as soon as it takes off properly I can focus again on my own company…although I have no clue on what exactly.

This has become a confused question…or rather introduction to it so let me see if I can wrap this up.

1. What are your thoughts about my business, where do YOU think my niche is or should be and what are the products I could develop?
2. What do YOU think of the loyaltycard idea?
3. What is your opinion of the fact I am keeping both ideas going?

If there are any answers (springing to your mind) to questions I have not asked don’t hesitate to tell me :)! If you have criticism…please let me know! I need a push in the right direction…my brain is as scattered as this email.

Thanks Nisandeh…I see you tomorrow!

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Just wondering… Why do all posts / articles start with a dot?

Monique de Neef
Monique de Neef
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I want to set up and manage a marketing and sales funnel, counting back from my desired turnover for this year (divided over my several backend services and products)

My questions:

Which steps should I define in this funnel?
(like: leads > into eZine list > signing up for frontend > backend offer > becoming clients > repeating sales by upsell and cross sell)

What are the average conversation rates in each step
to start with?

This would really help me to set my goals, define strategies and manage the system even better.

Have an amazing day!

Warm regards,
Monique de Neef

Elly Oosting
8 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

I narrowed by Business from serving everybody for interioradvice to just for business (MKB, offices, shops and practices). I’m in a new city and I have to build my relationships.
I’m busy with social media every day and attending network places where my clients are.
You told at the Business Bootcamp and/or at the Bussiness Accelaration Master Class that a business must be profitable in 3 months. But to build my network and make myself visable as an expert takes more time, I think. What is a reasonable time to build it up?

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thank you for this opportunity.
My question is how you and Vered managed to implement each training you attended ‘in high speed’ 😉 and serving your clients? Did you block e.g. 1 week just for implementation? How do you keep your speed of implementation high?

Jan Miltenburg
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’ve two questions:

1) I did the inventory for subjects/items for my blog (26 items); question what is the best rhythm by using social media (using Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook)?

2) I want to use Google hangouts for my webinars and conference calls (individual coaching and team coaching). Do you have experience with Hangouts?


Kind regards,


(I’m not available tomorrow evening. So I’ll ‘read’ your comments later).