Q&A – 3 september 2014

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie met Nisandeh Neta van 3 september 2014

Het doel is jou te helpen voortgang te maken met implementeren van het Open Circles materiaal.

In deze online Q&A sessie wil ik de vragen beantwoorden die voor jou actueel zijn. En belangrijk… stel mij de vragen die IK het beste kan beantwoorden met mijn expertise. Denk aan vragen die kunnen leiden tot:

  • strategische inzichten voor de juiste richting van jouw business
  • strategische, duurzame oplossingen voor obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren
  • strategische ondernemer-thema’s die spelen voor jouw business (dus geen vakinhoudelijke)

Wat je vraag ook is – één ding is heel belangrijk:

Laat mij je vragen VOORAF weten.

Stel jouw vraag of vragen – IN HET ENGELS – in het commentaarveld onderaan deze pagina

Doe het uiterlijk dinsdag 2 september 2014, 13:00 uur zodat ik me goed op de sessie kan voorbereiden.

Alleen vragen die op tijd hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord.

Klik hier voor de online Q&A sessie van 3 september 20:30 uur
(pagina is beschermd met een wachtwoord)

Controleer de e-mail die je hebt ontvangen voor de login details.

Tot 3 september!

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh Neta en team Open Circles

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Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I got great insights on the second Passive Business Income Training. Great to hear this information again. It digs a lot deeper now I’ve build some member sites already.

I would like to ask you a question about creating different membership levels and giving great offers.

– How do you decide what should be in the different levels, like gold, silver, bronze, to create high value packages?

– What strategy’s do you use to get the customers to choose the ‘best value” package?

– What strategy’s do you use to get the customers to grow from one package to the next and become lifetime customers?

I would like to get a better view on the balans giving value, creating packages and systemizing it.

See you soon,
Warm greetings

Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have a lot of questions, but this time I am only going to listen to the answers you are giving to other students. This will be helpful for my next steps.

Jennifer Eudoxie
8 years ago

I expect my new skin care products to be ready in november. I will sell them in my beauty institute and online, but I also want them to be sold in specialized cosmetic stores. What is the proces to reach these stores?
How do I approach them? Do they usually work with distributors and even if so, how do I approach them to let them know about my remarkable product?

cindy vissering
cindy vissering
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,
Probably a bit too late, but I hope you can still answer this:

Can I show pictures from other websites as long as I link it to their website?
Or other: how do I find the pictures I want for my blog? The kind I am looking for are hardly found in stockfoto’s. Do you have other suggestions?

Baudy Wiechers
8 years ago

I am wondering if you have suggestions how to do a good launch. A launch for a new project, for a continuity program, for my book, for new products, for my new website.

Thanks and warm greetings, Baudy

Rose Jansen
8 years ago

Hi Nishandeh,

I’m working hard creating my continuity program.
From the feedback that I’ve had form the questionaire I sent to my mailing list my prospects are very interested.

I’m just worried I will shoot all my load and people won’t need to come to my live training after they’ve done the program.

How do you select what information you put in your continuity program and what to keep for your life training?


Erika Lunsche
8 years ago

Sometimes I have to make important decisions for my business. Like you did.
What are the most important strategic questions you asked yourself to get your business on the next level.