Q&A – 25 juni 2014

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie met Nisandeh Neta van 25 juni 2014

Het doel is jou te helpen voortgang te maken met implementeren van het Open Circles materiaal.

In deze online Q&A sessie wil ik de vragen beantwoorden die voor jou actueel zijn. En belangrijk… stel mij de vragen die IK het beste kan beantwoorden met mijn expertise. Denk aan vragen die kunnen leiden tot:

  • strategische inzichten voor de juiste richting van jouw business
  • strategische, duurzame oplossingen voor obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren
  • strategische ondernemer-thema’s die spelen voor jouw business (dus geen vakinhoudelijke)

Wat je vraag ook is – één ding is heel belangrijk:

Laat mij je vragen VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen – IN HET ENGELS – in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina

Doe het uiterlijk dinsdag 24 juni 2014, 13:00 uur zodat ik me goed op de Q&A sessie kan voorbereiden.

Alleen vragen die op tijd hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord.

Let op! Omdat er slechts 2 vragen op tijd zijn gesteld, vind de Q&A sessie geen doorgang.
Ik zal de vragen beantwoorden in een commentaar hieronder.

De volgende Q&A sessie is op 3 september 2014.

Ik moedig je aan om deze zomerperiode alle goede, relevante vragen die bij je opkomen te noteren.

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh Neta en team Open Circles

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Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Right now I don’t have a good question, but I want to let you know were I stand. After the first exercise in the training of 2 weeks ago “Passive Business Income” about 3 questions: “what do you like the most, what do you want to learn and who do you want to help, I had a major insight and that is that I an NOT living and working my passion anymore. This was very confronting; but GOOD.

It is time for my to evaluate myself and what I really want, make new goals and say goodbye to everything that doesn’t suit me anymore. So thank you for the help from you !

Elly Oosting
8 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

I’m busy with networking to get clients and also with the social media, to set my status as an expert. It works 😉
My clients are business clients, so B2B. Is there also a way to approach possible clients directly? It’s not smart to go to a shop and tell them they need a new interior, even if it is true 😉

I do interviews with entrepeneurs to get clear what my clients need. And this is also very handy to connect, because it happens a lot that they have interior questions. So that works both sides. But is there also another way and don’t see? I got a tip for a store that needs help. I can ask for an interview, but what would you do?

Rose Jansen
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’m implementing all your tips and I’m building my list fast. I’m trying to make friends of all my prospects and I’m having a lot of conversations. Now I’m kind of losing track of who does what, where I met them, what we spoke about etc.

Do you know of any good (not to expensive cause I’m a starter) client management systems?

Thank you!

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Sorry for sending my question so late, but I did not receive the invitation to this Q&A session in my email box. Today I got the reminder so here I am.

I got some great insights on the last Passive Business Income Training. Great to hear this information for the second time. It digs a lot deeper now I’ve build some member sites already.

I would like to ask you a question about creating different membership levels and giving great offers.

– How do you decide what should be in the different levels, like gold, silver, bronze, to create high value packages ?

– What strategy’s do you use to get the customers to choose the ‘best value” package?

I would like to get a beter view on the balans giving value and creating packages.

Hear you later,
Warm greetings