Voorbereiding online Q&A sessie van 1 mei 2013

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van de Business Campus die plaatsvindt op woensdag 1 mei om 19:30 uur!

De online Q&A sessie is bedoeld om jouw vragen naar aanleiding van de Expert Master Class te beantwoorden zodat je weer verder kunt met implementeren.

Plaats jouw vragen – SVP IN HET ENGELS – hieronder in het commentaarveld.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot woensdag!

Nisandeh Neta

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Dennis Jansen
9 years ago

Today I believe that there are far more coaches, business coaches, trainers etc. than years ago. So there are a lot more experts than before. So it seems more difficult to “earn your right”, because it looks like lots of people “do the same”, with same marketing sales pages, copywriting texts. It feels like potential clients have lots more choice than in the past, so it seems harder to succeed.

How to deal with that: is it just mindset, fact or a combination? Is the path the same, but need more patience and time?

Eelco van der Wal
9 years ago

About one year ago I published a 70 page book. It was selfpublished, available online and I promoted it by a one hour breakfast presentation, mainly to my target audience. In every session around 10 – 20 people present.

I did the presentations for free and I was allowed to sell the book. Conversion rate after each presentation was around 25%.

Nevertheless it was quite time consuming and I expected much more spin off by online sales afterwards.
So I stopped promoting it (the first run is almost sold out) and decided not to run another series.

My questions:
Is there a minimum amount in pages to become recognized as an expert?
Do you have suggestions what else to do with this book?

And yes I gained already big insights: Take the next 28 days to write the next one. I was too focused on selling the book, in stead of other products. I failed to present an upsell. Better one group of 100 than five groups of 20, etc.

Maaike Frankena
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Just a quick question before I set out to choir-rehersal…rehersal for the 4th of may here in The Hague, so strange when we’re in the middle of the festivities of tomorrow….. never mind.

I’m wandering, this is a question maybe for more people then just you; is Twitter still building up to ones expert status?

People’ what does is do for you? Nisandeh; what does it do for you?

Got another question for you later, now it’s TIME!!!!
to show up:-)

Aramik Garabidian
9 years ago

HI Nisandeh,

These are my questions:

1) What do you -as an Expert in the field of Small Business owners/ZZPers- recommend as a strategy to use after setting a Goal, to do first when I want to use Facebook-adds? Is it the “like” ads or one of the messages which got the most “likes” to add or some thing else?

2) Also in this FB-campagne, what do you think is the % of content? is it still 80% value, 20 % promo? if yes, what is the timeline that you suggest to use? ( 10:00 Value “fun”, 14:00 Value “inspiration”, 17:00 Promo “Blog” , 21:00 Value “Motivationla Quotes” ?

3) What is your opinion on the Online Marketing tools like Hootsuite or Buffer or tweetdeck? Which one do you recommand to use for the online camganes to engage the most of target Audience?

4) How do YOU manage to “ignore”/ “Handel” the huge PR opportunities that TV would make for you?

5) How do you as an Expert, seperate or recognize “opportunities” to JV with partners or parties with “opportunities” that are shown as one but actually they are a way to enter my network in order to disturb my focus and/or “misbruik” my network?

Thanks for this great opportunity and C U tomorow!:)

Jolanda Deken
9 years ago

First thanx for contributing so much to ZZP ‘ers, you help building a society of people living and working from their passion. Ànd by this you both activate the new economie and a new way of being, coming from authenticity! Worth everything! My question: In my business(giving courses and advise to become and stay healthy in MLM ) it is important not to be too complicated, so persons starting in my team, duplicate easily what I do. In what way could I be an expert and attract new teammembers?

Jet Sebus
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Is there a difference between a professional and an expert? Or should I be both?

Do experts ‘teach’or’help’?

can generalists be experts, and if so, how can they explain their expertise?

Is being an expert a title or a way of working or some kind of behavior?

Jacqueline ter Haar
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

First of all…thanks a lot for yet another wonderful inspiring Master Class. I have learned a lot! However, there is one thing I didn’t really confuses me and I would highly appreciate it if you could explain it once more. It’s probably my thickness :).

When you explained how to unlock the full potential of your expertise, I could relate to that with the examples you gave about Open Circles…but I find it extremely hard to translate that to other businesses.

Obviously regarding my own business but I don’t expect to get a step-by-step instruction as this would be not helpful to the other experts who may be confused by the same thing.

This also relates to the start of the day when you said that it should take up to a year to build op your Expert status.

Could you just try to explain how this works if you have a starter company with not that many years of experience and products yet? Applicable to a more general kind of business than Open Circles?

Thanks in advance!

Louise Arnold Bik
9 years ago

How do I expand my expert reputation from one audience to the other?

In my field of expertise, I do have a reputation as a top expert on the content.

Since the Expert Master Class I realise that I automatically focused on my colleagues, whom I taught and trained. And they made the revenue in the external market.

Starting this year I defined my target audience as: executives and management teams.

In short: those people that have an impact on a company or on society.

Jet Sebus
9 years ago

hi Nisandeh,

Is there a difference between being a professional and being an expert? Or should I be.both?

Roland Boukema
9 years ago

In the start of the master class You ask the audience: “why do you want to become an expert”. One of the reasons is: “business is becomimg easier”. In this context you say “You have to manage expectations of your audience/clients”.

My questions are::
> HOW (which ways or manners) there are to manage ex[ectiations
> What are you doing then on those ways??

Marjolein Kalter
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, Thanks for this great Expert Master Class again.

Could you detail the sceme with 6 lessons a bit more?
I get a little bit confused in the level of detail:

– Is a lesson about benefits (f.i. more fun in your working life) or features (improve communication styles)?

I tend to get stuck in the level of detail.
A sceme for my expertposition: helping bankingemployees in their fourties to find more purpose in their job
or a coaching-traject for more that matter
or a coaching session in the traject

Is it possible to show or send an example of the sceme and to tell a bit more obout the level of detail?

Maureen Mulder
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have a blog about sustainability and a webshop in recycled bags. I changed careers about 2 years ago. At that time I focused on my webshop, but now I have more focus on my blog as my mission is to increase awareness for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Since the Financial Freedom, I realized that I need to change this business. So, staying true to my mission, I decided to expand my business and advise b2b on online marketing (with focus on Facebook) . I have experienced that I do have specific knowledge, since people actually do see me as an expert in the various past (of course voluntary) projects I did (eg my work on setting up websites, opt in newsletter, social media, etc).
I only advise on my own experience, just like you ;-).

I started pitching my ‘new’ business shortly on network meetings, but feel that for them I’m not being considered as an expert (yet).

Can you advise me on this?
Or should I save this question for Master Entrepreneur in June?

I am currently managing Facebook pages with Good interaction and also get requests from third parties for advertising. To me, that shows that what I’m doing works.

Thanks, Maureen

Else van der Sloot
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’d like to find more good ways to get good ambassadors for my specific work. The way I could reach you for this is a bit complicated, though I still think it is the best way because a portrait is only convincing when it concernes yourself or a loved one. But it takes a hell of a lot of work, next to the work I do to get my basic income. I also try to get (preferrably free) PR in newspapers etc. But in the practice it is difficult. And expensive adverts don’t do what you hope them to do. (That is ONE thing I’ve learned now: advertising is an expensive and not very functional way of PR!)

I also tried to get the attention of “strangers” by making my own projects like the “local celebrities project. But maybe I should be more patient and also persistant in doing those things. It first costs a lot of energy before you’ll get something out of it, is that always so?

I still have the feeling I didn’t yet found my audience. do you know other creative ways? How do I send the right message to my right public???

By the way, I’m still not in for a Blog. Also because it takes a lot of time for me to learn to do it. My problem is that my work needs a lot of time, IF I want to do it properly! It takes time to get the right “flow” or inspiration as I call it…..

But, I think I’m going the right way now, even if it isn’t as fast as I would like it to be. But the process has unmistakenly started! 🙂

I’ll be “online” wednesday! see you soon en send my love to Vered and Thom! Have a great weekend!

Jaap Nauta
9 years ago

I am the expert about living happily, especially your final 10 years. I help people te be less scared of dying.

I wrote a book and now….??? What are my next steps to get in touch with my targeted audience? My targeted audience are people who live consciously and are afraid of dying.

I was on the local radio last week and tomorrow there will be an interview published in the local newspaper, so there is an effect but I want to do more!

Ronald Sier
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thank you for your great lessons at the Expert Master Class. It was my first time with Open Circles. A Great Experience.

I have two questions I would like to ask you:

1. I started blogging for about two months ago. I’m writing for financial planners all around the world to empower them to evolve their business by giving them tips, stories and strategies to be successful in the changing future of financial services. Now, another blogger from the US has contacted me to put some of his writing on my blog. And in exchange I can put one of my articles on his blog. Should I do this, taking into account that he has promised to write about my topic?
2. I’ve found a financial planner in Australia who does the same thing as I do (empowering financial planners to evolve their business). And more important: we share the same vision about the future in the financial service industry. Only thing is that he is much much further than I am right now. He has already build a whole business with it. While I have only just started blogging, and that’s it (I’m working as an employee right now). In the Master Class you suggested to work together in a Joint Venture. What do you recommend me to do with this? Should I suggest to work together or isn’t this wise? Is the distance a problem according to you? And what are the first steps that I should take consider of?

Thanks for your advice.

Marie Six
Marie Six
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for answering my question; To be an expert, is good to have a book, but how do you get an endorsement, from a well known expert?

See you soon.

Nathalie Koster
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, Thanks for this great Expert Master Class.

Could you explain the businessmodel for the expert a bit more. And the true potential of your expertise (money tree). This is not quite clear to me.


Frank Janssen
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I would like to know how to structurally increase my knowledge.

Is it wise to create a learning schedule?

Should or could it go hand in hand with my blog schedule.

I.e. My blog next week is about topic X. Should I learn more about topic X at the same time?

There are also many resources to find more information.

Like books, ebooks, audiobooks, websites, seminars, webinars etc

Which ones are the best?

Thanks Frank

Saskia Steur
9 years ago

My questions for the 1st of May webinar are:

1) How do I maximise expert marketing regarding advice?

2) When will I know that my target audience in NOT my TA?

3) How do I find out what my TA wants if they don’t want to publicly want to admit what they need/want?