Voorbereiding online Q&A sessie van 30 oktober 2013

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van de Business Campus die plaatsvindt op woensdag 30 oktober om 20:30 uur!

De online Q&A sessie is bedoeld om jouw vragen naar aanleiding van het Financial IQ Master Class te beantwoorden zodat je weer verder kunt met implementeren.

Plaats jouw vragen – SVP IN HET ENGELS – hieronder in het commentaarveld.

Alleen relevante vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot woensdag de 30e!

Nisandeh Neta

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Lisette Platjouw
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I really do believe I can become a conscious millionaire. And I gonna be there. But what I struggle with most is the lack of money to invest in anything. I’m working my *ss of to get my business well based and running. Which is working quite well. But I have a million ideas for my business and a thousand products to make to generate passive income. But still only 24 hours in a dag and ZERO money to invest (cause I have to earn for 2 people to live and eat). I don’t know the ways to fund the ideas I made up. So I feel I’m lost in ideas and to little knowledge (and guts maybe) to materialize my ideas.

As an example: (Graphic) design and website making is no problem. But how do I find a partner to program an app. Or how do I produce a board game. And how do you make a good deal with them. Invest together? Share the profits? I haven’t got a clue what is normal in this kind of business world. And am kicked back feeling like a little girl. Instead of a good business partner.

At the same time I’m getting a nervous breakdown from all the stories about the economy collapsing, oil prices going sky high and only having a few years to get to the top and be financial free and pay off my mortgage.

Any suggestion and thoughts on this would be more than welcome! I know I have to do the business university. But there’s the same thing with money again. If I would have it, I would do that in a heartbeat. It’s depressing and I can’t let myself be depressed and get off focus. I know I have tons of potential and feel frustrated not knowing how to funnel that.

Esther Molenaar
8 years ago

Hoi Lisette,

Ik las net je verhaal en ik begrijp je frustratie.

Echter, om geld te verdienen heb je geen geld nodig. Echt waar!

24 uur per dag is ook wel erg weinig. 😉 Vind ik ook.

Een tijd geleden deelde Monique Stevens (zit ook wel eens in het e-team) een post op Facebook waarin ze iedereen vraagt om……..GELD……
Ze gebruikt daar crowdfunding voor. Wanneer je daar op zoekt, komen er genoeg mogelijkheden voorbij die je misschien verder kunnen helpen.

Crowdfunding is eigenlijk iemand anders om geld vragen, zodat jij je doel kunt halen en je droom kunt verwezenlijken. Zo vraagt Monique een bijdrage, zodat ze volgend jaar de marathon van New York kan lopen.

Wanneer je dus geld nodig hebt voor een business project, overweeg dan eens crowdfunding. Ga naar worldofcrowdfunding.com (Nederlandse site met heel duidelijke uitleg) en bekijk je eigen mogelijkheden.

Je kunt natuurlijk ook zoeken op MKB crowdfunding. Hoef je ook niet naar een bank.

Het sleutelwoord? VRAGEN.

Zelf ben ik mijn idee nog helder op papier aan het zetten, zodat ik het ook op worldofcrowdfunding kan zetten.

Heel veel succes!

Wil je nog eens verder sparren? Neem dan contact op. Ik ben ook iemand met HEUL veel ideeën.

Esther Molenaar

Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago

First of all…thanks for the great Master Class…I learned a lot!

What I am struggling with is not so much with the content of the seminar…I don’t feel umcomfortable around people with money and I like being around the good people with money, you and Vered, Branson, Oprah etc. People who are contributing.

What is holding me back (limiting beliefs?) is the knowledge that there are also an enormous amount of people (and I have met more than my fair share of them) who do not have the same attitude towards money. They are (relatively) rich and incredibly self-centered…and I despise them.

So I am stuck between wanting to be rich and contribute…and being afraid to attract wealth and with it the wrong people. I know it’s to do with mindset…but how do I get unstuck?

Another area to get unstuck in for me…but how…to actually value the things I do that seem to be so normal to me but are above average. It’s confusing because on the one hand I am not supposed to compare myself with others (Breakthrough to Success) but on the other hand I have to in order to decide my value?

Frankly you scared the shit out of me with the ‘predictions’ for the next few years…I am in the ‘danger’ area of not having built up any real wealth and yet when I’m supposed to enjoy my pesion, there will be no money left…I am glad I’l be there for the Financial Freedom! But I’d like to get started NOW…just don’t know HOW!

I’ll be there tonight…also to learn from the other questions that have already been asked! Looking forward to it!

Ingrid Verbeek
Ingrid Verbeek
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

First of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to pick your brain about this topic.

I have a question about what to do with my savings.

I have simplified my life, paid off almost all my bad-debts.
I have accumulated some extra savings and I am not sure what to do with this to ensure financial security.

I have it in the bank at the moment. I know this isn’t the smartest place to have it in current times. That’s why I’m urging to start hedging. In this current market I am not sure what to do. I am aware of the different options I have, and because there are so many I am a bit stuck.
Thoughts that go through my mind are: Do I need to invest in silver or gold? Or should I trade Forex or stock? Or is there another, even better, way?
What to do…what to do…?

My question is this:
How do you protect your money from devaluating?
And do you have any advice or maybe a strategy in how to keep (and grow) your money in current times?

Have a great time tonight!
Have fun!

Marjolein Kalter
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

2 questions are still in my mind after the wonderful Financial IQ day.

1. I rembered that you suggested not to get upset by money-issues. When you get upset by money-issues you will never get rich.
I have an issue that I delivered a service (to a friend) and I see that I wasn´t clear about the deal we made at the time.
Half a year afterwards we finally agreed that he would pay me $1000,-. Up until now I still didn´t receive the money and I did get quite upset every once in a while.
I think that I learned quite a lot out of my lack of negotioation and trusting that all will get well. So I accepted this as a learning loss AND in the meantime I also think I shouldn´t accept the situation.
What is your opinon on matters like these?

2. I have problems to believe that everyone could become a (consious) millionaire. Money is energy, Yo can´t make money, the money only(??) flows from people with a low financial IQ to people with a high financial IQ. I have the idea that my mind is twisted somewhere but I can´t figure out where.
Could you reflect on that?

I am very eager to learn!
Best regards Marjolein

Natasja Hoex
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I have a question about tense energy and time. When I hear you speak about implementing now, every day 10 minutes this, 10 minutes that, every hour is 100 euro etc. I notice that I get a very fixed, tense energy. A sort of energy that doesn’t help to reach my goals and to interact in a good way with other people.

I know it is something inside myself but maybe you have a perspective on that? How do you keep being focused without fixating or obsessing?

I wonder 🙂

Natasja Hoex

Annemarie Lutters
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thank you for the inspiring financial IQ seminar. I did understand almost everything you told us and I’m now working on it.

I’m reading Vered’s ‘Financial Independence for Women’ and it’s very much helping and worth reading! I already recognize a change in my view of rich people (Instead of being jealous I think: ‘Aha, very smart how did you do this?’ Or: ‘Ah, you did a good job, but… it’s a pity you bought this ugly Mercedes with your money’ 😉

And I start to feel: earning a lot of money is also something for me! Please, say ‘thank you’ from me also to your wife!

‘Is this getting me closer to wealth or not’ on my laptop keeps me away from distractions.

One little part in the seminar was not completely clear to me: You told us that our time is more valuable to our boss than for us. You tried to figure out something by saying that, but I didn’t get it. (I thought: I’ll ask my partner what you meant, but my partner was thinking the same!!) Do you know what you wanted to figure out at that moment? It was after you asked us: ‘What are you going to do if you have 10 million?’ I hope you know where I’m talking about.

Thank you.
Bye bye
Annemarie Lutters

Marloes van der Kamp
8 years ago

Dear Annemarie,

The example Nisandeh told us about this was selling his stopwatch. If he wants to sell it for 1000,-, it means that he prefers the 1000,- above the stopwatch. From the view of the buyer, if he wants to buy it for 1000,-, it means that he values the stopwatch more than the 1000,-; otherwise he would not buy it.
So: if you work for a boss, he pays you for your time.
If you are happy to work for the money he pays you; it means you value your time less than the money you get (otherwise, you would not go to work).
If your boss pays you, it means that he values your time more than the money he gives you (otherwise, he would not want to buy your time)

Annemarie Lutters
8 years ago

Dear Marloes,
You just pointed out what I didn’t get in the financial IQ seminar.
Thank you, now it’s clear for me!

Anja van de Zand
8 years ago

Beste Nisandeh,

Ik begeleidt mannen en vrouwen met overgewicht in een uniek jaarprogramma waarin we de diepte ingaan in het mentale/ emotionele proces. Daarmee zijn we onderscheidend. Verder omvat het jaarprogramma alles wat er nog meer nodig is om gewicht te verliezen. Denk hierbij aan verschillende beweging methodes en veranderingen/ aanpassingen in voeding.

Ik krijg steeds als reactie dat het jaarprogramma duur is. Daar denk ik zelf anders over, het is het geld meer dan waard, alleen dat weten de deelnemers pas na afloop van het jaarprogramma.

Ik ben er klaar voor om het anders te gaan aanpakken en wil graag de uitdaging opzoeken om het jaarprogramma aan te bieden als een No Cure, No Pay programma.

Het is niet de bedoeling dat deelnemers het programma “gratis” kunnen volgen door smoesjes te gebruiken, waardoor ze kunnen zeggen dat het programma niet heeft gewerkt. Als de deelnemers doen wat wij ze adviseren en ze doen alles wat het programma biedt actief mee, dan zullen ze hun resultaat halen en hun gewicht na afloop van het programma , gemakkelijk kunnen stabiliseren .

Ik zou graag tips krijgen waaraan ik zeker moet denken en hoe ik de deelnemers kan laten “tekenen” voor een minimale financiele inleg die ze ook kwijt zouden zijn als ze ergens anders gaan sporten en begeleiding vragen aan een voedingscoach. Misschien een soort van stappenplan?

Ik hoor graag je antwoord.

Hartelijke groeten,

Anja van de Zand

Anja van de Zand
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I support men and overweight women in a unique year program, where we work very hard with the participants, into the depths of the mental / emotional process . This makes us distinctive. Furthermore, the year program includes everything that is still needed in order to lose weight. Think of different exercise methods and changes / adjustments in diet.

The first reaction of potential participants is that the price of the year program is expensive, but I think it isn’t. It is more than worth the money, but that is what the participants only know after the year program.

I’m ready to put it another go deal and would like to look up the challenge to offer a No Cure, No Pay year program.

It is not intended that participants can follow to use, allowing them to say that the program has not worked. Excuses the program “free”. If the participants do what we advise them and they do everything the program offers actively, then they will get their results and their weight can easily stabilize, after completion of the program.

I would like to receive tips, how I can ask the participants “signs ” for a minimal financial investment, that they would be, if they sport or work out somewhere else and ask guidance to a nutritional coach.

Like to hear your answer.
Best regard ,
Anja van de Zand

Marjolein Kalter
8 years ago

Hi Anja,
What comes into my mind is that maybe your year programme is a Backend 5 product.
Do you have a Frontend, leading to a BE1, leading to a BE2 etc?

Since you have high ambitions to help them I can understand they hesitate to put their complete lives at stake where they might start with the problem: I am overweight and diets don´t work (for me). What else is possible to be slim without too much hussle?

When they experience your value in Frontend en Backend 1 they might be more likely to step in a year-programme because THEY think that is is really necessary to change there lifestyle.

Mart Jansen
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

You were talking quite a lot about improving your financial IQ by reading about money. Are there any books you can recommend?

Thanks for your time,


Lizet van Triet
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thank you for the opportunity of this Q&A session tonight. Although I won’t be able to attend it, I do have a question. In your inspiring lecture you told us about wealth. That it doesn’t have to do with the ability to make money today, but about how much you are able to make in the future.

That is a difficult sentence for me. Does it have to do with creating passive income? Can you please explain what you meant?


Warm regards,

Lizet van Triet

Esther Molenaar
8 years ago

Hi Lizet,

I read your question about making money in the future. I think what Nisandeh means is can you make money for the long term.

We can all make money today to pay the bills we have today and to sustain our lifestyle we have today. But we all have wishes for the future. Wishes we want to see fullfilled. Wishes for a certain lifestyle or for the same kind of lifestyle we have today.

I know I sometimes worry about the future and I wonder if I am still able to make the money I need in my business with my working income. I have no certainty in that. So I have to start thinking ahead. What can I do today to make sure I have the same, and more, money coming in in the future?

I know I have to set certain system in to work to generate my income in the future and for the future. That is
what passive income is going to do for me.

Hope this helps. I think Nisandeh will pick up the question as well.

Saskia Steur
8 years ago

You briefly mentioned that wealth is created in a critical moment.
I think I know what you mean, but what I would like to know is how would I recognize such a critical moment in current times?

Best wishes,

Ingrid van Houwelingen
Ingrid van Houwelingen
8 years ago

How do you recognize resistance ?

Meaning the type of resistance that keep you in your comfort zone and small-thinking.

Are there any more signals then Anger, Rejection and “I know that” ?

Marischka Setz
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have some questions you could maybe address in the Q&A session:

1. How can I help others, and sometimes myself when I drift off to lower regions, to ‘grow’ from poor people mentality to middle class mentality and on to rich people mentality.
I don’t want to do what you do, but sometimes, in the organizations I work with the culture gets stuck in poor of middle class mentality. In dutch I would call it: kruideniersmentaliteit. To get everything flowing again in the organization it would be helpful to have some tips and tricks to make the shift in mentality.

2. Could you give some tips how to transform internal values to external values?
This is a constant point of reflection for me. I’m getting more aware of my internal values (by reflection on my actions and by asking others), but I’m still puzzling how to transform that in an unique proposition and promise to for my business. It’s not in how I should build my business but on what key driver should I build my business…

3. You told a little bit about what to do – or actually you told what not to do – when you have money created to become financial free. Could you give some more insights on what to do? Except for paying off your mortgage (already done that). Where do I leave the money if not in stocks, real estate and leave it on a bankaccount.

Hope these questions help to get the minimum amount of questions to get you started for tonight.


Marloes van der Kamp
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thanks for the valuable Financial IQ day.

I have a question about investments that are profitable in the long term, but you have to finance it since there is no money at the moment.
You told to not finance things, and also to think long-term. My question is: Do you think it is always a wrong decision if you have to finance investments?

(my personal example is: my partners van is broken, repairing costs € 3000,- and we do not know when the next problem is there; another second hand-van costs € 6000,-; still the reliablility would be questionable. If we buy a new van, it costs €16.000,- for a cheap one, or what we want for € 18.000,-. As of tax-rules this year, it saves us around € 6.000,- for this tax-year. Although we do not have the money, I think in the long run this would be cheapest to buy the € 18000,- one).

Mark Thijssen
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

What would be a good method to work on the right mindset for wealth daily?

Greetz, Mark