Online Q&A sessie TAN

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van het Take Action Now (TAN) programma.

De Q&A vindt plaats op dinsdag 3 december van 20:30 tot 21:30 uur!   [verplaatst van 26 november]

In de e-mail heb je jouw login details ontvangen.

In deze online Q&A sessie wil ik jouw vragen beantwoorden die zijn opgekomen in de weken na de Take Action Now sessie van 12 november 2013

Het doel is jou te helpen voortgang te maken met implementeren.

Gebruik dus deze gelegenheid om:

  • antwoord te krijgen op vragen die je hebt
  • verduidelijking te krijgen over zaken die onduidelijk voor je zijn
  • thema’s in te brengen vanuit jouw business, om nieuwe gezichtspunten aangedragen te krijgen
  • oplossingen aangedragen te krijgen voor obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren.

Zoals bij de vorige sessie is het nodig dat jij jouw input vooraf levert.

Plaats jouw vragen, onduidelijkheden, thema’s etc. – SVP IN HET ENGELS – in het commentaarveld hieronder

Plaats jouw input uiterlijk maandag 2 december aanstaande, zodat wij in de gelegenheid zijn alles op een rijtje te zetten en ons goed op de Q&A sessie voor te bereiden.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot dinsdag 3 december om 20:30 uur!

Nisandeh Neta

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Peggy Rickelman
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

My new business needs a lot of IT (complex website buiding, app, etc). I like IT, but I do not have the knowledge to create what I need, not by far.

You being in the process of changing your websites to a more complex one, do you have a tip for me on this theme?

Thank you!
Peggy Rickelman

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hi Peggy,

Just make a Skype appointment… I think I have the knowledge to create what you need 😉

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Dear Vered and Nisandeh,

The next two years I’m in this great TAN opportunity.
It’s a lot to cover and I need to create a good overview how to implement all new items for 2014 and still run the business as it is at this moment.

What I would like to learn now, is how I could prepare myself to this TAN program

How would you plan the next year with this program to get the maximum out of it?

Till tomorrow
Greetings Coen

Marike Jonker
8 years ago

I am trying to analyze why I need help with implementation of all the things I learn at Open Circles and ‘doing’ Rich Scheffren. My preliminary conclusion is that officewise I am suffering form dys-praxia. It takes me so much time to handle all the things (literally) I have to handle that I cannot get into implementation.

Plus: I read things that are really good and need to be worked out (like design your ultimate business or get an overview of restraints and turn them into intermediate objectives). I start to do it, I get new insights and see that I have to redesign what I was working towards.
A) How do I organize my time in such a way that I can do more that just my chores?
B) how can I use new information without drowning or having to re-do all my plans again and again?
C) how can I avoid the feeling that I am a non-achiever?
I have a great plan, all the knowledge, super target audience, address lists etc.

Arnoud Kas
8 years ago

Thinking about my plans and implementing them into my business makes me feel uncomfortable (ofcourse). This feeling I can label in several ways. I have the tendency to label it more often as scared. When scared I tend to procastinate in several ways (doing “more important” things, think I need more information, get new insights how to improve which takes more time etc..). By writing this down I realise that I have to relable my feeling from scared to excited. This get things moving. And if that doesn’t work. What the hell, let’s do it. Let’s win some or learn some.
I’ll be participating tonight. Meet you there

Peggy Rickelman
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

Now my ideas about my new business get more clear, I realize it’s becoming a lot bigger than I imagined in the first place. It excites me, gives me energy and at the same time scares me.

Bigger means in this case that it needs more investment (money ) to create it, more than I have on my bank account at this moment. Besides this it probably means working together with a partner who either has the IT skills to create it or the money to support it.

I have never dealt with something similar before.
Do you have tips on funding plans? As in who / where / how to prepare / what to watch out for / books on this theme?

Thank you very much!
Peggy Rickelman

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to share with you that writing down my accomplishments of each day is really helping me a lot. It really keeps me energized 🙂

As for my target audience, I decided to keep my focus on marketing for green and sustainable businesses. But that does not mean that I will only service those people.

As for my voluntary projects, I decided to address it to my team members in January 2014 when we meet face to face. That will free my mind on that issue for now.

Tomorrow night I’m giving a facebook workshop and I hope to be back in time to catch the 2nd half of the Q&A.



Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

We wanted to make a choice which personal we could hire to help us set up the social media platform. There we discovered that every thing is possible but you need a PLAN.
And we don’t have a Marketing Communication Plan.

Who can help u to set up a marketing communication plan without a lot of costs. Is there anyone who can do it for us. Or do you know someone that ca help us. Or do you have ideas were to start ??

This is for now my question for this evening.

Thanks in advance

Mario Bunthof

Mario Bunthof
8 years ago
Reply to  Mario Bunthof

Hi Coen,

That is wonderful!! I was looking for the Facebook group but I didn’t find out how it works.

I am not very good with all the techniques 🙁 of social media, but I will learn it!!

Please give me your telephone number. If I am not able to get to you via Facebook I can give you a call.

Are you in the Financial Freedom next Friday ??


Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago
Reply to  Mario Bunthof

Hi Mario,

Already done the Financial Freedom in 2012.

You can reach me trough Facebook, LinkedIn or

Still got my business card from last meeting?

I’ve send you a friend request for Facebook, so I can hook you up to the TAN mastermind.

I’ve put uploaded some nice media plans to start with…

Have a good night,

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago
Reply to  Mario Bunthof

Hi Mario,

I can be of help with a Social Media plan.

Join the OCA TAN Mastermind group on Facebook and we can discuss the plan we use for our Social Media.


Everybody in the TAN group can benefit from the idea’s
and give valuable response.

Maybe we will create together the best Social media plan ever…

What do you thing about this option?

Peggy Rickelman
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh

My question concerns the target audience.
As I remember, you told us to focus on just one target audience. As narrow as possible defined, to limit the marketing budget.

The new business I am working on is about connecting consumers to local service related companies in an easy online way. Shortly described:
It’s a “one-stop-find-and-book-your-service” platform. If you need a certain local service you go to my website instead of Google or yellow pages. You look it up and book the service in that instant moment, plug and play. Service providers (like: masseur / dog walker / hair styling / housekeeping / personal training / counseling, etc) become a member and put their profile online of who they are and what they can provide. Their personal digital agenda will be connected to the online agenda of my website. Consumers who search for a local service provider can find them online on my website (or the App), read about their profile (and recommendations of other real clients) and if they find what they are looking for, they can book the appointment directly online, where they are able to see which date/time is still available including the price. They pay online.

Business model: In the first place I will get paid by the service companies by a fixed fee (per month or year) to become a member of a certain service level. But as soon as the connection (=booking of a service) is made between the consumer and a service company I will get paid a small % of the deal. So I’ll give them a platform to find each other in an easy transparent way with certain features and services, I will need to attract supply and demand at the same time.

My problem: Now I am having a hard time defining who is the real target audience, were do I focus my marketing (budget) on, etc. Without the consumer (demand) no business sustains in the long run, without the service companies (supply) I have no business either. I need both. But both are different groups in every way.

Problem(s) I am solving / advantages I can give them:
• Busy people in big(ger) cities who have no time to look up and locate a local service, to compare them on different websites, to call or email them to match agenda’s for the appointment: Through my website they will find all local services focused on what they need, transparent in pricing and availability and money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the service.
• Small to medium service companies who have open appointment times and want to be found by their potential clients so they can fill their open spaces in their agenda: Through my website they will be found by their clients and without any effort their agenda will be booked automatically while they are doing what they are good at. They receive their payment through me on their bank account (less the fee %).

Question 1: Is it possible that the target audience is not the paying group (which feels strange, but seems the case if I would choose the consumers to be the target audience).
Question 2: can you somehow help me with defining my TA. I need a different focus as I keep on going in circles on these “2 groups”.

Thank you!!!!!
Peggy Rickelman