Take Action Now! – 12 november 2013

Welkom op de voorbereidingspagina van de Take Action Now! dag van 12 november 2013.

Je vindt hier belangrijke informatie, dus lees deze pagina goed door.

Het Take Action Now programma is in het leven geroepen om je te helpen voortgang te maken met je implementatie na de Master Entrepreneur.

Op 12 november gaan we in op:

  • oplossingen voor algemene obstakels die je tegenkomt tijdens het implementeren
  • de thema’s die specifiek voor jouw business gelden
  • herhaling en toepassing van het materiaal uit de Master Entrepreneur op jouw thema’s

En bovenal is er in dit selecte gezelschap alle gelegenheid om vragen te stellen en zaken helemaal duidelijk te krijgen. En je gaat elkaar als collega-deelnemers ook ondersteunen. Heel vaak krijg je onverwachte inzichten voor jezelf, op het moment dat je een ander helpt. En dat betekent…

…dat wij ook verwachten te leren van jou!

Praktische zaken

Datum en tijd
Dinsdag 12 november 2013, van 10-15 uur


Crowne Plaza Amsterdam
George Gershwinlaan 101
1082 MT Amsterdam

We willen je graag wijzen op de mogelijkheid om een maaltijdpakket af te nemen voor deze dag. Het gaat om ontvangst met  koffie en koekje en een luxe broodjeslunch-buffet incl. koffie, thee of sap. De kosten van dit pakket bedraagt EUR 22,50 per persoon.

Laat ons s.v.p. vóór vrijdag 8 november per e-mail (office@opencircles.nl) weten of je van dit maaltijdpakket gebruik wilt maken! De kosten dienen direct bij aankomst op dinsdag 12 november aan de receptie van het Crowne Plaza te worden voldaan.

Speciale dieetwensen dienen van tevoren te worden doorgegeven.

Tot slot:

Laat ons weten in het commentaarveld welke actuele thema’s je nu bezighouden! En bekijk ook de comments van je collega TAN-deelnemers om te zien welke overlap je ziet en welke verschillen.

We kijken er naar uit je te zien op 12 november!

Op jouw succes,

Nisandeh en Vered

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Arnoud Kas
8 years ago

My name is Arnoud Kas: I help people who organize a family party to make it a great party. I do this by by making music, singing and entertaining.
During Passive Bussiness Income Seminar I discovered that my target audience does not fit very well to have a continuity program and develop a passive Income (They want my service normally once and there is not much I can offer them afterwards), nor does this way of working serve me to become a business owner, because I am the product.
I keep my customers posted by a newsletter and get a part of my business through their recommendations to their friends, family, hobby- and business clubs.
This year I managed to increase my average price by 20%, and I deliver the most added value (most expensive) comparing to the colleagues in my market segment.
At this point I am on the so called platfom. I consider a breakthrough but do not know how. I’d like to have help with that.

A second source of income is as a colleague “Troubadour”. I sell “gigs” that I cannot do to colleagues and vice versa. After PBI I started to think about automating this and currently a website is under construction and will be ready this month. Each gig that wil be sold will automatically generate app € 40,-. I am aiming for 1.000 gigs per year by the end of 2014.
At this point I do not have a fixed plan how to achieve this only some ideas. I could use input on that.

A third source of future income will be coming from my continuity program. This will be a program to teach musicians who want to turn their passion into their profession to help them to achieve this. Goal is to have 100 customers who pay € 40,- per month by the end of 2015. Current status is that I have to write this product and that I have to test it in the market. I am not sure how I can effectively do this. I have some ideas which I’d like to share and would like to have input on how I could do this better.

If you already have any ideas, please let me know. I will take these topics to the TAN meeting of 22-11. Looking forward to see you there. 🙂

Maureen Mulder
8 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

My main struggle with implementing is getting things done. I feel like I need to implement sooooo much and just don’t have the time to do it all at once.

My main struggle is that it seems my ‘flow’ is constantly being interrupted.

I really could use a personal “what to do next” plan, which I can use as a basis and gives me structure. Because up to now, I’ve been following multiple tracks at the same time.

Also, I ‘ve been pondering on how to create the ultimate sustainability PR bible (as mentioned by you during the first TAN Q&A). I’m thinking of starting e.g. a new website or facebook page, just as a case study that can feature in that book.

On the other hand, I feel that will be the same as opening / following another track that may cause loose of focus….

Would be great if you can share your thoughts on this.


Arnoud Kas
8 years ago

Just marked the option: Laat me via email weten als er nieuwe comments zijn.

Jacqueline ter Haar
8 years ago

Oh I AM looking forward to Tuesday!

What really keeps me busy right now is the lack of clients…I have none.

I originally wanted to be building friendships with expats and help them dealing with Dutch bureaucracy, take their stress, problems and sorrows away by becoming their central point if they encounter anything difficult.

I have answered lots of questions through LinkedIn, delivering value which was appreciated but did not make them even use my front-end (which is a free consult which I have given the value of € 350 in which they can ask all their questions so I can start building up a level of trust).

I have recently started a ‘joint venture’ with a company that rents furnished apartments to expats from where on they start looking for permanent accomodation. I am giving free Q&A sessions every Friday, I come up with other extra events for their clients but none of the expats hire me.

I have talked to my JV partner and I have been going to meetings of ‘ondernemersvereningingen’. They all say the same…the concept is great but I will need to start doing it B2B.

That concept is new to me so now I am in a flustered state. My website, the new opt-in I am making…all of it is geared to deliver value to the expat…do I now need to change it?

And if so…do I then not become one of the many other relocation businesses…without the real personal approach that now sets me apart from most of them?

And I have already been asked to start this concept in Utrecht. Appearantly there are no or very few expat helpdesks there. How do I start ‘fracnchising’ if I do not even have a running business here in my own hometown?

Tons of questions and doubts. The energy is all there…I just don’t know in what direction to steer it.

Esther Jacobs
Esther Jacobs
8 years ago


Ik kijk heel erg uit naar vandaag, maar eerlijk gezegd geneer ik me ook heel erg voor het feit dat ik tot nu toe met alle tools nog zo vrijwel niets heb gedaan.
Ik ben door omstandigheden een aantal keren compleet van business veranderd, heb er daarnaast een baan erbij moeten nemen en krijg het nu niet voor elkaar om mezelf te focussen op mijn business die alhoewel klein best potentie heeft om succesvol te worden.

Ik heb allerlei website modules gekocht, maar het ontbreekt me aan een plan van aanpak en iemand die me stap voor stap aan de hand meeneemt om de dingen op een rijtje te krijgen.

Ik zou het geweldig vinden als ik vandaag leer om de dingen die ik eerder kocht voor een business to business programma om te zetten naar mijn nieuwe business model.

Mario Bunthof
8 years ago

For me there are 3 items I would like to work on and I am very pleased that I can do that with you all !!

1. Make a clear plan which kind of Social Media we want to use and implement this as soon as possible. Should we bring out a newsletter & or blog? If so what is the purpose of the newsletter and blog. I great obstacle is that I don’t have much time and litlle skills to do this by myself. How do you do this?.

2. We have a fantastic remarkable product. I would like to brainstorm with you, how to translate this in a business model. How can I or should I communicate this to the market.

3. The third item is more about beliefs. I experience that our business goes very well, for a long period of time and than in the end; there are setbacks!!. Clients are not able to pay, employees make very stupid decisions that cost us a lot of money etc. And this worries me the most of all !! Because it means that whatever I do (we do) it will not work out !!
I want to find the disaligning beliefs, get rid of them and make new bliefs. !!!!

Audrey Soekhradj
8 years ago

I have 2 ideas that I like to discus.

1.During the webinar Target Audience I learned that I had a wrong frontend on my homepage. Later on a client told me he would like to send a friend to have a session with me. That person would have a lot of benefit from it. But he doesn’t think the person is ready for it at the moment.

So I’m developing a Gift card that I like to send to my mail list. The idea is that the people on my mail list get a card for free. They can use it themselves but they can also give it away. A Christmas spirit thing. I’ll try and take a sample tomorrow with me. If they want to have more they can buy it.

I will implement it next Monday. I want to put it on my website for sale. I would like to discuss the idea. Do you think this is an idea for a frontend? What other idea do you see?

2.In January I will give a workshop Vrouw, empower jezelf!. I would like to create a dvd from this workshop. So I can put video cuts on my website, I can sell it, I can give it in short version to the ordering party for promotional options, etc. I think it can give my business a boost.

Who can help me find someone who wants to train these skills?
Does anybody has other options how I can use this workshop to promote my business?

Like to hear from you.
Sorry for my late reaction. I’m just back from abroad.
See you tomorrow.

Baudy Wiechers
8 years ago

Ik wil het graag hebben over hoe ik mijn continuity program het beste kan introduceren.
Het is af, de films staan op YouTube, maar niemand weet het nog.
De website is één dezer dagen klaar.

Zal ik dit breed naar al mijn contacten gaan uitzetten, er langzaam aan beginnen, er eerst een heel programma omheen bedacht hebben, …….

Ik kijk uit naar dinsdag!