Voorbereiding online Q&A sessie TAN

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de online Q&A sessie van het Take Action Now (TAN) programma, die plaatsvindt op dinsdag 29 oktober van 17:30 tot 18:30 uur!

Deze online Q&A sessie is de eerste uit de serie Q&A sessies die maandelijks worden gehouden voor het selecte gezelschap van deelnemers aan het TAN programma.

De sessie van 29 oktober is bedoeld om je te helpen voortgang te maken met je implementatie na de Master Entrepreneur van juni jongstleden..

Dit is jouw gelegenheid om:

  • antwoord te krijgen op vragen die je hebt
  • verduidelijking te krijgen over zaken die onduidelijk voor je zijn
  • thema’s in te brengen vanuit jouw business,  om nieuwe gezichtspunten aangedragen te krijgen
  • oplossingen aangedragen te krijgen voor obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren.

Om deze Q&A sessie tot een waardevol instrument voor je te maken, is het nodig dat jij jouw input levert.

Plaats jouw vragen, onduidelijkheden, thema’s etc – SVP IN HET ENGELS – hieronder in het commentaarveld.

Plaats jouw input uiterlijk maandag 28 oktober aanstaande, zodat wij in de gelegenheid zijn alles op een rijtje te zetten en ons goed op de Q&A sessie voor te bereiden.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot dinsdag 29 oktober om 17:30!

Nisandeh Neta

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Baudy Wiechers
8 years ago

In the continuity programm I recorded I tell my audience that I give webinars.
But in fact, I have no idea how to do this and how to set up.

Do you have suggestions?

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I have another question after reading Francois’ input.

For A Conscious Earth basically states my purpose/vision.
Up to now, I have used thinkecodesign.nl and DuurzaamDecember.org as proof of my experience. And both perfectly match my purpose.

I’m a giver, and I’m OK if people approach me for an article/exposure on those websites.

When writing my reply to Francois, it hit me that I can use that as an (extra) USP. However, I don’t want people to interpret it as some kind of bribe, So maybe I should not communicate this as an USP but focus on it as ‘proof of experience’.
And use the ‘free’ exposure as a bonus for clients?

What are your thoughts about this?

Thank you,


Francois van Iersel
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

The first question i have is as follow.

I have 3 products to sell in a very specific product group. I am selling products for sustainable pest control without poison.
Its a chemical free solution for pest control. Here you can find the Australian site from the producer where I import these wonderful products pestfree.com.au

My obstacle is that I don’t know how to find an irresistible offer in this product range.

Could you help me with some suggestions?

Audrey Soekhradj
8 years ago

I have made an opt-in and I’m blogging every week. But I still don´t track more visitors to my website.

I defined my target audience as women between 25-55, who are stuck in their job and do want to grow again. I interviewed several women from my target audience. It resulted in an opt-in that helps women prepare their coach interview in 7 steps and as a bonus 7 mistakes to be ware of. A good preparation is a first step that will help them achieve their goal.

I asked my target audience what are their interest. So I’m blogging every week. But I still don’t see a grow in my mailinglist. I really don’t know what to do anymore to reach my target audience. Hope you can give me some help.

Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

Dear Nisandeh and Vered,

First of all a little background from our company. We rent and sell building fences since 7 years. First only in the Event business and since this year also in the construction and building business. In the event business it was pretty easy to get customers because it was mouth-to-mouth referrals.

But… In the building business it doesn’t work this way. Untill now I only used cold aquisition and networking, to get customers. This works, but slowly and takes time.

I would really what to use the social media to let the building business know that we are there, what we can offer and how we can help them with great products, services, knowledge etc.

And there is were my questions start
– do you have ideas or perspectives how to find the people who would rent or buy our fences. In general the purchase department of a construction company decides from which company the “Uitvoerder” or project manager can order or rent the fences he needs.

– and when we find them, what could we offer (OPT-in)? Do you have ideas or do you know students with a similar business model to brainstorm with. Or can I brainstorm with you about this?

– we have a fantastic backend product! It is brand new and has great potential. How do I let the world out-there know about is?

Like you wrote in your book ” leef lekker” all the ingredients are available, but it is not yet something nice you can eat. It is not a whole.

I consider to hire someone to help us with this, because we don’t have the expertise ourselves and no time to discover it ourselves.
I neither know were to ask for and what it would cost. Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance ! Till tomorrow.

Francois van Iersel
8 years ago

Hay Nisandeh,

Here my second question which I struggle with.

My target audience are in the whole of the Benelux. I am importer off the sustainable pest controle products. The best is I sell to consumers.

I have independent representatives for the aquisition by businesses as restaurants, bakeries, offices etc. Already 4 but I need more representives.

My question is that I struggle to define my target audience for my information website/shop an how to get them there. First I focus me to the dutch speaking audience but now how to target the rigt ones.

It’s a chemical free pest controle solution against mice, rats, cockroaches and silverfisch.

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hi Francois,

We should talk.
I just finished reading your questions and I actually can help you in testing your marketing messages to consumers directly!
I am the owner of thinkecodesign.nl and co-founder of duurzaamdecember.org.

Speaking of that, you just gave me a perfect USP!


Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I thought I could attend the webinar ‘on the road’, but the connection was too bad. Not doable..

I understood that you suggested that I should become the pr expert in sustainability (at least that’s what my husband said but he also mentioned you were talking very fast 😉 ) . I think I know what you mean, but I would highly appreciate it if you (or anyone else that attended the TAN q&a) can give a short recap of what was said.

Thank you in advance,


Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago

Hi team,

First of all…I am very excited to be pert of this team and I’d like to thanks you beforehand for any help/advice I may get.

There are quite a few issues I am struggling with. I understand Baudy’s feelings because I feel a bit the same way.

* I think I have my target group clear (expats who are only here for a few years and do not have the time or are not interested enough to integrate in Dutch society)
* I think I have clear what my mission is (to help my target group with all the difficult Dutch things and to make them feel happy and carefree in Holland)
* I think I have the ultimate website
* I blog regulalrly and I can see it attracts a lot of people to my website
* I have built up a large network and I now regularly get approached by people (entrepreneurs themselves) who want me to help them with sending my (still non-existing) clients to them.
* people email me (directly or through linked-in) with questions that I readily answer…trying to be helfpful, knowledgeable etc.
* I have now 1 regular contract with a party where I can meet the expats and give free Q&A sessions.
* I have a free front-end which I gave the value of € 350 (free-intake and first assessment of the expats problems)
* I know (because they told me so) my target group gets confused by having to go to all kind of different organisations and sort things out by themsleves and when I tell them I would like to take care of all that for them they are really enthusiastic.


* I have no paying clients yet
* My mailinglist doesn’t grow very fast despite the (400-500 per month) hits I get on my website


* There must be something I don’t know…but what is it?
* I know my opt-in offer is not valuable enough and I am re-wrinting it but know it’s almost a book – do I cut it up in pieces and offer different parts monthly?
* Because i am insecure about the value of my website I’m constantly busy changing things – does it need more or less of anything?
* I have back-end products…but no 2nd or even 3rd line of back-end products. I am insecure about what to put as double back-end. I offer my services on a personal level…how can I transfer that into a training or dvd? Also because I have this limited thought (So many blogs and books are about expats etc.)
* Do I actually put the prices of my back-end products on my website? In addition to the packages people can hire me by the hour. I have published hourly rates on the website…is this wise?
* I feel I am contributing but give my bankaccount I am contributing to the wrong people? Who should I contribute to?
* And last but not least…am I too impatient?

I really look forward to tomorrow night!

Till then,

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hi Jacqueline,

When reading your questions, it seems your target audience is the foreign individual that moves to NL. If I understand it correctly, your fees will be paid by that person. Correct?

If yes, then I suggest to focus on the HR manager of the company that relocates that person(+family) to NL.

I’ve worked for about 5 years in the expat business as a tax lawyer before making my switch to “sustainability” and you should target those companies. Not the individual.

If the individual will move to NL by his/her own choice, most likely he or she will figure out most stuff by themselves to save money.

Whereas employees that are being relocated to NL by their employer need to be pampered. Their main concern is that they will live in a decent house and that their children will have good education and that their taxes etc are being taken care of. In short, they but most important their family needs to be taken care of.

Moreover, do not underestimate the power of the expat’s partner. If he or she is not comfortable in NL, it will effect the work of the employee, which will cause headaches with the HR manager 😉

Hope this helps you!


Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago
Reply to  Maureen Mulder

Hi Maureen,

Thank you so much for your effort and time to think about my problems.

You may very well be completely right! My gut tells me to go to HR departments…but that would be a B2B action which makes me even more confused about my target group!

My mission is to help short-term expats’ life as easy as can be (in short)…but I don’t think a lot of (money-pinching) HR departments are actually that interested in that goal.

In my experience so far, most companies with an HR department keep the door shut and send their foreign employees to the expat center…

Very curious about your input…we’ll see each other online in a little over an hour! Till then!

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago


Glad to be part of the TAN program.
Since following the Master Entrepreneur in June, I changed my business over the past months.

My (personal) purpose is to increase awareness for a (more) sustainable lifestyle. I changed my main business activities into helping entrepreneurs in sustainability grow their business via social media, specifically via FACEbook. My business is called For A Conscious Earth (in short: FACE :-)).

Last month I did a free workshop about Facebook for 6 people. It blew them away, wow! The positive feedback was great!

However, my struggle is to get paid by this target audience.
I’ve been to meetings and talking to potential clients, and I keep receiving “No, we don’t have a budget”, despite the fact that they can see my added value.

So now, I rethink every request for a workshop etc to see whether I may get a paid assignment at a later stage and request for testimonials and work on my website (still lots to do).

Today I do have a business meeting (paid!). I’m confident that I’ll get more business out of it, but it’s not my ideal client.

Somebody told me that “there is no money in sustainability” which I refuse to believe. So, there must be something I don’t know (yet).

Can you perhaps help in finding a new direction to approach prospects?

Thank you,


Francois van Iersel
8 years ago

Hello Nisandeh,

Sometimes companies have problems to pay the whole amount . To make it easier for them did I made a rental concept.

I am searching for a program that will make an invoice every month and an automatic pay system.

The same way as you do by montly payments. Please could you advice me in that way. Which program ??

Thanks François

Coen Tuerlings
8 years ago

Hi Vered, Nisandeh and Team Open Circles

I’m exited to start with the TAN-program… can’t wait 😉

Here are my questions on implementing the Master entrepreneur training;

I’m helping coaches, therapeutics, trainers en care-takers to learn how to relax their clients successfully with Soundfulness Sound-relaxation.

So I have 4 major targeted audience

– coaches
– therapeutics
– trainers
– care-takers

I’m developing for each targeted audience an ultimate website, front-end- back-end system.

How can I developed for each major targeted audience an business unit?
(Resultaat Verantwoordelijke Eenheden, RVE’s)

At this moment we’ve have trained 21 Soundfulness Soundworkers (next year june 32) who are willing to become Soundfulness trainers. So next year I’ve got 32 potential joint venture partners who could be partner in a business unit. We’ve already started a community member site to enhance communication, exchange of expertise and encourage personal development.

• Witch strategics should I follow to develop the right business units for each targeted audience?
• How can I encourage contribution, cooperation and community in this units?

Baudy Wiechers
8 years ago

Today I am a bit sad.
I work so hard and focused on my goals. I think I really implement what is taught during the many Open Circles courses I followed and still are following.

I have a new ultimate website (scholingsociocratie.nl).
I have an opt-in in both my sites.
I defined my target audience.
I quit with a day work at school because it is not totally fitting in my goals/target audience.
I made front-end and back-end products.
I write every month a blog (this week I got at the day my blog was sent + the day after 241 visitors at my website).
I get every month people writing reactions/comments at my website, Facebook, LinkedIn…….
I write comments on other people’s blogs.
I visit network meetings inside and outside my working field and made many new connections.
My address is growing every day.
My continuity program is recorded and will be released next month (gezinsoverleg.nl)

But I can’t found the results back on my bank account. And that is, as I understood, the best place to check the results!
Does it need more time? Or am I missing something? Is there anything I don’t see?

I hope I can get some suggestions.


Jan Miltenburg
8 years ago

Nisandeh and TAN Team,

RealSales.NU is a new concept for Sales Training. My target audience are Directors or Managers who want to make their sales force more successful and let them develop their self in a different way. The difference between other concepts is that we will focus on individual personal Sales growth. During one year these people will receive workshops, video learning, team conference calls (weekly), individual conference call (weekly).
We will hire Marc Lammers who was a successful hockey coach and who’s slogan was; “winners have a plan and losers an excuse”.

The challenge we have is:
– how to differentiate the TA
– how to build the database (co-creation ??, etc.)
– what is the best planning (momentum)
– what is the perfect opt-in

Looking forward !!!


Jan Miltenburg.