Voorbereiding 2e online Q&A sessie Write Your Book

Welkom op deze voorbereidingspagina voor de tweede online Q&A sessie Write Your Book die plaatsvindt op dinsdag 16 april om 19:30 uur!

De online Q&A sessie is bedoeld om jouw vragen ten aanzien van de onderwerpen uit de Write Your Book te beantwoorden zodat je weer verder kunt met het schrijven van jouw boek.

Plaats jouw vragen IN HET ENGELS hieronder in het commentaarveld.

Alleen vragen die hieronder zijn geplaatst, worden beantwoord in de online Q&A sessie!

Tot dinsdag!

Nisandeh Neta

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Caroline Hoogerwerf
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

I appreciate this possibility to ask questions. Thank you for your time. But at this moment I do not have time to write my book jet. It is scheduled for july 2013. I wish you and all other participants of write your book SUCCESS in writing your book.


Yvonne Casander
9 years ago

I am here, tonight!

Gijs Terlaak Poot
9 years ago

Unfortunately tomorrow I will not be able to attend the second Q & A session. Have a great time! Yours kindly, Gijs

Monique van der Schans

I will attend the webinar tonight. I am in the same Mastermind Group as Mariken van de Loo and can confirm her statement that our group is very supportive to each other. I am thankful for their comments and learn a lot from their questions and ‘troubles’ as well.

My question to you is: I attended the Write Your Book course to write a bestselling book about talent development for secretaries. In the meantime I came to the conclusion that just writing a book without back end (training, coaching) or front end material will not do it for me. The members of my MMG are all trainers or coaches and have clients. I am just starting with this training/coaching business.

So I wanted to start writing front end and back end products. Is that a wise thing to do? Or is it better to write the book anyway and let the content determine which front and back end products I should make?

Michiel Prins
9 years ago

I’ll be there! My biggest problem is focus. Inspired by the Open Circles trainings, I’m currently working on a big project which consumes all of my free time. It’s good, as it will result in enough passive income to become financially free, but it kind of kills the book.

And… if I were to write the book, my subject is still not clear. I’m both successful in IT for growing businesses and in spiritual coaching. For the next 5 years I’ll have to ride both trains. In 2018 I’ll sell the IT Business and move to France. The question here is: should I write a book about business, spiritual coaching, or combine both? Do I write the book for my mid-term goal (selling the IT business) or my long term goal (becoming an expert on spiritual coaching)?

Nisandeh Neta
Nisandeh Neta
9 years ago
Reply to  Michiel Prins

Great problems to have (both of them).

I’ll do my best to answer them in the Q&A call in a way that could help you take the next step.

Brigitte Buis
9 years ago

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tomorrow evening.
But I am still going strong with writing my book about the strength of family owned businesses and the 6 steps towards strategic competitive advantage.

12 chapters are ready and from the last 6 chapters, 80% is ready. My deadline is April 22 nd. 2013.

Merlijn Smeele
9 years ago

I will not be able to attend either and I have no specific questions at the moment. I finished my blueprint and I’m working on my 1st chapter now.

Could we get a summary of all the Q&A or the main subjects?
Thanks! Merlijn

Jolanda Zeggelaar
Jolanda Zeggelaar
9 years ago

I will be there this evening
I don’t have a question yet

Mariken van de Loo
9 years ago

Dear Nisandeh,

First off all: I will be there, this evening
Second off all: our Mastermind group is functioning very well. Every monday-evening we have a Skype session. Not everyone is attending every week, but you join when needed. It is very inspiring to help eachother and give eachother usefull tips.

My Question:
During the proces of writing I got a new idea which I didn’t put in the blueprint. I like to have your opinion on this: On several subjects in the book there are great experts in the (dutch)field of managementgoeroes like Jeroen Busscher, Menno Lanting, Arko van Brakel, Remco Claassen or Ben Tiggelaar and most of them I know or know how to reach. I play with the idea to ask them to have an interview with them to give some chapters in the book also an other point of view.
I struggle with the way how: I want to become THE EXPERT and how should I position myself according to them.

Bianca de Wit
9 years ago

Unfortunately, I will not be abble to attend this evening.

I do have a question, but since the sessions wil not be recorded and send afterwards, it’s no use for me to ask the question since I will not be able to hear the answer myself.

I hope the third q&a session will be planned soon.


Roland Scholten
9 years ago

I’ll be there tomorrow. I finished the blueprint. I’m planning to finish the manuscript around april 26. I’m already contacting a publisher. I accidently met someone who works for one of the most wanted publishers for my book. I wrote a note about the book for the publisher.

I don’t have questions at the moment. It’s all clear to me. But I love to be inspired by the Q&A tomorrow.

Frank Schalkwijk
Frank Schalkwijk
9 years ago

I will attend the Q&A tomorrow.

My questions:

I have finished the manuscript for my first book. It was almost ready already during the course, therefore I didn’t use the speed writing techniques for it. But, moreover, the book is not as audience-targeted as should be. What do you recommend to make it more audience-targeted without rewriting it?

The outline of my second book almost stands – using your teachings. Before starting to write, what elements can I put in the comming writings to improve credibility awareness by the reader?