Women Do Financials Differently – 21 september 2013

Welcome to this preparation page for the Women Do Financials Differently seminar!

It is a no-brainer that financials are key to making a business successful. However, many of us (women) HATE dealing with the financial side of the business and try to avoid it as much as possible.

Congratulate yourself for participating in this seminar, because learning how to handle your finances is a huge step in making your business a success!

On this page you will find practical information for the seminar, so read it well and come well prepared.

To get the maximum out of your day, do these personal assignments:

  • Take a close look at your views about money. How do you feel when you need to handle your finances, negotiate or build a budget? Do you do these things? What skills are you lacking, if any? Write down your answers.
  • Take a look at your financial situation and record the most important numbers (revenue, costs, taxes, etc.) that are relevant to your business. The work we will do is most powerful when we work with accurate information. This assignment is for you. You do not need to show your numbers to anyone if you don’t want to!


Date and times
Saturday September 21, from 10:00 till 18:00
Registration takes place from 8:30 till 9:30.
We start at 10:00 exactly. Make sure you are ON TIME!

Nieuwegein Business Centre (NBC)
Blokhoeve 1
3438 LC Nieuwegein 
Route description

Meal Package

The NBC offers you a meal package for the day. We advise you to buy it. There are no shops in the vicinity of the NBC and it is not allowed to eat your own food at the location.

You can buy your meal package online until 13:00 the day before the event.

For more information and to buy your meal packageclick here.

Preparation and what to bring

  • Bring lots of business cards! There will be plenty of opportunity to network – so make sure you benefit from it!
  • Bring a notebook and pen
  • Bring a water bottle (cups and glasses are not allowed in the room).

Dress code 
Business casual. Bring something warm (the room can be chilly because of the air conditioning).

Facebook group
Go to the closed Women Do Business Differently 2013 Facebook group to meet, help and support each other! If you are not a member yet, click here and join this amazing group!

Click here if you need a ride to and/or from the event or have place in your car to take people with you

We are looking forward to meet you in the Women Do Financials Differently seminar!

Till then!

Vered Neta and Open Circles team


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Yvette Moleman
8 years ago

Oh,ooooowwwwww; Numbers…..
This will be an interesting day…..
Looking forward meeting you all again!


Anna Sofia
8 years ago

It would be nice to be again with Open Circles and all of you on saterday!
I’m looking forward to it.

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago
Reply to  Anna Sofia

Love to see you too Anna, hopefully we’ll come to speak to each other tomorrow

Barbara Rolsma
8 years ago

Would you be so kind to comment on my new website? boukjebarbara.com.

Thanks a million.

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

Numbers, numbers, numbers, no problem for me, until they are money numbers and related to me! I love it how the first insights already reached me haha and I’m looking forward to the rest of it tomorrow.

Franka Voortwist-van Hal

I’m sorry to say that I have to let go this saturday because of personal surcomstances. Especially because of the fact that money is a great issue for me. There is a lot of dislike? towards it.
I hope you all have an inspiring day and Jacqueline Moleman a lot of succes. Maybe there is someone who want to share the hot items with me, I realise that these points are very personal to each of us. ( sorry voor het slechte engels, ik merk dat dit het ook moeilijker maakt om alle info te implementeren, ik versta het wel , alleen daarna…)

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

Geen probleem Franka, bel me volgende week gerust om af te spreken, dan praat ik je aan de hand van mijn aantekeningen wel bij.

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

I had lots of actions out of our last meeting. I also went to Business Bootcamp this time and came with another bunch of actions home! 21 september inspires me to get most of them finished so I can take home new actions for more growth! I’m looking forward to meet you all again

Helena van Dijk
8 years ago

I look forward to this day, I already take steps to change my finances. The chapter where you have to take a look at what is your net worth was painfull. You know it, but still it is painfull to see that your money didn’t only to go to 3/5 income, but to notice it getting less ever since.
I’m curious what insights come saturday, it ‘s hot subject for me so it will be great working on it!
I have the experience that to work with it and learn about finances is nice. So I know that as soon as I grasp it I like to work on it!
It’s a lot about getting things clear and look beyond that edge to things you don’t actually want to look at!

Lotte van Kessel
8 years ago

A lot of you ladies didn’t read (or react to) my Facebook post. Please read Vered Neta’s book before next week: Financial Independence for women! So we all can get the most out of our session! It helps a lot if we all come prepared and ready to go!
See ya all next week.

Leonne Meijs
8 years ago

Thanks for the reminder!

Helena van Dijk
8 years ago

I’m doing my preparation now….. I don’t even know what I could negotiate about…… next gap to fill with some understanding I guess………

Barbara Rolsma
8 years ago

Hi all,
I offered a while ago that I am open to set up a mastermind group in Alkmaar.
Two people reacted but as I had computer problems I never answered. Sorry. Could you please mail me again?

Am looking forward to Saturday 21th! Not only is my business going forward nicely and ma developing new skills, I also have an afterparty at home!!!!

See you.

Jacqueline Moleman
8 years ago

Are you all fully prepared to the FUN negotiation part?

Receive my free e-book ‘Negotiation in your handag’ or ‘Onderhandeling in je handtas’ at Negotiation4Women(.com) facebook page or website.

To your Yes!!! moments

Mariska van Gennep
8 years ago

Hi ladies,

I’m looking forward to see you all! Downloaded Jacqeline Ebook (have to read it still), had some actions before summer after our last meeting and now I’m exited to learn more about the finances. In summerholiday I read books about it, know anxious to learn and practice!

Till saturday, Mariska