Master Entrepreneur Q&A opname + Facebook groep

Welkom op de pagina met betrekking tot de online Q&A sessie na de Master Entrepreneur van woensdag 3 juli jl.

In deze online sessie was er gelegenheid om jouw vragen te stellen naar aanleiding van wat je aangereikt hebt gekregen in de Master Entrepreneur.

Er waren flink veel vragen (zie de comments onderaan deze pagina) en het was een zeer waardevolle sessie!

Voor diegenen die de online sessie hebben gemist… hier is jouw herkansing:

Verder nog een ander belangrijk hulpmiddel voor jouw succes: de Master Entrepreneur Facebook groep!

In deze groep kun je de mensen die je in de training hebt ontmoet, beter leren kennen.

Deze groep is bedoeld voor mensen die echt geïnteresseerd zijn om de connectie met elkaar te onderhouden, met elkaar te delen en positief bij te dragen aan de online community.

Wij rekenen op jou om er iets geweldigs van te maken!

De beste bronnen van kennis en informatie zijn vaak de mensen die je in de Open Circles evenementen ontmoet!

Word snel lid van de groep en gebruik de onderstaande link om toegang te vragen.

Klik op “Lid worden” aan de rechter bovenkant van het Facebook scherm.

Zodra we jouw aanvraag ontvangen, geven we je toegang tot de groep en kun je beginnen met het plaatsen van informatie, vragen, etc. en met de anderen in gesprek te gaan.

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh Neta

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Hanke Schooo
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I am preparing to start a new restaurant in nature, where people can get coffie/tea, pastries, lunches and organic light food.
How can I use the Front End and Backend system?
To ask people to come for free? And give them a special menu??

Bea Blauwendraat
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh, I am struggling with inventing front end products for my portrait photography studio. I would like to receive suggestions how to achieve a large mailinglist of prospects.
Thanks in advance for you reply.

Mazarine Hulskamp
9 years ago

First of all I wanted to share my joy and gratitude for this amazing training! My brain is still spinning : ) It makes everything more logical, but I also get overwhelmed sometimes.

I feel that my creativity sometimes gets blocked by insecurity when I start to work on my new system. How can I make my product more remarkable? Is this really, really my target audience? What will be my back end products? What’s my big vision, do I have one that is big enough? I can see things so clearly for others, but for me it gets a bit vague.

Can there also be an implementation course for people like me, not with a whole university stuck to it, but just a “Master Entrepreneur the Day After” or so? Thank you for your support and answer.

Marie Molemans
Marie Molemans
9 years ago

hey Mazarine

I do recognise your items!
step by step, 1 action a day 🙂 or more
create a great business
and speak from the heart 🙂

good luck!

Marie Molemans
Marie Molemans
9 years ago

In silence I come on line, I have no voice, in sound… 🙂

Monique Dorsman
9 years ago

My question is:

Know what your target audience think they need. And not think what I think they need. Thats confusing me when I am back home.
I can ask them what they need, the think they really do not need my product. And a lot of people I do not know them yet.
What is what I am missing in my thinking?

Monique Dorsman
9 years ago

I am login a little bit later. Have a webinar myself from 20.00- 20.45 . But I am coming

Getty van der Weij
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
I’m really struggling to make a good ‘ funnel’. Only after coming back home I realized that this is rather difficult.
How do I build a good structure?
I really would like to get together wiht other Open circles master entrepreneurs to develope this together. During the training I did’nt think of asking some people of to form a little support group myself.
Preferably in the North of Holland.

Wouter Siteur
9 years ago

First of all: thanks for the course. I have been thinking in business systems since the course. I am still not sure whether I will modify my current music business or start a new business that builds websites for coaches, trainers and consultants, based on the ultimate website and including coaching sessions to create the content. It seems a lot of people are struggling with the implementation and I think I can help them with this product and service.

Anyway, my questions:

1) €10k PRODUCT
I came up with a €10k product based on the example you mentioned: custom music live played on special parties like weddings. The target audience: wealthy people. However, they are not my target audience and and I don’t have a FEBE system for them. Do I need a funnel for this product?

In my notes I see that you told us to mention the value and the normal price before the testimonials and the special deal after the testimonials. I feel that it is better to talk about all prices after the testimonials. Especially on websites where people might leave after seeing the normal price without the special deal. What is your opinion about this?

And what do you think about time limitations of special deals in b2b? I was thinking about creating a special offer that is valid for a week.

What is on the practical info page? Is it about the frontend product? Backend products? Something else?

Rita Sterkenburg
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question.

I am a real estate agent, our business is difficult, we are looking for a new type of payment.
At the moment people still need us to make a difference in presentation bij selling their houses.

When de market wil be normal again it is a lot easier for people to sell the house by themselfs
through sites on the internet. Also the banks wil dominate in the future this market so they have
the best opportunity to sell the peolple a morgage (propably will offer it for free to the people).

Before the real estate agent was payed when there was a result, because the results are bad we
cannot survive annymore (I wil survive because we invented a new product en got a subsidie).

Real estate agents were known as people who earned a lot of money on an easy way, this was
true. I started my business in 2005 so I did not profit from it. I also didn’t like that
system because somebody whith an expensive house paid a lot more than somebody whit a cheap
house and the work is the same.

I would like to get rid of this bad name that real estate agents have because its not true, being a
real estate agent is a peoples business. I changed the payment into payment after the hours I
invest in the sell.

Before we were paid in a percentage of de selling price of the house, we where also payed

Example of my new payment system is:
Totale costs: € 1800,– exclusief btw, plus € 200,– ex btw to pay in advance.
Totale price inclusief btw € 2420,–.
This methode includes 3 showings of the house to people who contact me and want to see the
When there are more showings neccesary they wil cost € 75,– inclusief btw each and they
have to be paid directly after the showing has taken place.

In this scenario the risk of a lot of showings and no results is no longer my risk, it wil also motivate
People to lower the asking price of the house because they are the ones that pay for it and not
me anymore.

But I do feel insecure about this system because I want to have a better position in the market as
my competition, or colleage real estate agents.

What do you think of my new system, would people apreciate this system because it is more

Best regards,
Rita Sterkenburg

Kathleen Engelen
9 years ago

Je zei in de master entrepreneur dat je moest zorgen dat je hele business niet van jou afhankelijk wordt, zodat je na een aantal jaren eruit kan stappen. Maar wat als je hele business opgebouwd is rond jou als artiest? Ik maak de kunst op mijn manier, met mijn eigen technieken en in mijn eigen stijl, dan wordt het toch moeilijk?

Peter Berg
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

In the Master Entrepreneur (sunday) you mentioned that the irresistible offer should not be placed on the website, but in direct mail/intake. However, in discussing the Ultimate Website thereafter, the irresistible offer was mentioned as one of the 8 navigation tools.

My question: should the irresistible offer be included or excluded in a website?

Alice Scheerder
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I send you my questions, Unfortunately I can’t be there tomorrow, It’s my birthday and I got family from far at home. I hope you can write it down or film it, so I can see it later on.

Do I communicate my target audience on my website and how or where?

The most important difficult thing is finding an irrisistable offer. Is this the same as an 10.000 euro offer? When Yes It’s clear when no I don’t know both how to find. And a remarkable product. And for all how to find the good prices for all parts.


Bene Bailleul
9 years ago

Dear Alice, when you look at the top of this page, you’ll find the video of the Q&A session.

To be honest, in my agenda I mentioned the session, … but I forgot it: shame on me.
And now, thanks to Nisandeh, I can look at it & learn.

Thank you Nisandeh for all those extra value you’re giving us &
till saturday, Bene. 😉

Marjolein Kalter
9 years ago

Hi Alice,

Ik kan aantekeningen voor je maken ook over jouw vragen als die geadresseerd worden.

Groetje, Marjolein

Maureen Mulder
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’m having trouble to determine my frontend/ irresistible offer.

I’m in the process of changing my business to a different target audience (focus shift from B2C to B2B) into helping businesses gain more visibility online.

The line of services I would like to offer is quite diversified, but still very much related to each other. In view hereof I’m having trouble what to do as frontend, as I can create multiple frontends e.g. relating to Facebook, relating to website optimization etc.

What do you think of having multiple frontend-offers? Or would it be better to have “just one”?

Thank you,


Jennifer Gomperts
9 years ago

Very busy with implementing (almost) everything. One question I have is: What to think about when you are joint venturing with someone.
As not everything can be done alone and it’s not encouraged either.
Do you have to think about legal implications beforehand or just jump into the deep and start?

Vielen dank

Bart Vink
9 years ago

Thanks for the great training.

What is a good irresistible offer when the business standard is ‘no cure no pay’ ? I am in recruitment business.

As a recruiter I have trouble with finding my Backend offerings (2 or 3) because my mission is to find the right people for my clients.

I am also looking for creativity to make it more remarkable, since the service is a commodity.

It would be very helpful if you could share some B2B services examples on great remarkable services in B2B.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Best regards

Astrid van der Velde
9 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh & crew for putting this online. Nice to be able to watch/listen to it again!

I’ve had so many good tips lately that I’m going for a complete reset. Leef Lekker is the book I’m starting on these holidays taking it one step at a time from there on.

So happy to receive tools to find my goals!!
The effect is bigger than I imagined when I signed up.

See you all in the upcoming courses!

Peter Berg
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

What is exactly the “template opt-in”?

I suppose it is the layout of the free opt-in offer itself (e.g. PDF), so not the landing page (home).

If so, any suggestions for the layout of the home/landing page?

Yolanda Vermeulen
9 years ago

My Q concerns negotiating.
I have planned 2 negotiations after the Master Entrepreneur weekend.

I want to emphasize the win-win aspect, but what if the other party have no wish to meet me in the win-win situation?

What can I do or say when it’s clear that the other person want all the benefits and cannot give me what I want?

In this case I have the rent for a business location, that I can pay until 1 november.
Because of a divorce I cannot pay the 6 months after this date. These are the last months of my contract.
I have paid 2 months deposit.

My wish is to ask for an ending of the contract (of 5 years) 6 monts sooner.

Vered have shown me that I think of another one’s benefit sooner than my benefit. I would like the win-win situation.

Do you have any suggestions?

Sascha Meyer
Sascha Meyer
9 years ago

I’m writing a childrens book about how to eat and cook healthy with basis products for children about 4 to 7 and their parents. They can together read this story, make the recepies and possems together. It’s gives a basic pleasure to eat a fresh fruit or vegetable. Ik make my own designs of images: possoms of fruits and vegetables. It’s really new and surprising. I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE.

What do I have to do NOW: looking for a publisher (I have connections), published it by myself (I have also connections) of do I presented it by a grocery store like Jumbo? My concept has the opportunity of Nijntje and Pokemon and is so 2013. It’s really new. Maybe I have to connect with an expert of licenties. I have to know to do the right thing now.

Do you know Aartje Appel. She’s married to Pa Tat (her husband). They have 3 children: Nicola, Pieper and Kriel (their last born). Do you know aunt Cabbage? That’s a sheep (with a vegetable soup). I asked: Do you like carrots?. Sheep saids: BEEEEH. Do you like beans? Sheep saids: BEEEEH, Do you like onions and potatoes? Sheep said: Beeeeeeeh. You don’t believe it, but the sheep really likes the vegetable soup with sheep shit! Hahaha, but sorry, I’m really serious. Who wants to help me in this process?

Alice Scheerder
9 years ago

Dear NIsandeh.

One more question.

My clients don’t have to pay me, because I get a fee from the providers. The fee is becoming less. The clients are still getting the same service. How do I change this?

Maureen Mulder
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Despite the fact that I send in my question after the deadline, it actually was answered during the Q&A session.

Thank you for that!

At this stage I’m having a “brainflow” of ideas. Writing them down, set aside and see what will be put into practice in the forthcoming months 🙂

Who says these months are “quiet” LOL

Thank you,


Peter Berg
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

My question: Is it wise to publish prices on your website if your product/service is tailormade (flexible prices)?

In my line of business (video production), some do and some don’t. Anyway, it is a constant topic of discussion in the branche. I see that Open Circles Academy publishes prices at the bottom of the specific page, barely noticeable.

Menasseh Rotteveel
9 years ago

1. How to promote the ultimate website most effectively aside from articles on blogs and facebook/twitter/linkedin page?

2. Your opinion on placing opt-in page on every page of ultimate website?

3. Your opinion on implementing fancy tools such as Live chat?

4. Your opinion on linking to webshop from frontend?

5. Most effective way to find and get a mentor?

Nanette Popken
Nanette Popken
9 years ago

You gave a very clear picture about how your business should be simple yet thought through. Like stating the problem on your landingpage and the solution also; a nice way to optin and your frontend. Thanks for that!
My question is about the packages I sell. Where do I state them on my perfect, new website (for my narrowed target audience that is coming around). Under practical info? Do I put in the prices for my 3 packages? Were do I put in the discount. Or how can I convey that I am willing to give a discount. Actually this is about the backend products and one of them already sells itself.
Thanks for showing us opportunities how the think businesswise and looking forward to your answers! Nanette

Coen Tuerlings
9 years ago


I’ve got a new strategy for a combination front-end back-end website and a continuity member program.

It’s a ascociation/community website with different levels of support. Clients can join the levels after qualification and montly payment. Inside the continuity program they get support and can also buy extra training (like bonus material from different trainers)

What is your vision on this strategy ?
What problems should I take notice of before implementation?

Jan van Baardewijk
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for great training. At the moment I am implementing many things I learned in a focused business in the health care industry. But I try to keep it general so everybody who works B2B can profit from the answers you give.

With my service I want to help the people lower in the organization who are doing the hard work. How can I involve the decision maker in the proces in order to gain trust, so my irresistible offer will work?

The people I help with my service are the ones who want to be on my mailinglist at this moment. How do I get the attention in higher levels of the organization?

How is it B2B (in the healthcare industry) where most of the decisions are made slower than individuals can) possible to make a limited time offer work?

Thanks already for your reply! And see you on wednesday!

Regards, Jan

Irmgard Luijcks
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thx very much for the possibillity to watch the Q&A on a later time. Last week i broke my arm, got operated and everything came on a slower level. As a hooftrimmer who needs new clients, I felt awful and very very frustrated. I felt stuck really.

But after watching the Q&A I got new energy, motivation and ideas to implement.

I make July my holiday month (need it for the revalidation though) and can finish this week my free ebook of 20 pages as opt-in.

See you all on facebook!

Who says one cannot use an accident as something positive?

Nisha Brouns
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Thanks for organizing the Q&A!

I am still very inspired after Master Entrepreneur and ready to roll out my first frontend event.

My question is about pricing of my backend products (2-day trainings brought together in package of 3 trainings for one price)

My target audience is Young Professionals that I am helping to take their next step, in private and work. These people are between 25-35 years old. What would be an appropriate price for the package?


Emmy Hagenaars
9 years ago

I often give workshops on festivals so that people get to know me. I think this is a front-end, or networking activity?

Cor Kootstra
9 years ago

Nearly all of my clients get money back from their insurancecompany, when they do sessions of bioresonance/biofeedback (SCIO) with me.

I have raised my fees at the beginning of the year from 92,50 to 100 Euro’s per hour and it didn’t lower my income.

But I wonder how far I can increase my prices without loosing money. Because 95% of the clients say they come because they get money back.

But the Master Entrepreneur was great. Now I start to get to know what doing business is about. Thanks and see you sunday with the masters.

Coen Tuerlings
9 years ago
Reply to  Cor Kootstra

Hello Cor,

I just read an article about a physician who became totally free of the insurance company’s. You might be inspired by it…

Link to article

Annemiek de Nijs
Annemiek de Nijs
9 years ago

Still very motivated…..thank you for that…

Since then I am clearing my business. My secondary business have to wait and can I give full attention to my primairy.

On the monday after the course I signed a one year contract with the Library for the ‘nieuwebibliotheekpas’ (..sorry..). Free PR for a front end product for a whole year (90000 members in my region).

I have to negotiate to a new big client, he has also a big network. I am participating in his business ‘gedachtenkastje’. (Sorry….). It is his belief and business in theory. Years ago I made ( I am an artist) a real ‘gedachtenkastje’ in wood with real draws (laatjes).
I offerd my services for a workshop as an extra to his business.
What is the best strategy for my business so I can have more workshops and the man more business (his BE!). How can I let him see that it is a super offer fot both. Both benefit. Win…win…
How can I get good payement?
Thanks for your time and see you tomorrow.

Astrid van der Velde
9 years ago

Thank you for what I’ve learned so far & my apologies for these questions being so last minute….

– What’s your opinion on putting prices on your website?
I’d rather not, because it leaves room for negotiation, especially as I tend to adapt my prices for my audience with less financial resources.
Problem is though, that if I don’t show my prices, I won’t be able to offer my 20.000 euro project, so the price of my other backend products seems relatively low.

(my situation is like Peter Berg describes. And I haven’t yet made my business into products…)

– Do you have practical tips/trics/tools/templates on how to decide your target price/value for a product or service?
Clearly it’s not uurtje/factuurtje, but what is….

The last one is not a question but an idea….
Implementation is a problem for lots of us & during the course Open Circles came up with a product as a solution to the question (which was so cool!) Another idea struck me, because of the quantity of coaches around me. Wouldn’t it be good if Open Circles offered one on one implementation coaches between trainings? Maybe train them a little before, but them having an ‘Open Circles qualified’ label would give me some confidence in what they could bring me (because I’ve now chosen this way & don’t want to be confused 7 other ways…)
So Implementation Coaches stand up & show yourself on a certain Open Circles page (like the carpool service).


Valery Chong
Valery Chong
9 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Thanks for oragnizing this Q&A. Here is my ‘problem’:

How can you make the FE/BE system work when you don’t have a very scalable back end product? In other words, what you sell is only your personal creativity and time?

For instance(FE, BE1+2 are clear): designer who designs very high-end kitchens. The end product is a unique creative design for a luxury kitchen.

FE: a workshop for 10-20 participants. Free or very low entry fee.

BE 1: Personal ‘cook &sketch’ workshop at client’s home for a special price (irresistable offer).

BE 2: after BE1 they get a 3D visualization of the kitchen,for an ammazing fixed price.

My dilemma is how to present BE3 because this is custom per client. This is where I want to offer the complete scope of services, design+project management (turn-key). Depending on the clients budget for the project, the size, the time, etc…It is not possible to give state a price.

Inge Orlemans
9 years ago

Thanks for the amazing weekend. I am full of energy, I am working with your Time Management system and notice how much more time it gives me.

Now for making the ultimate website myself I am full with questions. It is hard to make it fit for my business.

For now I am uncertain about some decisions to make, because I don’t really get the whole idea behind the ultimate website.

It would be great do do a Master Enterpreneur the Day After.

Maria Franzi Föllmi
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’m struggling in defining my frontend-bakcend products. I’m a regression therapist. As a frontend I can offer a free lecture on regression therapy and as a backend1 an introduction workshop to get aquainted with this kind of therapy. And then… what about the individual therapy? Should I offer for example a pakage of 5/6 sessions? backend3 I don’t know yet…

Thanks for your time and your answers!

Andrea Cusinello
Andrea Cusinello
9 years ago

Hallo Nisandeh, Vered en Open Circle team,

it was een amazing experience, I have big goals, but I’m afraid of the little steps to walk to the success…

My questions:

1- What are the priority to take when you work to my business, in which order I’ll take the 12 step plan

2-How can you define your target audience. Kan you have 2 target audience en how will you communicate?

3- Can a Front End product also a Backend product.
x ex. I have a acupuncture clinic and I give gratis intake often x free, but if people via internet take, it have a price

4- Who are the important people in your team?

5- Negotiation perfect enviroment, Vered says to start with the 1st step, which is?
what does it means focus on expends?

6- Can you like therapist price for result? if yes can you make en example? a price per client of per complain?

7-We are in the begin, have sense to focus about a 10000€ product or is better to wait what the future clients want

I hope to don’t ask to much, thanks in advance

Bea Blauwendraat
9 years ago

How am I able to read the comments mentioned right next to the names (f.e. 49 commentaren)?

Jessica Krul
9 years ago

Mindset, implementation works not only for the business but also in daily life I think.

Everything going so fast in my head, were do I begin is the first thought of the day.

Sometimes is go by it self and some times it look like it wil not move.


Jolanda Schoorl
Jolanda Schoorl
9 years ago

I was unable to attend the session, so I was very pleased to receive the recording. Eventhough I have made a lot of notes during the training, there were again a few eye-opening moments that gave me some extra ideas.

So thank you for that and see you on Saturday!

Kind regards,

Maria Bosman
9 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,
Since my decision in december 2012 (and now I go for it!) and Business Bootcamp in January 2013 I’ve done a lot to get my new product (market: highly sensitive people, “HSP”) on the market: a new website (, still in progress of getting it filled also, with new ideas of Master Entrepreneur), a free online-self-help test that helps people choose the direction to develop more mental health, the first blog, a meeting place for HSP’s, and already the concept of a passive income product. Now I am working on the (paid) Back-End products.

I have hardly had spare time since, but I am overwhelmingly enthousiastic about my progress! I bought the books “Blue Ocean Strategy” and “The 4-hour work week”, they look the most beneficial to me right now.
My questions are:
– how to get in touch with the clients who are most likely to buy. Where are the wealthy people? Until now teachers and parents and private-HSP’s come and they are not wealthy.
– how to choose the height of my honorar for coaching.
– how do I get one system of all contacts that reacted on the free online self-help-test, that came to my trainings/meetings, that came on my path in other ways. I want a “follow”-system, one system.
– I work in three languages: Dutch, German and English (3 websites). Can I fulfill my language potential more then I do? (not a very concrete question, I realize)

Thanks for the felt back-support and energy-boost since January2013! And thanks for answering!
Maria Bosman

Marie Molemans
Marie Molemans
9 years ago

Thanks Nisandeh for this oppotunity 😉
I start my business in september, one part the massages, the other part, training in personal development

My question is to fill in the target audience for both services it’s like being a little fish swimming in the Ocean

Change the perspectieve of what I thought the problem is into a viewpoint of the cliënt; what do they need, not what do I think/ know they need..

It is like looking into the Ocean to get something out of it that makes my business ‘remarkable’

thanks for putting your energy in 🙂

Myra Konings
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
Can you help me finding a front end product in the vacation rental industry? Prospects usually quickly check out one or two sites and make a booking for a weekend in Amsterdam. Often they do not come any further than a hotel site or Airbnb or Wimdu. Whereas I have 40 (!) great houseboats in Amsterdam. But they do not even find my site….Anyway if they found it, I think I want to show immediately the great houseboats I got and not first some kind of front end offer. Or? Am I mistaken? Love to hear your comment. Myra

Coen Tuerlings
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
Thanks for the opportunity.

My first question is about implementing the ultimate website.

We have multiple products.
One product line with a clear front-end offer and several backend levels

The other products are standalone.
Like a short workshop, a in-company training

Is it better to separate these products in different ultimate website’s?

My second question is about the standalone products.
Should all products have a clear front-end offer and several backend levels?


Maarten Raaijmakers
Maarten Raaijmakers
9 years ago

During the training you were talking about making everyone in the company replacable. With this in mind, it is a smart way to become an authority by writing a book and giving lectures, this makes people want to come to you (the author).

Having that said: Is it smart to make other people in your company authorities next to you and/or can you stay in the background yourself and let only your colleagues be authorities?

George van Rest
George van Rest
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for giving me the course ‘Master Entrepreneur’. It was really great and makes me very enthusiastic in doing my business. I asked Webalist for making my ultimate website, but I have some problems in discribing my remarkable products.

My business is (interim) management in constructionwork and buildingplants and I am also a consultant in real estate. I will do that on a sustaineble way transparant for my clients and I will be involved in the best buildings for starters in business and young entrepreneurs in new businesses.

I have a lot of experience, but I think that is not remarkable enough. Recently I did some studies in safety regulations and the last building regulations (Bouwbesluit 2012) and BIM (Building Information Model). But that isn’t really remarkable!!

Marie-Astrid Zeinstra
9 years ago

Where to begin, as I have plenty questions! I’ll start with the main issue, I think: how to attract my target audience in a way that will not scare them off.

Being a music teacher, I am very hesitant to offer my services as a solution to a problem, though I certainly have several solutions for problems my clients (may) experience. Most of them consider playing the piano or singing as a nice hobby and are oblivious to the benefits they can get from it.

Then there is the matter of the opt-in offer: I have written a short article about the elements that a good music lesson should consist of. I notice that I tend to offer already some hands-on advice in order to build credibility, or should I reserve this for the Front-End product? Also I am contemplating the possibility of combining two media: a short video in which I give a verbal presentation of the elements of an excellent music lesson, with an attached link to my website where the prospect can download the article after giving his / her email address. Do you think this is a good way to proceed?

Julie Blik
9 years ago

Photograhers have mostly self-centered-look-how-great-I-am-websites. Me too.
Would it be a good idea to start a second website (‘ugly’) with opt-in and blog + link to the beautiful website with all pictures?

It’s my birthday on the 3rd; maybe you can send me a yes or no to this respond by mail? Or could I post this on the LinkedIngroup?

thanx Julie

Marjolein Kalter
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh. first of all thanks for the great Master Entrepreneur training. I´m still a bit overwhelmed 🙂

Could you help me out with the following.
I´m in holiday/free-time/vaction/entertainement business (boattrips with a story and good food) and I find it hard to define the PROBLEM I solve.

It could be boredom, or something like ´wanting a special trip´.

I´m also struggling with the 3 questions to my former clients:
Could you help me to rephrase the questions (comment on my attempts to make them more specific)?

1. What frustrates you most in outdoor group acitvities?
It seems like a too BIG question.

2. What would you like to achieve this year in outdoortrips (?)

3. What would you need in order to double your fun/pleasure this year in outdoor trips?

Is it (just) my mindset that I think this are funny questions to ask when people want a special day out?

Wendy Lorist
9 years ago

My old website was beautiful but filled up with information about me and my product………and everything that I had to offer along withall the prices. A couple of months ago I took it offline and now I have asked Merijn to make a new one, and now I’m not sure if that will be enough, no prices, no nothing, except of course the front end! I understand that all that stuff makes a distance between me and the client but…… When I was at the training I had so much training and now it seems gone.