Voorbereiding online Q&A sessie van 25 september 2013

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van de Business Campus die plaatsvindt op woensdag 25 september om 20:30 uur!

De online Q&A sessie is bedoeld om jouw vragen naar aanleiding van de Partnership Master Class te beantwoorden zodat je weer verder kunt met implementeren.

Plaats jouw vragen – SVP IN HET ENGELS – hieronder in het commentaarveld.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot woensdag!

Nisandeh Neta

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Paul van Rossem
9 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for all your info. It came at exactly the right moment as I’m just starting a co-development project for a web-based communication tool (an interactive whiteboard plus).

My question for the Q&A: When should one formalize a JV into a legal entity, like a BV? What are the triggers that make a formal construct better than an informal JV?

Best wishes,

Ruth Bracke
Ruth Bracke
9 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh for the JV day. Besides your inspiration, the other ZZP’er attendees gave plenty of ideas and opportunities to engage in. It was worth getting up so early that morning. So, thanks to all!

Here my questions:

Concerning the exchange product or service for exposure I wonder what other criteria you use, beside the target audience, to indicate what kind of recommendations you want.

And secondly: in the example you mentionned 20 recommendations for a 3 day training for x people(40 ? don’t remember the nummer of trainees). What reasoning is behind the numbers?

Thanks for your comment!

Anutosh van Varik
9 years ago

You gave me a lot of inspiration in the Joint Venture Master Class – thank you.
I have a center that is very suitable for retreats. We want to enter a new market in which people who are longing for a more meaningful life and possibly receive a “wake-up” call – e.g. cancer, burn-out, a loss, etc. – to act on this longing.
I am looking for a team of professionals who make this new venture to work.
Can you give me ideas how to find partners and how to split the profit – or revenue?

Coen Tuerlings
9 years ago

How do you partner up with someone that sales the same kind of products?

During my Soundfulness trainings I sell lot’s of (music)instruments to the participants.
This is a service to my clients. It is not my main goal but gives good revenues.

I would like to partner up with a real shop and online-store (music/health-care)
– So my clients can also buy the quality instruments outside the trainings
– I don’t waste my time in whole sales and client service

The benefits I have to give is
– Lot’s of clients willing to buy quality instruments
– Expert knowledge how to use the quality instruments for the targeted audience
– A firm network of coaches, trainers, care-takers, welness-practitioners
– Expert knowledge how to implement online marketing

How can I make this partnership profitable without being concurrents?

Saskia Steur
9 years ago

When I am trying to team up with a JV partner outside the Open Circles Community I do experience “that Dutch mentality” like you mentioned in the Master Class.

What are your top 3 tips to overcome that mentality (or change it)?

Marjolein Kalter
9 years ago

Thanks for the inspiration on the JV-day Nisandeh!.
I think I got the point as a lot of ideas came into mind.

As I understood cross-promotion provides me with access to the network of my partners.
Can you explain a little more about that?
I don´t think I can start e-mailing everyone on my partners list.
Can I?

Barbara Rijskamp
Barbara Rijskamp
9 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh for your great training! Especially the exercises between your speeches results in new contacts and how to use your information.

I have a question. I was looking for a JV partner for almost a year. I finally found her at the Leef Lekker-event in July this year!

I am now looking for a new JV partner to accellerate my business. The more JV partners, the more my business grow, isn’t it?

How can I make a strategy to find the right business partner?

Maureen Mulder
9 years ago

Hi all,

Thank you for the inspirational Partnership Master Class.
I am always open to JV partnerships that can boost our businesses 🙂

My question is the following:
What do you do when you agreed to do a JV, for instance client referral, but afterwards it seems more like a one way referral. I’ve seen this in the past at my old job(s), . I referred so many people, but our office hardly received one in return.

I ask this because I’m a born giver. I agree with “only 1 for 1” is a bad JV, but I don’t want to get hurt or get in a negative flow because of that.
I’m looking for a JV partner that will work for me in the same effort as I will do for them. Where we both have the goal to grow both our businesses.

Do you have any tips or recommendations to filter out the people that “do promise but don’t do” upfront?

Also, I cannot attend tonight’s Q&A session. Will there be a replay available or can I please get a copy of someone’s notes of this Q&A session?

Thank you in advance for your help