10 Great Business Ideas to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Watch the first Business Boost in 60 Minutes webinar recording below:

Make sure you start implementing these powerful ideas as they apply to your business.

And if you have any more questions about what I share in the video…

Please post your question (in English) in the comment box below by Monday December 14th.

To your success,


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Arjen Kiers
Arjen Kiers
6 years ago

Dear Nisandeh
Thanks, this webinar was clear. Things to implement.
A new topic suggestion: In depth in finding your target audience.
So, we know the demographics, we know what problem we can solve and we know some psychogafics but not clear enough to find them.
I am moving to a different target audience and the ones that I already have, and fit into the new definition, give me different answers in the psychografics. They have in common that they want to contribute to a better world, but they are hanging out everywhere.

Coen Tuerlings
6 years ago

Thanks Nisandeh,
This valuable summary of actions is again on top of my mind. Great to hear it again. It’s great to have the webinar recording and listen to it in my own time. I’m going to marinate my brain with it during my rides in the car.

The Topics I would like to know more of are;
➤ Best Retargeting strategies
➤ Best Affiliate Marketing strategies
➤ Best Video Marketing strategies
➤ Best Funnel Creation strategies
➤ Best Survey Creation strategies

And if you need anything else… just let me know 😉

Have a great Christmas with friends and family.
See you next year…


Sally Edwards
Sally Edwards
6 years ago
Reply to  Coen Tuerlings

like the points you bring up.
great suggestions

Cindy Declerc
6 years ago

Great session, lots of value!

1. I am really glad you had the technical issue – I prefer to watch a recorded session 🙂 Having all the extra stuff going on at the side is distracting – what is the use of turning off email, sms, social media if there is another distraction put there to replace it?

2. Suggestion: do give 15 REAL seconds to write an implementation idea down – information overload is a permanent danger with all these known but still great tips to do better in business and life in general.
It does help to have these 15 to 30 seconds breaks. If you do that 10 times for 20 seconds, the video will be three minutes longer – but it will stick a lot better as well. IMO 🙂

3. Question: do you have your numbers somewhere ‘in sight’, or do you have another way to actually spend the time on checking them? I don’t mean the goals numbers – but the actual ‘how am i doing today’ numbers? I have a dashboard – and I’m not looking as often as i wish. Any tricks to ‘obligate’ yourself to see it? I’m thinking about having it as a first page as I open my browser. Any other tips?

See you next time,

Thea van Dijk
6 years ago

It is clear. Is there a system for the special dates of my clients so I can automate this?

Coen Tuerlings
6 years ago
Reply to  Thea van Dijk

Hello Thea,
You can use your autoresponder for this task.
Works great


Sally Edwards
Sally Edwards
6 years ago

I just finished watching the first of the online 60 minute business booster sessions.
1. I loved having Nisandeh in my lounge!
2. I like the content. Short, sharp and to the point.
3. what did I learn? set goals with deadlines that are challenging – that will stretch me – make it exciting to do.
4. go the extra mile – have clarity about what I can offer my clients to give them an extra ordinary experience. refer me on and buy from me again and again.
5. make good use of my time – I can earn more money – I can’t earn more time
6. celebrate and enjoy my successes – do something tangible to celebrate

I think Nisadeh forgot to say that it is important to also be grateful for what we have. I do this every day – to acknowledge the abundance that I have, to be thankful for the big and small things in my life. I think this is an important balance between taking and giving .

Looking forward to the next session

Wilma van Dartel
6 years ago

Great session! Thanks!
Viewed the recorded session today (12th December) and agree with Cindy Declerc: I liked the absence of distraction at the side in chatbox!

Furthermore I experienced the power of repetition and use it at more levels/area’s.

Point taken: join Business Bootcamp again (for me it will be the 2nd in 2016)

Looking forward to Business Boost at 14t January!

Cobi Rijsdam
6 years ago

Inspiring webinar. I liked the pausing to do some work. I loved not to be distracted by the chat box. Keep it closed until the end. Or find a way to let people contact the support group without using the chat box.
Till next time!

Monica Scheffer
6 years ago

Thank you, Nisandeh.
It was very interesting. I also liked the repetition, that is very powerful. Just stuck with one question that I need to clear for myself.

I’d love to spoil my client, but just trying to figure out how. Mostly I have two clients, the one who needs to find another job and the one who pays me (mostly the employer). My first thought is that I have to overdeliver to both of them. And I definitely will ask both what else they need or want.
I also liked the recorded webinar. It made sure that I had full focus on what you had to tell.

Paul Vrenken
6 years ago

Thanks Nisandeh!

I have got a question on getting expert help…

Do you have a database of people willing to work together, The Open Circles way?

In our case, we are making our children yoga game as you know, but it is two very creative Open Circle persons together…
We are looking now for someone who can help us in reaching schools to implement it in their schooling system. Someone as enthusiastic as us.
How can we reach the expert who can and will work together with us…?

CU the 14th of january!
Have a good day,
& a high five! Paul

Coen Tuerlings
6 years ago
Reply to  Paul Vrenken

Hello Paul,

I’ve worked with Jofke van Loon.
She’s very creative and has a huge network in education.
Try to contact her on linkedIn.
You can mention me as referral.
Look also for her book ” je zintuigen als inspiratie”

Margarita Lourido
Margarita Lourido
6 years ago

Thank you Nisandeh for the first Business Boost Session.
The information about over deliver was great, simple and powerful.
Thank you for remain us to Celebrate!!! It is easy to forget this.
It was nice to be able to pause the video and to use the configuration options of You Tube.
For the next sessions, I am really interested to know more about the implementation of:
>The Blue Ocean Strategy, this was an amazing tip from the Pro-Fit marketing training.
>Joint ventures
>Video Marketing
And I can not wait for the session about productivity tools in January.
Have a Merry Christmas.
Until next time.

Martine Verweij
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Thanks for the lessons. It really felt like a one-on-one session. I liked it without a chatbox. I find the chatbox distracting and not adding value for me. I love the feeling of a private session. So maybe it is an idea to use the chatbox availability, but without a visual of what other people are chatting about. I like a live webinar more then a video. I don’t want to pause. When it’s live I keep my energy much higher, because I want to capture all the information. The ‘live’ of the Business Boost was for me the main reason why I bought it right away. I also love to get excersises that I have to do during the lesson. It keeps me alert and participating.

Topics I want to know more about:
– How to use facebook in depth as a marketing strategy to grow my mailing list with qualified prospects.
– How to get investors and joint ventures for big expensive projects and multiply the investment fast 10 times or more.
– How to get a platform/stage for my expertise.

I hereby commit to have at least implemented 5 out of the 10 before the next lesson on January 14th. And I’ll let you know the results.

Have a lovely and beautifull christmas and a fantastic 2016!

Warm regards,

linda Goodings
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

Just saw the webinar… Thank you again for beautiful ideas. I really liked to set a date to celebrate … it puts a smile on my face 😉

I liked to be able to pause, and watch again if i need to.

What i would like to learn more off … some ideas here
– The Blue Ocean Strategy
– Best joint venture ideas
– Video Marketing, Vlogging, Webinar 😉
– Best Optin ideas!
– MEDIA TRAINING! …. i have been on radio twice .. asked for TV next month (and my first book is not out yet – expected Feb 2016 :-)…. Your best tips who to handle media best!
Thank you for al the vallue .

Lovely X -Mas

Lizet van Triet
Lizet van Triet
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
Thanks for your 10 business ideas. You asked which ideas I will implement for sure. That is nr. 1: evaluate the past year, nr. 6: overdeliver (I already offered a lower price for a training because it’s Christmas time and the clients were very happy!). Also important: to ask the question ‘what else do you need or want?
And the third thing I’ll implement is celebrating the successes of the past year: the first students of the yeartraining of Mindfulness-Massage passed their exam.
So thanks again for these ideas. And I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a very happy and succesful 2016!

Jelle den Breejen
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh. Thanks for your immediate action in recording the session while the technical problems occured.

Presentation was very clear, inspiring, confronting and ready to implement. Thanks. I loved the little pauses every now and then to write some things down for myself.
Looking forward to the value that will be added next time by using the chatbox with the other participants.

See you in januari (Business Bootcamp) and for now I wish you and your family every happiness and succes.

Martine Verweij
6 years ago

Hi everybody,

I implemented the actions from the Business Boost today. Nisandeh mentioned shortly the SWOT-analysis. I didn’t know anything about this, so I search the net. Found some great videos about the topic on youtube.

I found out that a SWOT-analysis can produce great ideas. Ideas that can be formed into goals. Three important questions you can ask yourself to get the most out of the SWOT-analysis are these:

1. Do we have a strength that can off set a weakness?
2. Do we have a strength that can help us to invest in an opportunity?
3. Are there opportunities that can off set treats?

The answers to these questions made really good ideas for me I have to implement in the coming year.

Succes with implementing!

Warm regards,
Martine Verweij

Bastiaan de Beer
Bastiaan de Beer
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,
Can you elaborate (in one of the next Business Boosts) on how to find, qualify, select good coaches and mentors? What criteria do you use yourself?

I know a few coaches but I doubt they are the ones that can help me take my business to the next level.
What qualities should a good coach/mentor have in general? There’s an abundance of (business-) people with opinions, but what if you want to get more than just another few opions?

Leni Minderhoud
6 years ago

Hi Bastiaan,
My reaction as business coach and counsellor for 45 plus professionals.

A coach in general should not only give own opinions. If you are looking for an Advisor, ok, they may have their own advises, based on opinions.

A good coach is client oriented and asks the right questions to empower you to your max. Discovers your strengths and your not supporting patterns in behavior and believes. Will make clear what your direction is. You have all the wisdom, it is the art of the coach to reveal it.

All these are words every coach will tell you, hopefully. Look at references, websites, history, CV, LinkedIn, Facebook page, online presence., the target audience of the coach.

A good coach is showing the expertise, and is not only telling …

Cora Hiebinger
6 years ago

Thanks for the boost!
I like the structure of information delivery – 1 – 10 or 1 – 7 and short, clear information to the different points. Easy to follow. Marked the decisions I already took (e.g. what I stop) in color in my notes so they stick out. Obvious so it is I never really followed the first point – to think over what went well and what did not in the past year – will take time to answer those questions. Also will implement some celebration and like the ideas to spoil my clients.

As for January – looking forward to productivity tools – one I would really like to know about is a tool to make appointments with clients – now I do it at the end of the (one-on-one) session and it is a big time-eater; an online-calendar offers not enough flexibility but maybe there is something out there.

2015 was a remarkable year and thanks to you, I now have a business. I wish you all a happy new year!

Anneke Stuij
6 years ago

Thanks for this webinar.
I saw it only now in the replay, but it is a beautiful start of the new year. I will work on more automation and systemizing. And evaluate my 80/20. Looking forward to your next video!

Karin Wiebenga - Neelen
Reply to  Anneke Stuij

Dear Nisandeh,

Thanks for the course, thanks for the knowledge and the beautiful tips, I definitely can use your energy and all the tips! It is a pity that you talked for more then 12 minutes about Business Bootcamp and did not have anything more on the topic you talked about in this course, that would make it even better!


Bea Bergenhenegouwen
6 years ago

Hi All, and Nissandeh,

Finaly I took time to watch it…..

Thank you for the top 10 list. Its great to see so many points taken care of in my store.
What i would love to learn more is about franchising system. II have a franchising formula and to proof that it works I also have a fysical store. I am always struggling how to work out all the things you mention and 90% works. Indead over delivering in a store is a great thing. Also to do. I started to begin with the ambassadorplan, but I will review that one to use it in over delevering!
I would love to get in contact with people who are having a fysical store. I also have ideas to share.

If you have some stores examples for my best year ever…… I would love to hear more about that (like the shoe store in Tenerife?)

Hope to have a great webbinair on the 14th of Januari!

Everybody Happy new year and make 2016 your best year up till now!
Bea Bergenhenegouwen

Lucienne Ritzen
6 years ago

Thanks Nisandeh, a late replay but never the less all I needed to hear again & for now the inside is getting to know my numbers. At the Financial Freedom my turn-around point was respect my money & protect my money. Now I gonna focus on the numbers that really excites me & having fun with them… a totally new mindset for me thanks a lot and looking forward to the 14th

By the way great how you still managed to the webinar and provided it us us. Merci beaucoup

Merci Beaucoup

Yuka Groenenberg
6 years ago

Thanks a million for the webinar. See you again in Januari.
Going to implement all 10 tips and going to share them with my team. Unfortunatelly I can not attend the Business Bootcamp on the 16th but next time I will come again for sure. Their will be some people there from my team so 🙂

Lieve Leysen
6 years ago

Hi Nisandeh,

As usual: very to the point and very good and useful stuff.

About everything was repetition for me but that’s good!

As you say yourself: we need repetition and I’m happy I can have that now in a way that I can watch it over and over again when I need it and that I can pause the video if I need a bit more time to write or to process something.

A few things that would help to have an even better experience as participant:


1. We can better follow
2. We can structure our notes better
3. At the end it gives automatically an overview on the screen off all the biggest points of the training.

You had 8 big points and at a certain moment I hear you saying “this is nr. 7”, while I didn’t hear nr. 6.
Going back to the video, I understood that nr.6 probably was the point about “MORE” 🙂

2) GIVE THE TIME THAT YOU SAY YOU GIVE; avoid to shorten it

It gives us the opportunity to have and write down an immediate good idea during the session.

30 seconds = 30 seconds
You are already going very fast as always 🙂


1. It avoids caughing
2. It’s better for you
3. You set a better example 🙂

You are a big example for many things, to all the people that watch you or listen to you.

It’s important that, together with everything you show us that is possible, you also show us that it is possible to do all that and at the same time take good care of yourself, on every moment 🙂

Even if you are not caughing, I can hear certain moments (at the end) in the way you speak, that you need to drink 🙂

Extra benefit: it allows you to take e deap breath 😉

Thom Bouman
6 years ago

Dank je Nisandeh voor de boost en o.a. nogmaals het belang onderstrepen van outsourcing. Ik ben veel aan het leren en dat is leuk, heel leuk maar ik kan niet alles zelf implementeren, daarvoor is het te veel. Ik ga dus hulp zoeken bij meer traffic krijgen naar mijn website.

Angelique Bouwman
Angelique Bouwman
6 years ago

It took me a while to catch up on this webinar since december always takes a big bite out of my time as there is a lot of birthdays and holidays for me to take care off. I just spent my time differently as I took care of rethinking my goals for this year and I’m in the middle of redesigning my business and website from it….always a challenge. The input is sure valuable for this!

Looking forward to the next training.